Discretion Sales


Discretion Sales
Laura B. has been reduced to barely making ends meet for university tuition, so she has taken a part-time job with Avon, doing door-to-door sales mainly through appointments - when she can. She has met a woman at the mall, managed to get her interested in the Avon products, and they make an appointment for Saturday afternoon.  So Laura shows up at the address given – it is a mansion in a mainly enclosed treed yard, and a decent sized one at that. She has been asked by the woman to show the wares and also Laura could hopefully sell some lingerie to the woman of the house, as that was where the main money was actually made.  She knocked at the door, is admitted by the attractive older woman who gives her a good looking over with her eyes. The 28-year-old brunette is dressed in very nice form fitting office cream-colour dress and peach blouse and a blazer with white 2inch heels. Laura is only 4’ 10” in height but she is a very well put together sexy shortness. Her hair comes down onto her shoulders and today it is clipped back by two hair clips. Her ample 36D bust fills her blouse and her strong legs look good in a dress. Her face is what most people would call cute but Laura doesn’t see herself as very attractive. Her lips have a nice red lipstick on them that has been applied and is one of those ones that doesn’t remove easily; when you do this all day a woman needs to have simple things like that to last the day.  The woman lets Laura in and leads her to the sitting room and eventually says, “Oh, it’s not for me – this sale is for my daughter” then in walks the daughter, an attractive young lady. She is an attractive teenaged longhaired brunette named Sara, and she is also dressed nicely, but in a one piece evening dress that is black and plunging in the front and the back, and 3inch black pumps with hose. She is about 5’ 4” of height even without the sexy pumps, appears to be about 34C in the bust from what Laura can see and discern through the dress. Sara is an attractive girl for her mature 16 &3/4 years of age – her face is just plainly attractive is how Laura looks at her.

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   Her eyes are also brown but smouldering with hidden questions and answers, and her lips look quite appealing. Her figure is about a size 5 or so is what Laura can judge by the shape and lovely contours of Sara.  Laura is taken aback at the beauty of the daughter; the mother gets up as if to leave, saying “I’ll leave the two of you to it – I have to go to my appointment, and I’ll be back later this evening”. She stops and kisses her daughter on the cheek and tells her, “Have fun” and then leaves the house.  Laura found herself gazing steadily into the girl's eyes. There was heat in those eyes she realized, and she wondered if Sara was really the tease she appeared to be. Those eyes were unashamed, quite bold. Sara moved the pink tip of her tongue over her full lips, and then smiles at the voluptuous brunette, introduces herself with a light handshake, then saying, “You come very highly recommended – can I see what you have?” Laura says sure, pulls out a catalogue showing the selections, asking what she is looking for, what colours, what does she like, etc.  Sara picks out about 10 different outfits of lingerie – some of them rather revealing, and others not as showy. Laura tells the youngster that she has most of her selection outside in the vehicle if she would like to see them or try them on. Sara’s eyes light up, she answers, “Oh, could you please? I’d love to try some on” so Laura goes and finds the outfits available, and then brings them back into the house, where Sara has her bring them to the living room.  Laura is in the middle of laying the outfits on the backs of couches when Sara says, “Why don’t we go upstairs to my room, where I can try these on – see which ones I like”.  “Oh, okay then – whatever you would be comfortable with. ” So they gather all the stuff, move up to Sara’s room – it is a really nice bedroom: big plush bed, a couple of big mirrors, a nicely set up room. Sara gets one of the outfits from the attractive brunette, goes behind the dressing screen to get changed, then emerges again a couple of minutes later wearing an ensemble she picked, plus wearing a pair of high heeled pumps.

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   Sara asks, “So what do you think – do I look good in this?” as she twirls around, modelling it for Laura.  The older brunette can’t help but notice how nicely built and attractive the young brunette is; she manages to reply, “Umm…Yes, it…uh…looks very…. nice. I think you're lovely," Laura said, her voice oddly throaty. She can’t help but notice how attractive Sara looks dressed in the lingerie; Laura finds herself strangely drawn to her, but doesn’t know why. While she had never acted upon it, or told anyone about it, she did find some women sexy and often wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. Sara was only sixteen, but she was someone Laura did find herself attracted to.  She can’t help but notice how nice round and firm the breasts are through the lingerie; Laura wonders what it would be like to fondle and squeeze those firm young breasts. She thinks to herself, “I’ve never thought like that before, not in my whole life. What is wrong with me; what am I thinking of. ”  Then Sara asks, “Why don’t you try an outfit on – so I can see if I like it or not”. She picks an outfit, handing it to a protesting Laura, who is saying “Well…. I…”.  Sara is persistent though; “Oh please try one on – please? I just want to see how it would look”. Sara is quite persistent and Laura reluctantly agrees.

