Dads on Cheerleaders


Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

Misty Jenner was a cheerleader for the Westington Bulls, Westington High School's rugby league team. She had black hair that fell to midway between her shoulders and buttox, and startling green eyes. Her skin was pale and she had a nice set of legs. An athletic girl who could be quick and energetic when she wanted to be. On a scale of one to ten, she was an eight point seven, and that would be according to the combined ratings of the general community of Westington High School (people have different tastes).

Misty didn't hang out much with the other girls in the cheerleading squad. They didn't really care if she did because she was serious competition for their boyfriends. One girl that did try to reach out to her and make her feel sort of connected to the sqad was Penelope Girard, another cheerleader on the team.

Penelope was several inches taller than Misty, who was average height when compared to the rest of the girls in the squad. Penelope had shoulder-length red hair and golden brown eyes. She had a prominent butt - not oversized, just extra perky - which drew for her a lot of desirous stares from the boys in school and boys who didn't attend the school and quite a few men in town who didn't bother to take more covert approaches to checking out a teenage girl.

One day at school during lunch hour in the cafeteria, the girls in the cheerleading squad were sitting in a group as usual and had strayed in their discussion from possible new moves to include in their routine to boys. Misty and Penelope were with them as well, however, they sat on the outer perimeter of the cluster.

Melissa Kurtley, the co-captain of the squad, squealed when Joanne Paulsen commented on what they all thought was the true size of Wayne Otto's, the Westington Bull's captain's, dick. Misty looked at Penelope and rolled her eyes as the discussion went on to other intimate details about the rest of the football team and then on to those of other good-looking boys in school.

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"So, Misty," said Brittany York, the squad captain. "Who do you have a crush on in school?" Misty looked to where her captain was sitting and smiled replying, "Nobody, though I do fancy Mr. Rockford some. "

All the girls gasped at this. Mr. Rockford was the school janitor and he was in his mid-fifties. He had grey hair which he had trimmed regularly, cold greyish blue eyes, and was in good shape because he liked to jog a couple times a week. Because of the self assured way he walked around school and did his duties, he looked like some sort of senior military commander. Most students and staff at school thought he was cool, but Misty thought he was just plain sexy, if there is such a sexiness that existed that could be referred to as plain.

"Girl, he's old enough to be your grandfather," exclaimed Chelsie Parker. Her voice was louder than it should have been, and as a result, students sitting in nearby bench tables turned to look at the cheerleaders. The rest of the squad noticed this and so they lowered their voices and playfully reprimanded Misty for her opinion of the janitor. Penelope, however, smiled to herself and wanted to come to Misty's aid, but remained silent because she had had an idea just eleven seconds after Misty had uttered her first and last words for that day that she would be speaking to the squad.

It was fifteen minutes before the bell would ring for class time and Misty enjoyed the comfort of being already seated and ready to read or write a few minutes before the teacher came into class so she went to the locker to get her books and stationaries. Just as she had finished gathering all the things she needed and was turning the key in the lock, someone tapped her on the shoulder.

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With the locker locked, she turned around to see Penelope smiling at her with her own stuff for the next class hugged to her chest. Misty said, "Hi, Penny. What's up? You going early to class with me?" Penelope replied, "Yep. I also wanted to talk to you about something. It's a crazy idea that popped into my head when you spilled the news about your fancying Mr. Rockford. " "Oh," said Misty. They began walking to the Physics lab, which was their next class, and talked as they went.

Penelope told Misty that she was surprised about what she'd said to the cheerleading squad at lunch hour, but she was also proud to know that she was not the only one who had a thing for good-looking older guys. "You've never met my dad have you," Penelope asked Misty. Her response was a negative shake of the head. Penelope continued, "He's in his late thirties. Kinda' handsome I think. He takes me out to the bar on alternating Fridays just so I can see how some grownups relax. Never lets me drink any alcoholic beverages but he does, so I get to drive him back to the house usually.

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"This Friday, he's inviting a bunch of friends over to the house for a beer party. A few weeks ago he ordered a box of foreign beverages, and this Monday, the box was delivered to our doorstep. He's really into beer and his friends are as well. They don't go wild on the stuff like some people do. They all - my dad included - just find beer relaxing and have a good time hanging out with each other under the influence, if you know what I mean. "

"I see," said Misty. "So you're inviting me to this party?" Penelope's face took on an earnest-yet-not-desperate expression as she stated, "It would be awesome if you came. You might meet some older guys and hook up with them. " Misty replied, "Sure. I'd love to come over this Friday. What time?" Penelope happily told her it would start at seven in the evening.

Since both Misty and Penelope would be unavailable for cheerleading that Friday when the Westington Bull's faced off against the Lake Town Lizards, two other girls from the reserve bench were tasked with filling in for them. Misty and Penelope would not be sorely missed. They made sure they got all their homework for the weekend done during their free time and study periods.

At Friday seven p.

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  m. , Misty was knocking on the front door of the Girard residence. A woman answered the door and smiled, caressing Misty's face. "Oh, you must be Misty, Penelope's classmate. You're also a cheerleader?" Misty smiled and responded, "Yes. You must be Mrs. Girard, Penelope's mom?" The woman shook her head, "No. I'm Trent's sister, Theresa, Peneope's aunt. Trent's Penelope's father, by the way. Mrs. Girard, Trent's wife, Penelope's mother, died from an allergy three years ago. " Misty said, "Oh, okay. I'm sorry. Penny and I haven't talked much about our families. " Penelope's aunt, Therese, kindly ushered Misty into the house.

