Amelia Chapter 5 - The Real Thing


Topic: Amelia Chapter 5 - The Real ThingIt is early the next morning when I open my eyes and with a hell of a hard on that presses against my wife’s back.   When I am finally fully awake I remember that it is not my wife lying next to me but Amelia.   I immediately move my one hand to her breasts and the other to her cunt.   She gives a little sigh of contentment and automatically moves her legs to allow my hand access to her cunt.   I lift my head to look at her and find she is still asleep but with a big smile on her face.   I decide to wake her by playing with her cunt and see if she will wake up before she orgasms.   To make it more interesting I decide to put my cock between her legs and rub her cunt with my cock and hand.   She surely will enjoy it as it will be the first time my cock makes contact with her cunt. I move my lower body slightly backwards and allow my cock to slide between Amelia’s legs.   I start to move back and forwards slowly and can feel my cock sliding against her cunt.   My hand has in the meantime also started to rub lightly over her cunt and clit in harmony with my cock.   It is not very long before I feel her cunt getting wet and her body starts to make little fucking motions.   Suddenly she turns her head and says,” kiss me Hendrik and carry on fucking me.   It is a heavenly way to be wakened.   Just carry on doing what you are doing to me.   I must say your finger feels quite thick in the morning.

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    What have you done to it?”“I haven’t done anything to my hand my darling; I have just changed it with my cock. ”“Your cock!  Is that your cock between my legs that rubs my cunt so nicely?  Are you going to fuck me now with your cock Hendrik?  Oh please fuck me with your cock,” she says as she presses her cunt tighter against my cock. “Take it slow my darling.   Do not rush it otherwise you might hurt yourself.   We have to take it slowly as your cunt is still very small and my cock is very thick. ” I say and pull her face closer and start kissing her.   My, oh, my, what a kiss it is.   How long we kissed I don’t know but when I eventually focused again Amelia is lying on her back with me on top of her trying to force my cock into her wet and ready cunt. I suddenly realized that this is not the way to take her cherry.   I will have to be very much more careful otherwise she will be put of sex and never be able to enjoy it fully.   I stop what I am busy doing and tell Amelia to stop as well. We must take this more slowly and I want her to be on top to control the penetration to a pace that she can handle.   I also tell her that she must expect pain because breaking your virgin is always painful but if she controls is slowly the pain should be bearable. I turn immediately onto my back taking Amelia with me.   I tell her to lift her ass from my body, lifts my cock so that it is standing upright and lowers her cunt slowly onto my cock.

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    She must control the penetration very carefully and when my cock encounters her maidenhead she must stop first and relax. Amelia lifts her ass of my body while I reaches down between my legs and lifts my cock in the upright position.   She then lowers her body slowly until she encounters my cock when she stops and I slowly rub my cock over her cunt and clit.   Her breath is racing and I can see she is as randy as hell and requires all her concentration not to impale herself on my cock.   I also lift my other hand and start to play with her breasts. “Am I doing it right Hendrik?” she asks while I continue to rub my cock against her cunt. “Yes perfect my darling, now press slightly down to allow my cock to enter your cunt.   Be careful because it is not going to be easy because your cunt must stretch like never before to accommodate my cock. ”I immediately feel pressure being exerted against my cock as she presses down.   Nothing however happens and she gradually increases the down ward pressure. “Oh fuck Hendrik your cock is too big.   It will never enter my cunt.   She already feels as if she is going to tear. ”“Don’ worry little one, your cunt will not tear that I will guarantee you.   Just take it very slow to give your cunt time to expand.

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    Now press down more and wait a little while and press down some more.   You are so wet once your cunt has expanded it will slide in easily, you’ll see. ”I can feel her forcing her cunt harder against my cock and suddenly with a plop sound my cock head enters her cunt.   Oh my but it feels tremendous, the tight, wet and warm cunt that fits around my cock head.   I have never felt anything so tight around my cock.   It is going to be one hell of a pleasure to fuck this tight little cunt.   Now is the challenge to get my cock completely inside this virgin cunt without giving Amelia such a fright that she will never enjoy sex again. “Oh hell, it is in but it feels like a telephone pole in my cunt.   Oh my fuck this is incredible my cunt has never been stretched like this before.   But it feels marvelous to imagine your cock is inside my tight little cunt.   Do you think it will go deeper my big handsome stud?”“Of course it will my little darling.   You will have to be very slow now because I can feel your hymen against my cock head.   It is going to be painful when my cock enters your cunt completely.   There is however no other way; you must suffer the initial pain to feel the real pleasure.   You must press down again until you feel it begins to hurt.