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   So, Laura goes behind the screen, reluctantly getting changed into the outfit that Sara wants her to model: a white satin but also sheer bustier, white garter set, silk panties, white hose, and white 3inch pumps.  Laura shyly emerges from behind the screen to see Sara dressed in a royal blue lace teddy, black garters, hose and pumps – and this sight catches Laura totally off guard by how sexy and gorgeous Sara looks in the outfit. For the first time in her life Laura finds herself turned on by the sight of another woman; a feeling of wanting to stroke and caress her lace covered globes overcomes her senses. Laura manages to mumble aloud, “Wow…. you…. look…incredible”.  Sara smiles, asking Laura, “Do you think it is appealing?” to which the brunette blushes, mumbling, “ Well…I… guess – yes”. Sara then gets Laura to stand in front of the tall mirror while she stands behind her, places her hands on the brunette’s shoulders, and commenting to Laura, “I know that if I were a guy I would definitely find you very appealing to me. I saw the way you looked at me in the parlour, Laura”  Laura looks over her shoulder at Sara, totally surprised at her comment, and remarking, “What did you say?”. She hadn't really considered having sex with another woman, but now she was confused, teased into wanting something totally different. Laura felt herself trembling with a desire that was strange, a heat that grew inside her. She wasn’t completely naïve, but she never imagined herself with another girl.  The young brunette presses herself against Laura's back, starts running her hands up her sexy looking hose-clad legs to her pussy, up the sides of her torso to the full breasts, purring her admiration of how sexy she finds Laura, then up to her neck. She steps around so she is in front of the voluptuous young brunette, looking at a shocked Laura in the eye, telling her, "I’d like to show you just how sexy I find you to be” and then starts French kissing her full on the lips.  Laura is so shocked then startled when a pair of warm, soft yet insistent lips closed over hers and caused delicious waves of desire through her quivering flesh.

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   Kissing like only girls would know how to kiss another girl. Laura thinks to herself, “I shouldn’t feel this way, allowing another female to arouse me to such a fever pitch” then finds she has lost control over both her mind and body that she doesn’t resist Sara’s advances, and kisses her back.  She had never felt such excitement from being kissed before, and she relaxed her mouth and tongue to her insistence. Sara’s hands are now fondling Laura’s full breasts, gently tweaking the nipples so they stand out erect. She kisses the shorter brunette passionately for a minute, both of them moaning with the pleasure of the feel of each other's bodies.  Sara breaks the kiss, lowering the cups of the bustier so they are under the full breasts, commenting “Mmm, so nice and firm, so warm”. She smiled at Laura as her cool hands wormed insistent fingers into her breasts, kneading the flesh, shaping them. Sara dipped her head suddenly then lowers her pretty face and starts sucking a nipple passionately. Laura does like this, but protests while moaning, “Maybe we should…. oohhh…. stop this…. before…. ” and trails off. The heat and wetness, her tongue raking the nipple against the roof of her mouth, while her fingers squeezed and forced Laura’s breast into the shape of throbbing flesh, all merged to re-ignite the flame of passion and blew her reasoning powers out of kilter.  Laura is thinking to herself, “Now out of the blue, I’m being driven to a new excitement with provocative suckling from another woman.

