David and Lara Drop By


"You have a really nice car" he said. "Thanks" I replied. "Take me for a ride?" he asked with a look. "I don't think that would be a wise idea". "Maybe later?" he asked, still giving me a look. I made an unintelligeable nonconfirming noise. He sat there a long moment, then left. It took several minutes for me to calm down. The boy was doing a very good job of trying to spend time with me. If I had left with him from the restaurant, there was a chance that someone would've said something to complicate my life. I tried to put it out of my mind. Several days later, it was the weekend again. I was outside the house checking the fluid levels on my car. The boy walked up. He was wearing a mesh shirt, shorts, and sneakers. His short blonde hair glistened in the sun.

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   A glance through his shirt revealed a flat chest with no body hair. "Sweet" he said leaning over my engine. We made small talk about the car and how it ran. He kept giving me some kind of look. Suddenly, he was at my kitchen door. "I'm thirsty" he announced opening the door, "I'm going to get a drink". With that he ducked into the kitchen. I followed, locking the door behind me and taking mental notes in case this was some kind of set up. He took a glass from the strainer and poured some water from the tap. Drinking the water, he motioned towards the living room with his eyes before moving that way. "I'm david" he said as he looked around. "Nice place" he added before sitting on the couch. He made another comment about the car. I sat at the other end of the couch as we made some more small talk about cars. He took off the shirt.

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   It wasn't hot, so I wondered why he did that. A second later he asked "got any porno?""No" I said. "A single guy like you, no porno?""No, and how do you know I'm single?""Look around" he replied as he kicked off his shoes. If this was some kind of crime set up, he wouldn't be undressing. I gave in and walked over towards the TV. I opened a drawer, took out a tape, and popped it in the VCR. A teen girl was getting fucked. David's eyes were glued to the set. I noticed him rub his crotch. He gave me a smile, then turned back to the TV. A moment later he raised his hips and slid his shorts down. He began stroking his dick, which had swollen to a good six inches. "Suck my dick and I'll suck yours" he boldly offered. I hesitated a moment, then bent over and began sucking his dick. I'd never done a gay thing before, but I remembered getting blowjobs and did on him what I liked best.

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   I looked up. He wasn't even watching the porno anymore. He had his eyes closed and his head tilted back. He gently caressed my head a couple of times. I played with his balls and took note for the first time that he was hairless between his legs. I felt him stiffen as his dick shot gobs of cum into my mouth. It surprised me how tasteless it was. I looked up as I sat back. He was smiling. "Thanks" he said offering me his hand. I squeezed it, then began to undress. He kicked his shorts completely off, then he went to all fours on the couch. "I changed my mind" he said, "fuck me in the ass". "Wait there" I said before retrieving a bottle of lotion. I squirted some on my dick, then his asshole.

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   "That's cold" he said. I settled in behind him. Placing my dick at his ass, I gently moved in. He stiffened a bit as the head went in, then pushed back slightly as my shaft expanded his ass and penetrated him. He reached back touching my hip trying to pull me into him. I finally got it all the way in, then began fucking him. Unlike women, he did little more than breath hard and moan a little. Finally, I came in his ass. As my dick softened, it popped out of him. He turned towards me. Pulling my head to his mid section, he said, "it's hard again" . I gave him his second blowjob. "Thanks, that was fucking great". "Have you done this before?""Just with girls at school, but you're much better". He got dressed.

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   "I have to go home" he said, before asking if he could come over tomorrow. We agreed on a time. The next day, he started to undress the second he walked in the door. We went to my bedroom this time and had at it for several hours. It became my routine to suck his dick, then fuck his ass. He wouldn't suck my dick and he gave me another surprise. I tried to cuddle with him. "I'm not gay" he said "I just like the sex". Ok, so that's how it was going to be. A little over a month passed. All I learned of him was that he had a sister and his dad was a truck driver. He never mentioned his mom. One day we were sitting on the couch, watching TV together when the phone rang. He leaped across me and answered it. "I told you never to call me here" he said before saying "OK" and hanging up.

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   He started to get dressed. "I have to go, my sister is having a fit". He left in a hurry. He called me an hour later. He explained that his sister had taken a call from their father and he had to come home to talk to his dad on the phone. Then he told me for appearances sake, both of them would be coming over to study the next day after school. I was in for a big surprise. His sister was a little shorter than him, and very much oriental. "We're both adopted" she explained before I could say anything. "They adopted us four years ago, had a fight a little over a year ago. She moved away, far away, and we've been living in trailer ever since" she added before asking in an accusing tone, "of course, david probably didn't tell you, did he?"It was an awkward moment, but I changed the subject to get drinks. I checked out his sister. She was well stacked and a little older than he was. Her ample bosom spilled out of a bra poorly kept behind a tight blouse. I began wondering what it would be like to see her with her shirt off.

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   Both kids took out their homework and kept at it for an hour. I served snacks and kept the radio low. Finally, there was another awkward moment when they finished the homework. I was about to offer to turn on the TV when lara asked if we wanted to play strip poker. David looked at me with surprise. I broke out the cards and the game started. Half an hour later we were all down to our underwear. I was about to deal when lara said, "look, I know what you two are doing, so how about you two go in the bedroom for an hour, then it's my turn". We were caught by surprise. "I'll watch TV, go ahead". David and I went to the bedroom. It was an uneasy fuck, but we got through it. He let me catch my breath as he left the room. A moment later, lara appeared. She was still in her underwear.

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   "I know you've been wondering, so here they are" she said taking off the bra. The mammoth double D jugs stuck right out from her mid teen chest. Huge light brown nipples stared at me as if they were a second set of eyes. She slid her panties off. "I shaved for you" she said displaying a bald pussy. Like her brother, she liked to take it on all fours. Her pussy was as tight as her brother's ass. "OOOOOh" she said as I filled her pussy. Unlike her brother, she made all knids of noise. She talked, grunted, screamed and wailed. I reached around and tried to squeeze those huge jugs, but she wanted it faster, harder. Finally, I filled her pussy with cum. David walked in. I was laying on my back and she was to my left. David laid to my right.

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   He gave me a look. I reached over and touched his dick, which sprang to life at my touch. He smiled, then climbed over basically sitting on my chin as he inserted his rubbery dick in my mouth. I saw lara watch us for a minute, then she began playing with my dick. When it was hard. she mounted me. As david fucked my mouth, lara fucked my dick. He came before I came in lara's pussy. He watched as we finished our fuck. As the three of us rested, I asked if the two of them had ever fucked. "NO WAY" both said loudly. They confessed to bathing together when money was tight, but that was as far as it went. They didn't even like to touch each other. I began to contemplate how to watch them fuck as that would turn me on. I decided on a plan, but it would take a while, and for now, I was tired.

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   It would just have to be another day. .
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