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    Then you must stop and when I say now you must press down with everything you have.   But I must warn you again it is going to hurt like hell but it will only be for a couple of seconds.   Thereafter we can start fucking like two mad dogs and it will never hurt again. ”I feel her applying some more pressure on my cock and then suddenly she stops and I now it now starts to hurt.   I look her in the eyes and say, “Now. ”I simultaneously put both my hands on her shoulders and when I feel her pressing down I also applied downward pressure on her shoulders.   For a second or two nothing happens and I can see her eyes growing wide and her whole face reflects the pain she feels.   Just when I think that Amelia is going to stop I feel her hymen give and my cock enters her cunt to the hilt. “Owww it hurts!!!!! You bastard you’re hurting me.   I do not want to have sex anymore if it hurts like this, “she cries whilst tears are running down her cheeks. “Shhhh little one I told you it is going to be painful.   Everything is over now and you are now a woman with a cunt ready for any cock who wants to fuck her.   I promise you it will never hurt like this again.   When you fuck from now on it is just going to be one big pleasure from start to end.   Let’s just lay still for a while before we start some serious fucking.

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  ”I pull her head down towards mine and start kissing her again.   She is uptight for a couple of minutes but eventually she start kissing me back and soon we were ready to carry on fucking.    I slowly start to move my cock out of her cunt until only the head is still inside and then move it slowly in again until I feel my balls against her ass.   When I start to move my cock Amelia pulls her breath in and I feel her tense up again but after the initial movement she relaxes against me and carries on kissing me. She lifts her head up, looks me in the eyes and says, “Hi, it doesn’t hurt much anymore.   I can feel that thick pole of yours moving in and out of my cunt.   I suppose I will have to get used to his thickness inside me because my cunt still hurts a little bit from the excessive stretching.   But my gosh it feel marvelous to eventually have your cock in my cunt and you are fucking me.   I never thought this was going to happen.   But please fuck me like a whore.   Make me come on your pole and I want to feel you shooting your come deep inside my cunt. ”“Let’s turn around my darling.   I want you beneath me when we fuck the first time. ”I grab her around the waist and turn around without removing my cock from her cunt.   When she is beneath me I support my upper body on my lower arms and elbows, looks her in the eyes and say, “now I am going to fuck you my darling and I am not going to stop until you beg me to stop.

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    Lift your legs and lock them around my middle. ”I start by slowly moving my cock in an out of her cunt and also move my one hand down between our bodies and start rubbing her clit.   I watch the wonder in her eyes as the pleasure began to grow inside her.   I can see and also feels her body beginning to move beneath me and every time I go down I can feel her lifting her cunt up to get the maximum penetration.   The more she moves the faster my movements also become till my fucking motions become eventually like a piston moving at top speed in and out of her cunt and every time I can feel and hear my balls slam against her ass. “Oh yessss fuck me with this big and thick cock of yours.   Make me yours and fuck me faster and harder.   Oh my shit this feels so fucking good.   Do not stop carry on fucking my cunt.   Yessssss oh yesssssss I feel like I am going to come.   Fuck me harder and deeper oh fuck yess here it comessss!!!!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssss Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Oooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Give me your come I want to feel your cock spurting your come deep inside my cunt oh yessssssss!!!!!Nngggggggggg!!!!!!!!”I still looks her in the eyes and can see them glazes all over and her face reflecting the intense pleasure she experiences.  Her mouth is wide open and her body bucks beneath me as if she is having a seizure.   I do not stop bust just carry on fucking her because I now she is going to have a couple more before I will be able to spill my seed inside her.   But let me tell you I have never experience a fuck like this.   Her cunt grips my cock as if it is a vice grip that do not want to let me go.

