She started to rotate her hips and as she became more turned on she went faster until she was fucking my face. Sometimes she got really weird and dirty and she would make me strip naked then she would kiss me all over and then she would suck my dick and try to put a finger up my arse. When I said it hurt she told me turn round and she licked my bum-hole – I could feel her trying to force her tongue into my arse. She told me that I would like it if I had something in my bottom – like a woman likes it when she is being fucked. She told me she lets her boyfriend put his penis in her arse instead of fucking her from the front. A few times she persuaded me to let her put some ointment on her fingers and push it inside my hole - I was told that I would get used to it and start to like it. She liked it when she had a finger in my arse and was masturbating me at the same time. Then she got me to do it to her – with my finger – in her arse – then she told me to use two. One day she talked for ages and told me how pleased she was that I was an obedient boy and liked the games. I knew something was different because she hadn’t touched me after more than an hour. Then she told me follow her downstairs and we went into a side room. There was a man in there – a member of staff – she pushed me in gently and I heard her lock the door behind us. We all sat on the couch – me in the middle – and the man started asking me questions. He asked if I was happy at the home and did I like Shirley – some of the questions were a bit odd. He went to the cupboard and got a bottle and some glasses and poured two drinks. He gave Shirley one then told me not to tell anyone as alcohol was banned in the home and they would get into trouble.

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   He said that as a reward he would let me have a little drink – and I went along with it. When Shirley stood to get her drink he started to kiss her in front of me. Gradually he got more daring and started to rub her tits. They both seemed to be looking at my reaction to what they were doing and the man asked me if I was embarrassed. Shirley had a wicked smile on her face and told him that I would be OK with it. The man undid her blouse and pulled her bra up – Shirley just let him. When the man looked at me and laughed Shirley told him that I would enjoy watching because I could be a very naughty boy. The man then said that I should have a better look and turned Shirley more toward me so I could see her tits better. He was looking at me all the time and when I started to fidget because I felt uncomfortable he laughed and said I was probably getting a hard on. Shirley gave a sexy moan and agreed with him – she put her hand on his crotch as though to make it clear the thought had turned her on. “I’m very naughty making two men go hard – and making them want to do things to me. ”It was all a big corny act and I felt like laughing myself then. After a while I saw the man undo her skirt and she let it fall to the ground. They made me watch them kiss a bit and then she slowly unzipped his fly and took his cock out. The man asked me what I thought of her body and he ran his hands over her panties and pointed out how see-through and flimsy they were.

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   Then he asked her if they should stop and behave themselves because I was getting embarrassed just sat there watching them. Shirley had other ideas and I saw that look of wickedness in her eyes. “I think he would like to join in and have some fun too – isn’t that right Michael?”The man smiled and went to fill their glasses all the time watching my reaction. His dick was sticking out of his pants and he made no attempt to put it away. Shirley with her blouse fully unfastened and her skirt off came to sit next to me. She waited while the man sat down too and I was surprised that he sat the opposite side of me leaving me in the middle. I thought the idea was that if Shirley wanted us both to play with her that she would be in the middle. I was conscious of the man next to me with his dick out of his pants – erect. When he saw me looking he said, “Does that interest you Michael?” He had a funny tone to his voice and I saw Shirley smile and then she let out a sigh. I didn’t answer and I tried to avoid looking at them until I felt Shirley’s hand on my pants. When I put my hand out to stop her unzipping me it was pulled away by the man. Now I started to get scared a little and froze while Shirley gave a little laugh and pulled my cock out. “It’s fine don’t worry – relax and be a good boy like you usually are. We want you to play some different games with us – just do as we tell you. ” Shirley sounded possessed again like she did when she was really aroused.

