Topic: ITS NOT TABOO TO ME Its not taboo to me.
 This was back a while when £500 was a years wages for most people. I'll get into the tale had been described from an early age as everything from a pest to the devil incarnated in human form. The one I remembered and appreciated most came from my old grandfather. Not given to swearing around women and kids,I got his goat so much one day he told my mother I was a little fucker. Now as a young teenager that's just what I aimed to be, - 'A little fucker for real' - the reason I told myself was my sister,5 years my senior,making her ninteen. Her mouth was sensuous but had a habit of targeting me,trying to drop me in the shit all the time,but god that figure of her's was really to blame,it was nigh on perfect and since she'd caught me ogling it when she posed naked in front of her mirror studying herself, - she was seventeen then - I took a slap from her,but was determined to get my handson her body one way or another.
 This brings me to a further point about her that led up to that first one; A time before when we were younger,call it my formative years, I'd been lucky enough to catch her at a compromised moment. What this was is this. I'd already realised she had a thing about money, - Subsequently I now know virtually all women have. -  So as I was saying,I came upon her with a gang of my friends and others stood in front of her in a queue. Nosily I crept about until I could see what was amiss and on concluding this,I too joined the queue. I had what was needed, - A shilling (5p) now, - That's what each kid was giving her regardless of age and for this they got to put a hand inside the top of her knickers and have a feel of her slice.
 Shit when it got to my turn she looked, - Having till then not noticed it was her brother,being only interested in each shilling she got. - "Not you,you little spook,I'm your sister,you can't" - "I'll give you two" I said, "No not even for five,I'm your sister for christ sake. Buzz off and if you dare tell mum or dad,I'll unscrew your neck from your body,then you'll be dead" Dejected I buggered off and felt gutted,all these other kids had had a feel and I was the only one not to have touched a real pussy.

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   I hated her at that moment,but it had not been lost on me that girls or women for that matter would do things for money. I set my mind on two things that day. One I'd get enough money when I was older to get women to do my bidding and two,I'd get enough money soon to get my sister to let me feel hers. . .
 Now in the interim period,a bloke had a bit of bad luck that became my good luck. I was mooching about on a waste bit of ground and saw this bloke with a shabby old grocery bag,meant nothing at first but he missed his step or something and in grabbing the bag tightly as he stumbled,a couple of things like pots of pepper fell out,panicking he grabbed up these tubes and went on his way,I in turn was sure he'd missed at least one so quickly wandered over to investigate if my eyes hadn't deceived me. Sure enough this roll,for that's what it was,about as thick as a man's hard cock was lost in some long stubbly grass just adjacent to where he stumbled. My first thought was to chase after him and offer it back,thinking he may reward me,but on making a further study of this roll it had a rubber band round it and on peeling this off,I found it was a roll of bank notes. More than I could even imagine. Reward like hell! I'd got the reward I fancied and I knew what I'd be doing with some of it and all.
 Non the less I traipsed after the old bloke in his general direction only to see him going into a pawn brokers that us locals knew was a criminals exchange so to speak. OK,he probably came by his plunder dishonestly,so he wouldn't miss a bit I reckoned and I was now rich enough to get things sorted with sister for a start. First to hidde my booty,then to use a bit to get some change, - Keep her price as low as possible,after all a feel was only a shilling a while back, - But I reckoned now she was as she called it 'All grown up' I'd need a quid (£1) for a look. I wasn't to sure about the price of a feel,but a feel I intended to have,no matter how much it was and I meant a real feel,not a quick down the front of her knickers but a good long time with her knickers off and out of the way.

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 I chose my chance and had a plan. I intended offering a pound,but I would wave a bigger note so she could see there was more for her to get. I also knew she on going to bed spent time admiring herself,but then again she done this most of the time. So an opportunity presented itself as I knew it would. Having bathed,she,while I waited in my own room,passed back into hers. I heard a drawer open and shut and knew by stealth she was getting and putting on a bra and pants. I also knew she'd present herself for supper for an hour then go off to her room as did I. So I gently opened her door. "God,you're so lovely when you've just got out of the bath I could eat you"
 She whipped round, "Not you again,you're too late you perv,I've already put them on,don't you ever tire of trying to see my private bits? - This was all done quietly,I'd suspected for some time she got a buzz from tormenting my hormones or something because she'd stopped yelling to mum and stood with just panty's and bra' blatantly tormenting,and she knew it! My cock was hard and throbbing but she couldn't see that. "What you after apart from that you perv" - "I've got something you might like but it'll cost you" - "What could you have that I'd want you lump head? - Such affection from my sibling always so loving!! - "No,its something you'd be really interested in if I showed you" - "Not a wriggly thing like you tried on before is it,go on away and leave me alone" - "No,my wriggly is stiff anyway" - "Piss off,I meant that time when. . . her voice tapered off realising it had been the time she wouldn't let me feel her pussy down the front of her knickers. -"That - time - Oh nothing. .