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    I can feel the silkiness of her passage as my cock pistons in and out of her cunt.   I don’t know how long I am going to last but hope it will be long enough to give her at least four orgasms. She grips me behind my head and pulls it to her mouth and starts kissing me like a mad sex maniac.   I just go on fucking her and it isn’t long before she has her second orgasm and thereafter it is just one long orgasm.   You cannot determine whether it is a series of orgasms or just one long continuous one.   She is bucking beneath me like a wild horse and I had to do everything possible not to be thrown off her. She is continuously moaning into my mouth and she appears to run out of breath.   I know this cannot carry on but it is too fucking nice to stop.   I eventually feels the telltale built-up of pressure in my cock and when Amelia once again go into a spasm I feel the come running up my cock and stars spurting deep in her cunt. “Yessss oh yessss my darling I am cominngggg!!! I am shooting my come deep inside your cunt!!!  Oh my fuck this is the best fuck I ever had and the biggest orgasm I ever experienced.   Oh yesssss take my come you little cock lover get it all!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shout as I come inside her cunt and shoot my come deep inside her cervix. Yessssss oh yessssss I can feel your cock spurting, oh my shit this is soooo gooooooood. Oh yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! I am dying but what a nice way to die.   Oh fuck I cannot take it anymore please stop Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!” she shouts and just suddenly go limp beneath me. I roll off her but turn her around with me so that we are still connected at our groins.

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    My cock is still buried deep inside her now come filled cunt.   I lie like that for a couple of minutes and then starts kissing her face down to her neck and still lower to her breasts.   I spent a couple of minutes kissing and sucking her nipples before turning my body around and proceeds south to the delicious junction between her legs.   Amelia is lying still just breathing very fast.   I eventually reach her legs and turning her again on her back open her legs wide to make her cunt available to my mouth. Looking at her cunt I can see my come dribbles in a small stream out of her still wide stretched cunt.   I immediately proceed to lick her cunt clean and suck all my come out of her cunt.   The moment my mouth closes around her cunt Amelia moves and lifts her body up to give me better access to her cunt. “Yes kiss my cunt that you have ravaged so much.   She needs some tender love and care,’ Amelia says and reach simultaneously to my cock and proceed to suck it also clean.   When I have finished cleaning her cunt I turn around and lie facing her looking her straight in the eyes, “Did you enjoy your first experience of sex my darling?”“Yes oh yes Hendrik it was fantastic.   It was much better than what I expected when we started.   I almost die.   I didn’t think a human being can experience so much pleasure from a single activity.   My cunt though feels as if it is torn to pieces.

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    But I am satisfied and I am so glad that you are the one to introduce me to this great experience.   You just have one problem and that is that you will never get rid of me again.   When are we going to fuck again?”“Take it slow darling, I will take a while before I am ready again for another round like this and we must also give your cunt time to recuperate.   It looks to me as if I must get another couple of blokes to keep you satisfied.   You are a real nymphomaniac.   Let’s get up and get something to eat.   It is now your chance to proof that you can also make us something to eat. ”“Ha ha ha, you must be joking.   You can use your mouth and hands when your cock can not perform anymore or do you want to share me with other men and watch them fucking me?”“No of course not my darling but a three or foursome or even more is also an interesting variation but that is only for the really broadminded people.   Don’t be shocked or chase me away or hit me about what I am going to say now but I will like to fuck you and your mother in a threesome. ”“My mother?  Do you want to fuck my mother?  “I know I should never have mentioned it because now you are upset.   But yes I wanted to fuck your mother now for the past 30 years.   I think at one stage she also wants me to fuck her but I was too stupid to take the hints she was throwing at me. ”“I am not upset my darling it’s just that I never had an idea that you want to fuck my mother.   My gosh what is happening to me.

