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     The girls were in the kitchen making a bag of popcorn. Each one was wearing a comfortable T-shirt, loud pajama bottoms and outrageous slippers. They were being loud and silly and screechy while Kevin tried to finish some homework at the breakfast nook. He tried to ignore them but kept finding himself looking up at Bridge's shirt which had her two stiff nipples bursting through to thin fabric. Mom entered the room while the girls were shouting the words to 'My Sharona' and said, "When the popcorn is done will you two go to your room, Bridget?  Your brother is trying to study. "     "Fine, we were anyway", Bridge shot back. "We're going to watch TV. " Emily pulled the popcorn out of the microwave.      "Oh and before you go, Bridget, would you mind turning off those headlights?", Kevin spat out from across the room.      Emily gasped and smiled. Bridget scowled and looked down. Mother saw what Kevin was talking about and barked, "Oh GOD, Bridget, look at you. And in front of your brother no less. "     "Aw, com on - who cares? He's seen worse", she said as she covered her chest with her hands.      Kevin grinned and looked down into his book. "Well, be that as it may - I'm sure he's not interested in your boobs so go cover up, will ya?", Mom said.

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        Mom turned and opened the freezer door. As she reached in for something, Bridget stuck her tongue out at her and pulled her shirt up - flashing her. Her big boobs fell down hard and bounced around. Kevin got an eyeful. Em covered her mouth and turned red trying to hold laughter in. When Mom turned back around Bridget had already pulled her shirt down and wore an innocent face. "Okay, Em. Let's go", Bridge told her friend.      The girls walked down the hall toward the bedroom and Em whispered, "Oh my God, Bridget you totally flashed your mom right in front of your brother!!"     "Please" Bridge said slyly, "my brothers have seen me in stranger situations than that. "     ". . . . . Like CELL PHONE     As they settled on the floor in front of the TV, Bridge told Em a story from just a couple of years ago.

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   Her oldest brother Mark needed to call their Dad but his cell phone was dead and he didn't have the number. He knew Bridget had the number so early in the morning he came into her room to ask to borrow her phone. He tapped on the door lightly as he stuck his head in. Mark crept over to Bridge and saw that she was sleeping. The covers were pulled down some revealing her teenage breasts.  Embarrassed, he tried calling out her name but she wouldn't wake up. He put his hand on her shoulder and shook her body until she came to. Groggy, she asked what he wanted and he asked for her phone. Bridget told Emily that she sat up, rubbed her eyes and reached over to the wall outlet to get her charging phone. She hands the phone to Mark who's sitting at the end of her bed now. Mark begins to dial the phone and Bridget yawns and stretches her arms up in the air. Suddenly, panic washes over her face as she violently pulls her arms back down to cover her body. She said Mark laughed at her and said, "So NOW you decide to cover up. After 5 minutes?"     She blushed and made a fuss.  "Oh, whats the difference now anyway?", she said and put down her arms, exposing her large round tits again.

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        Mark finished the call and tossed her phone back. "I was wondering when you were going to do something about that", he said smiling.      "Whatever", she whimpered and got up out of bed to find something to wear.      "Gosh, Bridge", Em stuttered "You just let him look at you?"     "Well, he already had for so long anyway before I even realized I was topless.  Who cares? You know me, though, right? Not a whole lot bothers me. . . "     "Yeah, but, your brother sat on your bed. . and you were topless and. . . jeez, Bridge", Emily trailed off.      Bridget spoke, "It gets worse. "     DAY     Next, Bridget told Emily a story about a time she got caught by Kevin doing her laundry.

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   Because she never has time to do anything, Bridge explained how she is often late and scatterbrained. One day after school and rehearsals, she had to rush home to get her wash in before anyone else took the machine. She needed her clothes ready for her competition later that night.  She tells Em that she raced home before anyone, burst in the door, gathered up all the clothes she could find for a full load, ran downstairs and put them in the machine. Relief washed over her that quickly turned to terror - she was wearing the clothes she needed for the competition! Bridget screamed, stopped the washer and stripped down nude. At 16, Bridget is tall - maybe 5'8" or 5'9", she's thick - not heavy, just solid. Her boobs are big and round. Her face and shoulders are freckled and braces cover her teeth. She pulled her clothes off her quickly but carefully. The hair she had up in a bun fell out and the long auburn locks tangled around her face.  The tights came peeling off her legs revealing a thick patch of dark hair on her mound. She tossed the clothes into the washing machine and sighed hard. Grabbing her phone for a time check, she casually walked up the stairs trying to plan the rest of her afternoon. She opened the door and walked naked out into the kitchen. Had she not had her eyes on her cell phone she would have seen Kevin and two of his buddies sitting at the breakfast nook.

