Happy Campers


He looked through the open flap and saw three young boys standing in the downpour . They were huddled in the dubious protection of a large tree about fifty feet from the tent . Jim could tell that the boys were as soaked as he and Lisa had been . " Looks like we weren't the only ones caught in the rain . Lisa looked past him to see the boys . " Oh the poor things . she said " we should help them . " Jim looked at Lisa " well you had better cover up first . " Lisa took a oversized tee shirt from her back pack and slipped it on . Jim did notbother to cover up . One reason was that he was still wet and the other was that theywere males also . He called out to them and the lads sprinted for the tent . They lookedlike drowned rats. The couple told them to come over by the heater . After a few minutes it was evident that they needed to get their wet clothes off . The boys looked at Lisaand were a little embarrassed .

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   She said " oh don't be silly I've seen naked boys before . "She didn't mention that she had been ten years old herself at the time . The boys reluctantly removed all but their jockey shorts which had gotten soaked also. Lisa arranged their clothes over a branch that Jim had brought in . With the flap closedthe tent soon was warm and toasty . Instead of letting up the rain kept coming down . Jim whispered to lisa that they couldn't put the boys back out in the rain . " That'salright hon " she said " we have plenty of room in here . It was getting darker outsideand Jim told the boys that they were welcome to stay the night " It surly should stopraining by morning . They shared some food they had with the boys since they had no food . Their parentshad all gone to San Francisco and left them all together at one house and they decided totake a hike in the park . Charlie was the youngest at twelve and Chad and Roy were fourteen each . So they were well able to care for themselves , except for the rain of course . Lisa noticed that Charlie was still shivering and said " Charlie you really should dryyour shorts . " Jim agreed " you don't want to catch pneumonia .

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   " Charlie was very shyabout it but he was almost blue from being cold . When he removed the wet shorts lisa saw that his little penis was all shrived up andlooked like a newborns . Jim was still about half hard himself . Chad and Roy pulled their shorts while still sitting down . trying to hide their sex organs . Lisa took the garmentsand placed them on the branch . She felt the clothes " they are not close to being dry she said " it will probably take all night . She looked at Charlie and saw that he wasstill shivering . At forty Lisa had never had any children but she was still a mother atheart . She pulled him to her " come here Charlie and let me warm you up . "The other boys looked as if they wished that lisa would do the same for them . Charlie made a face at them and cuddled up against lisa's soft body . He could feel her breast against him . When Charlie sat in her lap her tee shirt had ridden up and the other twoboys got a good view of her dark pubic hair . Their cocks jerked a little at the site .

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  Jim noticed this and he saw that the two fourteen year old were larger than him . He was amazed that young boys could be so large . Jim had lay out their sleeping bag fullyout and it was like a large mattress so they sat in a circle . Jim got up to light the lantern hanging from the top of the tent . When he did his cock was fully hard . Lisa noticed this but thought that Jim was always like this when he was naked . Chad and Roy looked at it too and then at each other and smiled . The boys also liked to jack each other off and suck on the others cocks. They were doubly excited by Jim's cockand the amount of hair that Lisa was showing . Charlie had his still bluish hands on his penis and Lisa looked at him . " Here charlie " she said " it will never get warm like that . "She took his hands away from the shriveled organ and replaced them with one of her warm ones . Charlie moaned softly and it made goose bumps rise over Lisa's body . She tried to think that she was only acting as a mother would . In no time she felt Charlie's penis start to swell up as it got warmer .

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   Now the other boys were feeling put out . here was Charlie with his penis being held by this beautiful older woman . Lisa felt Charlie's penis swell more and get hard . She was amazed that the boy seemed almost as large as her husband . When Jim started to sit back down he could see up hiswife's thighs and knew why the other two boys were getting hard . Lisa was getting aroused herself as Charlie's cock was now rock hard in her hands . She looked across at the other boys and was amazed to see that they were having trouble hiding their hard cocks in their hands . She then noticed that her husband was especially hard . She had often suspected that he had a bisexual side . He had told her that when he lived in New York for a few months that he had lived in an apartment with a gay guy but had insisted that they were just friends . "Charlie " she said " what are we going to do with this ?" She held his fat little cockin her hands . Charlie said " Chad or Roy could suck it for me . " Their secret was out. Lisa smiled and then asked " Charlie have you ever had a woman touch you like this ?" The boy shook his head . Lisa took one hand and pulled her tee shirt over her head .

