Final Fantasy - A daughters story


Topic: Daddy's girl MY FINAL FANTASY
I’m telling this story because I want to share with other daughters the joy I’ve finally had, unfortunately it was short lived and that’s why I call it my final fantasy.
I have been fantasizing about daddy for a long time.   The most attractive thing about him is he’s such a good provider and an awesome man.   Unfortunately mom wasn’t such a good mother and treated him pretty much like shit.   But we won’t get into that.
As I said I’d been fantasizing about daddy for a long time, I really wanted to fuck him, or rather him to fuck me.   My pussy ached at the thought of him sticking his hard cock in me.   The idea of him on top of me banging his dick into my pussy was the most thrilling fantasy I had.   I tried to fulfill my total lust for daddy by imagining him fucking me when ever I was by myself.   I’d masturbate in the bathroom reading stories of father daughter sex.   The taboo of sexual fantasy and action, this tabooness only made me want daddy more.   But for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to be naked around him.   Now, daddy as good as he is was a horny man.   I know that, he’d stare at my tits all the time, and at times it bugged me, but at times it made me horny as hell.   The idea of him squeezing them, sucking them and fondling them turned me on.   So why did I have such a hard time flashing my nice big titties at him?  I guess because it was taboo, or because I was embarrassed I don’t know.

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   Anyway, I hadn’t gotten the nerve up to show him my tits, he saw them, but only by accident.   Or so he’d act like he saw them accidentally.   But I knew that he purposely walked into my room in the hopes of seeing my tits.   Poor daddy, he had little to no sex, and accept for the porno’s or pictures he saw on the internet he never saw a naked woman’s body in real life.  
Finally I decided he was going to get his wishes, but at the time I didn’t realize just how much a fantasy come true it would be for me.   Daddy had moved away to another job, he left me and my mom in his house and he rented an apartment in the new town he lived in.   Mom was unbearable, always talking down to me, trying to boss me around.   My gawd I was 20 years old, who the fuck did she think she was, trying to run my life.   After months of listening to her shit I finally convinced dad to let me move in with him.   Once I moved in with him the games began again, he tried to see my titties and I was too embarrassed just to let him see them.   For all you women out there that have awesome daddies and want to have your fantasy come true, don’t screw around and play games like I did, just fucking flash your daddy.   I know that eventually you’ll fulfill your fantasy like I did.  
I decided enough was enough.   I got up my courage and I decided fuck it, I'm gonna let him see my tits, my pussy, everything.   Ladies let me tell, if you want your daddy to fuck you, this is the right method.

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   Not that bullshit I'm gonna let him make the move, because if he's half ways decent he won't.   So I started showering and leaving the door open, I'd hear him come home and wait for him to come upstairs and then I'd open the shower curtain.   When he saw me I'd just casually say hi daddy, and he'd just stare.   He'd see my tits, my fine black pussy hair everything.   I didn't even cover up, I'd start drying my hair noticing him watch my titties wiggle and jiggle.   Gawd I'd never seen a dick get hard so fast, this lasted a few weeks, the thing is he still didn't initiate the sex.   I could hear him upstair watching porn and jacking off and I wanted to go up there and say damn daddy, just fuck me, can't you get a clue.
I finally got fed up and decided that I would have to initiate the fucking.   I asked daddy to buy some booze, my favorite, vodka.   I poured him a drink and poured myself a bigger drink and we started feeling real good.   Then I took my bra off, I still had my shirt on and he stared right at my tits.   I started rubbing my tits and said "damn their sore, that bra always get's them sore" you would have thought he'd offer to massage them for me but no.   But he sure stared at me massaging them.   Fuck it I thought, I'm gonna make him touch them and suck them.   "Daddy," I said, "yea baby" he replied.

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    Would you massage my titties, o my gawd I thought, I can't believe I just asked my daddy to squeeze my titties.   "Uh gee baby I don't know," "come on daddy their real sore. " "Well, ok baby I will," daddy said.   And to make sure he got the message that I wanted to fuck him that night I fucking took off my shirt and damn did he almost faint.   "Cum on daddy" I said as seductively as I could, "massage them. "  The minute he started squeezing them I knew I had him.   "Ooooh daddy that feels so good, keep it up. "  After what seemed like an eternity of him enjoying my tits and his dick trying to escape his pants I knew he wouldn't be able to resist fucking me.   "O daddy," I said, "look your dick is hard, I just love hard dicks. "  Before he could say anything I started massaging his dick.  
The breathing was now intense.   "Daddy," I said, "can I suck your dick. "  O hell, it was on, there was no turning back, not that I wanted to.   Breathlessly he said "yes" I immediately unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear and there in front of me was the object of my desire.   His glorias dick, now I'm not gonna sit there and tell you it was like 12 inches long because it wasn't, 6 maybe 7 inches, but damn I've wanted that dick for forever.

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    I immediately started sucking his cock, he moaned with pleasure.   "Daddy, I said I want to fuck," he immediately got red in the face and started stammering, "o geesh baby I don't know, I don't want you to be embarressed in the morning" "daddy!" I said, "I've wanted to make love to you for a very long time, and tonight I demand it. "  That's all it took, daddy said yes, I squeeled with delight, ripped the rest of daddys clothes off and then mine and sat daddy on our couch and mounted him.   It was absolutely perfect, big cock or not, his dick felt so good in me.   My tits were level with his face, and he started giving me the greatest tit lick I've ever had, what a master.   I began slowly grinding on him, his dick buried deep inside me, my clit was rubbing on him so good I didn't know long I'd last before I'd cum.   He started pumping his hips up into me, there we were both naked and fucking our brains out.   Since this was our first time we came rather quickly, but daddy being a true gentleman made sure I fucking came.   I am so glad I initiated the first fuck, and so is daddy.   Now we shower together, daddy loves to lather me with soap, he gently makes sure my pussy is clean, because he loves to eat me out.   Of course, I love to give him blowjobs, 69 has become a favorite.   Sometimes, at night he just lays there with his head between my legs, licking and sucking gentley my clit, I'm in heaven.   Ladies, no bullshit, I do this and it really happens, fuck ya'll who have a problem with it, sometimes a daughter has to do what a daughter has to do.   I got mine, you get yours.   Lesson number one, don't be a fucking coward.

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