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   How could I let another woman do these things to me? Was she a lesbian? Does this make me a lesbian? Then again, what difference did it make?” Her pussy has flooded with juices as her passion has unknowingly increased, and is now being parted by one of Sara’s fingers. Laura trembles as one of Sara’s hands smoothed its way down her quivering body and gently pushed her thighs apart so that a provocative finger could worm its way into her wet pussy. She trembles and moans softly at the touch on her clit, then gasps aloud as a finger slips so easily into her very wet pussy.  Sara comments, “You look very sexy dressed in white, Laura – especially dressed in this outfit”, and then continues to French kiss the young brunette deeply. After another minute of kissing and fingering, Sara asks, “May I lick your pussy?”; but she doesn’t wait for a reply. She kisses her way down the front of Laura’s body, her tongue moving down and leaving a burning trail of wetness as it meandered down her writhing body, ending up kneeling in front of the sexy voluptuous brunette, and gets her to spread her legs apart a bit. She pulls the pussy into her face, inhaling the musky aroma deeply, then sticking her tongue out and starts licking up and down the sparsely haired hot pussy.  Laura is trembling so much with the excitement that she leans her arms against the chair in front of the mirror. She thinks “It is dirty to let a woman stick her tongue in my pussy; but it is so lovely too. ” Laura feels her lips pushing, sucking her pussy flesh while her tongue twirled insistently against her clit. Laura cries out in ecstatic rapture as Sara’s hands grabbed a breast each and began to knead the flesh; then her bottom bucked as her pussy opened wide as she orgasms into the young girl’s mouth.  Sara has brought the sexy young brunette to a fairly rapid and intense orgasm from licking her pussy; she moves around behind the still quivering brunette, placing a finger inside as she does. She tells Laura, “Why don’t you watch yourself in the mirror – watch your sexy body while I finger you”. Curiosity wins her over; she looks at herself bent forward onto the chair, becoming red-faced and turned on as she watches Sara fondle her full breasts while fingering the sopping wet pussy.  Laura finds that she is quite turned on by the young brunette, watching her in the mirror; but then the waves of pleasure from the slowly pumping finger become gradually so intense that she closes her eyes to enjoy it. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Sara is getting ready to give Laura more pleasure when she feels the sexy short brunette’s pussy start to pulse around her fingers – she slowly spreads the legs apart a bit wider, listening to the moans of the pretty brunette as she continues to finger her wet pussy.  Laura is so wet and horny that she barely notices Sara removing the finger for a moment and placing her own hips up against Laura’s cute butt. Then she can feel something familiar; smooth yet hard, pressing softly against her pussy lips, Sara’s hands gripping her at the hips, pulling her buttocks back to her, then it is way too late. She then feels a very hard cock sliding all the way deep into her tight and very wet pussy; it slides in so easily with Laura groaning out loud, “What the… Ohhhhh” and she trailed off the last word, barely saying it out loud.  Her mouth opened, and she almost gasped as Sara slid her cock through her moist folds, but the girl's grip was firm and insistent, and as her swollen wetness strained around the warm length sliding inside her body, Laura could only open her legs and arch her hips to accommodate the cock. "Your pussy has never been stretched like this before, has it honey?”  “No," Laura replied, as she tried to capture her breath.  Sara isn’t sure if what she heard before was correct or not, because she too is groaning loudly, “God Laura…. You feel soooo good” as she fills the brunette with her young 7 inch cock. All Sara can hear is soft moans and gasps from the sexy brunette as she makes love to her from behind, thrusting in & out slowly, with Laura still bent over resting on the chair, her legs shaking as she barely manages to stay upright on the 3”pumps.  At first, the young woman was slow to move, swirling her cock around inside of Laura, letting her adjust to its size; but before long, Sara began to slide its length out of Laura, then back into her, and again, and again. One smooth movement soon became a thrust, and Laura did gasp. . . then, she gasped again, and Sara grinned, thrusting her cock deep inside of her. Sara reaches around front and starts gently massaging Laura’s clit while she pumps her; she can feel the wet and silky smooth pussy tighten around her hard cock as she rubs the clit.

