Angel Alice


I can still scarcely believe it, I mean, this is the kind of thing that happens in erotic stories, right? This kind of thing doesn't happen to real people. You know I could go on like this for a while now and torment you a little bit more, It'd be nice to get some of you to pull your hair out in frustration. I know that most of you won't, though, and are content to read GOOD smut. That is, smut that takes the time to build up a bit before leaping right into the screaming throes of messy orgasms. Still I suppose you have your limits, so I'll recount my tale for you as best as I can. I'm only 18 years old and my skill with the written word reflects that, I'm sure, but I can at least have the self control to start my story from the beginning, and make it last for more than three choppy paragraphs with spelling errors that make us want to give up all hope for the younger generations. I still refuse to accept the fact that those stories are actually written by adults.
Alright, I can sense your irritation from here so I'll get you hooked by telling you that this story recounts my sexual experiences with a rather. . . . young girl. She was a fully willing participant, I assure you, and she was a treasure to be sure. I defy any of you to resist that ivory complexion, the dark ringlets of silky hair, those radiant green eyes, and blossoming figure. Everything about her was breathtaking, she had an almost regal beauty for someone her age, most people would expect the appeal to be that she WAS childish. That's not the case, I was.

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  . . and am attracted to her quiet sensuality, her intelligence and maturity for one so young, and her presence. I have no choice but to label myself that foul, hateful word. . . pedophile. . . she's only 13 years old, and only just.
Alright, I'm going to get ahead of myself if I don't watch it. I should start with me, I suppose, seeing as the imagery in these stories tends to be kind of important. Now no one believes me when I tell people what I look like over the internet for some reason. I guess separate the pieces don't look so bad, but I assure you that I am by no means any sort of prize. I'm hardly the kind of person you would look twice at.

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  . . except maybe for one factor. My height. I'm 6'8". . . see, you don't believe me, do you? Well I am, and to top it all off I have attention-grabbing red hair. My eyes always seem to be squinting and people say that I always look angry. My head is more square shaped than most people's because my jaw and chin are somewhat more pronounced than the average man's. Also, I hate telling you this, but I have big lips. . . sort of. Most people have a smaller upper lip than a lower lip.

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  . . . not the case for me. I suppose it's not too noticeable, but I can't help hating it.
I'm the artist type, so I'm constantly sitting in my room drawing something or other, or occasionally I'll try my hand at writing, just for a change of pace. As is the case for this piece, although I don't usually write auto-biographical stuff. . . . it makes me somewhat uncomfortable. That should do, I think, you have fair idea of who I am, and I'm sure that the general tone of this piece will give you some insight as to how my twisted little head works.
I had been watching her for quite some time, I had never considered actually doing anything to the girl. My morals were still that much intact at that point. Aside from that, to force myself on such a creature would have been a crime.


  . . and I don't just mean in the literal sense. She would often ride her bike past my house, wearing tight little shorts that gave me a wonderful visual of those silky thighs pumping up and down as she pedaled around the street. Sometimes she would even wear skirts that rode up around her hips while she rode. I used to watch her every single day as she rode around the street. Most times I couldn't resist grabbing hold of my weapon and rubbing myself furiously while I watched her. This went on for some time, me watching her and getting myself off alone. It wasn't until about 8 months ago that things started to develop between us.
I was sitting at the computer, shamefully looking at some pictures of girls around her age. I feel somewhat embarassed, as at this point I hadn't known her name. She was merely a body to me then. I remember seeing her riding up the street past the front yard to mine and my parents' house. I had watched her do this many times, and it seemed like she was going slower than normally, I knew something was different about that day when I saw her face. She had a bashful look on her face and I couldn't tell from where I was, but I think she might have been blushing slightly.


