Bloody Mary


By: Sammy Parsons I guess I always knew in the back of my mind that I was a borderline pervert; I would try to peep on my sister Kim through the old fashioned key hole in the bathroom door. They say that things that occur in your puberty shape the sexual urges you have as an adult, maybe they are right.
One of the most vivid memories of my misspent youth was the time I saw my sister with a tampon for the first time. As I knelt there in the bathroom doorway trying to catch a naked glimpse of my older sister Kim I was a bit frustrated by the fact that there was so much steam in the air that I could barely even make out the outline of her body's shadow on the plastic shower curtain. As I saw it start to rustle and draw back I readied myself for a view of her naked body.  
Unfortunately for me by the time she threw back the curtain and stepped from the shower she had already wrapped a towel around herself. I was upset to say the least, I rarely got a chance like this, usually someone else was home but this time we were alone in the house for at least an hour until my mom got home from shopping. A perfect opportunity and Kim was covered up.  
It upset me so much that I could feel the blood leaving my erection and my dick beginning to return to its limp state. I almost got up but I caught a glimpse of her lifting the toilet seat and figured I might still get a good look at her nudity. As she turned to squat and sit on the seat she lifted her towel slightly and I got a good look at her upper thigh and left butt cheek. It was not bad but I had seen almost that much of her at the pool in her bathing suit that was cut high on her hips. My dick was happy though and I felt the heat of my blood returning to it as it began to rise.  
I knew she would be a couple of minutes in this position so I improvised my own peep show and began to stroke my hardening dick. As I stroked my cock and looked at my sister Kim sitting on the toilet. I was soon ready to shoot my load when she did something I did not expect, she reached a hand across her lap and I saw it disappear between her legs.

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   She seemed to be reaching for something and after a few seconds spread her legs wider and her hand came up from between her legs with a bloody tampon dangling on its string that she held between her long slender fingers.  
I stroked even harder as I viewed the blood covered object that had just seconds earlier been in her pussy. I was 14 but I knew enough about the birds and the bees from sex-ed at school to know what was going on here and strangely I was turned on by it. As I watched her dispose of the blood soaked tampon I was wildly stroking my young dick and now was only a few seconds from shooting a load and those seconds were few indeed. Almost as I thought to myself that I was about to cum I did right there in the hallway, on my knees watching my sister change a tampon. As I continued to watch thinking I was going to get to watch her insert a new one I saw her do something amazing, she began to finger herself. As I watched she slipped her forearm up and down driving her fingers up her slit.  
I wish I could have seen the view of her young bloody pussy, all I could see were her hips moving up and down against the white porcelain toilet seat as she finger fucked her bloody cunt. She had her head thrown back and eyes closed as she came; she was trying to stay quiet but was not succeeding. She humped her hand a little more then slumped a bit letting her back rest against the tank of the toilet and removed her hand. As she let her blood covered fingers slip to her side she sat there breathing heavily and relaxing. I was getting hard again but only semi hard at best.  
As she stood to get back in the shower I once again thought I would get to see everything but alas I heard my mother opening the front door and scurried back down the hall with my jeans and underwear still around my ankles. Later that night I lay there stroking myself with my eyes closed trying to remember every detail of the earlier show at the bathroom I came again in large, warm spurts across my stomach and then drifted off to sleep. I finally did get to see Kim later but never with a tampon or finger fucking herself, sadly as beautiful as she was it was not the same for me just to see her naked.

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   And the three times I saw her I only jerked off once.  
And after she moved out and got married I never got another opportunity. I dated a bit in High School but would always screw up a relationship sooner or later by asking the girl to do something unusual in bed, usually if I asked to watch them pee or showed any interest in their period they ran away. Soon the word around school was that I was a pervert so the "good" girls stayed away and I was left to explore my fantasies with the "slutty" girls who were easier to get in the sack anyway so I came out ahead. By the time I was a Senior I had slept with 10 girls, mostly one nighter’s, I had had blowjobs in semi public places, fucked asses and pussies both in beds and backseats of cars but still did not have what I would consider the ultimate sexual experience, I was not sure what it was but I was looking for it.  
When I met Mary I found out what it was that I was searching for. Mary was a new transfer to our school and I quickly noticed her. She was a borderline Goth chick; she had the all black thing going for her including long black hair that fell halfway down her back in long thick curls.  
She was about 5' 8" tall and was slim. She always wore baggy clothes so I could not tell what her tits were like. She caught me staring at her in class one day and simply smiled at me; I did not look away and smiled back at her. After class we went to lunch and I saw her sitting with a group of girls, one of them, Tammy, was a girl that I had fucked in the ass in her room while her parents were asleep.  
We had fucked two or three times total but were not serious or anything. Apparently Mary asked them if they knew me because all of them turned and looked at me at the same time, they then turned back giggling as only girls can do and filled her in on me. I was a bit concerned that Tammy was there since the main reason we were not screwing anymore was that after we banged one out in the backseat of my car by the lake I asked her if I could watch her pee.