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    I am not shocked darling and the idea makes me want to fuck you again just to think about you fucking both me and my mother together.   Oh shit that will be tremendous. ” She says and her hand again moves to my cock.   Oh shit look what you have done now.   I am so randy now that you must fuck me again.   Oh shit the three of us, oh hell.    Please satisfy me because you have made me so randy I just have to have sex now. ”“I’ll tell you what my darling, satisfy yourself while I watch you.   I have always wanted to watch a woman satisfy herself.   Please do it for me, pleasseee. ”“Ok I will do it if you also plays with your cock and I can watch you. ”“Deal,” I say and move my pillows to the bottom end of the bed and lie down facing Amelia, opens my legs and start to play with my cock. Amelia turns on her back, opens her legs as wide as she can and moves her hand down to her still wet and still gaping cunt.   She keeps her eyes glued on me playing with my cock and starts moving her hand slowly up and down over her cunt.   She does that for a couple of minutes and then she moves her other hand down as well and use both her hands on her cunt.


    With her one hand she opens the outer lips of her cunt whilst her other hand moves over her now exposed and enlarged clit and dip into her wide open passageway just to move back again and repeat the sequence. Watching Amelia plays with herself I know I am going to also have an orgasm although I had one only a half an hour ago.   The sight of her is so arousing that my cockhead is wet and the pre-cum virtually runs down my cock to also covers my shaft.   I was never so randy in my life.   I also lowers my other hand to my cock and pulls the skin back to expose my whole cockhead and starts to rub with my other hand over my cockhead.   Oh shit, this is the best way to masturbate and always leads to a tremendous orgasm. “Oh fuck Hendrik it makes me mad looking at you and imagine your cock sliding in and out of my mother’s cunt while you eat my cunt at the same time.   Oh shit I’m comminnggg!!!! Yessssss oh fuck yesssssss it feels so fucking good fucking myself watching you playing with your cock and watching me comminnnggggg oh fuuucccckkkk yeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!”Her hand is no almost a blur as she moves her hand in and out of her cunt.   Her whole body shudders and she lifts her ass completely off the bed.   Her whole face is also transformed to reflects her intense pleasure and her mouth is also wide open.   Although she is still looking at me I can see her eyes aren’t focusing and I don’t think she is even aware of what I am doing. After a while it is as if she calms down a bit but suddenly another orgasm hit her and then it is just one long orgasm.   The one virtually runs into the next and she is continuously in the throes of the biggest orgasm I have ever seen a woman has.   This has however to end and eventually with a final scream and shudder she falls back on the bed and lies calmly watching me again. The sight of her has made so hot that when she finishes I am also on the point of no return and as she lies watching me I can’t help myself but lifts my ass also off the bed and shouts,” Oh shit yesss I’m commmiinnngggg Yessss oh yessssss Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!  Oooooooo Amelia you makes me so hot watching you Yessssssss I’m coommmmmmmiiinnnggggg!!!!!!!” and shoot my sperm in the air and all over my stomach.

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  “Oh fuck Hendrik this was awesome.   I didn’t think playing with yourself can be so awesome.   But you made me so randy I just couldn’t help myself.   Imagine, fucking me and my mother together.   It is so gross I just love it.   I don’t think I ever think that my mother also fucks.   But she must otherwise I wouldn’t be here.   However I don’t think she and my father fucks now anymore.   Not since he had his back problems.   Now I also now why my mother is so short tempered and irritated.   If their sex were as good as ours she must be highly frustrated by now.   I would be.   We must really make a plan because I will love to watch you fuck my mother.   But how are we going to do it?  I think if you play your cards right you might be able to convince her but how to include me?  Oh hell it will be devine if we can get her to agree then we can really fuck a lot. ”“Don’t run away with the idea my darling; there is still my wife to consider.

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    I don’t think she will take very kindly to the idea of me fucking the two of you.   And what about your father?   Let’s not think about it now my darling.   We have enough time to give it some thought.   Let’s rather go and get something to eat.   I’m starving. ”Amelia prepares us some eggs bacon and sausages to eat which is really nice and after that we take another shower where we again wash each other giving special attention to the critical parts and when we leave the shower Amelia is once again charged up and I know I must satisfy her again soon.   I, on the other hand, am exhausted and I now I will not be able to get an erection, never mind have sex until at least late the afternoon. I however take Amelia back to the bedroom where I fuck her really good with my mouth for about two hours until she is so exhausted that she begs me to stop and just turns around and fall asleep.   I decide to take this time and go to the Hustler shop and buy us some porn tapes and sex toys.   I buy us five porn tapes, 5 porn books, an 8” vibrator, a butt plug and a battery operated rubber cunt.   I didn’t forget to take my cloths and dress in the garage and when I return I take them off again in the garage and leave them in the car. When I return Amelia is still asleep I take one of the books to read and lie down next to Amelia and start to read the book.   The book is really hot and not very far into it I start to play with my cock and very soon had a raging hard on.   Not that it means anything because it will still be a couple of hours before I will be able to have another orgasm. As it is almost lunchtime I decide to go and make us something to eat.

