Amelia: Chapter 2: The First Day - Now your turn


I stop fucking her with my fingers and removes my one hand but still keep my finger in her cunt. She just lies on the couch completely limb with her eyes closed and her breath racing.   A couple of minutes later she opens her eyes, lifts her head and looks at me with wonderment in her eyes.
“Was that an orgasm Hendrik?  Did you make me come?  Oh hell it was a wonderful experience.   I didn’t know anything could feel so good. Did you enjoy yourself as well Hendrik and did you also come?”“No little one I didn’t come but I have enjoyed myself tremendously by just watching you to see how you enjoyed your first orgasm.   As a matter of fact your first three orgasms.   You are a very lucky girl to be multi orgasmic.   However in a few minutes it is going to be your responsibility to make me come. ”
“How, what must I do?”
“Don’t worry you’ll know what to do. ”
She lies back against the couch again and just lie still watching me.   I pulled my finger out of her cunt and which is soaking wet with her juices and put it in my mouth and suck all her juices off my finger.
She smiles at this and asks, “Why are you licking your fingers Hendrik?”
“I want to taste your cunt juices my little darling and I must say it is the best I have ever tasted. ”“Cunt juices?  What is that?”
“When a woman or a man gets hot and ready for sex their bodies create a lubricant in their genitals to facilitate easy entry for the male organ.   Without that lubricant penetration will be painful and enjoyable at all.   I was licking that juice of my fingers.

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    Didn’t your mother tell you about sex?”
“Yes but nothing about what we did now and about juices etc.   She told me about the difference between men and woman and the difference in their genitals.   She also told me that to have sex is to make love and it happens between a man and a woman who loves each other and it is the action where a man puts his penis inside a woman’s vagina until he ejaculates his sperm inside the woman’s womb.   That is how a baby is made.   Therefore one has to have sex only after one is married.   She didn’t tell me about having sex with your finger. ”
“Well my darling now you have learned something.   You do not have to be in love or be married to enjoy sex and a man doesn’t have to put his cock inside a woman’s cunt to have sex.   I have told you earlier that you will have a lot of experience before the week is over and you have now just have your first one.   Now get up and undress me because it is unfair that you are naked and I am still wearing cloths. ”
I stand up, take her hand and pull her up from the couch so that she is standing right in front of me.   Pointing down to my pants where my hard on is clearly visible I say, “See what you are doing to me.   You have given me a hard on which only you can make to go away by playing with my cock till I also have an orgasm. ”
I put my arms around her, pull her tight against me and start kissing her.   She is keen to kiss me but doesn’t have an idea what to do.

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    Her lips just remain passive against mine.   I move my lips slowly and softly over hers and also play with my tongue over them.   After a little while she catches on and her lips start to move underneath mine.   I slowly force her lips open and push my tongue slowly a little into her mouth and play with it over her teeth.   I also move my hands down her back till I feel her naked bum beneath my hands.   I slowly move my hands over them and starting to press her tighter against me. She catches on quickly and soon her tongue is also into my mouth and starts playing with my tongue.   She gives a soft sigh and really starts to kiss me passionately.   Her arms move around me and pull me tighter against her while they start moving up and down my body, down to my bum where she stops a couple of seconds to pull her even tighter against my cock.
I stop kissing her and say she must remove my pants before I fuck her there and then with my cock because I am so randy now that I must come.
“Why don’t you want to fuck me with your cock Hendrik?”
“That will come later my darling, I first want to teach you about sex before we actually do it, now remove my pants so that you can see what a real cock looks like.   Have you ever seen one?”
“Only my Daddy’s but his isn’t so big.   It is quite small and is also hanging down. ”  With those words she starts to pull my pants down very slowly.   As she pulls them down the top hooks behind my stiff cock and doesn’t want to come off.

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    I tell her lo lift it over my cock which she did and suddenly my cock is in the clear.
“Oh hell Hendrik it is enormous.   How big is it?  Is it always so big and hard?  ”
“It is 8 inches long and 2½ inches thick and no Amelia it is only hard when it is ready to fuck.   “Is it now ready to fuck Hendrik?”
“Yes it is now ready to fuck but not your cunt darling.   You are now going to fuck him with your hand.   Please touch him, feel him and play with him. ”
She slowly moves her hand towards my cock until her fingers touch him softly.   She moves her fingers slowly up and down from my balls up to my cock head and back again while she keeps staring at him in fascination.   She eventually takes him in her hand and tries to encircle him with her middle finger and thumb.
“Hell but he is thick Hendrik.  I cannot even make my fingers to touch,” she says, “how am I going to fuck him with my hand?”  She lower herself unto her knees and keeps staring at my cock which was just at her eye level, “You mind if I take a good look at your cock Hendrik. I want to really see what it looks like and I also want to feel it and get used to it. ”
“No sure carry on. ”
She moves her hand slowly up and down my cock moving my foreskin also up and down.   With her other hand she takes my balls and softly moves her hand across my balls.