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   She slapped me and went off into the woods to relieve her and when she returned she asked me to take her home.  
I was sure from the reactions of a couple of girls at the table that she was telling Mary exactly what I had done. Mary was still smiling though so either I was wrong about the subject matter or she was a pervert too. After school I was walking to my car when Mary came up behind me and said, "Dave I missed my bus, can you give me a ride home?" "Sure Mary" I said with a smile, knowing her bus did not leave for 15 more minutes, after all I was a borderline stalker too and had watched her waiting for it a couple of days this week.  
I took this as a sign that I was going to get lucky that day. As I drove we talked about normal teen things, I quickly asked her to go out with me sometime. She simply said, "Okay, maybe later. " I was a bit confused at the moment; I thought she wanted to more than just a ride from me today but maybe not. I was feeling a bit brave and asked her, "how about tonight?" Sitting there in my passenger seat like a lost little girl for a moment she shyly said, "Tonight is not a good time for me. " Being a typical teenage boy I pressed her for more of an excuse by asking her, "why not?" She was really squirming in the seat now and began to anticipate her answer, it must be an embarrassing one to cause her this much discomfort.  
Her shyness slipped away and she turned to me and said, "Well if you must know, I'm on my period!" My heart jumped up in my throat and my dick almost tore through my underwear and zipper at the thought of what she had just said to me. I continued to drive for a few seconds trying to weigh the options I had. Should I risk never getting any from her by asking to be with her today or be a gentleman? For me the choice was easy, I have never been a gentleman so I smiled at her and said "why should that matter?" She was not as shocked as I had anticipated so for a moment I still thought that she might have meant a real date and not simply a sexual hookup.  
When she spoke again her eventual sexual intentions with me were affirmed. "Because, I’m on my period and we can't fool around today.

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  " My head was swimming with scenarios now; my objective was to get into her bloody pussy, today!" I persisted, "why not?" giving her a moment to let the initial shock wear off I continued, and “I walk through mud so I can fuck through blood!" 
Looking a bit puzzled she said, "I never thought of doing it on my period. " "I never have done it either but one thing is for sure you can’t get pregnant right now. " "You're right about that and I despise rubbers" she said with a smile on her face, "Okay let's see what happens. " My heart was racing as we drove along, one bad thought hit me that we would need somewhere to do this and the car or my room were definitely out, I asked her if she knew a place we could go and she told me to take her to her house since no one would be home there for hours. As we approached her trailer she was teasing me by stroking my leg and rubbing my hard dick through the fabric of my jeans.  
When we arrived we quickly went in and closed the door behind us. Once inside the trailer I was a bit amused by the mess the place was. She cleared a path to her room with her feet and as we arrived at her door she kicked the clothes and junk to the side. She walked to her bed and while standing at the foot of the disheveled mess that of covers that it was she slipped her black dress over her head. I was not surprised that her underwear was black also, as she reached up and undid her front clasp bra I moved to stand behind her. She shuddered a bit as my cool hands touched her warm skin; I put one hand on each of her sides with my hands resting on the band of her black panties and began to unwrap my dream package. As the panties slipped down her legs to the floor I saw a large spot of blood on the stark white panty shield lining the crotch of her panties.  
I turned her around so that she was facing me and I took a step back to enjoy the view. Her tits were small but firm and proportioned with her frame with light colored nipples. I reached out and began to stroke them in a clumsy sort of way due to the fact that I was so worked up about what was to come next.