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Therese and Misty entered a spacious living room to find a group of twenty five people, all adults except for Penelope who immediately rushed to greet Misty on her first visit to her home. "Wow. You made it. I'm so glad to see you here. " "Thanks. Me too," said Misty. "You know all these folks," she inquired gesturing to the people . "Yeah. They're all dad's pals from the bar. I'm like a daughter to all of them. " Misty commented on the status, "Cool. "

The party got going in five minutes time and Misty and Penelope mingled with those gathered. Penelope saw her father talking to a man of similar age. "Come on," she said to Misty, pulling her through a bunch of people who were standing around and chatting, "I'll introduce you to my dad. " They reached the two men who were discussing the beverages each was holding.

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   The one Penelope's father, Trent, was holding was an Indonesian brand, and other man was drinking an Australian brand.

Penelope said, "Hey, Dad. I want you to meet my friend, Misty, from school. Misty, my dad. " Mr. Girard gave, what seemed to Misty, a very boyish grin which she found immensely cute. He had red hair like his daughter, except his was curly, not straight, and he had a few freckles which gave him a boyish handsome look.

"Hey, Misty, how's it going," he said as they shook hands. "Great. Nice party," she replied, a bit out of breath. "Thanks. Penny, you remember old man Peters, who used to tend the bar a while back? This is his son, Kenneth. He just recently moved back here with his wife and two kids from Wilren city. " He pointed to the man he'd been talking to. Kenneth smiled and shook hands with Penelope and then Misty.

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   "Just call me Ken or Kenny. Whichever sounds best to you. " "I'll go with 'Kenny'," said Penelope entranced by his rugged good looks.

As the party wore on and more foreign beers were consumed, people became more relaxed and less formal. Some were playfully hugging each other and smooching; not being serious, just joking around. Some played games, but nobody got out of hand. Wow, thought Misty, a drinking party without all the usual wild craziness.

Aunt Therese went to bed early, leaving her brother and niece to serve as the informal hosts. Penelope unintentionally drifted away from Misty to talk one on one with Kenny, sitting on a black couch. Misty hovered around the room looking at family photos. She was staring at an old wooden clock next to a lazy-boy chair in which a chubby man was sitting. He noticed her standing and kindly rose out of the seat, saying that he was off to the toilet and she should make herself comfortable in the vacant chair. She thanked him and sat down in it. What a gentleman, she thought.

Time went by and it was now ten p.

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  m. and almost half the original number of people had left for their respective homes. There was now twelve people in the living room. Trent saw Misty sitting in the lazy-boy, not talking to anyone so he pulled up a short stool for himself beside the lazy-boy to keep her company. They talked and Misty got to know more about him and his family and he got to know more about Misty and her family.

Misty looked across the room to see Penelope place her hand on Kenny's thigh and giggle in a high girlish pitch. He smiled and blushed. Trent had said something, but she had zoned out for a few seconds to observe Penelope and Kenny. She became aware of Trent's hand softly stroking her dark hair. She was startled for a second and he withdrew his hand quickly. "I'm sorry. You said something? I was kind of out of it for a while. Please say it again. "

He repeated for her, "I like your hair. It's totally black and mysterious.

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  " "Oh, thanks, Mr. Girard. " "Call me Trent. 'Mr. Girard' is too formal. You see that guy hugging that other guy and almost caressing him? That look formal to you?" Misty looked to where he was pointing and saw the two men. It was evident that they weren't gay, just a bit tipsy in their behavior. She laughed and covered her mouth so as not to draw too much attention. "Definitely not formal over there. Okay, Trent. " She leaned in close, almost as if to kiss him and said, "Mmm. I like your aftershave. " He smiled and said, "Thanks. "

A quarter to eleven and everyone had left except for Trent, Misty, Penelope, and Kenny. Penelope went over to Misty and apologized for not being around her during most of the party.

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   "Hey, no big deal," said Misty. "I got your dad to keep me company and he did a good job of it. Would you kill me if I told you that I find him attractive?" "Not at all," said Penelope brightly.

"You remember what I told you to bring? You brought it with you, right?" "Yep. Your aunt showed me your room and I left it next to yours," Misty answered. "Awesome. Let's go get out of these and into those. " They both left the living room. Kenny and Trent somehow failed to notice their leaving the room, but when the two girls got back, it was impossible for the two men not to notice.

Penelope and Misty came back dressed in their cheerleading outfits. The outfits were crimson red with flashy gold letters in bold, WHS, printed on the chests which were the initials of the school. They both had put on make up which included dark eyeliner, fingernail polish, and lipstick. The two girls danced and bounced on the sofa and lazy-boy.

Penelope took on the flippant tone of voice she used to have when she was a little girl playing dollhouse. "Daddy, Misty and I want to play.