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   She lowered her phone and made eye contact with the boys - all three of whom were gape mouthed and smiling. Bridget screamed, dropped her phone and ran down the hall to her room.      "Dude. . . your sister is hot!" "Did you just see that?" "Holy shit!", she heard them all say.      She found some pajamas and came back out to greet them fully clothed.  At first they were shy around her but eventually Kevin said, "So are you going to take your clothes off again? Because if not we're going to all had a good laugh at her expense.      "Bridge, I would have died", Em confessed. "You weren't wearing anything?"     "Not even a hair-tie. I stood there naked and locked eyes with those guys. It felt like FOREVER. "     The girls had a big laugh. Bridge felt the need to defend herself a little, "Let me tell you, Emily, since you don't know. When you're in a house with three brothers you get caught sometimes.

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   The fact of the matter is: they're gonna see you naked. I mean. . . . its no big deal.  I don't know how I keep walking into these situations but who cares, right?"     "Nothing can beat that one though", Emily suggested.      "mmmm. . . I wouldn't say PLAN     Now, Bridge wasn't about to tell Emily this but in the years since her oldest brother Mark came into her room and saw her undressed she developed something of a crush on him. Dad wasn't around and Mark was already grown up.  For years she'd thought back about him coming to her room and she's already out of her clothes. Sometimes when the daydreams would get too colorful she'd shake them out of her head and try not to think about it. Whenever Mark would come over, Bridget would try to force him into these traps where she could recreate the situation.

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   One time when she was showering Mark had to come in and get something out of the bathroom. Instead of just talking to him through the curtain, she would pull it back just enough so he could see in. Asking him a direct question made him look her way. She'd position her body so one breast and her entire side and leg would be exposed. He would see her but not say anything, just shrug it off.       Another one she used a lot was on mornings Mark was in the house, Bridget would come out to the kitchen or living room in a really tight, thin T-shirt and a tiny pair of panties just to show off. Sometimes, if her mother was still home she would get yelled at and go change but other times she paraded around in from of Mark, even sitting next to him on the couch putting her legs up on his lap or something. Sure, he would rub her smooth legs up and down while he watched the news or play with her hair when she laid her head down on his stomach but nothing would ever come of it.      This past week Bridget was getting impatient. She didn't know what she wanted but she knew she wanted something. So, finally one morning she looked out her bedroom window and saw Mark's car parked out front. And that her mother's was gone. She jumped over to her dresser to pick out something cute to walk around in. Her bare breasts jiggled as she bopped around her room looking for the right thing to wear. She settled on a really sheer T-shirt and matching colored cotton panties.

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   Looking in the mirror, she thought of the time she was in the kitchen naked in front of a room full of boys. As she remembered, she pinched her own now hardening nipples ensuring they poke out through the thin fabric. She lumbered out toward the living room where Mark was watching CNN. She let him take a good look at her as she said hello. Bridget saw him notice her stiff nipples, then his eyes moved down to her bare legs. She crawled onto the couch and snuggled up next to him. They both shared all the things they had to do that day. She told him she wishes she could just get back into bed and lay there all day, slightly suggesting she also didn't want to go alone. "Oh, that reminds me" Mark said, "Could I borrow your cell phone? Mine's dead. " Bingo, she thought.      Bridge began telling Emily the story at this part. She was too embarrassed to tell her all that other stuff. She began with Mark needed a phone again. She tells Mark she thinks its in her room and to come with her to help her look for it. Now, Bridge knew it was in her little desk drawer but she wanted to keep Mark looking to keep him in her room.

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   This was her chance, she figured - no one else was home to stop her. The two looked under discarded clothes and magazines. "Listen" she said, "I'm going to keep looking but do you mind if I also get ready for school?"     "No, go ahead. It's here somewhere, right?"     A wave of satisfaction ran through Bridget's body. Time to go for it. She pulled off her tiny T-shirt and her large tits fell and bounced freely. With one arm covering her chest and stammered, "you don't. . . mind if i. . . . right?"     Mark looked up, barely phased. "No.

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   No, do what you gotta. "     She dropped her arm and resumed 'looking' for the phone. After a minute, she began to talk to Mark and engage in conversation. Half to keep him in the room and half to get him to notice her. Wearing only her cotton panties, she and Mark turned the room upside down and had a good time talking while doing it. He was suggesting to look somewhere else so she made a B-line for the desk drawer. "I found it!", she cried and handed him the phone.      "AW, great. Thanks, kid" he said and touched her chin. She grabbed his hand and held onto it for only a second before he pulled it back to use the phone. He took a step back and as the phone rang, he watched her. She smiled at him and struck a coy, innocent pose - one leg bent and on its' toes. Hands behind her back. He spoke with a man on the phone and as he did he looked her up and down. Nodding.


