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“Well their Jack early as always. Would you like to help open the School with me again?” she asked as Jack came through the open door. The principal was Ms. Winters a matronly woman of forty-three that was not so bad looking if you liked old people. She was wearing an expensive Navy suit and a pink shirt and tie and heals. “Sure Ms. Winters just let me put my books in my locker and I will meet you down the hall. OK” Jack replied politely as he wished that he lived closer to school so he could walk and not have to help the ‘old lady’ all the time. Saying no never entered his mind. He had been taught to respect his elders and that meant that if he was asked to do something the only answer was yes sir or mama. So as always he was stuck doing what he did not want to. He put his books away and met Ms. Winters and got the keys and went around the school unlocking all the classrooms and exit doors and when he was done he took the keys to the office and gave them back to Ms. Winters and as he was going back out of the office he saw a sigh up on the mail boxes that the teachers got there messages in and stopped to read it. The note said that there would be a substitute teacher in health and safety for the next week. Seeing as how that was his last period he took a peek at the name on the note and saw that it was a girls name and he was glad, the usual teach was a male and Jack did not get along at all well with him.

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  The day went along with not much to tell about. Nothing at all happened that was out of the ordinary, he had all his homework done for his first three classes and there was only the normal fight in the lunch room and in the secant half the day all he could think about was the sub in H&S. Then it was time for the class and jack made sure that he was in his seat in the front row before the bell. There on the black board in bold script was the words ‘Today you have a new teacher and my name is Becky Mitchell, And I will be your friend for the next week. ’ But there was no Becky in the room. As soon as the class was seated and busy with arranging there books the door opened and a dream stepped into the class. The vision had long blond hair and legs and between hair and legs was the most perfect body the Jack had ever seen. “Hello class, my name is Rebecca but all my friends call me Becky, I am going to be subbing for Mr. Smith for the next week while he is in the Hospital and recovering from a prostrate operation. ” She introduced herself. “Let me tell you something about myself and then we will go around the room and you can introduce yourselves. ” Jack was in dreamland as he watched as Becky walked back and forth in front of him close enough for him to reach out and touch. She continued describing how she got there, “I am a graduate student in an Education Major and am doing my required two years internship as a substitute in various classes so I have a broad base from which to work when I finally get my teaching degree. ” Jack stopped listening and just watched as she sauntered across in front of him again and again. He liked the way her middy skirt worked over her ass as she walked away from him and as she was walking the other way he kept his eyes fixed on the way the fabric was stretched over her perfect tits and dreamed that he was playing with them when he heard his name called and snapped out of his dream to the class looking at him and Becky standing right in front of his desk looking down at him.

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  “What is your name young man and what do you do for entertainment?” she asked Jack. “My name is Jack Rabbet and I go to school and play games on the net. ” Jack stammered out. “Jack rabbit? Do you jump around much?” chided the boy in the seat next to him as the room broke into a series of chuckles. Jack was use to this reaction to his name and just blushed and lowered his head in shame. Now let us not be cruel class!” Becky snapped. “ I think that it is a fine name and one that will be easy to remember. ” And then the naming was past him and he went back to his dream. ‘She said that I would be easy to remember. I would love to give her something to remember me for. ’ Jack mused to himself. For the rest of the class Jack was attentive as Becky went about teaching what the syllabus said was Health and Safety and all the kids called Sex Ed. Jack and the rest of the class (ten boys and five girls) got a kick out of this goddess on earth telling about how the male and female sex organs worked and what they looked like from the inside and where the parts were located. When the bell sounded and the room emptied Jack stayed behind and asked if she would like his help cleaning the board and Becky said sure. As Becky busied herself doing the final days paperwork Jack erased the chalk board and stepped into the hall to clap the erasers and when he came back into the room Becky said, “I never liked doing that and am thankful for your help.