   Can we play?" Trent was speechless for a while staring at his daughter and her friend both dressed in outfits that showed their body curves, but soon found his voice and said, "Er. . . yeah sure, sweetheart. Er. . . what kind of game do you two want to play. Is it a two player game?" Penelope did a fake frown and shook her head, negative. "No. It's a four player game so we need both of you to play too. " Trent looked at Kenny who nodded his head and grinned. He was definitely up for this.

Penelope said, "Misty, what's the name of the game we're going to play? I forgot. " Misty giggled and smiled, also taking on a playful let's-play-dollhouse tone of voice and said, "The game's called Bang the Cheerleaders.

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   We're the cheerleaders and you're the bangers. You're supposed to bang us. It's as simple as that. Got it?" Both she and Penelope looked inquiringly at the two older men. The two men nodded their heads, affirmative. Kenny put out his hand and Trent shook it. "Let's do this, man. " "Roger. "

Misty laid herself horizontally on the lazy-boy and looked up at the two men approaching. She raised one knee to her chest and winked at them. By doing this, they both could see that she wasn't wearing anything under the skirt. Her pussy was moist and ready. Penelope on the sofa put out her prominent ass and raised her skirt to show smooth skin and nothing else under her skirt as well. Both men had rock solid erections now. Kenny immediately stripped off all his clothes.

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   Trent unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants so his cock popped out.

"Oohh, Daddy, I see your dick," squealed Penelope. "Come here, sweetheart," he said as he settled his knees on the sofa next to his daughter and felt her young body. His left hand fondly patted her bottom and ran up and down her back soothingly. "Mmm. Daddy, that's nice. " Penelope rested her arms and head on the sofa and closed her eyes. Trent looked at Misty on the lazy-boy and winked at her, then he brought his face against his daughter's and kissed her cheek, her forehead, then her lips. His right hand went down and up her skirt. He squeezed her nice perky ass then massaged the area between her legs gently.

Kenny was now fully naked and had a hairy hard body. Misty bit her lip and rose from the lazy-boy. She pretended to be a bunny and hopped around the lazy-boy, her skirt bouncing up as well, revealing her smooth pale skin under her skirt. "I'm a bunny rabbit, Kenny. Kenny catch me," she said jokingly.

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   He laughed and made futile attempts to catch her as she hopped around the lazy-boy.

Then he said aloud, "I know. I'll sit in this chair and wait for the bunny rabbit to pass by, then I'll ambush it!" He gave his best pretend evil laughter. Misty continued to sing an improvised bunny rabbit song and hopped around a table and a couch before hopping back to the lazy-boy. Kenny waited until she hopped right in front of the lazy-body and he lunged out and took hold of her. "Ahah! I got you now!" "No! I've been caught," said Misty in mock despair. Kenny took her body and rubbed his erect penis against her ass. "I'm going to fuck this bunny rabbit silly," he said.

Penelope heard what Kenny said and pretended to cry, "Oh, Daddy. Let Kenny fuck me first. You've fucked me before. You can have me for seconds or thirds. Do Misty first, huh? You should make a bunny switch!" Trent looked over at Kenny. "What do you think? Wanna trade bunnies before the first round?" Kenny replied, "Sure. Why not.

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  " Trent lifted Penelope in his arms and she pretended to try to wriggle out of his grasp. He placed her on the arm of the lazy-boy and picked up Misty who wrapped her legs around his torso.

Penelope smiled at Kenny and said, "Hi, Kenny. Wanna fuck this bunny?" "Oh yeah!" She settled on his cock and rode him full throttle as soon as she had him inside her pussy. Kenny pushed the lazy-boy backrest farther back so he was in a diagonal position. Penelope grabbed the backrest and ground his cock in her pussy hard and fast. "Mmmmm! Yeah! Kenny got a nice cock," she said in a high pitched voice.

Misty kissed Trent passionately as she unbuttoned his shirt. When that was off, she kissed his chest and sucked his nipples, her bare ass rubbing hard against his dick. "Ah, good girl," he told her as he caressed her lovely dark hair, loving the feeling of her mouth on his chest and her ass on his dick. She then positioned herself upside down against his body. Gravity pulled her skirt down (or up, depending on how you look at things) and her pussy was in line with Trent's face. He grabbed her thighs and kissed and licked them, moving downwards to her hips and the junction between her legs.

She sucked his cock with her head facing downwards, and while doing this, she removed his pants and boxers off his legs. He co-operated by using one hand to slide the two pieces of clothing down his knees and off his ankles.

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   After the he was fully naked, he parted her legs and slid his tongue down her wet cunt. He sucked on her outer lips tenderly then more aggressively. "Mmmmm," moaned Misty with her mouth full of solid cock. She moved her mouth up and down his shaft and sucked vigorously as he, in turn, ate her pussy and sunk his tongue deep into her vagina and licked everything inside.

Kenny watched with fascination as Penelope rode his cock as if she were on a mission. Her pretty face was beginning to perspire and she would shake her neatly combed red hair at regular intervals as it bounced along with the rest of her body. "Come here, gorgeous, and let me kiss you," he said to her with a shortness of breath. "Mmm. Okay, Kenny," she replied as she lowered her face to his and pressed lips with the man she was fucking.

