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I couldn’t believe I had fucked 5 girls on my team. I dreamt about what it would be like to get the other 3. I didn’t want to push my luck but it looked like I was gonna get another chance.
One Friday night I was starting my pregame rituals with my roommates when I got a text from on of my players. Terra was one of my outside hitters. Her identical twin Mary played the second middle spot. Terra and Mary were fighting as they always did. Terra asked me to come over and help her get even at Mary. She added thatI would get a reward.
That was enough for me I left and within 15 minutes I was in Terra’s house. She took me upstairs. Mary was sleeping on the bed completely naked. Both girls were 5’5” with tits that were barley growing in, there asses looked good in spandex. There long blonde hair always up in a ponytail.
“Fuck her” Terra commanded
“No shes sleeping, that’s just illegal”
“O and you fucking everyone else on the team is legal?”
“ok ok but shes sleeping that’s just wrong”
“We both said we were gonna fuck you, that’s what we were arguing about. So I put a sleeping pill in her drink.

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   I want you to fuck her. Then when she wakes up I want her to watch you fuck me. I want to mock her, ill say you were first but im the only one who gets to enjoy my first time. O I also am going to tape it so she can watch you fuck her. ”
“That’s cruel”
“Do it know or im gonna tell everyone what you have been doing”
“Your blackmailing me?!”
“Yes, yes I am so whats it gonna be” I didn’t really need motivation to fuck Mary but this was turning me on. I dropped my pants. Terra came over and started to suck on my cock to get it wet. Needless to say she was not very good. “Let me help” I held her face still and started to face fuck her until she could not breath. “I think that is good enough”
I lined my cock with mary’s pussy and rammed it hard I felt her pussy tug around my cock. Terra had the camera and was getting all the different angels of my fucking Mary. I switched several different positions
“Ok Cum now I want my turn” I rammed the sleeping body hard and came deep in her pussy. The last shot that Terra took with her camera was my cum leaking out of her pussy. She plugged the camera into the computer and left a note saying “Play this Mary”
We left the room. I wanted to wait a bit to regain some strength but Terra already had her clothes off and was jumping on top of me.

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   “Lick my asshole you fucker” I was taken aback by her demand. “If you don’t im gonna show everyone the tape of you fucking Mary” I was sure if she was serious or playing but that was enough to get my cock hard. I licked her asshole and the time I rubbed her clit. She forced me down on the bed and positioned herself over my cock. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She was being way to cautions. Finally I grabbed her hips and forcedher all the way down to my balls ripping her cherry apart. She screamed but she rather enjoyed it. She started riding up and down. Unlike her sucking she was good at fucking.
We heard a scream from up stairs. Mary had woken up. She ran down the stairs to see Terra and me going at it. “Hey sis look at all the fun you missed out on” Mary face was red with anger. Terra started to Orgasm.

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   She trying to be as loud as possible “O FUCK IM CUMMING O FUCK O FUCK O FUCK” “O sis you missed out, of it feels so good” Mary lunged herself at terra knocking her off my cock. The too started to fist fight. I say back and enjoyed the show. Finally Mary broke away from Terra and jumped on my cock. “Fuck me the right way coach, I want it too” Terra tried to pull her off but I pushed her off “Terra, you got your revenge now let her feel how good it is”A few minutes later Mary came and she tried to be even louder than Terra. She got off my cock “Hey what about me?” I was so close to cumming but she just got up and left. She came back with the camera.
“what are you gonna do with that?” Terra asked. Mary whispered something in my ear “Sounds fair to me”
I ran over and grabbed Terra bending her over in front of me “I lost my virginity first so I only think its fair that you loss your anal virginity”
“No no that’s not fair, coach please don’t”
“Sorry it seems fair to me” I pushed hard into her ass. I was getting a lot of resistance but my persistence paid off. I get it. Two inches, three, four, five… the deeper I went the louder her screams. All caught on camera by Mary. “O SHIT IM CUMMING AHHHHH” may have been louder than both of the girls when they were coming. I pulled out and Mary put the camera close to Terra’s ass to watch the cum drip out.

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I left the house and went straight to the bars. I hooked up with a chick from my chemistry class named Terrin, I accidentally called her Terra four times. I just couldn’t get them off my mind.
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