In nothing more then a cute bathing suit, and nothing on her feet, Shelly crashed her bicycle and lay on the road in front of me. I was on my way down the hill to the beach, when she came whizzing by, hitting my left elbow. She lay sprawled out, a little road rash, but she was crying. She looked up at me, with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry" she whimpered. I helped her to her feet, and brushed some of the sand off her shoulders and back, but her right leg looked a little too raw to brush off. She tried to bend over to get her bike up, but it hurt too much. I grabbed her bike and tried to get her off to the side of the road. She was favoring her leg, saying it hurt too much. I put her bike on the side of the road and went over to help her walk. She told me the pain was way too much and she wanted to go home. "Where do you live"I asked her, and she told me. It was only a few houses up the road. I told her I would go with her to make sure she was OK. Her pain looked really intense, so I offered to carry her,she wasn't so big so it should be no problem. I swept her into my arms, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. She nuzzled into my neck, and just whimpered a bit.

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We got to her house and she hopped down and grabbed the garden hose and began to rinse off. The blood was running down her leg, but it was only from road rash, no deep cuts that I could see.

Shelly told me to wait here, she went into the house and came back out soon after. She had with her, a bottle of liquid soap, and asked if I could wash the cuts on her legs. We went into the back yard, and she sat on a chair. I took the soap and poured it into my hand and took the hose and sprayed her legs again. I gently rubbed my soapy hand on her leg, trying not to let it hurt. Every once in a while she would flinch in pain, but I would back off and rinse her off again. I had her stand up so I could get the back of her legs, and I noticed there were scrapes all up her back to her shoulder blade. I gently lathered her up, making sure there was no sand or stones left and rinsed her off yet again. I found a few more scrapes that needed attention, but they seemed to go under her bathing suit bottom, so I let Shelly know about them.

While she was tending to the scrapes under he bottoms, I told her I would go back down the street to retrieve her bike. When I got back, she was still out back, with the garden hose. "Will you look to make sure I got everything?", she asked, "I really don't want to get an infection from the gravel. "I looked her up and down, side to side.

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  She pulled her suit bottom up, to make like a thong. There were a few bits of sand and gravel, the I gently flicked away, and told her it looked good. It was then that we noticed that my left elbow was bleeding. Nothing too major, but I had a blood trail running down to my wrist. "Let me take care of that"she offered, and with that, took the hose and the liquid soap and nursed my wound. Shelly had a very gentle touch, and was really doing a great job with my arm. When she had me all cleaned out, she went in and got a bandage to put on it, so it would help heal. With that done, we sat in the chairs in the back yard,"So, what now?"she asked. "We really can't go to the beach, because the salt water and sand would hurt way too much". "We could just stay here and go in the pool". she offered. I thought that was a great idea, so off to the pool we went.

Now the pool was about 30 feet back from the house. The yard seemed to be private enough, and to make things better, there was an 8 foot stockade fence surrounding the pool. We got to the gate, Shelly unlocked it, and in we went.

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  The pool was nice, nothing overly spectacular, and there was a nice patio around the pool. There were chairs and chaises there,a bath house with toilet and shower, so all in all, it was quite nice. Shelly warbled her way over to get the screen to gather up a few leaves, but seemed to be having trouble getting the last one. I decided I would just dive in and get it. Having done that, I brought the leave over to Shelly so she could toss it away.

Shelly went down to the shallow end of the pool and stepped in rather slowly. The cool water was causing a little pain for her, so she wasn't rushing anything. As she went deeper and deeper, I could see a little blood lifting off her. I pointed it out, but she kept coming in. I could see that she was tensing up with the pain, and within a few moments, got a cramp in her leg. I went and took her into my arms and brought her back to the shallow end and sat her on the edge of the pool. She had her leg stretched out trying to rub the cramp out, but it wasn't working. I took her leg in hand and massaged the muscle, while pushing her foot up. This too was not working, so she stood up on the edge, and leaned on the ball of her foot, and I massaged the muscle from that angle. This seemed to work, and before too long, she was back in the pool.

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  As we just basically stood there, I again could see little streams of blood, washing off her, but the one that looked the worst, was coming from under her bathing suit bottom. I pointed it out to her, and we got out of the pool. As we did, I could see the abrasion was oozing blood pretty well, so I suggested the soap and water, and if needed, we could put a bandage on as well.

Shelly hiked up the side of her suit, and I washed it off with the soap and rinsed her off again. As I sat there, looking at the scrape, I couldn't help but notice she was giving me quite a shot at her pussy. I pretended that I was looking at her cut from different angles, while actually trying to get a better view of her crotch. I could tell there wasn't much hair there, if any at all. I could see the shadow of her slit, but not quite enough to make out the details of her pussy. I told her she should lay down on a chaise, on her side, so I could get a better look, and my be let the air help stop the bleeding. I led her over and she lay on her side, facing me. She held her suit up, thong like, so I could see, but that wasn't good enough. So I helped her move it more, pulling it more to the front,She held it like that for me, and I took every advantage to look into her bottoms. As I moved closer, and blew on her cut, I made sure I blew onto her crotch as well. She got goose flesh when I did that, so, I did it again. Shelly seemed to like that feeling, so I did it again and again.