Their tongues explored each others' mouths like slippery snakes, sliding over and around each other, an oral coupling. Her speed slowed down a bit, but she compensated by tightening her pussy around his cock and sliding it up and down his shaft, letting him feel how soft she was inside. This really turned him on and he felt that he was about to ejeculate soon. She pushed down deep and hard against his cock until he was completely inside her, then rotated her hips on his lap to bring him to climax fast.

With the walls of her vagina tightened around and now aggressively fucking his cock, Kenny told her, "Here I come!" Penelope masterfully increased the speed of hip rotation on his lap and felt a stream of thick fluid gush inside her tunnel, filling her vagina with cum. "Mmmmmm, yeah, Kenny!! Your cum is so nice and warm inside me!" She hugged him gratefully and kissed him thoroughly with mouth and tongue, her ejeculate-filled pussy sliding up and down his cock.

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   Kenny stroked her red hair as he kissed her and squeezed her animated buttox. She climaxed a few seconds later and the sound of wet flesh colliding with wet flesh was unmistakable.

On the sofa, both Trent and Misty had climaxed. Trent licked her wet thighs and pussy while Misty sucked off all the cum from his cock, then she straightened up and lay on her back on the sofa. Trent knew what she wanted and placed himself on top of her. "You've got the most amazing green eyes I've ever seen, dear. I'm going to fuck you and look into those lovely eyes of yours as I do so," he told her. "Thanks, Trent. I'm going to look into your eyes as well and enjoy your cute freckled face. May I lick it while you screw me?" "Of course, dear," he replied.

He pushed her skirt up onto her tummy and slid his hard cock between her pussy lips. She gasped and he saw the expression of shock and desire on her face. She opened up more to him, her right leg against the sofa and her left leg hanging over the edge of the sofa. Taking both her ass cheeks into his hands, he squeezed them upwards against him while he plowed strongly downwards into her tender flesh. Misty squealed softly and bit her lip, giggling and locking her eyes with Trent's in an affectionate and lustful gaze.

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His breathing came in short gasps as he pummeled her delicious lips with his stiff appendage. She grabbed his muscular backside and held on for dear life as he invaded her pussy with a vengeance. He focused on her wonderful green eyes as flickers of pain and ecstasy flittered through them and softened his expression of pure lust, caressing her young face and softly kissing her lips.

She kissed back and licked his face and neck, then she grabbed his torso and thrust back up at his raging cock coming down on her, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Don't stop, Trent. Love me with your cock. I need it!!" Both their bodies were clashing now against each other like organic cymbals, sweating and gasping for breath, yet not slowing down, but fucking each other terrifically like there was no tomorrow.

Kenny was amazed when Penelope got off the lazy-boy and onto the floor. She moved an easy chair out of the way and he thought she was going to dance for him, but instead she stood on her head, her brilliant red hair splayed out on the floor, and she parted her legs in a perfect one hundred and eighty degrees split. His jaw dropped. "Damn, girl!! You can take my cock like that?" "Why don't we both try and find out," she giggled.

His cock more than recovered from the earlier climax and he stood behind her upside down body that was now making a human T-shape. Cheerleaders are freaking awesome, thought Kenny. He placed his hands on her perfectly spread thighs and tipped her body a few degrees towards himself.

She chanted, "Put it in, put it in!! Kenny gonna' fuck me upside down.

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   Put it in!!" "Young woman, you're asking for it," he said sternly as he slid his cock into her soft wet pussy again. "Well, yeah of course," she replied with a grin which looked awkward and cute as she was upside down. He thrust down at her in an angle, getting a feel for this position he'd never tried before. She also had it tricky, figuring out how to keep her balance, but after ten thrusts, he got into a rhythm and she could maintain her position.

Trent, while fucking Misty face-to-face, looked over to see his daughter and gave her a look of concern. Fucking while standing on her head like that was dangerous, even if she was an experienced cheerleader. She noticed him and smiled back, managing to give him a brief 'okay' signal with one hand. With that reassurance he turned his full attention back to the beautiful Misty. He felt ready to explode so he increased the pace of thrusting, his balls banging against her ass.

He ejeculated inside her for the first time and she enjoyed the feeling of warm semen inside her. "Mmm. Who needs a blanket when I could get you to fill me up with your warm cum. " Trent chuckled and spooned up beside her against the sofa. They kissed while he moved his hands over her pussy, ass, thighs, and tits, massaging them and staring into her startling green eyes.

Penelope moaned with pleasure crying, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," as Kenny took her pussy through its first upside down fucking lesson.

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   His balls seemed to be building up a massive load of cum, but were holding back because he'd never fucked in this position before, letting him savor it longer.

The control Penelope had over her body was astounding. Even when he took his hands off her thighs to grab her waist in support of her body and to maintain his stance over her, her legs would stay perfectly spread in a straight line. "Girl, you're something else. Wow! Those legs are sensational!" "Thanks, Kenny. Aaah, fuck," she said as his cock penetrated to her inner most parts and pushed further in.

"Ooh, yes. Aww, girl. . . . Bitch, fucking crazy bitch!" Oops, he thought. How would she take that? Some girls liked it and some didn't. "What did you just call me?" Kenny stuttered, "Er. .

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  . . uh. . . . I called you a bitch. Beg your pardon, miss. Won't do tha. . . " He was stunned and cut off by the sudden movement Penelope did when she clamped her legs around his waist and grabbed his biceps.

