Hitch Hiking 2


Topic: Hitch Hiking 2He looks me in the face and kissed me. He told me he wanted to make me his girlfriend. I asked him how was he going to do that because I am a boy not a girl. He said that he would dress me up like one and treat me as one. I would have everything I needed. I told him, I didn't know about that. As I sat there thinking about what he wanted to with me. I reach over and started to pump his hard dick up and down. He kept telling what he was going to do with me. He said that he wanted to dress me Like a little girl because I was so cute with my long blonde hair and willowie body frame. He said that we'd go to the store together and buy everything I would need to look like his little girl. The more he told me the more excited I got about the thought of dressing up like a girl. I was still jacking him off when I decided to let him make me his girlfriend. I told him that and he got really happy and asked me to suck his dick to celebrate choice.
    I leaned over and kissed the tip of his cock and started to lick it like a lolly pop. I was really getting into and thinking how i might look in a dress.

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   he held his hand behind my head and light rubbed my head as I tried to swallow his massive dick again. I was bobbing up and down on his head making him moan with pleasure. He was loving me sucking and licking him far just a few minute. I felt his dick getting hard as usual so I knew I would have his tasty treat in my mouth in a moment. When he startted to shot his load in my mouth this time He held my down tight on his dick. I swallowed load after load of his cream before it subsided. He let my head go and pulled my face to his and he kissed me again. He said now since I was his girl friend I had to have a girls name. He askeed me if I wanted to pick the name. I told him sure, I wanted it to be Lisamauri. He like the name and called me Lisamauri. He kissed me again and told me he would take me to where I was going and we would meet later this week. He told me I was to call him later and we'd make plans to go shopping. So he dropped me off and I went to my friends house.
     Later that week I called my new boyfriend and we chatted together like lovers.

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   We made plans for him to pick me up Saturday morning so we could go shopping. He told me to wear a pair of short shorts a t-shirt and to leave my hair down. He said I look more feminie that way. So I agreed to meet him Saturday.
     When Saturday came I met my boyfriend on time. I got into his car and leaned over and kissed on his lips.  He held me tight as we kissed . I reach between his legs and started to rub his dick. He moaned when I touched it. I stopped kissing him and asked if he missed me and he said he sure did. I sat next to him continuing to rub his dick as we drove down the street. His trouser were bulging the more I rubbed him. I was having fun teasing him. I would rub and once in awhile I would squeeze his dick making him moan again. He told me to stop it he was about to cum in his pants.

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   I said I'd take care of it. I unzipped his trousers and tried to pull his monster out of his pants But I couldn't because he was so hard. I unbuckled his belt and unbutton his trouser opening them up. He asked me what I was doing  because he was tring to drive the car. I told him I want to suck his dick before we went shopping. I pulled his shorts down alittle ways down so I could get his dick out. When I finially got his monster out I dove on it. sucking his head into as far as I could. I was going to town when he suddenlye shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it down loving the taste of every load. When he finished loading me up I placed his soft cock back into his trousers and sat there til we arrived at the mall.
    We had spent five hours going from one shop to the next. I was tring on and modeling everything for my boyfriend. He bought the whole works starting at panties plan cotton ones to thongs and fance frilly bottoms one. ankle and knee hi socks to garters and stocking.

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   slips and skirts to cotton print dresses. He bought me 8 nice out fits with all the frills. He had spent accouple thousand dollars just for me. As we were leaving we walked by a jewelry store. He stopped me and said no women is a women with out her jewelry. So he bought me some nice rings necklaces and earrings.   I was beaming as we walked out of the mall. He was treating me just like a girl. Making me feel really special. I knew I was his.
      When we got in the car, I leaned over and started kissing him madly thanking him for all the wonderful gifts he bought me. He laughed and told me I was welcome and to stop so we could get home and get me changed into one of the nice outfits. I was so excited waiting to see where he lived. It was taking awhile to get to his house. He lived way out in the suburbs in a really nice area.

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   We drove directly into his garage and and closed the door before we got out. Once we had everything in the house he took me on the grand tour. He had a  2 store 5 bedroom 4 1/2 bath house. He told me that I was the princess of the house. I kind of giggled thinking I had a place. We carried all of my clothes up stair to the master bedroom. He told me I had my own closet to put my stuff. It was really neat the ways he was treating me. I had never in my life been treated that way. I was loving it. My boyfriend was smiling and laughing at the excitement I was showing at what he offered.
      My boyfriend told me I should take a shower and get ready to go out and eat. I told him ok. He helped me to slip out of my shorts and t-shirt.   He asked me to stop and turn around so he could look at my naked body.

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   He had not seen me me totally naked til now. He stood there smiling at me. Seeing my small frame  willowy legs tight butt hairless crotch and small boy clit made him moan. He told me I was a lovely little lady. As I modeled my body for him, I could see he was getting hard again. I loved the feeling that I had that kind of effect on man. His dick was pulsing in his pants when I started to help him with his problem. He stopped me and told me to take my shower. He said I will give it to you later. I said OK , but are you sure. You look like your going to rip your trousers. He chuckled and said he would be fine now get in there and take a bubble bath. I want you to smell like a little girl. I said ok as I entered my I took my first bubble bath and loved it. I was being to feel really femine.

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   I was loving it. I went into the bedroom after my bath and seen my boyfriend had laid my clothed out for me. He had laid them out in the order that I was to put them on. I started to put on my first garter belt and stocking. I love the feel of they nylons stocking gave when I put them on. It was so exciting I was starting to get a hard boys clit. He had put out the silk frilly bottom panties and a full slip. I was really getting turned on with all the smooth feeling under garments and stuff. Then I put this really frilly dress. It fell to mid knee. I was looking hot.   I called for my boyfriend to come in and give me a hand buttoning up the back of my dress. I remember me helping my mom button up her dresses when she got dressed. He stepped into the room and froze at the door. He was so over taken by my appearance.

