Coaching Volleyball part 6


7 down 1 more to go. The last girl on the team, Mindy was one of my setters. She was by far the hottest, sexiest girl on the team. The largest tits the roundest ass, the sexiest face. Boys always came to watch and would cheer for her as loud as they could. At our home tournament they had put pictures of the girls on the wall. Mindy’s disappeared within 10 minutes of it being up. I found it in the boys bathroom with several loads of cum on it.
I told Mindy what I found and told her straight what was on it “I hope some of the cum on my picture was from you, coach” She winked. Everyone knew she was a tease. She did it to everyone. She once made 5 younger boys jerk each other off while she mocked them. She promised them she would show them her tits if they did it but in the end she just walked away. Before I ever started coaching her i heard she got a teacher arrested because she lead him on and told the police that he touched her. She was the devil but a fucking hot devil.
The girls always pushed for her to have sex with me but all she did was be a tease at practice.

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   A few months have gone by. Within these few months I started having regular sex with Alissa. Her boyfriend doesn’t no about it. She once called him on the phone while I fucked her. Beth and Brain were caught having sex by her mom. I was so scared that they were going to rat me out but they didn’t say a word. Stefanie had become somewhat of a slut having sex with several boys and accidently walking into the boys lockerroom naked and allowed the entire basketball team to shot their cum on her. Chloe was just as much of a tease as Mindy was, I haven’t heard of her actually have sex with anyone else. Rebecca is still quite but she has opened up a little more talking to some of the boys. Terra and Mary some how got their hands on some strap-on. Ok not somehow I bought them for them. And enjoy making videos of them fucking each other. They like to send me their videos. So all that’s left was Mindy
One day she came up too me “ok im gonna have sex with you but I want you to spoil me. Make it like it’s a real date” I figured hey I can do that.

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She had a list of demands.
1. Buy her a new dress
2. Cook a steak dinner and get some Champaign
3. Getting massage oil
4. Make a chocolate dessert
5. Get a condom
We went to the mall so she could pick out a dress. The twins and Stefanie tagged along. She picked out several dresses and we got a private dressing room. They told the manager that it was ok that I go in with them because I was their brother. She modeled the first dress for us. It was a strapless blue dress that came down past her knees. As she walked around the room modeling it for us Stefanie grabbed my cock. I was already semi hard from being in a private dressing room watching Mindy.
“Im gonna go try the second one on” As she walked out of the room Stefanie unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

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   She took it in her mouth without hesitation. The twins didn’t waste anytime either. They started making out with each other and reached they hands underneath their mini skirts they were wearing.
Mindy came out in a red dress that was tight on her body, her ass looked amazing as she walked around the room. Stefanie has come along way sucking cock. She was able to take in all 7 inches. I looked over at the twins, they had both slipped off their underwear and were in the 69 position. Mindy left to try on something else.
She came back in 30 seconds wearing nothing but her thong. She had her hands blocking her tits. “I have already decided on the last dress and don’t want you to see it yet” She walked around the room cover her tits. Her ass was perfect. She moved her ass a foot away from my face. “You like it” All I could do was bob my head up and down. Stefanie came up from my cock and started to jerk it against her perfectly shaped ass.

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   The twins orgasmed at the same time, this has become their trademark, almost every video they send me they cum at the same time either using a double sided dildo or in the 69 position. I started cumming immediately after their orgasms. “That’s it cum on my ass coach” Every drop of my cum landed on her ass. Stefanie, Terra, and Mary all lick my cum off of mindy’s ass.
She disappeared to get changed and came out holding her thong. “Put it on” I obeyed like a dog. When I put it on I felt my balls grow cold. Mindy’s pussy juice had soaked the thong. I drove them back to the twins house. “My parents aren’t in if you would like to have a little more fun coach?”
Of course I took her offer. We put on some homemade porn from The twins made some popcorn. The doorbell came and chloe walked in.
“Look at what coach is wearing” Mindy pulled down my pants exposing the thong I was wearing. Chloe laughed for a several minutes. By now my cock was hard again.

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   The only thing the thong covered up was my ball sack.
Chloe walked over and took the thong off “how about I give you a good wank with this thong. She wrapped it around my cock and started jerking it off.
“Terra go get one of your toys”
“What do you have in mind Mindy”
“O you’ll see I have a little game I want to play”
She came back with a dildo “Stefanie ur the biggest slut her. Get coaches asshole wet”
“What?!!! No way don’t even think about it”
“Then I wont fuck you”
“That’s not part of the deal I already bought you a dress” She just shook her head. Stefanie did as she was commanded and started to lick my ass. I cant say it would have been enjoyable but she went at it furiously.
“Ok her is how the game works. Im going to blind fold you. Then someone is going to suck or fuck you. You have to guess who it is. If you get it wrong I shove this dildo up your ass”
The girls laid me down and blind folded me. Within a few seconds of me laying down I felt the warm tightness of a pussy taking in my cock. She rode up and down fast and hard. I used my hands to help me tell who it is.

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   I ran my hands over her tits and face. “Its’ Chloe”
“Not bad, one for one” Next I felt a tongue give my cock a flick. The tongue ran up and down my shaft and finally she took the cock in her month. I knew it was Stefanie because she can deep throat my cock all the way. Whoever it was only got about half way down. I remembered that Terra was a poor cock sucker but this was still way better than before, “Its Mary” With that answer I felt the dildo enter my ass. It was a strange feeling, quite uncomfortable. “It wasn’t Mary it was Terra”
Mindy took the dildo out of my ass and I felt the next girl sit down on my face. I stretched out my tongue to get a good taste. I started to use my hands but the other girls were hold them down. I had to take a wild guess “Stefanie” I felt the dildo enter my ass again. After a few pumps it stopped.
“Oops sorry it was Stefanie” Mindy giggled
“U bitch you were gonna do that no matter what”
Mindy put the dildo back in my ass. Chloe wrapped the thong around my cock and started to jerk it again. I just decided to focus on Chloe jerking me off and not what was happening behind me.

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   Mindy moved it in and out. I was not used to this at all and came with out warning. The cum hit Chloe on the face who also was not expecting it at all.
Mindy handed me the thong and told me it was time for me to leave. That night I used her Thong to jerk off two times before I went to bed.
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