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    After preparing our meal I go to the bedroom and found Amelia still asleep but lying on her back with her legs spread wide open.   I decide to wake her up by eating her lovely little cunt that is looking so delicious.   I have just start to eat her cunt when she opens her eyes and says,” Oh fuck not again.   Don’t you ever get enough of my cunt?  But carry on I am in the mood again. ”  So I proceed to give her another series of orgasms.   Who am I to deny a lady her wish?  Let me tell you she enjoyed it again just as all her other orgasms. After our lunch I show Amelia what I did when she was asleep.   She is dumbstruck at the stuff I show her.   She is not aware that you can buy sex aids like this and she is bit reserved at us trying the stuff out sooner or later.   She reckons my cock, mouth and hands are enough to satisfy her.   Why do I want to use a rubber cock?  As I didn’t tell her yet about double penetration of two cocks I decide to keep quite till we come to that part of her experience. As the both of us are tired and need some time to recuperate we decide to watch TV for a while and if we become bored we cal always watch one of the videos that I bought.   We move the couch to the dining room and bring the mattress of one of the double beds in to the living to enable us to lie down and watch TV.  As we are all by ourselves we decide to also bring the bedding and make the living room our bedroom. We switch the TV on and tune it to a film channel and lie down in each others arms to watch the suspense film that is showing.

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   Amelia is lying with her back to me and my cock is nestling nicely between her legs and tight against her cunt.   I also put my one hand around her body and on her breast.   We both lying facing the TV. Suddenly I feel Amelia shake my shoulders, “Hendrik wake up it is almost dark.   We have missed the film and I think a couple more. ”“Uhhh, what is the time?”“It is almost seven o clock.   You have slept like a dead man.   I didn’t know that sex can make you so tired. ”“Don’t talk about me.   You have slept the whole morning remember. ’“Yea well then the both of us must be fully rest now and fit for action again don’t you think?”“Come here you sex maniac,” I say and pull her down next to me on the mattress and starts kissing her. She kisses me back and not very long before our hands are busy again.   My hands with her breasts and cunt and both her hands with my cock and balls and very soon my cock is as hard as rock again and her pussy is as wet as the Niagara Falls.   When I push my finger into her wet and ready cunt I ask her, “Do you still remember my cock inside your cunt?  Do you want to feel it again?”“Yes oh please yes, fuck me again with your big and hard cock. ”“You still remember how we started the first time?  Well we are going to do the same except we are going to finish that way as well.

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    This time you are going to fuck me.   You will have to get on top of me, get my cock in your cunt and fuck till you had enough.   Oh my fuck yes, put my cock in your cunt please and fucks yourself to a standstill on my hot, hard and ready cock. ”Hovering above me, she reaches down and grasps my erection, guiding it to her cunt. She places the head inside of her, but teasingly, she didn't slide down on my pole. I can't stand the hesitation any longer. Reaching up, I grab her ass cheeks and push her down on my cock while thrusting upwards. My cock slams into her to the hilt. And oh my God how good that feels.  She is no longer a virgin, but is still really tight because it is only the second time she has a cock in her cunt. Her hot wet cunt juices cover my cock with such intense warmth that I thought I wouldn't be able to last more than two minutes. When her ass come to rest on my abdomen she sit still for a while and says, “Oh my shit this feels sooo good.   I am really filled with your cock up to my cervix and it is so thick but oh so fuckinnnggggg goooood!  I am now really going to fuck you. ” She really starts fucking me in earnest and it isn’t long before I feel her whole body begins to shudder and her movements becomes faster and more frantic. “Oh fuck me it is so fucking nice, I cannot help myself I am going to come.

