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Topic: Her body was increadable. Fred was very successful in the business world but a looser of a husband, however, no one knew except he and his wife Rose.   Fred was a handsom man who wanted to impress everyone he came in contact with.   He ware $800. 00 suits, monagramed shirts and $200. 00 shoes.   Fred put on aires as to who he really was, he was a genuine asswhole to his wife.   The first time I saw Rose I was infactuated with her beauty, her sincerity, her shiness and her figure.   I couldn't help noticing her breasts, they seemed to accent her body perfectly.
Fred had been involved in several shady business deals but never jailed because he had the gift of the gab and was very carismatic.   He was also fucking several woman, a young office assistant, secretary in another office and a marrid lady in another city.   Rose had no idea of any of the woman accept the married one and Fred told her if she didn't like it she could leave him but she would get nothing.   It was important to Fred that he keep up appearances of a happy home.  However, good fortune smiled on Rose, the feds went after Fred and he landed in jail.  
Rose diviorced him and a few years later I decided to take a bold step.   I call her and set up an appointment to take some photos of her on the premise that she would be posing for major glamore magazines like Harpers, Red Book, Good House Keeping of if she wanted to some of the Paul Raymond magazines out or Europe.

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When I arrive at Roses house she looked like a million dallors.   Rose did not recognize me (which I had hoped)  so I could be more bold in my approach.   Before the first photo session was done Rose was naked and loving it.   On the second session a couple of days later Rose picked up right where she left off.   She was exquisitly beautiful, standing about 5'6" at about 110 lbs with 34 D perky firm breasts, a nice wiast line, great hips and killer legs.
Rose had the largest patch of brown pubic hair I have ever seem on anybody.   The triangle hair went from her pussy to within an inch of her belly button and from hip bone to hip bone.   It was huge!  I ask her to trim it up for the second session and was plesentaly surprized to see that she had trimmed it up signifently.
Over 7even days of shooting pics I accumulated over 700 photos of this magnificent beauty.   With each photo session Rose became more bold herself, she was posing like a pro, spreading her pussy to show everyone cupping her tits, sucking her nipples  and even letting me stroke my cock up and down the length of her slit.   What a hot lady!
I didn't quite get around to fucking her at the time, however, Rose is going to pose for me again soon ad this time I know she'll fuck me.   She doesn't know it yet but I do!
See you soon Rose!  

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