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  . you know what I mean!" - "Yeah,funny though,it is about that in a way" - "Eh,how? What can that have to do with anything,we're a lot older now anyway"
 "Exactly,it must be really lovely now with lots of fur all over it" - "Pervert,why don't you just piss off" - "Okay,so you don't want it,this pound" - "What pound,where would you get a pound anyway,you're lying you little creep,go on push off downstairs there's nothing for you to see here" - I made to go just as she peered closer into the mirror at her face. My cock gave a pulse as in so doing and with the type of knickers of the day, - Frilly loose legged. I got a glimpse of the bum cheek creases just peeping out from below the bottom. - "What do you think this is then? Smoke" Almost out through the door,I had a fiver poking from my pocket while gripping it in case she made a grab for it.
 "Can't be real,where the hell would you get a whole five pound note from anyway?" - Boldly,I pulled it out and added,you could have the whole one for a price" - "Blackmailer,what price? anyway what about the pound thing,what was it you wanted for that? - Answering her own question, - Don't tell me,its what I got those shillings for,it is I bet" - "You're good wetty Betty,I'll give you that. Got it in one" - "See,I was right,you are a pervert,I'm still your sister mind" - "Yeah,but do I get a feel?" - I added the pressure by pulling a separate pound from another pocket" - "What another pound,just how much have you got you little cretin and where has it come from anyway" - "No need to know that,do I get that feel then?" - "She weakened, - "I'll think about it,now piss off. . . Oh! the fiver,what was that offer for,for doing what? - "Letting me play with it proper" Her balled up dirty knickers shot towards me as I disappeared, "Filthy pig,no way not ever" she hissed forcefully at my shadow.
 Later a nod from sis as she said, "I'll make another cuppa mum or cocoa shall I?" - I followed her out, "There's biscuits in the barrel,I'll get them as well Betty,okay mum?" The excuse was a cover to see what Betty wanted, Kettle on, "That pound,give it to me now and you can,I want it before though,I don't trust you" - A pound out of my riches was peanuts,but she couldn't know that. - "I'll give you it,but when do I collect?" - "Now,here,go on give it to me and do it while the kettles boiling" I clicked the switch off immediately and she smiled at that, - "Not long mind,we may get caught else" I passed the pound to her and with a trembling hand and my heart pounding I fed my hand through the buttoned gaps of her dressing gown and felt for the top of her knickers waistband.
 Now looking up at the ceiling,her eyes closed as she felt my trembling fingers passing inside the top of her knickers and I had the first feel of her lovely soft curly moss above her slit. My fingers searching lower felt a warm moist part and as I felt more she pressed her legs forward and open a bit until I could feel a very wet slit. "Where's that cocoa and biscuits then? What you two doing so long out their,how long does it take to boil a kettle,I could jump through the pair of you" - "Sorry mum,the cretin hit the kettle switch off and I never realised it" - Betty grinned from ear to ear.

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   I crept really close in to her, "You're soaking wet down there" - "Shhh! I know,its you and your damn money. What did I have to do again for your fiver? Is that all you've got?" - I slowly nodded NO! - "Let me lay with you and look at it and play with it properly" - She looked but said nothing as she poured the boiling water.
 We took the cups and stuff out together. "My room after they've gone to bed,bring that fiver mind,nothings a freebie here" she pointed at her pussy and tits. - "Fuck I never mentioned tits,she's just put then into the ring" I was hard again,I wonder,I just wonder if she'll handle mine as I feel her,after all she was as wet as hell between the legs. . .
 All was now silent,too silent,I shit as my bed creaked as I got off it to go to Betty's room. With heart pounding like a hammer I went into the completely darkened room,stubbed my toe and suffered in silence. Now in bed with her I whispered, "I nearly broke my toe its so dark. I can't see it like this" A flash light lit up giving an eirie form of light that displayed my sisters erect nipples with great shadows across the sheets. She was totally naked. I quickly pulled my pants off making me naked also. As my cock touched her thigh she pulled back. "I didn't tell you to do that,you're only here to have a feel not the other.

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   I never thought you'd be that big and fat down there though,you're only a kid really"
 I nearly cum as she gripped her hand around my shaft. "That fiver,does it allow me a squeeze now you've taken it out for me?" - "Of course,you can do anything you like with it no charge" - Grinning she slapped my cock making it sting. "OW" - "SHH,they might hear us" I took the flash light and settled between her legs to look and play. She lay back and let me feel all over it as she got noticably wetter and wetter. It was a lovely pussy,peeping lips tucked between puffy sides. I pulled these apart to see a pink inside with a small hole and a slippery gooey wetness.  - "Touch up under my hood,that bean thing I like that,but don't try and push your finger up in me too far,I'm still a virgin" I touched her then I done it quicker and she lifted her legs up bringing her heels to her bum cheeks,the more I played the higher her hips rose until as she gasped and jerked she grabbed at her legs and pulled them up and open so wide I could see it all pink up inside her slit with a whitish membrain showing that she had a really small hole in the middle of this skin. "I can see your virginity,its beautiful" - I'd moved to see more and in doing so,her hand came down her side and took hold of my cock as one leg rested across my ass cheek.
 Frantically she wanked at me as she had her orgasm. - "Don't try to fuck me,please don't I know I want you too but don't,resist it because I know I wont be able to if you put it there near it" - I couldn't answer as her frantic wanking of my cock shot sperm all over the place. Her hand stopped and I switched off the flash light as I lay across her now limp torso. I crawled up her body and kissed her nipples,She whispered, "That's making my toes curl,thanks for not doing it,I couldn't have stopped you it was making me cum so hard"
 I felt guilty for not fucking her but sad that she admitted she wouldn't have been able to resist my cock. . . "Does this mean we're at a new stage of understanding?" - "Maybe.

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   Where did you get that sort of money?" - The magic was gone in an instant,that's not to say I wasn't going to follow her admission of wanting my cock,but it looked like I'd have to pay some. Who cares,its only money and we're both virgin's but will she come back to reality by the morning. - I crept back to my room on her say so. - Back in bed I wondered where my sperm splattered too and how she'd hide it from mum,her problem I suppose,after all she got six quid for dealing with that little problem. I'm such a shit ain't I?