Janey goes to the nudist camp 4


Janey goes to the nudist camp 4


After the bidding was over, the elderly man with the bald woman had won the virgin. There was a large applause when it was over.

The virgin was led to the bed in the middle of the room and the lights were turned on over the bed, and dimmed in the rest of the room.

They both laid out on the bed, side by side. The little girl had a big smile, but you could tell she was very apprehensive. The grey headed man took charge and put on a show for all of us. He took his hand and stroked the blond hair from her forehead, and placed the hair behind her ears. He placed his lips close to her ears and whispered something, and she continued to grin. He started placing little kisses on her ear as he started down. As he reached her neck, she was squirming a little. He ran one finger slowly and softly around her little nipples as he continued to kiss her neck. He took the hand that was circling her tit and placed it between her legs and moved them apart.

Some in the crowd did an intake of breath as they saw the damp lips of her cunt as they came into view. She was visually wet. The man took advantage of the wetness to use as lube to run from her pussy hole up to her clit. Around and around her clit.

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I wondered if the young virgin had played with herself before and knew what a climax was. She was certainly enjoying the manipulation she was receiving now.

Nibbling on her neck and shoulders, running a finger over her clit, and sliding his finger inside her little virgin pussy

I wondered if he could feel her maiden head. He slowly moved his lips down her body. As he was near her pussy, he raised her leg and went between them with his head. He dove right into her wet pussy with his lips, and it looked like he hadn’t had a taste of pussy in years. He was sucking and licking so hard, you could hear the suction on her clit.

She was starting to squirm and thrash about on the bed with the man between her legs and you could tell she was close to cumming. She was starting to moan more loudly now. Her mother beside the bed seem to be enjoying what was going on. She seem to be happy to see her young daughter, about to loose her virginity, so happy, and about to cum.

The man, realizing she was about to cum stopped licking her pussy and jumped between her legs with his hard cock aimed right at her little pussy hole. He placed it at her entrance and paused a moment. He placed his hands under her shoulders and gripped the tops of them so she could not move up in the bed. He started in.

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   The look on her face changed from shear joy to one of panic. As he started in, she looked from side to side to look into the eyes of her mother. She caught her breath as he forced her lips apart as he started in. She placed her hands on his chest and tried to shove him away. It did no good. Pulling on her shoulders, he rammed his cock all the way in. She let out a horrendous scream and yelled “NO. Mother make his stop. It hurts mother. Ow, make him stop. ” She was trying to shove him away and her legs were kicking all about, but he had started ramming in and out as fast as he could go. She was still screaming, but it did no good. I could see the hurt look on her mother’s face as she knew there was nothing she could do to help her daughter.

The man looked like he liked her screaming and trying to push him away. It only made him ram in harder and faster.

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   I moved a little so I could look between his legs, and I saw the blood. I remembered when my pet dog had taken my cherry, and the best I could remember, there was no way near as much blood.

She was screaming, crying and yelling for her mother to help her. I then realized this is what the mother fucker that was fucking her was wanting. The more she screamed, the faster her went. I didn’t think he could go any faster when he started grunting. He let out a loud yell as he pumped his cum deep into the defrocked little 8 years old girl. As he stopped shoving in, he started to tremble. He held his body above hers and just trembled. After he regained his breath, he fell over beside the girl. She was still screaming and crying. Me and the rest of the crowd got a good look at the amount of blood between the girls legs. There was a small puddle on the bed and from the top of her pussy, down her thighs to almost her knees, it was red. You could still see the gaping hole that he had just fucked. It had not closed when he came out.

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   It was kind of scary. The man was covered from about his patch of cock hair down to his knees, including his balls. It looked like something had been slaughtered.

He looked over to his bald headed girl and gave her a nod.

She moved to the bed. The little girl had stopped screaming, but was still crying, and the lady ran her hand through the girls hair, put her arm around her and bent to whisper something in her ear. The girl paused a bit, thought, then shook her head in the affirmative. The lady’s hand went to the girl’s pussy. She covered it with her palm and held it there. She also bent and started kissing the girl on her ear, and went down to her neck. All the time, she just held her hand on the little pussy. The lady was moving to the little girls lips. She gave her a gentle kiss. Another, then you could see the lips part and their tongues mesh. The girls legs were apart as the lady started sucking the nipples of the non-existing tits.

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   She moved from one to the other. The girl had stopped crying and it looked as if she was beginning to enjoy the lady. As she was sucking and licking the nipples, I saw her hand start to move. Slowly. Up and down from the top of her pubic bone to about her pussy hole. You could see her hand was smearing the blood, as it was still very wet. I heard a purr from the girl. The lady heard the same purr.