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“What are these Hendrik?”
“That is my balls darling.   That is where my sperm is been produced that causes a woman to get pregnant.   But be careful, you must not press them to hard because it may hurt them. ”
“You like it if I play with your cock and balls Hendrik?”
“Yes my darling I like it very much but I am now going to sit down and you must figure out how to play with him to make me come. ”
I sit down on the couch and Amelia sits down next to me with her one hand still on my cock.   She puts her head on my shoulder and still looking at my cock slowly moves her hand up and down my cock and watching my foreskin also moving up and down over my cockhead.
“Am I doing it right Hendrik?”
“Oh, yes darling you are doing fine.   Keep on like this and will soon shoot my come all over the place.   Oh my! It is so fucking nice.   Don’t you want to use both your hands?”
“Why don’t you lie down on the couch Hendrik?” She says and stands up but still holding onto my cock.   I lie down lengthwise on the couch with my head on the arm rest, my one leg down on the floor and my other leg over the backrest of the couch so that my cock, balls and even ass is easily accessible for Amelia to play with.
Amelia looks at me and says,”Whoa, you’re really not shy to advertise your tools and make it easy assessable for me hey?   You really want me to play with you.   I can now really play with your cock and what is it…. your balls?  I can even see your arse hole. ”
“Stop talking Amelia and play with my tools, even my arse hole if you want to.

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“I still don’t know what to do to make you come Hendrik. ”
“You can do whatever you like just as long as you keep your hand or hands on my cock or balls.   What did I do with my finger in your cunt?  You can do the same with my cock in your hand. ”
“My but your cock is wet.   It is producing a lot of liquid.   You must really have a great need to come.
      I will see what I can do to give you also an orgasm. ”
    With those words she went down on her knees and keeps staring at my stiff cock.   Her hand on my cock starts slowly to move up and down moving my foreskin also up and down over my cockhead.   She then moves her other hand to my balls and starts to play with them quite softly.   Oh my fuck this is fucking unbelievable nice.   To watch the naked teenager sitting naked next to me with both her hands playing with my cock and balls.
    “Oh fuck Hendrik, I like to play with your cock.   Do you now how nice it feels.   It feels so hard yet it is so very soft.

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        I cannot wait to feel him in my cunt.   Playing with your cock makes o fucking randy I just want you to fuck me with your cock.   Oh hell, my cunt is burning to feel him inside.   Oh please fuck me with your cock Hendrik. ”“Oh my darling I want to fuck you with my cock as well but we have to do lots more before we come to that.   That will be the cherry on the cake.   If you want me to fuck your cunt with my finger again just move your ass a little bit to my side so that I can reach your cunt. ”
    “Yes please fuck my cunt with your finger while I fuck your cock with my hands,” she says as she moves closer so that my hand can reach her cunt.   I slide my hand up against her leg until I feel her cunt.   I rub my finger slowly up and down her cunt which was by this down so wet it is just not true.   Her juices are running down the inside of her legs. “Please Hendrik put your finger in and fuck me,” she begs.
    I suddenly slam my finger into her cunt as far as will go and just keep my finger deep inside and just moving it slowly around in her cunt.   I don’t want her to come too soon.   I first want to come before I will let her come again.

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      “Oh my fuck! Fuck me yes fuck me!” she yells and started moving her hand faster up and down my cock while her other hand plays with my balls.
    “Oh fuck yes Amelia, fuck my cock with your hand.   Pull my foreskin back as far as it will go and keep it there. Move your other hand to my cockhead and move your hand around my cockhead and play with my balls with your other hand. ”
    “Like this?’ she says and pulls my foreskin back and starts rubbing my pre cum with her other hand around my cockhead.   Hell what a tremendous feeling. If you have never masturbated like this you must really try it.   It is a feeling that I cannot describe.   You want to come but it is so fucking nice that you are afraid it will end too soon. “Yessss, oh yessss!  You are a really natural as far as cocks are concerned.   Oh my fuck I cannot take it anymore.   I want to come.   Please move your hand faster on my head.   Oh myyyyy!  Yesssssss oh yesssssssssssss! I am going to come. ”
    As I start to perform and lifting my ass off the couch Amelia leans forward to have a close view on what is going to happen.

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        Her head is almost right above my cock and her eyes fixed unblinkingly on my cock.   She increases the tempo her hand moves around my cockhead.   It is all that is necessary to throw me over the edge.   I feel the pressure built up in my cock till I cannot control it any more.   I feel the come moving up my cock till it spurts with a force out.   I simultaneously lift my ass clear of the couch till my cock is almost in Amelia’s mouth.  
    “Oh my God, what are you doing to me?  I’m commmmminnnggg!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Yessssssss oh yesssssss I’m commminngggg!!!” I shout and spurt my come out of my cock right onto Amelia’s face.   The first two shots strike her right in her mouth which is wide open because she is also coming.   The remainder is all over her face and eyes and onto my belly.
    I couldn’t help myself but when I feel I was going to come I force my thumb into her asshole and move my fingers faster in and out of Amelia’s cunt and ass as I really want to fuck her to an orgasm.
    Simultaneously with my orgasm Amelia also shouts, “Oh fuck I am cominggg again!!!! Don’t stop!!! Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! It is so fucking niceeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!  Ohhhhhh………. . ”
    After my second shot she closes her mouth and let the remainder of my come hit her all over her face.    She doesn’t even realize what has happened.   After her orgasm she fell forward onto my body with her face onto my cock and into the come that spilled onto my body.

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    To be continued ……. . .

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