Amelia Chapter 6 - Real Anal


Topic: Amelia Chapter 6 - Real AnalI wake up early with Amelia still asleep and decide that I will surprise her in bed with breakfast.   So I get up make coffee and eggs and bacon and take it to bed.   I am standing next to the bed staring down at the little body lying naked on the bed still fast asleep.   I can only marvel at the fact that such a little body can get so much pleasure out of sex and is also able to give so much pleasure to her partner.   Yes she is definitely one of the lucky women made to enjoy sex and to please their partner.  Just looking at her and thinking those thoughts gives me an instant hard-on and the urge to fuck her again.   I put the tray with food down, jump into the bed, lie down behind her, put my arms around her and whisper in her ear, “Hey sleeping beauty, let’s fuck. ” She immediately opens her eyes and says, “Yes please, I’ve missed your cock so much. ” I take my cock and slowly pushed it into her cunt from the rear.   She is already so wet that my cock slide in with easy and I immediately start moving my cock in and out and soon her breath is racing again and she moans softly and I feel her hand rubbing her clit, “Oh shit it is so nice to feel your cock again.   My cunt felt so empty during the night. ” “You like it my darling?” “You know I like your cock in my cunt darling. ” “You want to learn some more about sex my darling?” “Yes you know I want to learn as much as possible.   What else is there to learn?” ‘I want you to know how it feels to be fucked in the ass my little fuck machine. ” “You want to put that thick fuck pole of yours up my little ass hole?  It will never fit my love and I am afraid that it will hurt me. ” “I’ll prepare your ass hole for my cock before I try to put it in little one.

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  ” I pull my cock out of her cunt and make her stand on her knees in front of the couch with her upper body on the couch.   I put my one hand on her cunt and start to play with her cunt while I take some KY jelly and start to rub it around her ass.   I push my middle finger into the KY jelly and slowly start to push it in her ass.   As my finger enters her ass she pulls in her breath as if she expects it to hurt.   My finger however went in smoothly and after a couple of seconds she relaxes and I can feel her beginning to enjoy my finger in her ass.  I carry on like this for a while and then push two fingers into her ass.   There is an initial resistance but then both my fingers enter her ass and she begins to moan softly.   Eventually I have three fingers in her ass and after a couple of seconds I ask her if it hurts.   She replies in the negative and I tell her then that I am now going to push my cock in her ass.  I liberally add KY jelly to my cock before putting my head at her hole and slowly start to push him in.    There is an initial resistance and just as I thought my cock is too big for her ass the head suddenly slips in.   Shit but it is tight.   I have never felt anything as tight as this around my cock.   It is going to be soooo fucking nice to fuck her ass.  “Oh my!” Amelia moans, “It is so big.

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  ” “Does it hurt you my darling?” 
 “Now but it feels uncomfortable,” she complains.  “Don’t worry it will get better and better as you get used to it,” I say as I attack her cunt with some more vigor.   I slowly push my cock deeper and deeper into her ass until it was almost completely into her ass and I feel her tense up.   I pull slowly back until only the head in before pushing back in again.   After a couple of minutes I noticed that she also pushes back as I push my cock in and then she also begins to moan, “Oh my fuck this fucking nice.   I never believed a cock in your ass can feel so good.   Fuck my ass Uncle, fuck it hard and I want you to offload your come in my ass.   Oh shit yesss fuck meeee!!!!!” I slowly increase my speed and after a while I slam my cock up to my balls into her ass.   I take my hand away from her cunt and put both my hands on her hips and really start to fuck her.   I am really fucking her and you can hear my balls slap against her as I force my cock into her ass.   I also feel her moving her hand to her cunt and starts fucking her cunt with her hand. “Oh my God Amelia this feels incredible.   I have never fuck a girl in the ass but you can be sure it is not going to be the last.   Oh shit your ass is so tight I am not going to last very long. ” “Oh .

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  . yes… Hendrik… this . . I . . so fucking nice.   Oh yes fuck my ass.   Fuck me harder and faster.   I want you to come in my ass.   I want to feel your hot come in my ass.   Yesss fuck meee!!  I am going to come!!!!!!  Yes here it comes!!!!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Nggggggggg!!!!!!!!” I feel her body shakes and her ass clamps around my cock and it is enough to push me also over the edge.  “I’m coommmmiiinnnngggggg Amelia!!!!!! Here is my come, feel it!!!!!!!” I shout as I release a torrent of come into her ass.   The feeling is so intense that my legs can’t take my weight any more and I have to sit down on the floor next to Amelia.   As I look at her ass I can see it is still wide open with my come starting to dribble slowly out of her ass and down her legs.  Amelia lies with her upper body still on the couch looking sideways at me and say,”Oh my God Hendrik, where did you learn all these tricks.