She moved her head down and went between the girls legs. She began licking the little violated pussy as if there was no blood anywhere. She put her arms around the girl’s hips, pulling her closer and was giving her cunt a mind blowing blow job. The crowd could see the blood smeared on the ladies’ face. It was from ear to ear, and from nose to under her chin. It reminded me of the vampire movies where they would she the vampire’s face after sucking on the victim’s neck.

The little girls hands were pulling on the lady’s head.

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   Whether she knew she was or not is anyone’s guess. She raised her butt in the air and started to scream. The little deflowered virgin was having her first climax. The lady moved her hands with her long finger nails to the girls butt cheeks and was squeezing and digging her nails into the butt cheeks as the girl was cumming.

As the little girl caught her breath and lowered her butt back down on the bed, the lady raised her head, looked around the room and then to her man. By now she had blood on her forehead also. She slowly grinned. The man moved toward her and gave her a soul searching kiss. They were kissing like two teenagers that were about to get it on. Their lips parted and they laid back with their arms and legs entwined. It appeared as they looked around the room, they had just noticed that other people were there.

The hands started clapping as the two adults started to get off the bed. The girl just stayed there. I saw, as the lights started to get brighter in the room, numerous men started to gather around the girl still on the bed. They just stood there until the grey haired man pointed to one of them.

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   That man appeared to know the man, and he came forward with a big grin on his face. He went straight for the little girl’s pussy. He started devouring the girl. He had his hands under her ass and held her up in the air as he assaulted her pussy. I’m sure there was some cum in there of the man that the lady didn’t get sucked out, and then the cum from the little girl. The way he was going, there would be no cum after he was finished.

As I looked around the room, the others were getting started with their things.

The two gay men already had the “well used” boy. They had him bent over with one of them trying to get in his asshole and the other was already sucking his cock.

I could see John had met up with the couple we had met earlier in the day on the golf cart. They were not doing anything yet, but John had a big smile and I could see his little cock was beginning to stir. Knowing him, he was wanting to get the guy’s cock in his tail as he was eating out the girl.

If the fucking was going to begin, I started looking for the monster cock. He was standing my the bar with 4 women around him. I walked up and all 5 of them turned to me.

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   They smiled and asked me if I was enjoying the evening so far. I told them I was loving it, but I would love it better if I could try to get that cock (pointing at the monster) between my legs tonight.

The girls all laughed . I said, “Can I try?” One of the girls said “Leo, you have another ‘want-a-be’ that want to be fucked. What do you think?”

“Lady, I don’t know what your name is, but this thing gets larger as it get hard. Do you still want to try?”

“Janey, and yes. I’m ready when you are. ”

“Hell Janey. Lets wait until the vampire is finished in the center bed, and we will put on a show. ”

“Do you think I could start now?” I couldn’t wait to grab hold of that cock. My hand went down just as I lowered my body to my knees. He didn’t say anything, but he turned toward me. I gently placed my hands on each side of it. My fingers and thumbs wouldn’t touch as I held on. And this fucker is going to get bigger, I said to myself.

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   I placed it beside my cheek and just rubbed it up and down. The feel of his soft skin against my face was intoxicating. I shut my eyes and tried to imagine this thing inside me. I know I was purring like a kitten when I opened my eyes and placed my lips on the side of his shaft. I ran my tongue back and forth from his balls up close to his pecker head. It stirred a little so I knew he liked what I was doing. After going back and forth on the side, I finally slipped my lips over his giant head. I stretched my lips as far as I could, and some people tell me I have a big mouth, and it would just go in. I knew I could never get the whole head in, but I sure gave it a good tonguing.

I could feel it getting bigger. His head was starting to swell so much that I could no longer move it in and out of my mouth. I had to take it out and just lick it with my tongue.

He pulled on my shoulders and told me to come up. “Lets wait a while until the bed is ready”

My legs were already weak. I hoped I could walk to the bed

As we glanced at the bed, the little girl was having another climax.

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   She was yelling as before, but this was a yell of pure joy. I don’t know if she expelled some cum or not, but the man was now going from her clit to her asshole. There may have been cum dripping out her crack and running down to her pucker hole.

As she was coming down from her climax she was shoving against the man’s head and shoulders and saying “please mister. I have to rest. ” The man looked all around, again with a huge smile on his face, as if asking for approval of a job well done. He let the little girl up and her mother was there to lead her away.

I looked at Leo and he said “ok Janey. The spot light is on you”. I walked to the bed on shaky legs, and as Leo laid on the bed with his monstrous cock standing at attention, my mouth started salivating. I crawled up beside him and let my hands come in contact with his cock.