   He explained that he would be meeting with him soon. This displeased Bridge so she used the last play she had: she slid her panties down her legs and kicked them off.  Once again presenting herself to one of her brothers, she stood in front of Mark nude. His eyes remained fixed on her body. She walked toward him, wrapping her arms around his waist and snuggling her head into his chest.      "You know, today really isn't good for me.  How's tomorrow sound?", Mark said to the voice on the phone.      Bridget gasped with joy and threw her arms up around Mark's neck. He hung up the phone, dropped it on the floor and picked his naked little sister up in his arms. He walked her to her bed and gently set her down. "Don't make me go to school" she whispered, "stay here with me"     Mark ran his hands across her belly and down the top of one of her legs. "Bridge, what are you doing? Why are you throwing yourself at me like this?"     She began getting nervous, "I. . . I don't know why.

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   But for years I've wanted you in a . . . certain way. And all the times I'd tried to touch you or show you my body, I'd hoped you'd pick me up and take me to bed just like you did today. Please take me. . . "     Mark pressed his lips up against hers and pulled her on top of him. Her head swung back and he ran his hands up her stomach and onto her big, round tits. Her whole body shook. He placed his hands under her bottocks and lifted her body up onto his face. Bridget placed her feet flat against the wall and grabbed her headboard, grinding into his mouth. She quaked and yelled while he ran his tongue up and down her slit stopping only to flick her clit or her asshole. The two fell off the bed onto the floor.

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   Bridget sprang up and began undoing Mark's belt. He pulled his shirt off and she got his pants around his thighs. They locked eyes and shared an intense glare as she forced one hand into his underwear pulling out his hardening prick. Mark sat back up on the bed and Bridge moved between his legs. His pants now off, Mark collected her hair into a fist. "I've never done this before", she revealed.       He nodded to her and she slid his prick into her mouth. He groaned loudly at the first penetration of this incestuous act. She worked his dick slowly, stopping only to gag once or twice which made Mark smile. "You're not going to school today. You're going to stay here and do this all day", he baited her. She would whimper in agreement.      Before Mark could blow a load in Bridget's mouth, he pulled her off his cock. Panting and wiping her face, Bridget begged for more. Mark took her hand and lifted her off the ground holding her face to face.

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   She wrapped his legs around him and they kissed deeply. Mark sat back down on the bed and she was on his lap. They locked eyes again as he positioned her body to slide onto his shaft. Bridget's eyes widened as the head reached her wet slit and her mouth opened as Mark pressed her body down, plunging his cock only inches into her. The two sat without moving while Bridget breathed heavy and got used to the feeling. Once she felt comfortable enough to rock back and forth on him, he layed her on her back. Legs wrapped around his muscular body that was twice the size of hers. She disappeared underneath him. He moved slowly into her and slowly out. She placed her hands behind his head and whipsered "I love you. "     Mark was beside himself. This was his little sister, his little 16 year old sister at that! They barely knew each other since she was born when Mark was becoming an adult. He knew she always thought of him as a father figure but to be thought of as a father, a brother and a sex partner all at once was a little overwhelming. Still, he could not deny her maturing body and her apparant desire to share it with him. Whatever guilt he may have felt about taking her virginity in her childhood bedroom vanished the minute he felt the inside of that brand new pussy.

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   Mark pushed in as far as he could now and he was definitely hitting bottom. He could feel his dick bump against the bottom of her shallow pussy and she shrieked each time he did so.      "Bridge" he began, "I'm going to pull out of you and cum on your belly. "     The two began shouting at each other. "Cum!" "I'm cumming!" "Cum for me!" "Oh God!" "I love you!"     He sprayed clear/white jizz all over her body for what seemed like an eternity. His cum dripped off the end of her chin, covered her swollen tits, cascaded across her stomach, pooled in her belly button and collected in her dark snatch hair. Mark collapsed at the foot of the bed. Bridget layed there shaking and breathing heavily as semen dried on her newly sexually active teenage body. The two layed and collected their thoughts. Eventually, Mark suggested they get dressed and make some food. Once in the kitchen Mark began to explain to her that this was probably a mistake and while it was great should not happen again. Bridget agreed but repeatedly gushed to her brother about how much fun it was and how good it felt. Despite their agreement, Mark slid her panties down again and penetrated her from behind bent over the kitchen counter. His height and weight would lift her off the ground a little and he pushed in. His cum drained out the crack of her ass and began splattering on the kitchen floor.

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   He took a paper towel and wiped her ass clean.      Of course, Bridge told Em an edited and more bland tale about her changing for school when Mark came in and how the two looked for her phone while she was naked.      "Boy, Bridget. You sure do get naked around your family a lot", Em shook her head in disbelief.      "Yeah. . well. . when you have a big family - that's how it goes. "     "I guess. . . . "     After Mark and Bridget had sex, her desire for him went away. She still got horny once in a while but she no longer had a crush on her brother.

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   Now, she loved him like a brother - a real brother. And one day when Mark was over in the morning, she curled up next to him on the couch and said. . . .      "I think I want to fuck Kevin. "THE END.
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