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    Laura is breathing faster, gasping, “Ohh…. Ohhhhh…. Ohh gods… don’t… ssssstop”. Laura is thinking to herself, “I should protest this obscenity, but it feels so good! I never imagined that being fucked like this could be so wonderful. ” It doesn’t take many more strokes before the voluptuous sexy young brunette is shuddering in orgasm, her nubile body undulating as waves crash through her body, her pussy squeezing that cock, almost pulsing around it.  Sara holds herself back – she doesn’t want to cum just yet – but she does want to see how much more this attractive brunette will allow to happen. So, she helps the gorgeous brunette finish her orgasm by bending over her, and kissing her back lightly, then fondling her full heavenly breasts again.  After a few minutes of teasing Laura like that, Sara slowly withdraws herself, and turning Laura around so they are facing each other. She places her hands around her waist, hugging her very close, starts French kissing her deeply again, moaning her lust into the short brunette’s open and willing pretty mouth.  Sara removes the lingerie from the shaking brunette, but leaves Laura clad in white garters, white hose, and the white pumps; she looks very delicious like this in Sara’s eyes. She looks Laura right in the eyes, telling her, “ I want to make love with you, Laura – I want you to show me more of what it is like”.  Laura is taken back by this bold statement – she came here to sell lingerie, not to end up having a beautiful young girl wanting to make love to her all afternoon. She tries to reason quickly in her head: this is totally wrong, doing this wanton act of…but god that cock did feel kind of nice inside me…. Oh I don’t know. She tries to prevent any further progression by saying, “ I really should get dressed, and get going – I do have another appointment today” but it doesn’t sound very convincing at all.

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    The young brunette girl asks Laura to stay, then almost pleads, begging the attractive brunette to “please stay”. Laura doesn’t answer immediately, finds that she can’t answer – she won’t admit that she has become attracted to the young brunette – but it is written all over her face: she won’t leave just yet.  Sara moves Laura over to the bed, sitting her on the edge of it, and looks adoringly at Laura. She moves right up to her, placing her hands on either side of her head, and says; “I’d really like to feel your lips…. on my…please?” she trails off, not finishing the sentence, but gently pulls the brunette’s pretty face towards her cock.  Sara then became aware that the sensation of Laura's stroking and squeezing of her penis was replaced by a curious wet and warm feeling that she had only experienced in her dreams before. This young girl has strangely aroused Laura so much that she opens her pretty lips and takes the head of the cock into her mouth, and tasting her own pussy juices.  Laura groans in delight, as she tastes their combined juices, and then places her hands on the young brunette girl’s cute ass cheeks. She works her mouth down the length of the youngster’s cock slowly, letting her tongue swirl around it as she gradually takes it all in. Sara looked down to see Laura's head bobbing up and down on her lap: her penis inside her mouth. It was almost with alarm Sara realized that although her penis was now as big as it could get, and bigger than it normally got even with masturbation, Laura could get the whole of it into her mouth.  Then, after about a minute Laura removes her mouth, getting Sara to move onto the bed, motioning with her hands to get on it and lay down on her back, so that the two of them can be more comfortable. Sara is very aroused watching the pretty brunette as her sexy full red lips slide slowly up and down the length of her hard member, her eyes closed as if she is enjoying this wanton act.  Laura reaches up under the cock and is quite pleased to find a very wet pussy as well. She moans her pleasure at finding this, and then slowly inserts two fingers into the wet pussy.

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   Sara quivers as waves of pleasure course through her young body, groaning out loud, “Ohh god Laura… that… feels… soooo… good”. She looks down at the sexy woman who is pleasing her immensely, and asks, “Do you like doing this, Laura?”  The reply is the brunette deliberately nodding her head slowly at the tip of the cock, teasing her more.   Sara asks “Do you like how your day has been so far?”  Laura waits a long moment, and then removes her mouth from the cock, replying, “It has…been…interesting so far”. She then opens her pretty mouth wide, and lowers her lips all the way down, enveloping the hard cock, swallowing all of it. The young brunette girl gasps as waves of pleasure race through her young body; Laura is pumping her mouth up and down in rhythm with her finger going in and out of the wet pussy.  She teases the young brunette by keeping the pace deliberately slow for a bit, then gradually increasing the speed, and bringing the youngster closer to orgasm. Laura can feel the head of the cock start to swell in her pretty mouth – Sara is gasping and shaking at the intensity of the waves of pleasure. The sexy voluptuous brunette places her hands on the young girl’s heaving breasts, pinching her erect nipples and teasing her further; then just before the youngster is about to explode – she pauses but then plunges her mouth all the way down, plus pushes her fingers deep inside the wet pussy.  "Oh, God!" Sara was whimpering. "Oh, God . . . Oh, God! I'm coming, Laura! Oooooo, I'm coming . . .