At that moment I thought of the videos I had seen of donkeys and horse’s cocks. They looked just like Leo’s. I had to look at it’sbase to see is I could see surgeon stitches. These rich perverts were capable of anything.


   Could he have had a horse cock transplant? I couldn’t see any stitches, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

I went to lickin again. As I ran it along my jaw I almost cried I was so happy. I had to have it inside me. I got up to straddle it, but it was to tall to straddle with my knees on each side of him. I had to put my foot on the bed on one side and the other knee on the bed to be high enough to get it between my legs. I was to old and feeble to stand on both feet and squat down. I was to weak for this.

As the lights in the room were aimed at Leo and myself, the crowd started chanting. Le-o, Le-o, Le-o. Was this a ritual that had been played out many times before? I didn’t know, but Leo was smiling as they chanted his name.

I placed it at the entrance of my wet, sloppy and ready pussy. I lowered myself down, but it just pushed against my pussy lips. My gapping cunt wouldn’t stretch enough to let it in. I wiggled and squirmed to get it in but it wouldn’t go.

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   I did start to cry. Would I not get to put this thing inside me. I would never think it possible that there was a cock so big as to not go in my cunt. At this time Leo placed his hand on the inside of my leg that was kneeling. He shoved out on it and rammed his cock upwards. My god, it went in. I have had many large things in my cunt, even a fist, but never anything this large. I had to pause as my cunt tried to accommodate this cock.

I waited a moment and started to lower my cunt down on this magnificent cock. The damn crowd was still chanting Le-o, Le-o, Le-o. I started down and I was in heaven. I could feel it stretch every inch of my pussy as it went in deeper. It hit bottom. I was never so full of anything in my whole life. I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock.

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   Hell, there was another 2 inches to go. I have had my dog that has 9 inches ahead of his knot that is 3 inches, inside me. That makes 12 inches, and his cock head that is tapered was starting into my cervix. This cock had to be longer that 12 inches, and no way, with that flat head, would it go through the little hole to my cervix.

I was drifting into a world of pure ecstasy. The cock had filled my wet juicy pussy so full, and there was still heavy friction on the sides as I slide up and down. How could there be so much resistance as wet as I was? I was going up and down a little faster than before and I could see Leo was starting to move up and down a little. Was this mutherfucker starting to like the fucking I was giving his? As I was bouncing up and down faster, I found his cock hitting my insides harder, but I was beginning to like the pain. I now had both my knees on the bed and on my upstroke, there was still lots of cock still in me. I was beginning to just drop on my way down. Just come down with all my force. He was banging bottom every time, but I was lovin it. Bang, bang. I felt my clit hit hi body on my down stroke. I had the whole cock inside me.

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The crowd went wild. No more Le-o, Le-o, Le-o. It was now Ja-ney, Ja-ney, Ja-ney. I had the whole cock in me and bouncing up and down like I wanted more. I don’t know if anyone had ever taken all of Leo’s cock, but I had.

I could see his eyes going from side to side and it looked like a little fear in his eyes. I think he was trying not to cum. I was on my third cum after taking all his cock.

The mutherfucker yelled for Jimbo. I didn’t know who Jimbo was, but I didn’t care. I was getting the fucking of my life. I glanced behind me and there was a tall man with a hard on. It was long, but not to fat. Leo put his hands beside my waist and on the nest upstroke, he raised me in the air completely off his cock. I felt like yelling at the mutherfucker to leave me alone and let me do the fuckin.

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I felt Jimbo slide in my cunt. I hardly felt it, it was so skinny. It did go in a long way tho. He went in once and came back out. Leo let me fall back down all the way again, and as my clit hit him again, I had another orgasm.

Then I felt it. Jimbo had sunk his cock in my cunt to get it wet. He was sliding it in my asshole. With one mighty shove, he gave me all he had. Fuck, I have had both my holes fucked at once before, but never with a monster in my cunt. It wasn’t hurting my asshole, but my pussy felt as if Leo had grown bigger around.

It could not have been 2 minutes of this when Leo started meeting me shove for shove. I was going down as he was coming up. I was going up as he was going down. I don’t know how Jimbo was keeping up, but something was still in my asshole.

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It started. Leo was yelling. I was yelling. We both started cuming at the same time. I felt his hot cum hit my cervix. It felt as if Max was filling me up. He was hot, and lots of it. I was so full of cock, there was no room for cum. It was squishing out of my hole on my down stroke. He had to have wet, drippy balls.

I just had no more energy. I fell to the side. I don’t know what happen to Jimbo, but I felt cum oozing out of my ass crack.

