Kathy's Story the sequel



  Hi again, I am Maria Kathleen (Baker) Taylor, yes; I am married now. That happened two years ago after I had turned 16. But that is not why I am writing this story. Although I might tell you something about it I am not sure yet.


  I hope you remember a little about me, but I have changed some. I no long weigh 140 pounds, I am much smaller now that I have lost 30 pounds since the last story I wrote. It’s all thanks to my wonderful husband Chris, who helps me work out every day. I now weigh 110 and I stand 5’ 6” so now I look more like a model, with my 34c breast and a 26-inch waste. 32-inch hips.


  The reason I am writing this story to tell you of how I learned something about the Davis girls I never knew. As you read this story, it will show you how I learned to get pleasure from having sex with another girl.

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   Yes that’s right I said that I learned how to have sex with another girl. I really do not think of myself as bisexual, but it was an experience, that I will never forget.  


  It all happened a week before my 16th birthday. I was over visiting Jackie Janie, and Terrie. School had been out for two weeks and we were talking about our choice classes for the coming year. I told them that I was going to take a parenting class. So I could be a better mother when I start having kids.  


  That’s a good idea Jackie said with tears starts form in her eyes.


  Jackie what’s wrong I ask, as I took her in my arms.

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  Well Charlie cannot have kids as she started crying harder.


  Jackie I didn’t know that as I hugged her that’s when it happened Jackie kissed me on the lips, which scared shit out of me. I said Jackie what are you doing as I push her away. It was not a very long kiss, but Jackie put some emotion in to it.


  I’m sorry Kathy and she got up and ran into the house crying.


  Janie looked at me, as I sat there wondering what I should do. Kathy didn’t you know that were bisexual?


  NNNOO I stammered.


  She looked at me, Kathy we all have sex regularly with each other and with Mom too.


  I just sat there looking at her; then I ask Janie, do Thomas, Charlie, Samuel, and your Dad know about this?


  Yes, they all know about it except for maybe Samuel and she looked at Terrie.


  I looked at Terrie and she replied he knows too.


  How often does this happen, I asks?


  A lot she replied, but mainly when Dad is on business trips and when Thomas is at work.


  I just sat there starring at her and Terrie before I got up the courage to ask how long has this been going on?


  Terrie and I have been doing it for six years now and with Jackie & Mom for the past three years.


  I looked at Terrie then at Janie. So is that why you keep asking me to take showers with you when I am here, just so, you could see me naked and have sex with me?


  Terrie spoke up No Kathy it is not that, we just like the getting help with washing off our backs and it saves hot water too. But we do enjoy having sex with each other.

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  Ok I replied with an uneasy look on my face. But I have never thought of doing anything like that with another girl.


  Kathy we understand Janie replied, and we would never do anything that would upset you in anyway.


  So you have had sexual thought about me, as I looked at them.


  Not really Kathy, but since my rape, I do find girls more appealing to me when it comes to sex Terrie said. But I still have sex with Dad, but only when Mom is at work and I feel the need for a man to touch me.


  What about Samuel I ask.


  We agreed not to have sex until we get married and not before.


  So you are going to marry him.


  She looked down before she answered; I might, after I graduate from high school.


  Its ok Terrie, I understand that your trust in men is on shaky side, but it has three years since, and she cut me off before I could say another word.  


  I KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN KATHY, she replied with short tone of voice. But have I do sex with other men besides Dad. Then she looked at Janie and before telling me. I looked over at Janie then back to Terrie, as she continued to speak. I’ve been having sex with Thomas and Charlie over the past three years as well. But I am not sure that I can trust anyone else not even Sam.


  Ok I understand Terrie I replied. Then Nancy came out to the table. Hi Mrs. Davis as she sat down beside me.


  Hi Kathy can we talk, as she looked at Janie and Terrie, and they started to get up.


  Can I ask what it is you want to talk about Mrs. Davis?


  It’s about what just happened with you and Jackie.


  I looked at Janie & Terrie I will see you inside, as they left the table. Mrs. Davis I did not mean to hurt Jackie’s feelings.


  I know you didn’t Kathy.

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   Jackie told me what happened and ask if I would talk with you about it, she replied.


  Thank you Mrs. Davis I would like that.


  Kathy, Jackie thinks you might not want to come around here any more because of what happened.


  Mrs. Davis the girls are my best friends. I could never abandon them just because they like having sex with other girls. I love them as if they were my sisters


  I am glad to hear that she replied, as I looked at her.


  Mrs. Davis, it’s just that Jackie caught me off guard when she kissed me like that. You see I have never had another girl kissed me on lips before, plus when she started to use her tongue, well it scared me. That’s why I pushed her away.