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  Slowly, she began to squirm a little, and I kept on blowing into her bathing suit. Her squirming stopped, and I could see she had tensed up her muscles a bit. She let out a moan. "Does that hurt?"I asked. "No, it actually feels good, can you keep doing it?". "Sure". I repositioned myself, and as I did, I took the opportunity to look into her bathing suit top. It was open a bit, just enough for me to see her little breast. Her nipple was pointing out, like the goose flesh on her legs. I went back to my gentle blowing on her scrape. She was really enjoying this, I could tell. Every once in a while, she would reposition her hand under her bathing suit and pull it more to the front. Eventually, and I'm not sure if she knew it or not, but she had fully exposed her slit to the sunlight.

She was a little puffed out down there. I could see a dozen or so hairs starting to sprout out.

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  I made sure when i blew on her pussy, it was aimed at the hairs. She was enjoying this, as with every breath, she let out a moan.

I wasn't paying attention to how close I had gotten my face, until I felt the side of her hip against my cheek. We both jumped when it happened, but I didn't stop blowing into her crotch. Shelly saw finally that I was doing this intentionally, and rolled onto her back. Now, she had her pussy completely exposed to me, and there was no way for me to blow onto her cuts, all that was left, was to blow onto her pussy, and I did. Now I had the ability to blow up and down her slit, and boy did she like it. She lay there, pulling her suit aside, and raised and lowered her hips, gyrating and moaning all the while.

    I didn't care now, what happened. The next time she raised her hips, she met up with my tongue. I stuck my tongue out and got a good lick in, from her slit up to her clit. Her bare pussy was soft, but I didn't get a good taste, and I wanted a good taste. I love the taste of pussy, and this girls was going to be the sweetest. I took my hand and replaced hers on her bathing suit. I pulled it clean of to the side, and that gave me full access to her.

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      I took my thumbs and parted her lips, and put my tongue right to her slit. The taste was incredible. Her reaction was incredible. She pushed up against my face, forcing her cunt right into my mouth, and I licked her for all I was worth.

    I have liked the taste of pussy for a few years now, it was after I started to finger myself when I was younger. I found that my fingers would get wet, and out of curiosity, I tasted my own pussy juice. Since then I have experimented with other girls in my school,but Shelly's seems to taste so much better. Maybe it's that she is younger, or that she is a virgin, I don't know, but I have to taste her more.

    I pull her legs up and put them over my shoulders, and she digs in with her heals, I am burying my tongue as deep into her as I can. She is getting wetter, and she's so willing to let me do this to her, do this with her. I take my left hand and start to rub my pussy. This girl has me so turned on.

    Shelly can see that I'm starting to gyrate, and twists to see if she can catch a glimpse,"I want to watch you" she said. This has just gotten to be more fun.

    I sit back and move to a chair.

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      I take off my shorts and I'm sitting there, all exposed to Shelly. I'm not shaved, so she is seeing my pussy in all it's hairy glory. As I sit there exposed as I am, I can feel my pussy juices trickle down to my asshole, and it's cool, not to mention exciting. I reach down and open myself up to Shelly. I think this may be the best look at a pussy she has ever had. I dip my finger in just a bit to make it good and wet, and begin an assault on my clit. I stretched back, spread my legs and went to town. Shelly watched with amazement as I brought myself to a very wet orgasm. I don't spray when I cum, but I do drip. "Would you like to taste it?"I asked her. Without a word, Shelly was on her knees before me, I grabbed the back of her head and just pulled her tight against my crotch, forcing her face deep into my cunt. Quickly, she brought me to another orgasm, and it was wonderful.

    Shelly stood up, and I reached over and took her bathing suit bottom off her, exposing her to me. I turned her around and took little nibbles of her but cheeks, until I bent her over and put my tongue to her little brown asshole. There I licked her gently, tenderly, not wanting to startle her, and in time, I felt her calming down a bit, eventually enough for me to stick my tongue in, licking in and out of her butt.

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       Shelly liked this too, and started pushing back against my probing tongue.

    Shelly almost fell over, onto her head. She was getting very weak, so I pulled her to me, holding her, keeping her safe. He little butt cheeks were against me, resting on my pussy. She felt so warm there, I was getting all wet and sticky again. I squirmed against her, and she giggled that my hair was tickling her butt. I twisted her around a bit, and held her against my crotch.

    We scissored like that for some time, I must have cum 3 more times easily, and I have no idea how many times Shelly did, but there is no doubt, this girl has had a cum.

    After some sitting together, Shelly told me she wanted to do this all again, soon, but she was so wiped out right now, she just wanted to go in the house and sleep. With that, I got dressed and started for the front yard.

    "Hey"Shelly yelled,and came running up to me,"I don't know your name".

    "My name is Shelly, and I am you, but older". I walked out of the yard, and haven't been back since. .
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