I could hear applauding and cheering. They acted like Leo was just made to cum for the first time by a cunt like me by taking his whole cock.

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   I was proud, but my pussy felt like it was so stretched, that I could shove coke cans inside me and never touch the sides. I lay there as Leo left the bed and went to the crowd.

I looked around. I have been to sex parties before, but never such an array of old people fucking such your children. I saw one little girl of about 8, taking on a young man of about 30, and she was matching him stroke for stroke. I wondered where she learned to fuck like that, but I guess I knew the answer. She had been fucking here for sometime.

As he deposited a load in her, he rolled off. A woman of about 40 crawled between her legs and started licking. Damn, was all these horny old bitches wanting to do is suck cum from little girls pussys? I know I would love it.

The little girl was cuming. The 40 year old woman had her arms around the girl to be able to keep her lips on her pussy. Both of them were moaning. As the woman raised up, I could see the white cum and the wet mess all over her face. It was very stimulating.

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   I wanted to go to the woman and lick the cum from her face but instead I went to the girl and asked her if she was about to pee. She said no, but she would tell me when she was. I told her that would be nice. I glanced to the woman, and she showed me a look of hatred. I wondered if it was because I wanted the little girl’s pee, or because I was able to make Leo cum.

In the room now, I could see many men laying on the mattresses looking like they were in need of some resting. I suppose they were getting more than they could stand.

I saw one of the 13 year old boys fucking one of the 8 years old girls. No men to take care of the girl? I knew who was going to suck the cum from this girls cunt. I walked over and laid down beside them. I reached over in started playing with the boys ass cheeks as he was going up and down on the girl. On one of his up strokes, I slide a finger in his ass. It went in easily. It was well lubricated. I suppose it had had a cock to spew forth it’s cum into the cavern.

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   As my finger went in so easy, I held it still. On his upstroke from the pussy, he was ramming more finger in his ass. He loved it. I started shoving down into his asshole harder. He still rammed up to get more. I thought, what the hell. In went 3 fingers. He moaned as I shoved as hard as I could, and he yelled he was cumming. I don’t know if the girl had time enough to cum or not, but she was going to cum on my tongue shortly.

After the boy was finish I told him to stick around. I rolled on my back and grabbed the girl. I put her cunt over my mouth and told the boy to suck my pussy and make it good. The girl began rubbing her cunt all over my face. I was getting cum in my eyes, nose, and yes, my mouth. She was a hot little vixen the knew what she wanted.

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   She moved so that my mouth was on her clit, then her asshole. She had cum running out of it. She was not just moving, but rubbing her little well used cunt down hard on my lips. My lips were beginning to feel bruised, but I knew she was about to cum.

I had sucked all of the boys cum from her cunt, and someone’s cum from her asshole, and now I was about to get hers. I love my fingers in an asshole, so I shoved 2 in hers. She yelled as I tasted a little gush of pussy cum. She keep riding me as she came down off her high. She raised her ass from my face, looked down and said “thank you lady. That was allsume” and then she was gone to fine another cock. I reached down between my legs, grabbed the inexperienced cunt sucker, pulled him up and told him to go suck a cock.

I saw Leo standing at the bar with two girls kneeling on each side of his cock, kissing and licking it. The girls had it standing tall but I knew there was nothing short of jacking him off, that they could do for him. It appeared this was a weekly thing with them.

As I looked around again, I saw John.

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   He was bent over with a cock in his asshole, a girl under him sucking his cock and he was sucking another cock. I knew he was happy.

As I was looking at all the fucking and sucking going on, the little girl tapped me on the shoulder and said, “lady, I am ready to pee” I said, “thank you. Thank you very much. Could we go over there to the corner?”

We went to the corner, out of the way. I knew there were perverts there, but I didn’t know if they had a thing about pissing. We went to a mattress and I laid on my back and told the girl to squat over my mouth.

She did and said, “lady, why do you old people like pee? Mommy has me pee in a jar all the time and she sells it to people. ” I smiled and wondered how much it would cost to take some home with me. As I lay there looking up at this sweet young pussy, I could see fresh cum running out, and lots of dried cum on her legs. I thought the fresh cum would be a twofer. Piss and cum. She squatted lower, and I thought. This 8 year old should be out playing in a sand box with her friends. Having a tea party with her dolls.


   But no. Here she was, all grown up, squatting over my mouth with a pussy full of, who knows how many loads of cum, getting ready to piss in my mouth.

I grabbed her and slowly brought her down to my mouth. I told her to hold it a little bit. I snaked my tongue into her cunt slit. As I forced my tongue as far inside her as possible, I noticed her pus expand as to allow my tongue in much deeper than I would have thought.