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    Just when I think that I must surely know everything about sex you pull another trick out of the hat.   Oh, hel this was so fucking nice because your cock was deep inside me and I could also fuck my cunt myself.   It was as if I was being fucked by two people.   Now I am beginning to understand why you bought the stuff you did.   Especially the vibrator.   Are you going to fuck me with your cock and the vibrator Uncle?” “Not now my little cock lover, I first need a rest before we commence fucking again.   But before we get to double penetration we are first going to try various positions today.   First are going to fuck dog style, then on a chair, you on my lap and some more which we are still going to invent before the week is up. ” “Dog style?  What is that?  Do I look like a dog to you?” “It is only a position to fuck my darling.   It is almost like we did just now except I am going to fuck your cunt.   The only difference is that you are going to stand on your knees with you upper body flat on the bed.   It means your ass will be up in the air with you fuckhole exposed nicely for my cock.  While I am fucking your cunt you can play with your clit.   I promise you it is a fantastic way to fuck. ” “Does it mean that I will have to wait till we have tried all the positions before I can experience double penetration?  That is not fair you know.

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    You have excited me and now I have to wait almost a week.   No I want to experience double penetration today. ” “OK my darling as you wish.   But let us first go and eat something.   The food I have prepared for you are cold and spoiled already.   Let’s make us something else to eat and than watch some good porn videos and when I am capable again after given you a dozen climaxes with my hands we can use my cock and the vibrator on you simultaneously.   I am sorry but I didn’t expect the ass fucking to have such an effect on you. ” “Yes I think it is a good idea to eat something because I am hungry and beginning to feel weak.   I think I need something to build up my energy levels. ”  Amelia says and get up and walk to the kitchen to prepare us something to eat.   As she walks away I can still see my come running out of her ass and down her legs.   She doesn’t however seem concerned about it and doesn’t make any effort to clean herself.  After we have eaten I put on a porn video and we make ourselves comfortable in front of the TV on the mattress.   I lie with my back against the seat of the couch and Amelia lie next to me with her head in the crook of my arm and her one arm behind my body while her other hand grips my cock and slowly starts to play with him.

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        I turn slightly sideways towards her and let my one hand rests on her breast while the other one starts playing with her cunt.  The first video I put on is ‘Anal Expedition #6.   I decided on it because Amelia just had her first experience of anal sex and she also wants to experience double penetration.   In this video she can see lots of anal penetrations and double penetrations in the woman’s cunts and asses as well as some three-, four-, five and even six—somes in other words a real nice orgy.  The film starts with a girl and her unseen partner watching two girls fucking themselves with dildo’s before three men joined them and then some serious fucking takes place between the five of them before the original girl and her unseen partner joins in the action and this girl takes the come of all four men in her mouth.  Amelia is very quiet next to me when the video starts but when she see the two girls taking of their panties off and start playing with the dildo’s in their asses she grips my cock harder and I hear her pulling in her breath.   When the three men enter the scene with their hard and ready cocks Amelia gapes at them and says,”Oh my shit, what a beautiful lot of cocks and all ready to fuck those girls.   Oh hell they are lucky to be fucked with such big cocks.   I wish I was there. ”  She starts wanking my cock and I feel the wetness seeping out of her cunt.  When the first one put his cock in the girls ass Amelia moans and says, “Oh shit look at it and it goes in so easy.   Oh please fuck my ass again Uncle.   I cannot watch this without a cock inside of me.   Oh my shit looks at the other two fucking the girl in her ass and mouth.   Oh shit it is so gross that I must feel it sometime.

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        You will get another man so that the two of you can fuck me together won’t you Hendrik?” As I have seen the video before I decide to give Amelia a good fuck with the vibrator so that she can enjoy the video while being fucked and maybe I can co-ordinate her orgasms with the men in the video.  I take the vibrator and slowly pushed it into her cunt and when it was completely in I start the vibrator and begin to give her a good fuck.   When I push it in Amelia sighs and whimpers, “oh my fuck it feels so nice.   Please fuck me and fuck me hard. ” From then on it is just one sexual orgy on the screen and on the mattress.   Amelia is going wild and I have never seen her orgasme so intense and so many times as she did during the video.   She is just going on and on and begging me to fuck her harder and harder.  When the video was finally finished Amelia was also finished.   She just lies flat on the mattress with her legs splayed wide open and the vibrator still inside her cunt vibrating softly.  “Oh my God that was phenomenal,” she says as she eventually recovers, “I have never seen anything or feel anything like this before.   I never imagine that you can have sex in so many ways and accommodate so many partners at once.   Shit we’ll have to get some more people to join us.   I want to experience the joys of multiple partners as well.   I also want to feel two cocks in my cunt simultaneously.   I am now even more determined than before to be double penetrated by your cock and the vibrator and also to get my mother to join us in a three-some.

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        But please not now immediately.   I know you want to fuck me again because I can see your cock is ready again, but please can my cunt have a little rest?” “Sure my little one, I think that is time again to go and clean ourselves.   Your ass is still leaking my come and I think we need the break. ”We had a nice calm shower where the two of us washed each other and then decides to have a couple of drinks to give as time to recover from our ordeal.   We also decides that we are going to take it much slower now as we still have 11 days ahead of us and we are almost in tatters after not even three days.  To be continued.
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