   I leaned closer to the window, turning off the computer monitor and pulling my fully erect member from my jeans. It gets to a point where it's hard work extracting that thing from one's pants, and I remember having that little problem as I tried to fish my throbbing cock from my jeans. I finally managed to extract it and lightly began stroking it as I watched her. She rode right past my house, I noticed she was in her shortest white skirt, my favorite one. It showed off most of her pale legs and hips, as it rode up further and further she appeared not to notice.
When she was just about right in front of my window her bike fell over sideways. I stood up, alarmed, about to rush out to see if she was alright. It was a good thing I didn't, I almost certainly would have run out with my manhood waving around. I'm just that forgetful. It was awestruck by the sight I saw, and I felt compelled to stroke myself harder than ever. She was laying with her tiny little butt facing me, and her skirt had ridden all the way up. The most amazing thing, however, was that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. I was presented the sight of two of the most glorious preteen globes of flesh capping two very lovely legs that were currently splayed out on the pavement in an almost submissive way. It took me a while for me to lift my eyes to her face but when I finally did look I noticed with no small amount of horror that she was looking at me with a coy smile on her little face.
I must have done a triple take upon seeing her, for she let out a small giggle and finally managed to stand back up.

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   She began walking her bicycle back down the street where she had come, but before she disappeared from sight she gave me a small little smile and a wave. It took me several minutes to pull my jaw off the floor and regain some form of composure. I couldn't believe what had just transpired. An exhibitionist 11 year old seemed almost unthinkable at that point in my life. I knew then that I had to pursue this further. I think that some part of me knew that I was headed down a road that there was no turning back from, but I honestly didn't care.
The next day she was there again, this time in a pair of skimpy cotton shorts that clung to her curvacious bottom in a most appealing way. I stood right in the window so that she could easily see me, with my member out and pointing directly at her surprised face. I merely smiled as I took my member in my hand and began pumping up and down on the throbbing shaft. She eyed my reproductive organ for a few moments before suddenly seeming to come to her senses she rode back the way she had came. Her face was an interesting hue of red.
I was furious, and I silently cursed myself for scaring her off by acting too fast. I decided to at least wait until the next day before I started damning myself.
She didn't come.
I cursed myself.

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   I had blown it already, just by acting too fast I had ruined what might have become a very interesting relationship with the mysterious girl down the street. I couldn't concentrate at college, my paintings looked like shit and I knew it. My mind was constantly wandering back to the girl.
It went on like that for a week or more, there was no sign of her. I was certain that I would never see her again, and my little ritual of self-manipulation was forever thrown off now that I was missing my little angel. I remember driving my car home from college one day to see her riding her bike down the street, heading towards my car. My heart started beating faster merely by looking at her, I couldn't believe how much I loved just seeing her. When I got close enough I waved. . . almost bashfully. I let out a visible and audible sigh of relief when she not only returned the wave but flashed me an adorable little smile.
I beamed back at her before passing and pulled into my driveway. When I walked up to my front door I noticed a small slip of paper sitting nestled in between the screen door and the doorframe. I opened the folded piece of paper to see her beautiful flowing writing, it was almost elegant and far more developed than was normal for a girl her age.

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   It simply read.
"I've been thinking about you. Can we talk?"
There was also a phone number scrawled on the bottom of the page. I only assumed and hoped it was hers.
I regarded the note without a word for a few moments before finally looking up the street. A silly grin broke my face near in two as I headed inside. I could scarcely wait to call her. I didn't bother with the whole dating game, phone tag bullshit where the one who receives the number is supposed to wait X number of days to keep Y% of their diginity. That was just a silly formality and a pretense, I wanted to talk to her now and I wanted her to know that I wanted to talk to her. I gave her enough time to get home. . . or what I assumed was enough time, before I dialed the number.
So there I was, standing in the middle of my dark living room with a phone clutched in my sweaty hand. Each ring brought me that much closer to a heart attack.


   I felt like I was calling to ask the most popular girl in school out on a date or something. This was idiotic, here I am, a college freshman, getting nervous calling a 13 year old girl. . . . I repeated that in my head but it didn't help any, I remained as nervous and twitchy as ever.
After what seemed an eternity of eternities she answered the phone. I knew it was her just by the sound, it was exactly what I had expected from my little angel. Clear and high and sweet like a silver bell. I only smiled at her shy "h-hello?"
I drew a little bit of solace from the fact that she was as nervous as I was. I managed to find my breath and get out a small, "hello"
So there we were on opposite ends of the phone, neither one of us really knew what to say to the other for a few moments so I decided to break the ice a little.
"Look, I'm sorry about scaring you. "
"Oh no, I. . .

