Christmas Carolers


Mr. Albert Gunter was a 45 year old writer. He owned a vast estate and he was very well regarded in the small community of Repnaw. He had never married. However, he traveled a lot. His fortune was mostly inherited and in spite of it, Mr. Gunter’s existence was generally lonely. He lived all by himself in an immense mansion at the edge of town. It was now Christmas and, as usual, Mr. Gunter did not have any guests. He stayed in nearly complete darkness, in front of the fireplace. He silently watched the six-feet-tall Christmas tree while he drank his single-malt scotch in silence. Onto his face there was an inexplicable smirk, as if, for no reason, this was his favorite time of year. Mr. Gunter stayed there, resting in his leather-made comfortable armchair. The doorbell rang.

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   In a complete lack of surprise, the man got on his feet and he headed for the door. He opened it and, with great satisfaction, he discovered two young girls. Their beautiful, peaceful voices almost rose to the heavens as they started singing together: “Silent night, holy night . . . ” Mr. Gunter just stayed there for a moment, listening to the two teenage age voice, with his eyes wrapped in joyful tears, on the verge of crying. He then invited them inside and waited for them to finish caroling. Fresh winter coldness seemed to flow out of the girl’s skin and hair. After they finished, Mr. Gunter, with great contentment, brought all kinds of sweets and treats for the girls, who were already giggling at their site. The girls thanked him and wished him a merry Christmas. He asked their names. They both innocently answered as the man insatiably stared at them. The one called Jenna had straight, shiny blonde hair, bunched to the back of her head with an amber barrette.

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   Her large eyes were watery blue. Underneath her zipped down jacket she wore a grey sweater that gave away her large loose breasts, bouncing in a bra. Her body was voluptuous, generously curved allover. Jenna had tight, black jeans that fitted her perfectly and low-heels shoes. Her friend, Tiffany, was another kind of cutie. She had long, curly, black hair, falling over her shoulders. She wore a white fur cap, shining still with snow. Tiffany’s body was slimmer, more hour-glass-shaped, proof that she was usually working out. Her tits, resembling two adorable apples, weren’t as big as Jenna’s, but they stood up perkily. Her eyes were blacker than the night, yet they sparkled like a thousand stars. She had a red jacket, a sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers. Mr. Gunter told Jenna and Tiffany that he had no one to share his Christmas gifts with and he asked them to stay for just another moment, for just another Christmas carol. The girls agreed and they thankfully followed the man in his warm living room. They resumed their heavenly signing in front of the Christmas tree, while the man brought two glasses of red wine for them.

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   Jenna and Tiffany drank up the wine and suddenly they felt a rush of heat racing in their bodies. They thanked Mr. Gunter for welcoming them and for being so nice to them. He replied that it was no trouble at all and that the pleasure was entirely on his behalf. . . Or, at least, it was going to be. . . The chubby blonde and the slender brunette began feeling more and more light-headed. They politely asked Mr. Gunter if they could sit down for a second, while their dizziness wore off. The host agreed and directed them to a big black leather couch. Most obviously, the effect the girls were experiencing was not caused by the wine as much as it was caused by the methamphetamines with which it was mixed. Jenna and Tiffany drifted in a state of drowsiness, although they didn’t actually fall asleep.

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   They were disoriented, unable to think straight; they did nothing but sit there, beautiful and vulnerable, inaudibly giggling as the state of excitement took over them. The host sat between the girls and but his arms around the two of them – they seemed so delicate and so small compared to the strong, tall figure of Mr. Gunter. He started kissing their cheeks and their lips. Jenna and Tiffany didn’t seem to mind and they didn’t seem to realize. However, an expression of pleasure shone from their angelic faces. The man began touching their breasts through their clothing and seriously kissing them on their soft mouths. Both teenagers responded to the kissing, mostly out of reflex. They wrapped their kittenish tongues around the man’s. He was kissing them one at the time. Then he told Jenna to undress. At first, she didn’t understand, but eventually she dispensed of all her clothing. Afterwards she was ordered to get on her knees; the host freed his huge cock from his pants and guided the blonde to give him a blowjob, pulling her now undid hair and pushing her head. Meanwhile, he continued kissing Tiffany as he was greedily grasping on her naked breasts. As she deep-throated, taking all the man’s shaft in her mouth, Jenna started gagging.

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   Consequently, Mr. Gunter seized her hair and thus made her stop and stand on the couch. He got up, in order to take Tiffany’s clothes off completely. The girls started kissing and playing with each other as the drug aroused them and made them crave for touch and physical affection. The man got his cock in-between Jenna’s huge breasts, pressed them against each other, and he started pumping his shaft. The pleasure of perversion was one of the few Mr. Gunter had in life. The girl seemed to enjoy the sensation of this twisted game, as she moaned constantly and didn’t stop making out with her friend, who was now fingering and fondling herself. When the man got bored of rubbing his cock against Jenna’s delicious tits, he once again grabbed her by the hair and had her eating Tiffany’s cunt. He placed himself behind the blonde and he immediately started pounding away in her pussy. Unfortunately for Mr. Gunter, the girl was not a virgin – actually she was quite wide. He never slowed down – he just went faster and faster. The big-boobed teen would have screamed, but she had her face buried in her friend’s shaved pussy. The host took a hold of Jenna’s throbbing breasts, fondling her erect nipples – this, combined with the sensation of being entirely filled by Mr.