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  The man kept hold of my hand and while she pulled my cock she whispered to me to hold the man’s penis. My hand was guided to his dick and when I resisted she squeezed my balls hurting me. I let him close my hand round his cock and Shirley told me to wank him. I obeyed and I think Shirley was more excited than he was – she directed me, first faster then slower. Then she really shocked and scared me – she whispered to me that she wanted to watch me suck his dick. When I refused she grabbed my chin and angrily reminded me of what she could make happen. The man waited patiently while her threats had the desired effect – in the end I was half forced down – half voluntarily because I was scared – until my face was next to his cock – he guided it to my mouth and ashamed to say I opened up and began to suck him. They were now both very turned on and almost manic. I could tell by the way Shirley’s hands touched my body and penis – and by the noises she made that watching me do this was exciting her beyond belief. The man held my head and told me to use my hands on him – moving his foreskin up and down. Shirley warned me not to be difficult while she pulled my lower body sideways toward her and stripped off my trousers. I felt her playing with my arse and penis and then she took it a stage further – she began to put her fingers in my bum – lubricated with some oil stuff. It went on a while until they both got really excited making me do things – then I was forced on my knees with my bum sticking up in the air. The man was playing around with me and when I looked up I saw Shirley had taken off all her lower clothing and was sat holding her cunt open. You can guess what I had to do – they made me start to lick her.

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  I had gotten used to the fingers in my arse but not for what happened next – the man penetrated me – in my arse. It took a while – I screamed and fought but in the end I was made to give in. It still wasn’t easy because I couldn’t relax my muscles even though I knew it would hurt less – but in the end – his penis entered me. Shirley was ecstatic and rubbed her crotch against me while she watched. I was anally raped while I was made to lick her cunt. They were like animals and at the end when the man had come I was kept there while Shirley reached orgasm. That was the beginning – over the next few months it happened on a regular basis. Once I was made to lie on top of Shirley and fuck her while the man entered me from behind. Unfortunately I always got hard when I was touched so they just laughed and said I must enjoy what they did. I got to know after a time that other boys were being made to take part in the same sort of stuff but only two or three from the same homes – so not to many of them could meet up and talk about it. Some boys had quite severe learning difficulties and they could easily be made to feel terrified of squealing. Others just thought it was a game that was normal but had to be kept secret so that others didn’t keep asking to be allowed to join in. I know that in a few cases that the boys themselves had very perverted habits and desires – and that Shirley and her male friends had promised them that they would help them to practice bad things if they went along with them. The boys were crafty enough to realise that it was in their interest if they wanted to practise their bad habits – and that Shirley would even be a willing participant in some cases!”The interview went on for a while and Mandy tried to ignore the strange feelings she was having. Michael was asked for more names and whereabouts of other boys and eventually enough material was gathered to enable the investigators to branch out with their enquiries.

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   When it came time for Mandy to go off duty she was relieved – but very restless. Having to stay at the house for the duration of the interviews Mandy told her boss she would like some time to herself away from the building. She showered changed and took off to a bar to collect her thoughts. Not wanting to become intoxicated she settled for a couple of drinks and having eaten she strolled round the park. That was a mistake – her isolation brought her thoughts back to the strange feelings she had experienced – thoughts of sex. By the time Mandy had walked through the park she had convinced herself that no one would know – that she needed to do it – that it would be safe! Mandy wanted sex – she wasn’t up to seducing any of her fellow officers – not yet – she didn’t have a willing regular partner – but she knew where she could get that sexual satisfaction from. It was this reasoning that found her taking a cab to the other side of town. Very soon she was knocking on a door – Peter’s door. “Can I come in, Peter?” she asked when the boy answered. The boy looked warily at her and waved her in. Mandy decided the boy was only just capable of living in the community and his simple outlook on life meant he was always going to be vulnerable. “No more questions!” said Peter and carried on looking at his book leaving Mandy standing in the middle of the room. Mandy waited for a moment and then spoke to the boy, “I’m not here to ask you questions Peter. It’s about the naughty thing you did last time I was here – you know what I mean – it could get you in lots of trouble. ”Peter looked up at her trying to understand what she was leading to.