She hung on to his body and fucked his cock like a primate in season hanging on a tree stem and humping a branch. "What did you call me?!!" Kenny was still shocked but replied firmly, "I called you a bitch!" "FUCK YOU!! That's what I'm going to do and I'm going to make you wish you were never born. FUUUCCKK!!" "Holy shit!" She's gone nuts, thought Kenny, but he grabbed her as well so she wouldn't slip off him since they were both sweaty and slippery.



She screamed again and looked menacingly into his eyes, "FUUUCCKK!! Take that! My pussy's gonna' murder your fucking cock! You watch!! FUCK!!!!" Her lower body from her waist to her knees was a blur as she brought unholy wrath down on poor Kenny's cock.

Pussy is one of the softest delicate things a man will ever experience, but when that pussy is moving at lightning speed and grinding your cock into mince meat, it is cruel and unusual punishment. It's a sensation never experienced before and it will put you through a hell of a time trying to decide whether you should stop that session of sex because of the intense agony or whether you should continue this unique brutal pleasure until you die from a pulverized cock.

That was what Kenny was going through and his decision was to continue. He thought, if I die tonight, I die getting fucked by one hot vicious pussy. His facial expression was now one of pain and pleasure. He groaned and gasped because of both sensations.

Misty felt an odd vibration in the house and turned to look at Kenny and Penelope. She paused in her fucking with Trent when she saw what Penelope was doing to her co-fucker. Oh my gosh! I've never seen this side of her before, she thought. "She's going to kill him!"

Trent soothed her and said in a comforting voice, "Don't fret, sweet one. My daughter knows what she's doing. I trained her myself. Do you want me to teach you? It's not so hard to learn. All you have to do is endure it.

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  " Misty looked at Trent and felt the need to be trained by her friend's father. "Yes, please, Trent. I want to learn. Teach me. "

Kenny's legs buckled as he cummed three times simultaneously; a result of Penelope's hard speed fuck. But he stood his ground and maintained his standing position, holding onto her upper and lower backside. She kept slamming her pussy and ass against his cock and body, but at a slower rate. However, the thrusts were more vicious and his foreskin had receded to a new distance along his shaft.

She said to him, "You fucker!! How does your cock like that, huh? How does it feel now?" He wimpered then steadied his voice and replied, "My cock says your pussy is the best and the meanest in the west. It acknowledges your pussy's superiority over a thousand other pussies and cocks. Kenny's cock worships Penelope's pussy. Penelope's pussy rocks cock like no other. "

At that, Penelope's malevolent expression softened and her tense body losened up. "Oh, Kennyyyy," she said, tears streaming down her face and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him plentifully like a puppy licking its master's face on his return from who knows where.

While doing this, she also tended to his cock which was oh so very sore after the hard speed fuck.

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   They lay back down on the lazy-boy and lowered the back rest further so she could lay on top of him, then she continued to to pepper his face and neck with licks, kisses, and kiss-licks while she moved her waist around gently on his hips. Her pussy therapeutically and soothingly rubbing itself softly against his sex-damaged cock.

She took his cock inside her again and he feared another torture session, but instead he felt a cool and healing flow of special cum wash over his cock, making it feel better and less sore.

Kenny's cock was healing rapidly due to Penelope's special cum, though he didn't know the extent of the damage and thought it was just a normal self-healing process that his body was performing on itself. Penelope knew all about what was happening, though. It was a special ability she'd acquired from her parents through their genes.

Trent pushed Misty's legs back towards her as if she were a folding chair. She was laying on her back on the sofa and he was sitting upright adjacent to her with his legs folded beneath him. He now gripped the sofa beneath her and brought his midsection against her ass, his cock laying flat on top of her pussy slit like a submarine on the ocean's surface getting ready to dive beneath the waves.

Misty's lips quivered. Trent said in a soft yet manly voice, "Just remember that I care about you. No harm will come to you. Your choice, butterfly: Abort the lesson or begin?" She swallowed saliva and gripped the sofa, a resigned and curious look on her face. "Fuck me. " With his voice devoid of emotion, he brought his face close to hers and breathed, "I'll take that as a yes.

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  " Fuupp! His mature cock had slid instantly into her young teenaged pussy like a gun being cocked. Misty saw and felt his muscles tighten immediately and braced herself for what was coming next.

Misty squealed aloud and gave herself up to the monster god of a cock that was exploiting her pussy in every way possible. Her eyes were shut tight as she yelled, "Aaaaahhh! Trent! Oh fuck! You're Penny's dad and you're fucking me! Aaaah! Fuck fuck fuck ooooh fuckfuckfuckfuckFUUUUUUCCKK!!!" It was only eight seconds since he'd plunged into her and he'd immediately discovered a new dimension to her pussy. It was one of the advantages of the hard speed fuck - it totally screwed up and reorganized space and time in the sexual environment.

He spanked her gorgeous petite pale white ass as his cock drilled her cunt at a blistering pace. "Mmmmmnnnnngggg," she bit her lip and cried, tears spilling from her eyes. She grabbed his curly red hair in one hand and grabbed the sofa with the other, holding on and enduring the violation of her sex for the reward of being able to sexually punish some other unlucky/lucky fool someday.

