Adventures in Taboo 1


Topic: Adventures in Taboo 1It started out one weird day at my fathers house. . He has to go do some work for a lady friend of his so I was at his house all by my self. . I very young but I was responsible for a kid my age so he felt the house was safe. . When he left I wasted no time getting his porno mags out and looking though them. . The ones he had were a LOT more interesting then the Playboy's my friends dad had. .  As I was looking at them I heard a knocking at the door. . I went down stairs and saw my dad's friend Kate. . She was 5'5 Blond hair and black eye brows ( I was too stupid back then to realize she bleached her hair blond ). .

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   She also was HOT. . She had the most perfect ass and I would say 38 C Tits that were Perky like the tits of a teenage girl. . I knew her well because her daughter Shyla was my friend and Shyla and I would often go play while my dad and Kate would play in a different way. . . She asked for my father. . I told him he was working and won't be home for hours. . Kate then asked if she could come in for a while and cool off before she goes home ( Summers get real hot where I live ). . I told her sure and I went to go get her something to drink. .

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   I came back from the kitchen but Kate was not there. . I yelled for her and she said "I am upstairs in your fathers room". . Suddenly I remembered that I left all of the porno magazines open on my dad's bed. . Scared I sat down for a second to think of what I could say. . Then a few seconds later I hear Kate saying "John, can you come up to your fathers room, I want to talk to you". . Knowing I was shit out of luck about talking my way out of this I walked up the stairs, still holding Kate's Drink. .  I get in and Kate is on the bed looking at the magazines I left in there. . She then says to me "Have you been looking at your fathers magazines?".

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  . Again knowing I was caught I admitted "Yes I was". . She then said "You know it is not appropriate for aboy your age to be looking at naked woman, especially at them doing things like this" I said "I know,I promise I won't do it again if you don't tell my father". . She then said "Well I won't tell him, if you do every thing I tell you to do". . Not knowing where this is going but not in my wildest dreams expecting what was coming next I agreed. .  Kate then instructed me to shut the door so I did. . She then instructed me to take off all my clothes. . I was shocked and a little shy but she told me "If you don't I will tell your father what you were looking at". .

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   I then take off my clothes. . I was scared but also for some reason I was so turned on and my underaged cock instantly got rock hard. . Kate just looked at me for a few minutes and then said "You were looking at naked woman getting all horny and now a woman is looking at you naked and getting horny, Kinda' Ironic isn't it?". . I said "Yes mam". . She said to not call her mam and more, but for the next few hours call her Mommy. . I said "Yes Mommy". . The then stripped right there right in front of me. . I could not get my eyes off of her amazing tits until she said "Ever watch a woman play with her pussy?".

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  . I said "No Mommy". . She instructed me to sit on the bed in front of her and then went along fingering her wet, juicy pussy. . This time I could not take my eyes off of her cunt as she fingered it first with one, then 2 fingers. . i could see her juices glisten on the lips of her pussy and on the thing black strip of hair above her cunt. . . She then started moaning these words that sent chills up my spine "Oh Yes, you feel so good John, Fuck your mommy like the bad boy you are". . In a few seconds later she squirted what seemed like a gallon of her hot, sticky cum all over the bed as she started screaming for me "Yes, Yes, Yes I'M Cumming, Mommy's cumming for her bad little boy". . After she caught her breath she said "Ok are you ready to learn how to please your mommy??".

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  . I shook my head yes. . She then instructed me how to finger her cunt just like she was doing. . At firstt I put in 1 finger and moved it in a circular motion right in the area she told me made her feel the best ( I now realize that this was her G-Spot ), then 2 fingers, then 3 ( I was very young and had little fingers ). . She then came again, not as hard as the 1st time, but came. She then instructed me how she liked her pussy eaten out. . I picked this up really fast and in no time I was tonguing her clit, sticking my tongue inside her, doing soft nibbles on her clit and apon her instruction, fingering her at the very same time. . . In a few minutes she squirted again, this time all over my face and chest. .

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   After catching her breath she licked her cum off of my face and chest and instructed me to lay on the bed. . I did so and it this time my cock was so hard I could have broke a Cinder block with it. . She asked me "You a Virgin Right, you never had sex before have you?". . I said "No", Kate then said "No What?" I said "No I never had sex before" She then says "No what Did I tell you to call me?". Getting the Hint I go" No Mommy". . She smiled, grabs my cock with her hand and starts jerking me off. . I was kinda innocent before this and never jerked off my self before ( what was I waiting for?) so this was an amazing experience. . She says to me "Do you like it when mommy plays with your dick my bad little boy?". I could barely speak but I let out "Oh God yes Mommy".

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  . Just when I think it could not get any better she then takes my cock and puts in her mouth. . I was in heaven. . Being inexperienced it didn't take me long to feel a pressure in my balls. . I was not sure what was happening and before I could ask I shot load after load of hot cum in her mouth. . I guess she knew I was about to cum though because at that moment she rammed my cock deep down her throat and let the muscles work it over as she swallowed each and every drop. . The Orgasm was so intense I went into a convulsion that must have lasted a minute or two. . After I regain my composure Kate said to me in a stern voice "You came in my mouth before I got a chance to fuck you, you made mommy upset". .

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   Scared and not wanting to disappoint her I said "I am so sorry mommy. .  I didn't mean it, I wasn't sure what was going on and it just happened". . She then looked at me and smiled and said "That was ok. .  I wanted you to cum then, That way you will last longer when I fuck your brains out". . With those words I was instantly hard again. . Kate, sensing that I was ready climbed right on top of my again swollen dick and put me inside of her. . I thought that getting a hand job or a blow job was amazing, nothing prepared me to the feeling of a soft, wet, woman's pussy wrapping it self around my cock. . At that moment I decided that I wanted to have sex each and every day of my life.

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  . Then Kate started to ride me, slow at first. . She then admitted something to me that was a little shocking but something that turns me on sooo very much when I think abut her saying it. . She said "I don't know why, but ever since I had Shyla I have been fantasizing about having sex with under age boys and girls. I even think often about fucking my own daughter Shyla. . Maybe because it is wrong and taboo, maybe that is why I want to do it but it turns me on so fucking much. . Maybe one day you and I could fuck Shyla at the same time". . Even then,not knowing why it was wrong, I felt that was bad but I wanted nothing more in my life. . I then said "I would love that Mommy, Fucking you and my new sister Shyla would be wonderful".


  . I guess I said the magic words because right then and there she squirted for the 3rd time ( and came for the 4th). . she then, at a devilish pace rode my cock harder, and faster, and harder, and faster. . I never felt something this amazing in my life. . Wanting to make her do it even harder I yelled out "Fuck me mommy, fuck me harder, make your bad little boy cum" and trust me, she did. .  A few minutes later I felt that feeling in my balls. . . Knowing what was happening this time I yelled out "I'm Going to Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm Mommmmmmm-meeeeeeee" and boy did I, maybe even more then I did when I came down her throat. . I shot load after load deep inside of her pussy and at the very same time she squirted again screaming in ecstasy.

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  .  I knew from that point my life would never be the same. . Boy am I glad it wasn't. . I spent a lot of time over my fathers house that summer but this is just the beginning of my adventures and they get better, and even more taboo.

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