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   so good . . . so beautiful!" Sara tenses up, her breathing stops for about ten seconds then she bucks her hips up, just about screaming at the intensity of the pleasure “Ohhhhhhhh Godddddddd”. Laura enjoys the feel as she starts swallowing what seems like gallons of cum as Sara explodes into the pretty brunette’s mouth. She can also feel the pussy muscles spasming around her finger as she orgasms that way also, and the juices almost feel like they are flowing continuously, she is climaxing that hard.  Sara is thrashing all over the bed, moaning quite loudly while her orgasm continues for what probably seems like an eternity; finally she collapses back onto the bed. Laura removes her fingers from the wet pussy, letting Sara lick her own juices off the fingers, but doesn’t remove her mouth from the young hermaphrodite’s cock– yet. The young brunette writhes on the bed in total ecstasy, moaning loudly while Laura’s expert mouth gulps her juices down, milking every drop out of the cock.  Finally, once there are no more juices, she removes her mouth from the very sensitive cock, and lies on the pillow next to the shaking young brunette. When Sara finally regains a bit of her breath, she thanks Laura very profusely for such a wonderful orgasm; then they embrace, and she starts to kiss Laura softly again.  Laura breaks the kiss after a short bit, asking, “You’ve never done this before – have you?” to which the youngster replies “No, never – not like that”.  Laura decides that maybe she should know some more about this brunette, and asks, “Just how old are you, by the way?”  Sara replies shyly “Almost seventeen” to which a stunned Laura mutters “Whoa…”.  Sara asks, “So how old are you?” to which Laura replies “I’m 28”. They lay there for a little bit; almost an uncomfortable silence because of the age difference, but Sara is quite mature for her age.


    Then she remembers something that the sexy brunette said earlier and asks, “Earlier you almost said ‘not again’ didn’t you?” to which Laura shyly replies softly “yes”.    Now Sara is rather excited at hearing this bit of info, and probes further to find out what else is inside lovely Laura’s mind; she says “ So you have done this before – I thought so – tell me about it, please”.  Laura is somewhat embarrassed, getting a bit defensive by answering “Why – we barely know each other, and besides which it is personal to me”.  Sara leans over, placing a hand so it just rests on the brunette’s lovely full breast and tells her “You don’t find what we just did to be personal? Because I…find you to be…very attractive and very, very sexy…and I’m getting turned on even more by thinking about you”.  Laura blushes furiously at the nice compliments, then attempts to regain control of the situation by asking, “Tell you what – if you tell me your story first, then I’ll tell you a bit of mine”.  Sara thinks for a second, then replies “All right – but why do you sound so…leery about this?” to which Laura replies “I never expected this to happen at all…especially with someone as…pretty as you…and as young as you are”.  Sara pulls the brunette to her, kisses her deeply, and then says happily “Well, thanks to you – I’m not a virgin anymore”. She then reaches down with one hand, and starts gently rubbing Laura’s clit; she asks the brunette “So – what do you want to know about me?”.  Laura’s reply is to gently wrap her hand around Sara’s cock, and starts stroking it up and down slowly. “What did you imagine your first lover to be like?”  “I never tried to think about that,” Sara told her, looking down at the bed “I was always so ashamed of what I was, and lived in fear that anyone might find out. Actually, I'm not really into guys. I think I like the idea of having sex with a girl with my cock. ”
 Laura thinks for a second, and then asks Sara, “Have you ever fantasized – and what about?”  “I have dreamed about other women, if that is what you are wondering” is the teens reply.  “Hmmm – so are they your age in your fantasies, or older?”  “A bit of each – it depends”  “Have you had any boyfriends?”  “No, because I don’t think they would be able to handle me – but women on the other hand…. seem more open and accepting.

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   Plus I’m so different than anyone else,” Sara said weakly, clenching her hands. “No one out there will ever accept what I am. ”  “I’m here, and I’m telling you that I accept you,” Laura said. “Give me a chance, and I’ll prove it to you. People don’t fall in love because of the shape of their genitals,” Laura explained. “You’re uniquely gifted, because you are truly bisexual in the full sense of the term. You are free to give your love to anyone you wish. Whomever returns your affection will not shy away because of your differences. ”   Sara thinks about that for a long moment, and then says softly, “Okay. ”  Laura asks anew, “So, do you prefer older women, or do you prefer girls your age?”  “Well…. I don’t really know. There is this one girl in school I would like to get to know a lot better…. ” Sara trails off for a long moment.  Laura comments “You’re nice and hard again; were you thinking about that girl from your school?”  Sara pauses, blushing a bit, then replies “Sort of…a bit…but you popped into my head – I’m really curious what story you have to tell”. Laura doesn’t reply right away as they both continue to play with each other until Sara says “Laura – I’d like you to straddle over top of me, sit on me, and I would really like to watch you as we make love that way – that would turn me on immensely”.