Puskpuskpuskpusk. The sound of rapid high speed sex is faster in sound than in text. Flesh hitting flesh at above normal speed. Trent, from his waist to his knees, was a blur as he gave Misty the same education he'd given his daughter. She looked down at her pussy after five minutes had passed. She could not distinguish Trent's cock from his balls because he was going too fast for her eyes to see, but she did see the effect of superfast cock on her pussy. It was opening and closing so fast that it almost seemed as if her pussy lips were singing a song in fast forward.

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   She managed a quick smile at the humorous sight then winced as her pussy got hotter and started hurting.

"Mmnnnggg," said Misty and she squealed painfully, caressing Trents curly hair and handsome freckled face. The hard speed fuck was definitely taking its toll on her. Trent kissed her gently on the corner of her mouth and said, "Misty, you're doing great. Hang in there. Almost got it. " Then she felt her climax coming.

He beat her to it and climaxed first, filling her pussy with cum and she also got her abdomen and thighs coated with streaks of cum from his high speed cock. "Ooooooh. Oooh. Mmmmnnn," she uttered in his ear which he liked immensely. She smiled when she saw his happiness despite the pain she was feeling.

"Okay, lovecake, we can finish the final chapter in this lesson real fast if you part your pussy lips for me as far as they can go. Can you do that?" Misty nodded her head and carefully reached down to her crotch, making sure she kept her fingers straight so they didn't get broken by his rapidly thrusting pelvis.

She felt his pelvis bumping hard and fast against her fingers causing them to vibrate along with her pussy and pelvis.

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   Finally she reached her lips, pressed down firmly and parted the tender flesh. "Ooooh. Oh. Ooooh. Aaaaahh!!!" Misty screamed in total pain and pleasure as Trent's cock uninhibited by her outer lips gave the last part of the lesson to her pussy.

"It's coming, Trent, it's coming!! Oh shit!! It's a gusher!!" Trent didn't skip a beat as Misty cummed nine times simultaneously. "That's it, pretty bunny. Keep the the pussy lips parted," he said to her. She did so obediently, her hands, lower torso and body wet with her fluids as his cock relentlessly drilled her and splashed both their fluids between them. Finally the lesson ended and he collapsed into her welcoming embrace. "You were an excellent student. Full marks and extra points awarded to the teacher's pet. "

Misty was so happy and exhausted at the same time. She said, "Thanks, daddy. " He told her, "Hey, that sounds naughty.

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   Watch out. Penelope might get jealous. She thinks of herself as my only little girl. " Penelope overheard and retorted in mock anger, "I'm not jealous!" Trent chuckled, "Sorry, sweetheart. Of course not. You're not a little girl any more. " Misty giggled as she cuddled with her friend's dad on the sofa, fondly kissing his hard upper body.

As they lay on the sofa, Trent explained to Misty what he was doing as he tenderly rubbed his cock onto her pussy that was now hurting like hell. The effects were instantaneous as his cock squirted special healing cum on the outer parts of her pussy as well as the inner parts. "Wow! That's cool. I guess I'd have to learn that too if I want to do the hard speed fuck on somebody else. " Trent replied, "Yes, you would, however, it's a genetic thing. I don't know how I can pass it on to you. "

Penelope spoke up, "Oh, Dad, it is possible to pass it on to other people. Kenny and I just did it.

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   He bit my pussy and his DNA got adjusted. Now he can heal his own cock andany pussy he fucks. " Trent was proud of his daughter, "And that's why you're going to be a doctor, because you're smart, sweetheart. I love you. " Penelope replied, "I love you too, Dad. Mmwaa," she sent a flying kiss his way.

"Well, you know what to do now," Trent told Misty. She smiled and wiggled down the sofa to where his cock was and kissed it, then sucked it. "You don't have to do that, Misty. Just bite it. Be careful though. Just a nibble. " She replied, "Oh I know that. I just like your cock, that's all. " "Why thank you, sugar.

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  " She treated him to a nice five minute blowjob before biting his cock on the head. He winced in pain and she sensed it. She also sensed that her DNA was rearranged so she practiced her first cock-healing on Trent's dick.

Kenny spoke up twenty five minutes after Misty had healed Trent's penis. "Hey, Trent my man. Normally I'd be heading home, but this night was kinda' different for me. I think I got enough juice for one more session. How about you?" Trent coughed and replied, "I'm good to go. But we gotta' ask the young ladies first if it's okay with them. " Misty raised her arm with her fist clenched saying, "Let's rock out one more time. Whaddaya say, Penny?" Penelope's head poppep up from the lazy-boy. "I say 'Why not?' and shouldn't we do a bunny switch again?" "Yeah," the other three said in unison.

Bunnies were switched and Penelope ended up in her father's loving arms and Misty bounced gleefully on Kenny's lap. When they were ready,Trent announced in a grand booming voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, round two of the tonight's game, Bang the Cheerleaders. Let the fucking begin!"

Both Misty and Penelope pulled off their cheerleader tops to reveal well-formed breasts.

