Hymen Snap (Chapter One)


I'm a bit of a sexual predator.

I don't go around drugging and raping women, or chasing teenage girls on internet forums. But I do have a penchant for the weird and wonderful. If I had to choose just one fetish to live with for the rest of my life, it would be no strings attached, public sex. For me it is the Holy Grail of sexual encounters, Elysium for my weary cock.

At the time I had just enjoyed my 31st birthday and was optimistic about the future. Sure, I don't have a long term girlfriend, but I was spoilt for choice when it came to sex. In my mid 20s I had taken up dogging and slowly but surely fucking old women in car parks at night evolved into something much better. There's a real market for women who want to be taken in the ass in broad daylight, you've just got to know where to look.

I should explain some of my early life. I had an early fascination with my sister. She's three years older than me and with perfect, tiny breasts. I don't remember when I first started hunting through her room but it immediately proved a worthwhile endeavour. Whilst I was sitting in my room wanking off over dirty magazines, my sister had a life and a succession of boyfriends. I never found photos of videos of her in compromising situations, but I found two vibrators: one small and white, and one big and pink. Surrounded by her dirty panties (she has an extremely smelly vagina, something that still turns me on) I would work my own ass with these dildos before jacking off into her toothpaste or face cream; somewhere I knew would eventually enter her.

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This eventually graduated into breaking into our neighbours house. She was a single lady living on her own and we had her key for security reasons. Almost every day I would sneak in and after a week or so I located her vibrator. When I knew she was away I would finger myself with her vibrator and cum in her milk. I managed to smuggle a pair of cum-smeared panties out of there as well and, to my great relief, was never caught.

Now we move forward 14 years. Let me describe myself physically. I am 5'10, slightly doughy physique but not fat. I have brown hair and I have never cared to shave my genitals. As for the genitals themselves, my cock is about 6 inches and resolutely uncut. I am neither attractive nor ugly and, on the whole, I serve to improve the self esteem of ugly or old ladies. The first time I had sex in public was with a man. We sucked each other off and that was the first and last time I will swallow another man's semen. I became determined at that point to only fuck women and, with a couple of exceptions, have kept my promise.

This story starts in the summer time.

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   My main hunting ground is bicycle paths which, during the day, bored housewives go jogging down. Exposing your penis to them isn't fool proof but on a couple of occasions it had done the trick and, at the worst, you get to jerk off in public. Every time a man would cycle or run down I would surreptitiously pretend to be peeing. There were some teenagers who came down (16-20) but they acted both disgusted and uninterested. I had never really given thought to what I'd do if I saw a child on her own. Because I went in the middle of the day they were all usually at school, but had I thought about it I would have been turned on. I never thought I would end up having sex with underage girls but that's exactly what happened. And it all started one balmy summer's day with a young girl called Becca. . .

That day I had already shown my cock to a passing woman (milf) and had received the cursory 'Fuck Off!'. I was getting ready to cum when I saw the figure that I now know was Becca, walking her dog. Once she was close enough to make out, I thought that she was about 7. I found that my cock was throbbing all the more, but I decided not to do anything. Fate had a different idea.

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The dog should have been on a lead but carelessly Becca had left it off and suddenly it was bounding over to me. Becca has immediately begun to chase the dog and so, by the time it jumped up at me, she was right next to me. I used both hands to pet the dog down but in doing so my penis, which I had tucked away, came flopping out momentarily. Even though I quickly grabbed it and covered it up I knew that she had seen. I was more horny than I had ever been before.

'Sorry about Buster' She said in an extremely girlish voice. She didn't acknowledge what she had seen and, despite her age, I got the impression that she had understood what it was.

'No problem' I said, 'but that's what leads are for. ' Her blonde hair had begun to ripple in the wind. I had thought she was about 7 because her body was so small, but her face made her seem a little older.

'Yes' she said, 'Sorry. . . ' She stood before me looking both recalcitrant and subservient. A weaker man than me would have bent her over and raped her then and there.

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'Why aren't you in school? How old are you?' I asked, as innocently as possible.

'11' 11! My heart swooped! Within my twisted morality, 11 was old enough to make your own choices. Perhaps I would let my penis come falling out again. . .

'I'm Mikey. What's your name?'

'Becca' Two syllables. One perfect person.

I held my hand out (all the while keeping one on my escapee cock) and she shook it. It was the first time I ever touched her and I deliberately held it longer than was normal. Even when she finally let go my hand swung down to her hip and placed itself there. She looked uneasy but it was certainly not unwelcome.

'Do you come here often Becca?'

'No. It's the first day of the summer holidays,' Of course!, 'and I'm on dog walking duties. So I'll be here everyday.

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  ' She spoke it as though it were an invitation, 'At three o'clock. Do you come here often?'

'Everyday at three o'clock too' I said automatically even though I had never been there before. I had already decided what I would be doing for every afternoon of the next however-many weeks. Until she was mine. She grabbed Buster by the collar and began to lead him off.

'Well, I'll see you tomorrow I guess. ' She said it perfectly innocently but I could not resist slipping my hand from her hip and patting that perfect bum as she begun to walk off. If she found it strange she did not betray her feelings. Instead she walked off in perfect happiness and left me standing their dumfounded, bewildered and in love. . .

Please comment if you like or dislike. I will continue later. . .

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