The cum was warm. The cum was intoxicating. The cum was driving me crazy. I started slurping and sucking as much as I could. I licked the dried cum from her thighs. I licked her asshole, just because I wanted to. No cum there. I guess her mother held back some from the perverts here. As I drank and licked as much as I could find, I said.

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   “Ok now. Start and let it come out as slowly as you can. ” She paused as I placed my upper lip over her clit, and my lower jaw in front of her asshole. The piss started.

It was coming out slowly. It was so hot. I started swallowing and swishing it in over my tongue as it came out. I was licking her clit and running my tongue inside her as she filled my mouth. It started coming out faster. I didn’t want to spill a drop, so I held still and as it came out of her, I sealed it off so it wouldn’t escape, so it was forced up into her vagina. Damn, this was great. Her taste was so innocent, but after it had gone inside her, it seems it washed some more cum from her cunt. It had a different taste. So worldly. This little girl had all that the whores of the world had, and more.

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   She was only 8 years old, with a start in life that I wish I had had. I kept swallowing as fast as I could while keeping my tongue going from her clit to inside her hole.

She said “Shit lady, that’s feels so good. ” I didn’t like to hear her cuss, she was to young, but I was happy that I was about to make her cum as she was pissing in my mouth. She started rubbing back and forth. She had just held her cunt over my face, but now she was getting excited and wanted me to stimulate her more. As she was bucking back and forth, her piss was about to run out. I felt something on my pussy. I didn’t care. It felt good.

The next thing I felt was something going inside my pussy. Way inside. I felt it hit my cervix. I raised the girl from my mouth just to look to see what was going on. Some kid, about 8 had his arm stuck up my cunt to his elbow.

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   John was there telling him what to do. I could feel his fingers inside me searching around. As I had raised the pissing girl from my mouth, the piss went everywhere. In my ears, my hair was soaked, on my tits, but I didn’t care. I loved it.

The little girl had pushed her cunt back down on my face as she let go of the last of her piss. After she quit pissing, she started yelling. She was riding my face like you would ride a bucking bronco. She was cuming. I was getting another mouth full of cum. Damn, this was good.

As I got the last mouth full of cum, and the little boy had his arm in my pussy, I started to cum. I don’t gush often. Usually when something is inside me pushing on the G spot. I guess the little boy’s hand was stimulating the spot.

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   I started gushing. John gave a little startled shout, and the boy pulled his arm out. I was gushing everywhere. Never in my life had I squirted so much.

The little boy said I had peed on him. John laughed and told the boy to taste it. He did and said “Hum. That don’t taste like pee, that’s not bad. ” He stuck his little hand down in a puddle of pee and licked it off. “Yes, that taste pretty good. John told him to move over so he could have some. John has sucked my cunt a million times, so I wondered with all this young pussy here, why was he wasting his time sucking me. He told me he had never seen me cum so much. As he shoved his face between my legs, he said he had to have a taste. I told the fucker to not stop, as I was ready to cum again.

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After I had cum with John doing his duty, I heard a screaming from over by the bathroom. I looked over as many people did. The young, deflowered virgin was over in the corner with her mother watching, while her father was fucking her. We all had seen her father’s cock. It was huge. It was very apparent that he kept her a virgin to get all the money that he received, but now he was going to have what was his. I wish he had waited until I had left. I hated to see this.

I’m sure she had been licked and sucked enough after she was deflowered to clean all her blood from between her legs. Now there was ample blood again running down the crack of her ass. Her father was tearing her a new one, so to speak. Her mother looked as if she wanted to step in, but she held herself from saying or doing anything. It must have been overwhelming to her father to get to finally fuck his 8 year old daughter with his monster cock, that he started into his finial phase of cuming. He was grunting like a pig in slop. There was drool coming from his mouth.

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   As soon as he came, he rolled of and let the crowd see all the crimson red blood on his cock. The crowd had cheered the man that took her cherry, but this man had damaged the young girl. There was no cheering. I guess perverts have there limit.

After this, as it was getting late the announcer said to get all the phone numbers you need as we are going to shut this down for another week. I jerked my head in the direction of John, and he just smiled. I knew he had phone numbers.

I don’t know how to finish this story. I was not ready to go home, as I didn’t want this night to ever end. John told me we were invited to spend the weekend with his friends in their camping trailer. It is small, so me may all have to sleep in the same bed.

Well, thats another story, but I have told John that we need to start selling stuff, take part time jobs, or what ever it took to be able to buy our way into another one of these nights.

Thanks to all my readers and the people that have emailed me…. Janey


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