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Topic: Hitchhikers Ordeal Hi Im a 16 year old girl living in a typical suburb of america . I stand about 5'6 and weight 120 or so pounds , blondish red hair green eyes . I have firm 34 c breasts and nice round hips , and Im told a bubble ass . I live with my parents , well my Mother and her boyfreind . Her boyfreind is why I decided to run away , see he caught me over at the neighbours house . Hes a older black man named Jurad , I was over because mom needed me to ask him if he had some butter .
Well he was smoking a joint and invited me in and we smoked a joint together ,my mothers boyfreind came and knocked on the door and there we were . So he decided he wanted to ground me , somthing I dident like and wasent going to live with . So I left , I dident have a place to go but I was 16 and thought I could do anything .
I remeber standing on the highway and the first ride was a really nice lady . She took me as far as the next city and gave me 15 dollars . I slept in a buss station the first night and hit the highway again . I got a ride by this guy named Joe . Joe was 56 and a traveling salesman , he had this facination with staring at my breasts . Other then that he was a decent guy . Creepy but decent , he said hed take me to Texas where he was headed .

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   I was happy Id never been to texas and anywhere was better then here .
The first night he got a small hotel room and we shared the bed he dident try anything with me but I knew he had a hard on . I turned over and saw his covers off him and saw his cock rock hard sticking out of his boxers ! Id never seen a dick before and his was long and thick . Maybe 8' and I quickly turned back over and went to sleep . The second night I caught him jerking off and watched him as he shot a load all over the sheets unaware I was watching .
The next morning I had gotten out of the shower and came out in a towel he had just gotten out of bed and I saw his cock spring out he smiled at me and said good morning . I kept staring at his cock and then muttered somthing about needing to get my clothes on and grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom . I couldent belive I had now had a urge to touch this mans cock !  Soon enough I came out and he was dressed and smiling . "So I was thinking since this will be our last night "he said "Why dont I order Pizza and we can have a decent meal" I was agreeable and we were off .
That night all the hotels were booked and we had to get a adult motel . The one that porn plays on them all the time . Well he ordered pizza and we ate and I showered and got ready to go to bed .
    . . I awoke to soft moans and the dull flicker of the tv .

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       There he sat and was jerking off to my pantys I cleared my throat and he flung around . He seemed slightly embarrased and tried to appolagize then I relized my breast was exsposed and he seemingly lost control he reached out and felt my breast ! I couldent move really so sat there paralyized as his hand squeezed my breast and he leaned in and began to suck on my nipple . My first reaction was to say no but then a moan escaped my lips and I felt his hand take mine and place it on his thick cock and begin to guide my hand stroking his shaft.
    I took in a deep breath as he leaned me back and asked me to give him a blow job . . I said id try and soon my lips wrapped around his swollen head . I sucked down his cock almost fully before I gaged and he moaned deeply and sat and fucked my mouth . He pulled out and pushed my legs apart and then my pantys to the side and pushed that massive cock into my young pussy . He moaned and began to ease himself into me . I sat back and took each thrust he gave me . And soon he pulled out and came all over my breasts and let me suck his cock clean . I never saw him again , but I thank him for now taking my virginity .
    A month later I was headed home as I was caught by the police . . .

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