Clubhouse in the woods


this story takes place back when i was 14 y/o being i didnt have noone around to do normal kid stuff with i spent most my time roaming the woods until one day i ran cross some old lumber thats when i decided to build myself a club house being a creative type it took me a couple days  but over all turned out pretty good but decideing it needed a few things from the house to make it comfy bout the 3rd day of of finishing the inside with my collection of stuff brought from the house i noticed we were gettin new neighbors what i could make there was a boy lil older than me wasnt till the next day  that i noticed there was a girl as well she couldnt of been no more than 10 but being i was busy takeing stuff to my club house i didnt stand round to check farther for the next couple days i was gettin settled proud of my work i was just takein it easy wasnt till i found out i left my smokes back in my room that i decided to go back to the house as i was walkin back up to the house i saw the girl sittin on her back step on the phone ok maybe its time to give more detail to what my new neighbor looks like b4 i go farther she was now this is just guessing round 4 ft 4 inches tall she had long black hair that came down to the middle of her back now she was at the age where she wasnt what u say filled out but she did look cute hell i was 14 all girls was lookin good to me at that point but any ways walkin on she said hi i said hey back wasnt much of a converstaion she asked what i was doin i just told her right now just goin to find my cigs she asked what kind i smoked i said marlboros of course she asked if i would let her have one i said sure be back in a min well asi went in and got em and came back out she came up to get one as i handed her the cig she asked where was i goin i just told her i had a club house back in the woods its a good place for me to sneak off to smoke without  anyone bothering me she asked if it would be alright if she could come she said if her brother was to see her smoke he would tell her parents i said sure but its quite a ways and the was thick but hse said she didnt care so own our way back i kept tellin her to stay in the path to stay out of the thorn bushes and sand spurs but u can tell she wasnt the type of girl to take a walk through  the woods but anyways when we got to the club house i motioned her in when we got in i lit my cig and gave her a lite as we was sitting i was takeing another look at her she looked pretty good if i must say she was wearin really tight jeans which showed off a well rounded ass and the tank top she was wearin was fittin pretty loose every time she would lean over i could see she was sum what a early bloomer in the boob department i would say she was a b cup from what i could tell she wasnt really payin any attention to me at this point cause on her walk down with me she had got into sand spurs i mean her pants was covered every time she go to pick one off she would prick her fingers i could tell she wasnt all she was makein out to be she would cough every time she would take a drag from her cig figureing she was what u might say on the dingy side and i was gettin a boner from her flashin me her boobs i figured i would help her trying to pick em off her noticed that they wasnt just on her pants but her socks as well scartchin her legs i told her to just pull off ur pants and while you are pickin em off your socks i ll get them off your pants she looked at me side ways and said i dont know i assured her it was ok i would go out she would take her pants off hand them to me and she could clean her socks she was lil hesitant so i walked out and she took her pants off and threw em to me well didnt take me long b4 i had the sand spurs off but instead of throwin them back i just went back in now this surprised her a bit but all i could do was stand and stare while waitin to hear her yell give me back my pants she shocked me sayin its not fair for her to be pantsless and me have mine on well the first thing came out of my mouth was i didnt have any underwear on i then told her if she would take her panties off i would take my pants off when she agreed i then took off my pants now i myself dont consider myself well edowed but she thought i was big i said standin there half hard if you touch it it will get bigger as she reached out her hand i placed it on my dick i then started pushin her hand up and down on me and as it grew i then asked her would she mind kissing it she was like why but she did being i was bit bigger and stronger i pushed her head down onto my now rock hard dick i said if u suck it i will lick your pussy and me guessing she never had her pussy played with she tried to suck it now i was like 6 or so inches long (no i am not braggin )she could only get 3 inches into her mouth even though i felt like i was goin to blow right then and there so to keep from blowing my load and shortening my time to play i pulled out and had her lay back doing so i got down between her legs and started off by licking workin my way through her still growing muff i slipped my tongue into her she arched up grabs my head as if in aproval i would go deep with a few strokes and then lick her from the top of her pussy down to almost her ass hole i can feel her legs sway round my head with each stroke of my tongue i mean from my tongue lathering her up and her pussy gettin wet my face was soaked as well as her juices was was running down her legs figureing she would be wet enough i slowly started kissing and licking my way up her belly which was fine with her till my dick was swaying and bumping the side of her thigh as i was about to her neck the head of my dick was layin on top of her pussy hair as i moved back i felt it slip to the opening of her cunt just as i started pushin the head in i felt her ease up as if to move away i reached up to grab her shoulders to hold her down and with the next stroke i was able to bury myself half way now not sure if i would hurt her to the point to where she would make me stop started to try to my strokes slower and easier after finally gettin to where i had myself all the way in i started takein my strides in full strokes i could hear her gruntin with each one and still trying to wiggle away that i decided to just let go and pump like it was my last piece of ass when she finally got passed the pain and she was bout to cum i felt her legs wrap round me at this point i was tinglein all over and knew it wasnt goin to be much longer before i followed in behind her as i felt my cum bout to blow i pulled out and stroked my load all over her legs she said how she never felt like that before i just told her if she ever wanted to let me know we can do it again
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