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   Gunter’s member pushed the blonde cutie over the edge and made her orgasm. Her pussy clenched on the man’s cock. He didn’t stop fucking Jenna, but he knew he was going to cum soon. He withdrew from the teen’s vagina, he jerked his cock against her pussy lips a few times then he forced the blonde in Tiffany’s arms. Mr. Gunter began ejaculating, covering both girls in semen; he shot his load on Tiffany’s tits and stomach and on Jenna’s face, mouth and hair. Of course, the girls were still too sedated to realize what had just happened to them. They embraced each other closely, and they seemed to fall asleep, drenched in white goo. Mr. Gunter sat on a chair in front of the girls and he watched them with great satisfaction. He was proud of them, he was proud of his work. . . He loved Christmas – but this Christmas was far from over. After about 15 minutes, Mr.

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   Gunter went over to the girls. His attention was now focused on Tiffany, the beautiful brunette. She reminded of someone very dear to him – he dared not think of her name. This was why he had plans, big plans for Tiffany. He started by stroking her pussy, until she let out a silent moan. He them kissed her with great lust as he jammed his finger in her pussy. To his great surprise, her hymen resisted the assault. The host got a towel and wiped the semen off the brunette’s frail body. He pulled her near him, letting Jenna hugging herself on the other side of the couch. The host got on his knees and he tasted Tiffany’s innocent pussy. Its scent and its exquisite flavor were maddening. Mr. Gunter wanted this to be something different, to be something special. He kept on wrapping his tongue around her clit, while he went deeper and deeper with his blunt, thick finger. However, he didn’t want to take the girl’s cherry in such a way – he was only preparing her.

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   Her pussy was already dripping wet with its own juices and with Mr. Gunter’s spit. He got his second finger in the teen’s love hole. She sighed louder and louder and she began unconsciously playing with her breasts. Mr. Gunter wouldn’t stop until his guest had an orgasm. And so she did – she started shrieking and her body shook in overflowing excitement. The sweet juices out of her pussy flooded the man’s mouth, to his obscene delight. Tiffany was all sweaty and this made her even sexier, in a defenseless kind of way. Her curly dark hair was sticking to her skin, in an exciting trashy manner. But the man still didn’t want to stop and he kept on licking Tiffany’s pussy. In less than a minute she climaxed again. . . and again.

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   Finally, Mr. Gunter was satisfied with the pleasure he induced in the young body. He got up and kissed Tiffany, giving her the chance to taste her own fluids. It was time . . . The man placed his shaft over the girl’s awash pussy, which was almost asking for something to take away its emptiness. The dick was slowly sinking between the teen’s legs, until it reached the barrier of virginity. Gunter had to push somewhat harder in order to go further and as he did, Tiffany let out a short scream on pain that soon melted into endless pleasure. Although she was barely conscious, the cute brunette was repeatedly rippled by waves of pleasure and ecstasy. The pleasure Gunter was feeling was beyond sex – it was that unique sensation of taking something that can only be given once – innocence. The host started moving in and out faster, enjoying both the girl’s tightness and her moans of delight, physical fulfillment. It wasn’t long until Tiffany had another orgasm – a different kind, originating from deep inside. Mr. Gunter didn’t want to cum inside of her vagina, so he pulled back.

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   He left the room and soon he was back with some lubricant. He spread Tiffany’s legs apart and he massaged her anus with the greasy substance. Her nipples got even harder, as the tickle made her quiver. The man managed to get one of his fingers inside the girl’s butt-hole. He slid it in and out, and then he twisted it. Finally, after he jammed his second finger, Mr. Gunter set the azimuth of his cock, he oiled it, and he started pushing in the girl’s ass. At first, he was unable to penetrate the clenched orifice, but his hard cock dug its way inside. The girl breathed quickly and intensely, until the rush of pleasure took her over. The man started going faster and deeper, grabbing Tiffany’s breasts. She soon had another mind-blowing orgasm and her ass clasped around Gunter’s already throbbing cock, almost engorging it. He tried pulling out in time, but he fiercely shot his enormous load up the girl’s bowels. She cried out as the member pulsated in her butt, widening her to the max. The man withdrew slowly, as his dick softened. The cum started trickling from Tiffany’s ass-crack; this turned on Mr.


   Gunter and he made Jenna get on her knees and lick his sperm from between the brunette’s butt-cheeks. Mr. Gunter got the girls cleaned up and dressed and he let them rest on the couch, until they could regain awareness. He sat on his armchair and watched them silently and innocently slipping into the dream world. They slept for almost two hours. When they woke up, they didn’t remember much – only that they drank the wine and that they had a nap on the couch. Mr. Gunter thanked them for making him feel the Christmas spirit. The girls left. They both felt some strange things (a sore between their legs, a weird taste in their mouths), but neither of them said anything about it – maybe they didn’t think it was important, maybe they just felt too embarrassed. They went to a couple of more houses, them they returned to their homes, happy with the Christmas evening they had. THE END. .
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