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   Now all the people in the tent were completely naked . Lisa kept a grip on Charlie's cock and stroked it . She pulled the boys mouth to her breast " I don't suppose that you have everdid this either ? " Charlie started to suck on her hard nipples and Lisa moaned as the boy's soft immature mouth sucked her breast . She pulled his mouth away and eased herself down with her face at his hard engorged cock . She spread her legs and Charlie looked into the grown womans cunt . " If you do something for me " she said " then I'll do this for you . "Charlie seemed to instinctively know what to do and he buried his face in Lisa's pussy as she stretched him body out and took his hard cock in her mouth . She looked at her husband and the other two boys " you guys paly with each others cocks for me . Jim gotup and sat between the two boys and reached out a hand to each hard cock . The boys each put a hand on his own cock . Jim was extremely at his wife's actions . many times in the past he had often wished that he could see her do this with another man . He had not told the truth about his roommate in New York . Not only had they often sucked each other's cock but he had also taken his friend's cock up his ass . Now he had a hard cock in each hand and his wife was sucking a little twelve year old boy's cock .

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   Although Charlie's cock was almost as large a Jim's she was easily able to swallow it all the way down . The young boy's mouth on her pussy was driving her crazy . She could tell by the waythat Charlie's cock was throbbing it would soon shoot it's cum in her mouth . She started to suck faster and then charlie cried out in her muff and Lisa felt his cum fill her mouth. Jim's cum was pretty tart but the young boy's cum was like thick sweet cream and she drank it down greedily . She sucked on his cock after he came and saw that it was still hard . She looked at Jim " honey do you want me to fuck him too---I would be his first ?" Jim knew that she really didn't want his permission . Jim squeezed hard at Chad and Roy's cocks and nodded . " Then put his cock in me . " Jim was very excited as he grasped the young boy's cock and inserted it if his wife's steamy cunt . Charlie went all the way in her . It was more the fact that she was fucking a young boy that made Lisa almost cum . Theboy's cock barely filled her cunt . She grabbed his small buttocks and helped him fuck her. " Jim " she called out to her husband " bring me their cocks to suck " she knew that if they came then they could fuck her longer.

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   Jim arranged Chad and roy at either side of her head and bent their cocks down to her open mouth . Lisa reached her mouth and took the heads of both boy's cocks into her mouth . They tasted so youthful and fresh . The sweet pre cum thatleaked from each cock head only whetted her appetite for more of their sweet sperm . Shesucked first one cock and then the other as little Charlie drove his young cock into her . " Lift his cock up so I can lick his balls " she said to Jim who lifted Chad's cockup and Lisa lapped at his full nut sack . Jim took Chad's cock into his own mouth andsucked it as his wife licked the boys balls . Then he did the same with Roy's . LittleCharlie felt his little balls contract and he spurted his cream into Lisa's grown upcunt . About then both boy's sperm spilled from their cocks and over Lisa's tongue andinto her mouth . She hungrily slurped the cream down into her stomach . She lapped up the thick sperm as she held Charlie's spent body to her . Jim Lapped the sperm that ran over her chin . She looked at him " I want to fuck them now " she said seeing that Chad and Roy's cock were still hard . Roy's cock filled her as she had never been filled before .

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   This young boy with the man's cock on him and later when Chad's ever thicker cock filled her she knew that she would never be satisfied with Jim's smaller cock again . All night as the rain pelteddown on the canvas of the tent the couple fucked the three boys . Jim moaned when little Charlie pushed his small cock into Jim's ass and then the other boys made him wince as their larger members went into him . Lisa found out that youth does indeed have boundless energies as the young boys sanitated their youthful lust on the older sexy woman . The next morning when the boys left Lisa told Jim that she wanted to be fucked with larger cocks than what he had " I love you my husband but I also love larger cock . "Jim agreed with her . He knew that he too would get some of this larger cock too . .