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   While my left hand continued to caress her tits my right hand slid ever closer to her bloody cunt. As my fingers reached the top of her pubic hair my dick began to surge in my jeans. I groaned at that moment and she took the hint, unzipped my pants and started to undress me.  
As I felt my clothes slip off of me I slipped a finger past her mound and into her slit, past her quite large clit and into her bloody snatch. At first I was a bit surprised that she seemed to be, to my touch, pretty dry and blood free. When my finger slipped further down I realized that she had a tampon in and the panty shield had just collected the overflow. As I moved another finger into position in her slip to grasp and remove the tampon she stiffened for a moment then said. "Uhh. . . no, not yet!" I simply ignored her and slipped the blood soaked tampon front her pussy.  
It is hard to describe the intensity of the feelings I had at that moment. I stood there holding the bloody mess by its string and at that moment thought of my sister Kim and the day I saw her with ore of these. I had never seen where that one went that day so I decided to explore what the bloody pussy my sister had fingered that day must have looked like.  
I sat Mary on the twisted covers of her bed and laid her back spreading her legs before I knelt down on my knees to begin to explore her pussy.

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   I had never really taken the time to explore a pussy before and so it was a real new experience and a thrill for me. As my fingers pulled back the curtains of her womanhood I could see a streak of blood tricking from the bottom of her opening and running down to her exposed asshole. The inside of her pussy lips and the small opening just inside were virtually coated with her blood, I could see a couple of clots at the opening and just below her clit.  
I had never taken the time with anyone else to really see what a clit looked like perched there at the top of her slit it seemed a lot larger than the ones he had felt before while fingering girls so he decided to try it with her. As soon as he began he knew it was bigger than most and from her reaction to his touching it he could tell it was extremely sensitive.  
I fingered her for a couple of minutes, from his position facing her pussy he could see the blood continue to flow in ever increasing volume, when she had her orgasm she screamed in ecstasy any spurted blood across my fingers. She continued to moan as she rocked her hips under his finger until without a word she motioned me to stand up with her hands.  
When I stood up she looked up at me and smiled and then scooted back onto the bed, bent her knees with her feet flat on the bed and spread her legs for me to enter her and fuck her. I quickly and easily buried my cock into her blood soaked pussy with a single thrust of my hips, the warm, squishy feeling of sliding into her bloody canal was almost too much to take and I feared after a couple of strokes into her that I was going to shoot off too soon and tried to stop but she would not let me even slow down.  
I gave up trying to hold off and began to roughly fuck her warm and messy pussy for all I was worth. After a few hard strokes I got a bit of control back and rode her hard for about 2 minutes, If I had not thought of Kim at that moment I might have lasted longer but as the image of my sister fingering her bloody pussy came back to me I shot a load of cum into Mary's bloody young pussy.  
I held her down for a second as I shot my load deep into her bleeding womanhood and then rolled off of her onto the bed. We were both still panting hard as we lay there on her now bloody sheets and covers. As I lay there with a cool breeze blowing across my wet and sticky cock that was now shrinking back to normal I glanced over to see Mary fingering herself, apparently she had been close to another orgasm when I shot off in her and needed relief. I rolled on my side and replaced her fingers with mine and began to finger fuck that mess between her legs.

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She was thrashing wildly but when my fingers were sore from use she still had not come again. I wanted another shot at this with her later so I decided on a plan of action to get her off; I removed my blood and cumsoaked fingers from her slit and moved to replace them with my tongue. At first the sight of the mess between her legs turned my stomach but time was wasting and if I did not act soon I might never get back in her pants again so I closed my eyes and drove my mouth onto her bloody pussy.  
The taste was strange and yet I was getting excited. I concentrated on driving my tongue straight up and down her slit paying special attention to the sweet clit of hers and it paid off for me big time. When she came the second time she held my head in her gash and wildly thrashed until she screamed loudly and then loosened her grip on me.  
I slipped off the end of the bed and for a moment examined the scene before me. She lay there with her still quivering legs spread and the inside of her thighs, pussy and crack of her ass were coated in blood. It was smeared on her like raspberry jelly on toast. Her bed was a total mess too as her cunt was now spewing small waves blood out onto the covers.  
As she looked up at me she laughed hysterically. "What's so funny?" "Your face is so coated that you look like a vampire, come here!" As I did she reached up and we exchanged a passionate kiss and when it was done we were both a bloody mess but we enjoyed it so much. We showered and dressed then stripped her bed before I went home. We tried to have regular sex later in the month but it was just not the same so we now are going together but we only fuck a few days a month. Yes I may be a pervert but I am using birth control.

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