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  I liked it. . . "
I laughed slightly, "I liked watching you, too. You're very pretty. "
She gave a small, girlish laugh and replied shyly, "Thank you. "
"So can I know your name? Mine's Joe. " I said with some growing confidence.
"I'm Alice. " She replied quickly. There was a long silence between us, and then she spoke up again. "Look, I know you've been watching me. . . and actually, I knew that you were for a long time.


   I've. . . I've seen you around and I've been thinking about you a lot and. . . " She cut herself off, she sounded so desperate and shy and panicked. "I was wondering if we could meet? I really want to meet you. . . "
I didn't reply right away, because a part of me knew that she was a naive young girl and could have been getting herself into a lot of trouble pursuing an older guy like this. I wasn't the wrong type of guy, I didn't think, but then any guy has to wonder if they're entertaining the thought of having sex with a very young girl. My instinct finally won out over my conscience and I said. "How about now?"
She gasped audibly in surprise or glee, I couldn't tell. There was definitely the hint of a squeal in there somewhere.

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   I only managed a grin.
"Okay!" She finally said happily, "My dad won't be home for another hour so I have time. "
"Mine won't be back the rest of the night, so why not come over here?"
"Okay!" She said again.
I smiled, "Alice, I feel like I should warn you against this. I mean, you're going to go to my house when you know full well what my tastes in women are. "
She only laughed and hung up the phone. I was giddy with excitement as I stared expectantly out my window. It wasn't long before I saw her in her white skirt and a dark green shirt that clung to her small torso. She was fairly racing down the street, her wavy brown hair flew out behind her head as she rode right up to my front door and knocked, her smile never left her face.
I greeted her my own silly grin and let her inside the house with me. I made sure that no one saw us enter the house together and closed the door behind us. I turned on a few lights so that I could more properly see her. She was a vision with that shy little grin on her face, standing there with her arms folded in front of her, her beautiful green eyes roaming all over the place as she nervously looked around the room. I took a seat on the only suitable piece of furniture in the room, a small leather loveseat, and indicated that she come sit next to me. She did so with only a moment's hesitation.

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"What do you say we skip all the pretenses and just be honest as to our intentions?" I said with a grin. She looked nervously at me but grinned back, "I know this is kind of a weird situation. . . . for both of us. . . . but I've been thinking about you a lot for a long time now. "
"I know, I. . . . I've been thinking about you and.

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  . . " She looked down and blushed furiously.
I smiled, "I think I know what you've been doing. " I said with a grin, "you've been doing what I was doing when I looked at you. "
She only nodded a little, blushing even deeper.
"It's alright, that's why we're here, because we like the eachother. I know you know a little about this stuff now, and what two adults do when they like eachother. "
She looked up at me and nodded, and I reached around her waist with one arm and pulled her tiny form closer to mine. She didn't resist at all but instead nestled herself slightly against my hip as I looked directly into her eyes. "I know that some people would think of this as wrong, but I've liked you for a long time now and I can't stop myself any longer. "
She only nodded slightly in response, "I. . . I don't want you to.


  . . . . to stop yourself. " She said breathlessly.
I lowered my head to hers and planted a kiss on her small lips, she rose to meet it and kissed back. I felt her mouth open slightly and I did the same, her small tongue slid into my mouth as I moved against her, pressing her down into the bottom cushion as I leaned over her, the kiss between us grew more passionate, our breathing escalating and growing louder and more ragged.
I placed a hand on her knee and slowly began sliding my hand up her thigh, she only responded by spreading her legs to give me more access to her most sacred areas.
Now I don't know what any of you think, but to have a young girl submissively giving herself to you at such a tender age has got to be one of the most erotic things I have ever had the pleasure to witness. She must have been reacting on pure instinct during those first few wild moments. I remember pulling away from the kiss as my hand neared it's final destination to see her eyes half closed and glazed over with lust as I'm sure mine must have been. I felt the heat from her as I finally placed my hand on her soft and delicate mound, feeling the depression between her lips and pressing my finger slightly into it. She gasped and actually pulled my head back down to hers to meet in a kiss. Our tongues wrapped around eachother and explored the other with unrelenting passion as I began a steady rhythm on her mound.