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   Misty's nipples were light pink and Penelope's were light brown. Misty's breasts were pale like the rest of her body while Penelope's had a few freckles on them. Misty saw her friend's tits for the first time and gasped, "Oh, Penny, you got lovely freckled tits! They're so cute. I envy you, girl. "

Penelope responded, "Aww, thanks, Misty. I hope you know that I and the rest of the other girls in the squad and the school are so jealous when we see your pale skin. A lot of guys in and out of school have crushes on you because of that y'know. "

With pouted lips, they both got up from where they were and ran to each other and embraced. After pressing lips to each other's cheeks in friendly affection they both bunny hopped to their co-fuckers and resumed the game.

"That was cool, your complementing your friend like that," said Kenny to Misty in admiration. "Thanks, hunk. That's what friends are for," she said. "Do you want to suck my titties now that they're out and about?" "Sure. Love your nipples, by the way. Just the right shade of pink.

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  " Misty moaned with pleasure as she felt this man in his early forties suck her right breast.

Her tits weren't that big so he was able to take them all into his mouth. She felt the sucking force he applied on her right tit and she told him, "Mmmm. That's just right, Kenny. Suck it like that. " She ran her fingers through her black hair and pushed her breast upward to his mouth so he could suck more efficiently, caressing his head.

She was rewarded by his tongue flicking her nipple up and down, then rotating around it, causing her nipple to rotate as well. "Mmm. Wonderful. " He squeezed her other breast and massaged it, his fingers playing with the nipple.

Penelope straddled her father's lap and placed both hands on his shoulders. She had a playful grin on her face and he was like putty in her hands. They'd played similar games many times before, but not with her dressed in the cheerleader's outfit. Now she only had the skirt on (without underwear) and her lovely freckled breasts were exposed for her father's benefit.

"Oooh, Daddy, I've been a good girl?" "Of course, sweetheart.


  " "I didn't hurt Kenny too much and I fixed what I broke so I'm good, right?" "Definitely, baby. " "Oooh, Daddy, I been real nice tonight y'know. " "Yes, you have, babycakes. You've made Daddy real proud. " She grinned from ear to ear and bounced on his lap saying in her playful voice, "I love you, Daddy. I love you!" She bounced and bounced happily, making the sofa creak.

Trent loved the way her freckled tits jiggled on her chest and kissed them as she continued to bounce playfully on his lap. His cock was now rock solid and every bounce she made, it penetrated smoothly through her slit then pulled out as her body rose only to descend again on the stiff tool.

"Let's take this party to the floor, shall we," Misty proposed to Kenny. He agreed with his co-fucker and moved the lazy-boy and the coffee table out of the way to make room. Then Misty got down on all fours and wiggled her pale bottom. "You gonna' take me from behind? Doggy style, dude. "

Kenny's dick shot out erect and seemed to be pointing in her general direction. She saw what his private part did and nodded her head saying, "Yeah, the little fellow knows what it's about. Just follow his lead.

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  " Kenny got behind Misty and crouched to get to her level. This always seemed like the most primal of positions to do it in and made him feel a bit animalistic. She's not an animal is she?

He must've said it aloud unconsciously because he heard her speak up, "Yeah, just like an animal. What you waiting for?" Misty rolled her eyes and chuckled to herself then her entire body shook as she was taken by surprise. . . . anally! "Holy fuck! Did I just take one up the tailpipe?" "Yeah," Kenny grunted as he thrust his cock into her ass, in and out. "Auugh," he groaned as she pushed backwards at him. "Time to back it up, bud," she said starring straight ahead and finding a rhythm for thrusting her pale ass back to his forward-thrusting cock.

Her hole was decent sized but not large enough for his dick to pass smoothly through - he had to squeeze it through. This gave some pain and pleasure to both of them. She felt his balls slapping against her pussy which really got her excited. She responded by perking her ass in a more vertical position so he had to fuck downwards into the hole. He then massaged her pussy and fingered it as he cummed into her ass.

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   "Mmm. Warm cum. Nice," she said.

Meanwhile, Penelope had her father in an emotional and sexual embrace. He had no idea what was going on in her young freaky head, but he knew she needed his loving so he gave it as he saw fit or as she wanted it. She had tears streaking down her face and falling from her chin onto his chest. Her bouncing was now reduced to short rising and falling of her perky prominent ass on her father's lap (the fact that she was sexually penetrated can be taken for granted because his cock wasn't being squashed between their bodies, rather, it was snuggly tucked in under her pussy).

"Gaughh," she uttered something incoherent and sniffed as she wiped her eyes and nose. "Come here, sweetheart, let me wipe those tears from your pretty face. " He did so and said, "There you go. All cleaned up. Oh my! Such a gorgeous creature!" She smiled then sobbed again and two fresh streams of tears came rolling down her lovely face.

"Shh shh shh," he said and hugged her to himself and she wrapped her arms around her father as he stroked her brilliant red hair and she played with one of his red curls next to his ear. "I miss Mommy," she said to her dad. "So do I," he replied.

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   Then she sighed a long sigh and told him softly, "I'll do what Mommy used to do to you. You remember, Daddy?" "'Red-headed cowgirl'?" "Yep," she said. "Want me to start you off," he asked her. "Yes, Daddy, please. " "Okay. "

Norma Girard used to do the 'red-headed cowgirl' on her husband and her daughter, Penelope, would watch because sex fascinated her at an early age. All that the act required was a woman with red hair, a cowboy hat, and a man to ride. Since Norma had passed away, Trent had never had that amazing sex act performed on him in the three years that his wife had been dead.

