At camp chapter 4


I wake up and look around me, thankful to see I am in bed, Not in the air, like the arousing occasion yesterday. My master climbs into my bed and slowly fucks my aching holes. "Today is the day we choose electives, slut" She whispers in my ears. I slowly get out of bed and pull on a very revealing outfit. Before I go, my master walks up to me and takes out a set of two large love balls. "Oh shit" I whisper, almost silently. I know where they are going. She pushes one up my ass easily, the next one takes a little bit of pressure and pain to slide in. Then, she rubs tightening cream so that they won't come out to easily. I slide my underwear and sexy skirt back up, the feeling of my 2 intruders pressing against my tightened hole, and the friction as the rub against the skin folds inside my ass. I walk to breakfast, and as we eat, Kathlene asks us what three electives we want. I say, "I want sports, farm yard, and dungeon. " She grins widely and moves on. Whenever I shift at breakfast, a sharp spike of pain runs through me, my two balls clearly making themselves at home inside my tiny ass hole.
Finally we walk back to the cabin, and My master pulls out the balls slowly, I cry out as the pure girth of the first one is right at my entrance. A little YANK and its out, the second one is easier with my hole stretched a bit.

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   Next, my Dom slides an unseen dildo in and out of me, I cry out in mere surprise, but it feels good. I try and thrust back into it, but she pulls with me. I am eager to have the thing in me, but my master is set on deriving me of that pleasure. The tiny thrust leads me to the edge of an orgasm, then is pulled out. I yell and yelp and the major loss in happiness, and my master just laughes. That afternoon, it is time for my cabin and another cabin to have a competition. The dildo run. Jane announces the rules, "In this sport, you have to put a dildo all the way in your pussy, and run the ten meter distance to the bin, where you must squeeze it out. You MUST put the dildo ALL the way in you, and you can use your hands to put it in, but NOT to squeeze it out. On your marks, Get set, GOO!" I am going first. I grab the largest dildo in the bin, 12 inches, and stick it all the way into me.
This competition is scored how long each team got. I waddle across the ditance, and yelp as I almost orgasm, just to lose it while expelling it from my incredibly wet folds. I wait for my turn to come again, then pick up the next largest dildo there is, nine inches. I run across the square this time, and expell it easily.

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   I am just past the finish line when the buzzer rings.
    Jane grabs the measuring stick and lines up the other teams dildos to a total of 66 inches. Our team got 76. We won, and as we take our competitors to the barn, where we decided their punishment would be, we all smiled. I took a peculiar interest to a smaller girl with raven black hair, and I already knew what her punishment was. I rigged her up and brought out Louie, a 4 year old goat, who's hormones were always raging. I rubbed some female hormones on the girl and he rocketed over to her, quickly fucking her as she screamed. It was VERY arousing to watch the poor girl get her cum beat out of her! I almost felt sorry for her, but walking back to my cabin that evening, I thought, Its all just part of the fun. I got to fall asleep with Kathlene slowly beating me with a good sized strap-on, and I realized just how much I loved camp!
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