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    Oh fuck yessssss here it comessssss!!!!! Oh yessssss Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”She doesn’t however stop but just carries on fucking me until she has another orgasm.   I am so charged up now that I think I will not be able to last till her next orgasm.   Fortunately, Amelia is a quick learner and has already learnt to control both the rhythm and the grip from her cunt muscles. Sometimes she squeezes my cock really hard and then, when she senses that I was nearing an orgasm, she would slack off and slow down enough for me to keep it hard inside of her but I didn't cum. She is close to having another orgasm herself, and grinds her hips around in a circular motion, moaning into my mouth as I kiss her hard.  I can feel her whole body begin convulsing as she pulls her mouth away from mine and screamed, "Oh! Oh, my God! Yes! Oh, fuck! Ungghh! Fuck! I feel it again! Shit, I'm . . . Ohhhh! I’m commmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!" I could feel her juices flowing and her cunt muscles convulsing as she begins another intense orgasm. That was all it takes to send me over the edge.  My muscles contracts and begin to spasm as I felt my cum spurting deep into her cunt.  She surely must feel my cock expanding and throbbing because I can feel my thick semen shooting against her cervix. That will only heighten her orgasm more.  I still am not thrusting, just pushing in hard and deep, holding steady with my spurting cockhead deep in her womb. Amelia lies flat and still on me with only her cunt making small little movements as she still tries to milk my cock.

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    She looks at me and says, “Oh shit Hendrik this was just fabulous.   What an experience to fuck somebody else like you want to.   To have the freedom to do what you want.   We must do it again and again, it is soooo fucking nice. ”She keeps on lying on top of me with my cock still buried deep inside her cunt and carries on doing gripping motions with her cunt on my cock while I feel my come running out of her cunt down my cock.   Oh fuck but it feels fucking nice. After a long time she eventually sits upright on my body and asks,”Tell me why did you buy all that sex stuff when we enjoy ourselves so much with what we have?”“Did you ever hear of double penetrations Amelia?” I ask her. “What is that?” She ask. “It is when a woman is penetrated simultaneously by two cocks in her cunt and ass,” I say, “and that is why I bought the vibrator.   It will act as a second cock when you beg me to fuck you in your cunt and ass simultaneously. ”“You want to fuck my ass with your cock?” she asks. “Yes why not, I have already fucked your ass with my finger. ”“Yes but your finger is much smaller than your cock.   I don’t think that thick rod of yours will fit into my ass. ”“You’ll be surprised my darling but we will see once we get to it.

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    But it is now time to clean ourselves and to eat something to get some more energy otherwise we won’t see tomorrow. ”  With those words I get up and pulled Amelia also up.   We had a nice shower with lots of kissing groping and playing and eventually left the shower again randy as hell but we didn’t fuck.   We put the food on the stove and I pour Amelia a big glass of wine and a double Brandy and Ginger Ale for myself.   I then sit down next to her on the couch, put my arm around her with my hand on her breast and start to play with her breast and nipple while she takes my cock in her hand and starts to play with him.   We leisurely drink our drinks and talks about what has happened to us the last two days.   We are in agreement that sex is the best thing that can happen to you and that the sex we had was unbeatable.   I definitely never had such sex like this with my wife.   Amelia also stressed that she is now a sex addict and want to have sex as often as possible with any man just as long as he has a cock similar to or bigger than mine.   She also cannot wait to have her first threesome or even more. When the food is ready we have a nice dinner and after cleaning the table and washing the dishes we lie down on the mattress and Amelia just want to fuck again.   I tell her that I still need time to recover but that I will give her oral sex till she is so tired that she will just go to sleep.   Which I did and after about two hours and numerous orgasms she eventually just passes out and went immediately to sleep.   I also joined her and didn’t even watch TV. To be continued ………….

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Germany, also known as Deutschland, is one of the most active countries in entire Europe. Germany has got a remarkable history, as well as diverse culture and spectacular beauty of nature. In fact, if you want to see some of the most breathtaking castles in the world, then Germany is just the right location.
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