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    Laura pauses, and then replies “I guess I could…. Did you really want me to?” to which Sara’s reply is to start rolling the sexy brunette on top of her, saying, “Yes”.  By now Laura is definitely aroused again – so as she straddles the young hermaphrodite, she teases her by placing her pussy lips against the cock as she slowly slides along it, but not letting it enter her very wet pussy. She is enjoying grinding along the hard shaft, teasing the young brunette, and loving how much wetter she has become.  Sara is groaning softly, wanting to enter the hot wet pussy; Laura asks seductively “What did you want to do – do you want to go into me again?”. She lets the head of Sara’s cock rest so it is just at the moist entrance; Sara whimpers softly “yes” in return.  Laura looks down, watching as the brunette’s hands move her down and back, gasping out loud as the beautiful 16-year old fills her pussy with her hard cock. Laura’s eyes widen as she sinks all the way onto the cock, groaning out loud “Ohhhhh goddd” in delight. As the slick tender flesh of Laura’s vagina surrendered to Sara’s initial thrust, the feeling was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.  Sara thrusts up into Laura, loving the feel of the brunette’s tight but very wet pussy as she slides her cock in and out. The girl asks, “Can we do it slow this time? I don’t want to cum too quick this time. You want to me to cum – in you?" she said looking up at Laura and smiling.  "Yes," Laura moaned loudly and longingly. "Let’s get into a nice steady motion. As you thrust down, I'll thrust up and visa versa, making sure the head never fall out.

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  " Laura thrust down, as Sara thrust up; Sara moved up, as Laura moved down.
 Laura now wants to probe Sara's mind, so she asks "So why don’t you tell me about this girl at your school – the one you fantasized about?”  Sara has other plans, though; she replies, “Not right now; I’d rather think about you, Laura. Plus, you did say that you’d tell me about your first time…with…someone like…me”. Laura doesn’t answer right away, so Sara pleads, “Please?”; finally the sexy brunette consents after Sara persistently thrusts her cock deep into her pussy.  She starts asking, “So, who was she?”; Laura replies softly as she remembers, “She was my next door neighbour – she was the one…who…seduced me”.  Sara places Laura’s hands onto her own breasts, asking her softly “Close your eyes and play with your breasts while you tell me about your neighbour”. The brunette pauses for a moment, but does close her eyes while riding the cock straight up and down slowly, and enjoying the feel of the young hermaphrodite’s cock as it slides in and out.  Laura asks “So where do you want me to begin?”  Sara replies “I don’t know – did you enjoy the experience with this other…woman? I mean…did you…get off? Did she make you cum?”  Laura pauses again, then replies softly “Yes, I did…enjoy the experience, and God – did she ever make me cum – numerous times; it was…memorable”.  Sara asks “What made it memorable – to you?”  “The fact that she was very aroused by my body, that I was totally caught off guard by her, and the mind blowing truth that I was… extremely aroused and very turned on by her - once I discovered her secret”.  Sara mulls over what Laura has told her, and then comments “It sounds like you enjoyed yourself after a bit”.  Laura replies “yes”; then she asks, “So what does this girl at your school look like?”  “She’s 5’4”, has short curly brown hair, very nice body, nice face – and seems to like dressing in skirts a lot – which I definitely love on women”.  Laura asks more “So what did you like her wearing at school that got your attention?”  “She was wearing a simple light tan coloured dress, black 3” pumps, and I imagined her wearing a garter set under it, but no underwear. Ohhhh – I can’t help it – I prefer thinking about you, Laura – about how sexy you look in this lingerie you’ve brought here…mmmm…. That’s what I like to think about right now”.  Laura is flattered by the compliments, then feels her pussy muscles gripping Sara’s shaft harder as her orgasm approaches rapidly.