   I merely rubbed my hand in slow circles against the dampening crotch of her panties.
I pulled away from the kiss again, much to her displeasure. I assured her, however, that I was going to need my mouth for something much better. She seemed to understand better than a girl her age should, and she only looked up at me with trusting eyes as I reached to the bottom of her shirt and drew it up over her head.
I cannot express in words the beauty of those budding breasts. I can only do the best I can with what little I have, needless to say they were my idea of perfect. Two small hints of breasts only just beginning to sprout from her perfect torso above a slightly round tummy. I slid my hand up her stomach and slid it over her incredibly soft and yielding breast. I gently kneaded the fleshy mound, feeling her hard pink nipple pressing into my palm. Her mouth hung open slightly as she silently watched my ministrations on her body. I gently took her nipple in between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it slightly.
"Ow!" she yelled quickly, but quickly her yells became the faintest of whispers as she whispered to herself, "ow. . . .

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  . . ow. . . . . uhnn. . . ow. . . . " in a never-ending series of lust filled remarks.

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   She closed her eyes completely and reared her head back as I gently twisted her tiny little nubbin in my large fingers.
    She was totally engrossed in the sensation, and only lifted her cute little butt for me when I pulled her skirt down her small legs. She was wearing the cutest little pair of green panties, and I merely admired these for a moment before peeling them off her.
    I simply love the way panties come off a girl's pussy, how the crotch always seems to be the very last part to finally come away. Perhaps it was the dampened state of Alice's mound but for whatever reason I was treated to that wonderful little show where I watched more and more of her beautiful navel reveal itself to me until the crotch of her panties pulled away, revealing her bald and beautiful little slit. I tossed her panties aside and had to admire the wonderful craftsmanship of this creature beneath me. If god exhisted, he must have been an artist. That little hairless mound, blushing pink and spread invitingly, with the merest hint of pink flesh glistening underneath and her small little clit, already quite firm and peering out from between her fleshy lips.
    I lowered my mouth to her mound, wanting only to bring her pleasure at this moment. To feel her and hear her as she came for me. She lay back on the couch, her legs spread wide, as I let my tongue slide slowly up from the bottom of her slit to the top, pressing in between her labia and tasting her and finally ending on her clit, running my tongue in slow circles around it. She moaned out loud, a high, girlish noise, and placed her small hands on the back of my head. I repeated the process, licking slowly upwards and eventually settling in to a rhythmic tonguing of her pussy, paying her tiny engorged clit the most attention as I took it between my lips, and even my teeth, nibbling slightly on it, much to her surprise. She gasped as I nibbled gently on her clit, finally murmuring "harder" to me in a breathy voice. I obliged, biting down the slightest bit harder on her clit, causing her no small amount of pain as I bit down slightly.

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    "Owww. " She groaned lustily and spread her legs even further for me. I moved my hand down that wonderfully flat tummy of hers, pressing one finger inside of her. At this point she was too far gone to protest to anything I might do to her. I pushed two fingers inside of her, reveling in the feel of her slick walls contracting around me. I had only pushed them in to the first knuckle so as not to hurt her. She only squealed slightly as I began to slowly press my fingers into her, I kept biting down on her tiny clit, occasionally giving her labia or clit a quick nip. The girl had a masochistic streak, because she would howl out "owww," and groan and grind her damp pussy onto my mouth, obviously hoping for more attention from my teeth.
    I slid my fingers in and out, pressing slightly deeper each time, feeling her beginning to subconsciously thrust back on my fingers, grinding her hips onto me and arching her back. I felt her most sacred barrier resisting me, and I knew she didn't notice at all, not in her severely heightened state of arousal. I knew that I would have to time this right in order for her to permit me to do it. I kept my fingers inside of her as I positioned myself at her holy gate. I fished my throbbin member out of my pants. She opened her eyes and looked at my throbbing cock with a mixture of lust, anticipation, and fear.
    Another thing that most people don't believe about me when I tell them online, is that my penis is 9 inches long when aroused.


