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I wake up feeling strange. I can't open my eyes, and I have all my holes plugged. The blinfold falls off, and I see I am suspended between 4 trees, about 50 feet in the air. A group of campers is gathering beneath me for a view of my perfect pussy. Jane yells up, "Hey! We will get you down!" I feel fine, I know that it was a prank played most likely by my group on me. A minute later, I feel cpable hands grasping my wrists and pulling me, I think it is Jane, but it turns out to be Tristan. He grabs me and pulls out the plug in my pussy. "those guys are jerks!" He mumbles, beofre thrusting his long, hard cock, straight into my wet pussy. I can hear the suction from each pull, and he takes a finger and starts pressing and flicking my clit. For a moment, all I can think about is his throbbing cock thrusting in and out of me. Then, the heat waves come. I almost fall, but he has a good hold on me, and I orgasm, the liquid nectar falling down as kids gather below me to get the drops and lick it up!
 Two hours later, I am in bed, with Kathlene who is teaching us the finer topic of sensual love making. She has a strap on, and slowly thrusts it in and out of me as I moan and grasp her body kissing her neck and caressing her breasts. After my 10 minute period, I slide out of bed and grab a dildo to pleasure my self to an orgasm. Kathlene murmurs something in my masters ear, and my master walks over and grabs me harshly. The other masters do the same, then rig us up to a fucking machine.

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   There are three on a turntable, and we are blind folded as they swivel around. When the table stops, I am pushed backwards onto my dildo. I almost scream when I realize there are two, I am going to be double plugged. Next, I feel how large they are. Each is most likely about a foot long. I have a fleeting moment of escape, but that would take out all the fun. I let the machine start up, and the burning in my ass starts. There was no lube on the dildo. I scream through the ag as the dildo pentrates my holes slowly, rubbing through my skin and creating a painful friction. They pull out, then enter me again, faster. I moan/scream into my gag, and try to wriggle away, but each time I move, the ties move me closer so that the dildo is driving deeper into me! The dildo is going to fast, and I moan as I orgasm. Kathlene just reaches over and makes a mark on my half full orgasm card. After half an hour of this painful fucking, I am taken off the machine, and a large butt plug and dildo are placed in me by a chastity belt. Then, I am walked to lunch, hobbling along painfully, groaning as each step puts pressure on my intruders. After lunch, as I am walking back to my cabin, I am swiped from behind and a hand put on my mouth.

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 I wriggle and fight, but I open my eyes, and seeing 30 boys, I quiet down. I am tied up to a table, with my ass and pussy accesible, then they take out my toys and have a go. Each one fucks me at least three times, but each time I go unconscious, they hit me as hard as they can. Finally, after a few hours of fucking, I am released, sore and tired. As I walk to my cabin, Kathlene greets me at the door, a mock angry look on her face. "You can't just run off like that! For that, we need to punish you!" And she leads me in to my bunk, where all the girls wait with strap-ons. They tie me in eagle and start fucking my sore holes. All I want to do is cry. They laugh as I scream, and fuck me until suppertime. My Dom says, "On your knees girl, your punishment isn't over yet. Don't cum, for the rest of tonight. " And she plugs my ass, then slips a vibrating egg into my pussy, and turns it on. I almost orgasm, but contain myself. When I get there, Will ties me to the table and I wonder, "How much more fucking can I take in just one day?" Each time one of my group thrusts, the egg is pushed around in my pussy. They rub some tightening cream in me when they are done, and I sit down to dinner.

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   That night, they take me back to their cabin, and I see that brian is there. As everybody except Brian and Tristan fuck me (11 guys, the have 12 a cabin) I moan and groan. When They are done, I am blindfolded and led out side. WHen I open my eyes, I see Brian and Tristan. Brian speaks "We love you and want to fuck you. If we ever want you, it will be in the staff room, because I can allow campers in there. " I walk with them, my aching pussy throbbing, the vibrator not taken out yet. They fuck me slowly, and I relax, knowing that this won't hurt. Brian decides to try for a record, to get his whole cock up my ass. I know he is not allowed to, but he produces a can of lube, and thouroughly rubs his rock hard member in it, then gently slips it up my ass. I go to 7 inches fine, but then it starts to strain. He pulls out, and tells me, "Its ok, I will take you here everyother night, and by the end of camp, I am sure we can do it!" Tristan smiles as he walks me to my cabin, to be sure I don't get abducted and gangbanged again. I slip into my bed with a peaceful thought of Brian slipping his whole cock up my ass, and I smile as I slip off to sleep.
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