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   She has held off her orgasm as long as she possibly could but Sara’s cock in her pussy is too much for her senses. Her breathing quickens, as does Sara’s while she watches Laura’s full breasts bounce erotically, loving it as they bounce sexily on every stroke.  Then, without warning Laura bellows out loud “Ooohhhh Goooddd I’m…” and trails off as she bucks her hips on Sara’s hard cock while she endures a very intense orgasm. Laura’s body is shuddering and shivering with sensations that she has never known before, and then it seems that she is shattering into a million pieces as she can feel Sara’s cock spasm and jerk, sending gushes of hot sperm deep into her pussy.  Sara’s cock filled her vaginal canal like a swarm of angry bees, and her already over used pussy blew like a light bulb. The unsuspecting girl’s hips bucked like she’d been electrocuted. She can also feel Sara tense up, her breath coming in gasps; she enjoys it even more as they have cum almost at the same time – and it feels nice. Sara’s body continued to vibrate with electric convulsion.  Laura kind of collapses on top of Sara; she places her arms around the sexy young brunette, hanging on to her as they rock back and forth, still enjoying the waves of pleasure, but continued to stroke her pussy slowly, letting her come down from the most awesome orgasm she’d ever experienced. They end up kissing each other passionately, as they rest and try to cool down, the cock still inside the wet pussy.  Finally, after a long few minutes, Sara says, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, because I know that I enjoyed myself”.  Laura replies, “It was very… nice”.  Sara says, “Perhaps we should have a shower and definitely clean up somewhat, then we could talk about which pieces of lingerie I’d like to buy – if that’s all right with you, Laura”.  The brunette replies “That suits me just fine” and is led on shaky legs by an equally shaky Sara to the bathroom, where she starts the rather large shower. They step into it once it is the desired temperature, and start washing each other.

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   Sara is still feeling rather frisky, and eventually manages to coax Laura down onto her knees to use her pretty mouth; it doesn’t very long before she orgasms again – right in Laura’s pretty mouth.  They kiss again, eventually finishing their shower, getting out and drying off, then getting into bathrobes temporarily. They sit on the bed; Sara ends up purchasing a lot of lingerie – including a couple of the ones that Laura was dressed in.  Eventually Laura is allowed to get dressed, they exchange phone numbers, and then Sara says that maybe next time – hopefully in a couple of days, she will have the girl from school see if she wants any lingerie from Laura.  So the brunette returns in a couple of days at Sara’s behest and insistence that she will get another sale; her curiosity was getting the better of her after the young hermaphrodite has called her to come over with some sample lingerie, and Sara admits her again.  This time she meets the attractive young friend that Sara has a crush on – Rochelle – and in about thirty minutes or so later, a very aroused Laura is watching as sexy Rochelle is coaxed out of her dress by Sara to try some lingerie on. Once she is dressed in what Sara wants to see on her friend, she starts seducing her.  Rochelle looked gorgeous in her black bra, her sexy black lace bra. Her pink panties were a tight pull of nylon just above her knees, and her garter belt was tight, the straps slashing into her milky thighs. Her nylons, with her black shiny high heels - all of this was quite a sight, a moment of delicious excitement for Laura watching them.  Rochelle is then eventually lowered unknowingly down onto her friend Sara’s hard cock. Laura gets to watch the attractive young brunette girl as she is made love to while wearing lingerie and pumps while sitting quivering with repressed delight, riding that hard cock. The brunette rode Sara's cock for all she was worth, that is until her pussy began to convulse and spasm around the thick satisfier, leaving the poor dear shaking and shuddering as climax after climax rocketed through her needy groin.  Laura climaxes quite intensely while playing with herself just watching the two young girls make love to one another; it is very erotic to watch…which she does only for a while.  Laura has become so horny that she wants to participate instead of just watching; it is when Sara is finished with her friend that things become interesting for Laura. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   She wants to have the voluptuous brunette dressed in the same white lingerie as when she was seduced, and Sara plays with Laura’s full breasts, teasing the nipples. Laura ends up being made to straddle the young Sara’s cock while Rochelle licks her clit until Laura just about screams with the pleasure of it – and at the end of their long sexual session Laura has another successful sale…