       Keeping in mind that I am 6'8" it doesn't seem that unbelievable. Choose to believe or not, at the very least for the purposes of the story, try to imagine what the poor girl was willing to go through to please me and her.
    Tendrils of clear pre-cum oozed down onto her navel, collecting in tiny little pools. I placed my cock head at the entrance, she looked at it with her eyes half closed. "Do it. " She whispered, "I want you to do it to me, Joe. "
    That was more than enough for me, I began to slowly push into her. My cock head spread her pussy lips obscenely, and she chewed on her lower lip, watching as I penetrated her for the first time. She winced slightly as I inched deeper into her, her muscles tightening around me rhythmically as I invaded her depths. I pushed warmly, wetly into her until I felt her hymen. I looked down at her with tenderness in my eyes, and she returned the look and gave me the slightest of nods. I knelt down and kissed her passionately as I pressed against her hymen. She kissed back passionately, her tongue fighting with mine. She began to let out high pitched squeals of pain as I increased the pressure, but she never stopped kissing even when I finally tore through her hymen, pushing forward another three inches into her.
    She stared blankly at the ceiling, her mouth open in a frozen scream, her breathing coming in shallow breaths and a few tears leaking out of the corners of her eyes.

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    "Alice. . . are you alright?" I asked, looking down at her and the blood leaking down around my shaft. Her only response was a nod and a "please"
    I took her meaning and continued pushing into her, feeling more and more of her take me inside of her as I explored deep within her. Her vaginal walls contracted against me as I further invaded her.
    "deep. " she gasped as I continued pushing in, "is it all in?" she asked me with a hint of desperation in her voice. I continued pushing deeper within her wordlessly, I had about three inches left to go, and when she lifted her head and looked down at what was left she started breathing harder and looking up at the ceiling. "Finish it. " she moaned.
    I nodded and with one quick, savage thrust, finished pushing inside of her. I was now fully immersed and inside of her as she lay there, gasping. Her beautiful chest heaved as she got used to being filled. I allowed her to get used to it for a few more moments and finally began pulling out slightly.


       She let out a desperate "No!" but then moaned loudly when I pushed back in. I slowly pulled out of her and pushed back in, beginning a slow rhythm inside of her.
    It didn't take her long to start responding and automatically thrusting her tiny hips back up at me as my thick pole slid in and out of her. Her hairless pussy swallowed me up whole as I moved slowly in and out of her, I pulled out almost all the way and plunged back, deep within her. Each inward thrust bringing the head of my cock against her cervix. I moved in and out of her, increasing my tempo as my orgasm began to build. It was indescribably tight inside of her and it felt like she was squeezing the blood out of my cock as she began approaching her own orgasm. I wanted us to come together more than anything as I began speed up even more in and out of her. The noise of my powerful thrusts filled the room. They were the obscene squelching noises that seemed to fit better in a pornographic video than in our situation, but the two of us were too fargone to care about such trivial matters as we both peaked together, her contracting wildly around my weapon and seemingly sucking me deeper into her and me erupting in a powerful tide of thick, white cum.
    The two of us were sweating profusely now, and as I flipped her tiny nude form so that she was resting on top of me, I gently caressed her buttox. "Don't pull out yet," she whispered as she nuzzled against me. I only nodded and kissed her forehead softly as I felt myself gradually softening inside of her.
    We lay like that for God knows how long, both of us enjoying being in eachother's presence and reveling in the scent of the other, of the feel of it. It was the first time we lay together, but we both knew that it wouldn't be the last.

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       I finally withdrew my soft tool from her pussy, releasing a veritable flood of our mixed cum and trace amounts of her blood.
    "When can I see you like this again?" Alice asked me softly, staring into my eyes as her head rested on my chest.
    I smiled at her warmly and planted a soft wet kiss on her lips, the merest hint of our tongues pressing against eachother as we lay like that. "Whenever we want, my parents are going out of town this weekend. " I said. She smiled back at me, "I can say I'm going to a friend's house for the weekend. " She said mischeviously. I grinned back at her, the prospects of what could happen with an entire weekend with her were simply dazzling.
    I finally sent her home, Lord knows how distraught she must have been with my dried cum staining the inside of her thigh and filling her up. I only smiled as he gave me a final wave, disappearing from my sight.
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