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   I looked just like a little girl. He said OH MY GOD your lovely. I started to blush knowing how I was affecting this grown man with my body.   He still stood at the door, when I asked could you help me button my dress.   He seems to snap out of it and walked behind me and buttoned me up.  He rapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.   I love having him kiss me like he was. It was a tatally new experience for me and I was loving it. I was finially ready and my boyfreind took my arm and escorted me to his car opening the door and everything for me. We had a wonderful time while out. I was passing as alittle girl. All the men was staring at me some even made comments on how lovely I was. Some of the women would make comments like isn't she so cute look at that those dimples. I was doing alot of blushing from all the compliments. My boyfriend was pretending that I was her daddy and I was loving it.

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   to think what these people would say if they only new the truth.
      All the way home I was giddy with excitement. I knew I was going to have a wonderful fucking coming to me. I had to prove to my boyfriend that he was the only one for me. When we got into the house he scooped me up in his arms and kissed me hard and wet.
    I was totally hard with the kiss he had just gavce me. I was his baby girl and he was showing me. He carried me up to the bed room and laid me in the middle of the bed. Before he got into the bed with me he got undressed and them laid next to me totally naked. I could see his dick and how hard he was. I tried to reach down for it but he stopped me. He started kissing meand running his hands all over my body. I was enjoying every bit of his attention. He ran his hadns under my dress and started to finger my boy clit and sliding a finger into my boy pussy . I was moaning with total plesure.

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        As i was being finger fucked i finially got ahold of his monster and started to jack him off. His meat was so thick and hot I just wanted to take him in my ass as soon as I could get it there.  
    My boyfriend had undid my stocking and was sliding them down my long legs. It felt nice as he took my panties off and had me roll over so he could undue my buttons to take off my dress.   WhemI was completely naked he laid down next to me again and started to fondle my breast and sucking on one. I moaned feeling how wonderful it felt to have him playing with my boy breasts. ias he sucked me I asked him if I could suck his monster. He said he would like to suck my clit as I sucked his monster. I was excited at the thought. I had nevr done a 69 before.   He got into position and his monster was face to face with me. I took it into my hands and stroked it as I licked it up and down. I was feeling my boyfriend playing with my clit. licking and sucking it. Every now and then he would slide his tongue down to my ass and burn his tongue deep into it making me melt with every thrust.


      I took his monster into my mouth and sucked on his head. We played like this for quite awhile when my boyfriend  told he wanted to mount me again.   I rolled over on my belly expecting him to want to take me that way.   He told me to roll back on my back. He took my ankles and lifted them up over my head. He told me to place my arms over them so I could hold them there while he lubed me up. He reached into the night stand and took out a big bottle of JY Jelly. He sqirted my boy cunt with lots of it making sure plenty of it got inside. the he pumped 2 of his finger deep into my pussy making me ready for him. He then lubed his monster and stoked it making sure it was completely slick.  
    He positioned himself behind my pussy. I laid there in in total anticipation of his wonderful monster entering me.   As I felt him line his monster up with my boy pussy, he told me he was going to enter me now. I held my breath as i felt he start to lay his weight into it. I tried to relaxe remembering how it felt the first time.

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       I felt more and more pressure on my pussy hole as he started to enter me. I was bitting my lip to keep from crying out. I wanted him to know I could take what he was giving me. He gave one last quick thrust and with a popping sound . He entered my pussy.
      I whimpered when he entered me and felt a tear appear on cheek. He seen the tear and kissed it away. Telling what a big girl I was taking all of his monster inside him.  He was driving his monster deep into my pussy. He told me damn your so tight. But I was whimpering as he started to slowly thruat his monster in and out of pussy. He started to pick up his speed as he fucked me. The faster he fuckjed me the more I get to liking theway it felt. he was ramming his dick in and out me for about an hour. He had caused me to orgasum again.

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       But I still didn't shoot any cum because of my age.
    I almost passed out when I orgasumed. I was in such a sate of arosal that it felt wonderful. I grabbed him around the neck and kissed him full on the lips. I looked into his eyes and told him that I loved him more tahn he will evr know. I wanted to be his girlfriend forever. I was loving what he did for me. He told me he loved me too. and that he wanted me as his girlfreind forever. I hugged him close as he continued to pound my pussy. I was starting to have another stronge orgasum when he let loose with his load of cream for me ass. I started to shutter and shake as I orgasumed. Holding on to him as we both came together I felt so secure and safe. He loaded my pussy up with his cream it was sqirting out my ass with his deep thrusts. He finially stopped cumming and laid spent on top of me for a long time as he caught his breath.

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       I licked and kissed his neck. telling him how wonderful he made me feel. I asked him how often could we meet. I wanted him to fill my pussy many many more time. He sais we would arrange something. When he finially pulled out of me pussy I went down and started to clean his cock. He told me how wonderful it felt and how much fun we were going to have in the future. He told me, he had some friend he wanted me to meet one of these days. I just kept cleaning his say, All I could say in a hum was  uhhuh. he smiled when I said that while licking him clean. After I cleaned his dick I lay next to him and fell asleep in his arms.
           If you enjoyed this give me some feedback. If I get feedback there could be a 3rd Hitch Hiker. the boyfriends friends. I know you will enjoy it.

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       bear56bear@yahoo. com for comment. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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