Now his daughter was going to do it for her dad so he prepared himself. She put on a cowboy hat and nodded to her father. He squeezed her ass and spanked it, and she began to ride his dick. Her hips moved against his body in a rough cyclic fashion just as if she were riding a horse and this opened up a certain part of her father that had been locked up ever since his wife had passed away.

He grabbed her ass again, squeezing the cheeks and parting them, then spanking her - a prompt to ride faster, and she did. Her ass landed on his hips and slapped his balls every time she reached the bottom of the revolution. This turned him on like crazy and he moaned and uttered encouragements to his girl, "Baby, you're riding real good.

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   You're a red-headed cowgirl, just like your mama. "

"Ooh, thank you, Daddy," she said and kissed him deeply, riding his cock at a mean gallop now. Her red hair bounced against her shoulders as she rode and he, entranced by its beauty and what she was doing to him, stroked it lovingly. She rose high on his cock, looking down on her father and he looking up at her, then she went down on it and they were at eye level, then she went up again, and so it went for father and daughter. All that was missing was a nice sunset for her to ride him in. Yes, that would be splendid, he thought. But he was more than happy with what he had right now.

Misty's boobs got squeezed by two strong hands as her pussy received a good hard pounding from Kenny's cock. They were still in doggy style mode and were enjoying every second of it. She climaxed on his cock and he continued to give it to her hard and fast. "Fuck me! Yess," she said. He spanked her ass and grabbed her waist, nailing her pussy as thoroughly as possible.

He groaned and ejeculated in her pussy. He fucked her slowly for some time, then retired to the lazy-boy. Misty stood up and followed him to the lazy-boy where he sat.

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   He was almost completely spent, but Misty wanted that last load of cum. She went down before him and sucked his cock. Suck suck suck. "Girl, I don't think I have. . . . Aw yeah. . . suck it good. " Misty jerked his cock with her hands and sucked it until the last load shot out and she caught it in her mouth, swallowing and licking off the few last drops.

Then she deep throated his flaccid cock and balls all in one go and gagged and coughed, but forced herself to keep it all in and deep in the back of her throat. Afterwards, she used her shiny black hair to dry his cock of her saliva and other bodily fluids. He thought that was so nice and sexy of her.

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   He also did the same for her by cleaning her body with a towel he found.

Trent had his face buried in his daughters pussy as she stood on the sofa and pushed her hips into his face. "Lick the red-headed cowgirls pussy, Daddy! Eat it!!" He nodded agreement and chomped her pussy for all he was worth. His tongue slithered inside her pussy and flicked at all the sensitive parts. She squealed and fell back onto the sofa, her head finding a landing spot on the armrest.

Trent's face was still immersed in her soft wet pussy, chomping, sucking, licking it as if his life depended upon it. She clamped her thighs onto his head and pushed him as far as his face could go into her womanhood. "Mmmmm. Oooh, Daddy! Daddy fuck. Daddy fuck! Fuck me, Daddy!!!"

Kenny and Misty had now changed into their clothes and both found a couch opposite to the sofa on which the man of the house and his daughter were engaged in sex. They witnessed a gush of ejeculation from Penelope that soaked her father's face. He caressed her tits and face as he continued to invade her cunt with his tongue.

After five minutes, he sat up and jerked his cock. Penelope pounced on it and sucked the living daylights out of her father's love meat. He cummed into her face after six minutes and she wiped the cum off her face with her hand and licked and swallowed the thick fluid triumphantly.

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After the blowjob, Penelope and her father changed into their clothes as well and talked with Misty and Kenny about sex and other subjects closely related to sex for about a quarter of an hour. Kenny said good night and left the house shortly. "It's late. We could still drop you off at your house if you want. Or you could stay overnight," Trent suggested to Misty who replied, "Yeah, I'd love to spend the night here. " Penelope jumped up and down with excitement, "Yay! A sleepover!"

Since all three of them were tired, they went to their rooms; Penelope with Misty in her room and Trent in his bedroom with the big king-sized bed. A few minutes after the lights in both rooms went out, the two girls snuck into Trent's room and into the large bed he used to share with his wife.

They giggled to each other as they snuggled up to his warm body, one girl on either side of him. "You girls are having too much fun tonight," he said in the darkness. "Yeah, we know," said Misty rubbing herself against him and getting cozy. Penelope giggled and threw her leg over his thigh, then grabbing his cock in her hand, drifted off to sleep, happy to have a hard thick cock in her hand. Trent sighed and said to himself, "This is going to be a long night. "

And it was. With his cock extra hard from having two sex kitten cheerleaders sleeping on either side of him, he woke up constantly in the night to arouse one of them in order to have sex, then he'd go to sleep and wake up again to arouse the other one to have sex, and so it went.

All in all, they enjoyed the night together, and slept-in the next morning because it was the weekend.

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   From then on, Misty was a frequent visitor to the Girard home. She was soon just like a member of the family and they enjoyed sex with each other and other lucky people who cared to join in the fun.

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