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  ” She had turned towards the door and had one leg under the desk and the other out to the side and her skirt was stretched tight and had climbed up her calf and Jack could just see the crotch of her lace panties and his dick started to get hard at the sexy sight. He was blushing and she noticed. “Oh my you are turning bright red Jack, is their something wrong?” she cooed, “Why don’t you come over here and let me feel your forehead and see if you have a fever. ”Jack had a fever but it was not anywhere near his forehead it was in his other head. He stepped up to that dream and when he was standing right before her he was between her legs and closer than he had ever been to a girl other that his mom and his now hard cock was begging for attention and tenting his pants. Becky placed the back of her hand against his forehead and felt for a temperature, “You don’t seem to be very hot here, But down there you seem to be on fire. ” She said as her eyes dropped down to the front of Jack’s pants. “We can’t have you walking around like that can we?” she asked as her hand dropped down to his hard cock. “Did my talking about sex do this to you young man?”Jack was to stunned to talk so he just nodded his head and muttered, “Yea. ”“Well let me see what I can do to help you out with this problem shall we. ”She said as her smooth hand worked over the length of Jack’s member through his pants. Jack was in heaven and was hopping that he did not blow his load in his pants and have to ride the bus with a cumm stain for all to see. But that was not going to happen. Becky shifted forward on the chair and pulled her skirt up past her waist and then reached out to Jack and unzipped his pants and reached into the opening and took a hold of his raging hardon and worked it out of his underwear and fly and positioned the head in the center of her wide open legs and rubbed it against her panty covered pussy for a few strokes as her hand worked over the six inch length and she whispered. “Jack my boy what a beautiful tool you have, I am going to really enjoy being your sex instructor.

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  ”With that she moved the material of her panties out of the way and inserted the tip of Jack’s cock into her pussy and told him to push it all the way into her and he did just that. This was the first real pussy that Jack had ever seen much less been in and he was in sexual heaven. He knew what pussy looked like and even knew what to do from looking at the hard-core magazines that his mother had hidden in her closet. He had even signed up with some online porn sights by lying about his age and using his mom’s credit card that he had to use at the grocery store to buy food with. But to be inside a tight pussy was more than he had ever hoped for. He fucked into Becky’s cunt for what seemed to be hours but was really only minuets before he felt the familiar feeling in his nuts that told him he was going to shoot his load and so he pushed into her all the way to his balls and sent his hot sperm deep into her body and then let his cock stay there for a moment tell he quit quivering and started to pull out but Becky held him firmly inside her cunt and whispered to him, “That time was for you. The next one is for me. I want you to make me cumm like I did for you. ”This was something that Jack did not know about but he was eager to learn like the good student that he was and so he let her do what she wanted. He was still hard as a bar in her tight pussy and ready for what ever she had in mind for him. Becky began to move her hips but was restricted in her movement by the chair so she grabbed Jack around the waist and lifted his young body and laid him down on his back on the desk and climbed up on top of him all without removing his cock from her cunt,Then in this better position she was able to get the use of his full length as she rode his fourteen-year-old cock for all she was worth. She was soon moaning and saying things that Jack had never heard a girl say before. “Oh yeah you are a good little boy Jack, Your cock is going to make me cumm so much. I love the feel of your teen-age cock in my pussy, Fuck me jack fuck the hell out of my hot cunt and fill me with you seed. Make me your personal whore and fuck me hard.

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   You young stud. ”Jack could only move his ass up and down and Becky rode his cock he was pinned below her perfect twenty-two year old body that out weighed his by at least fifty pounds and so he could never think of getting out from under her before she let him up so he was just going to enjoy where he was for as long as she wanted him inside her. After twenty minutes of constant fucking Becky began to shake all over as she got to her orgasm and she rode Jack’s cock like a bucking bronco until she was completely spent and then she crawled off him an sat down in her chair again and rested her face on Jack’s legs just below his still hard and dripping cock. “Well that was sure fun wasn’t it young man?” she asked as she looked up at Jack past his standing tall tool. She looked at his dick and said, “You are still hard boy and look at all that pussy juice all over your gorgeous cock. Let me clean you up and get you off again and then I will give you a ride home if that is OK with you. ” And then she took his cock into her mouth and sucked him off until he shot his third load down her throat and she licked all the cumm off his dick and balls and pants and then put his tool back into his shorts and zipped up his fly and gave him a hand off the desk. Jack said that his mother was going to be late that night and he had to do his homework and start dinner before she got home at around eight. “If you want I will be happy to help you with your H&S homework and then I will give you a hand at fixing dinner for your mother and you. ” Becky offered. “Sure that sounds great Becky, Do you think that I could get to taste your pussy and see your tits?Sure thing as long as you do not tell a soul about fucking me, You do know that it is ageist the law and if anyone were to find out I would go to jail don’t you?”“I won’t tell anyone and we can do this every day tell you have to go away, Boy this week is going to be real fun I can see right now. ”End. Or is it. Comments Please. .

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