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  “I know now that the social worker lady liked you to do that. I know that she liked to be naughty as well – it was a secret between you both wasn’t it? I know all about it Peter – will you share your secret with me? You don’t need to answer questions – I want you to show me – show me what you did with Shirley. ”Mandy sat down opposite Peter letting her skirt ride up her thighs but not enough to display her panties. Peter’s eyes went to her crotch and then he looked her in the eyes, a blank expression on his face. “I watched you have a wank Peter – did Shirley watch you wank?”Eventually the boy nodded. “She did other things too – like show you her tits,” said Mandy, slowly unbuttoning her shirt. “She did it to make your cock hard – because she knew you like to see a woman undress – she liked to see you take your dick out and play with it. Take it out for me Peter – and I’ll undress for you – like Shirley did. ”When the boy simply obeyed and brought out his penis Mandy knew he was putty in her hands. Her apparent control over the boy made her excitement intense and she felt an amazing urge to indulge in any sort of perverted sex this boy might desire. To encourage him she completely unfastened her top and pulled it open to show her barely covered breasts. She hitched up her skirt all the way to her hips and sat wide legged showing Peter the damp gusset of her panties. “That’s what the lady did for you, Peter – show me what else you did together. ”Mandy watched wide-eyed as Peter stood and silently stripped off his pants and then his underwear. From beneath his shirt his proud penis stood to attention and Mandy licked her lips and gasped now she saw the full extent of its girth and length.

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   When Peter started walking toward her Mandy’s heart fluttered and her excitement intensified. Obediently he stood before her and she nervously reached out and took hold of his weapon. “Shirley liked me to fuck her,” said Peter who just stood still allowing Mandy to examine his prick. “She liked to suck my cock – I had to suck her too – lick her cunt. ”Peter stopped talking and the silence was a little uncomfortable for Mandy. “Good boy Peter – I want to do naughty things with you – did you enjoy licking her cunt?”Mandy smiled when she saw the boy nod his head. “I want you to lick mine – take my panties off first – do it to me. ”Mandy’s voice was very slow and seductive – but very firm – much to her delight the boy obeyed. Breathing deeply she watched the boy sit between her legs and peel down her panties. As one limb was freed of the material she swung it wide opening her crack and was delighted to see Peter take pleasure from the view. When she saw him lower his head and bury it in her vagina she gently held his head and pushed her hips forward to help him. Writhing against his face Mandy couldn’t believe how expert he was at licking pussy – and wasted no time in telling him. For several enjoyable minutes she moaned and abandoned herself to the forbidden pleasures of the boys tongue then she shouted out. “Fuck me!” Holding her legs wide and pussy open she begged the boy who took just a few seconds to prime his cock and kneeling down between her legs he pulled her body over the edge of the chair and rammed it home up her hole. Mandy began to receive the hardest most prolonged fucking she had ever had.

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   The control of the boy was amazing as he went at it like a piston engine. Long after Mandy had reached orgasm the boy worked away until finally he reached a crescendo and shot his sperm inside her. The boy had no social graces so when spent he merely flopped down and pushed his cock back into his pants. Certainly not wanting to stop for coffee Mandy quickly made her self decent and after telling Peter she would probably call again started to make her way out of the room. “You can come back!” shouted Peter after her, “But don’t bring the men. I don’t like it when there are men. Just women – I like it when there are just women – it was always better when there was just women. ” Mandy stopped in her tracks – “What do mean Peter – don’t you mean just one woman – the social worker Shirley?”“Not telling you anything else – you said no questions!”Peter glared at Mandy telling her she shouldn’t press for more – there would be another time. The lady detective reassured the boy and left the room but at the back of her mind a question lurked – was there more than one woman or was it a slip of Peter’s tongue. She decided to try and solve the problem – walking through the door she shouted back to Peter. “Its fine – the other women won’t get into trouble!”“Good!” replied the boy, “Most were kind to me – gave me money. ”Mandy’s question had been answered – but how could she explain to her boss when he asked how she had come across this knowledge? She drove back to the house in very deep thought. .

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