  Kathy, that is understandable.


  I started to cry, Mrs. Davis what should I do? I like all the girls but I am not sure if I would want to have sex with them.


  She took my hand Kathy; they would never ask you to do anything that you would not want to do.


  I know Mrs. Davis and I trust them. But this sex thing I just don’t know.


  She smiled at me; Kathy how would you like too stay over here for a couple of days?


  I looked at her well I don’t know.


  She looked at me, Kathy the reason I asking; Patrick has a business trip that he has to take tomorrow and he is taking Terrie with him.

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   Her psychiatrist thinks that spending time alone with Patrick will help her get over the fear of being alone with men in general. Plus Thomas is visiting his parents and will not be back until next week, so that leaves me here with Janie, Jackie and the twins.


  I looked at her, Mrs. Davis I agree with Terrie’s doctor it will help her out with the trust problem she is having. But I need to talk it over with Chris first about straying over, as I wiped tears from eyes.


  That’s fine Kathy, she replied; now I think you should go talk with Jackie.


  Yes, I should and we went inside.


  After going up to Jackie’s room, I knocked on her door. Enter she replied.


  As I enter her room, I found her crying. Jackie I am sorry if I hurt your feelings as I sat on the bed beside her.


  That’s ok Kathy, as she looked at me. I Love you Kathy, you are my oldest and dearest friend.


  I looked at her as she wiped tears from her cheeks. Its ok Jackie you just scared me when kissed me like that is all. Then I smiled ay her Jackie can I ask you something.

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  Ok she replied.


  Why didn’t you tell me that you were bisexual?


  I am sorry about that Kathy I should have told you. As she looked at me, Kathy I hope you know that would never try anything with you that would hurt our friendship.


  Yes, Jackie I know that, as I lay back on the bed. I looked up at her, before I spoke, Jackie I might be willing to try some things with you, but I am not sure yet. Because now I am little curious about what it would be like having sex with another girl.


  Really, she replied as she sat there looking at me, then she spoke. Kathy I think you might enjoy it if tried it once.


  As I looked at her, maybe I would and maybe I wouldn’t I don’t know yet. But if you showed me what you do with Janie, Terrie, and your Mom, I could get a better idea if I would like try it. But first, I want to talk it over with Chris.


  That’s ok Kathy, she replied, as she looked at me. You know I would never push you into doing anything that does not fell right. So take your time and talk with Chris about it.


  Thanks Jackie, as I hugged her again and she pressed her body into mine, which cause me to get a tingling feeling between my legs. I sat there wondering what was happening. As we separated, that’s when I felt some dampness from my vagina, and I thought oh my God, this is turning me on.  


  Jackie looked at me as I started to blush. Kathy, are you ok?


  Yes, I just need to go now Chris will be home soon and I want to have dinner ready for him. But all I really wanted right then was to stay, just to see what might happen between Jackie and me.


  Nancy seemed to notice my turmoil as I walked down the stairs. Taking my hand, she looked at me, call us tomorrow around 7:00 in the morning, and let us know if you are going to come over for a couple of days.


  Ok Mrs. Davis, as I walked out the door.


  When I got home, Chris was already there. Sweetheart why are you home so early?

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  • 25pt"> 

      My boss needs me to go Chicago. We have client there I need to see.


      Do you want me to go with you I ask?


      No sweetheart my boss says I cannot take you with me on this trip, as I got a sad face.

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       Kathy I am so sorry, but the client does not like any distraction and you’re just too pretty for me to ignore as he smiled at me. So cheer up My Princess, I will get to take you on the next trip, which is to Hawaii in a couple of weeks, I promise.


      That’s ok sweetheart, as I smiled at him. Chris I do need to talk with you about something.


      Ok sweetheart he replied, as I sat down on the bed while he packed.


      Nancy Davis has invited me to stay with them a couple of days, while Patrick is gone on a business trip.


      That’s a good idea Kathy; I think you should, that way I will not worry about you being here alone. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 



      Looked at him with a loving smile, your so sweet to worry about me like that. Then I ask when do you leave?


      Tomorrow morning and I’ll return Friday morning.


      I hugged and kissed him, I will miss you so much.


      I will miss you too My Princess and it makes me sad that I cannot take you with me.


      I know, My Noble Knight as I looked at him.

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       But you will be very busy. So I would not be able to spend much time with you and I would just get bored setting in the hotel room alone.


      You have point sweetheart as he picked me up. He smiled and said your daily workouts are paying off, as he kissed me; now let’s go out for dinner tonight.


      We went to the dinner down the road and had our usual meal of seafood and salad. As we sat there, I looked at him, (he is so handsome giggle), then I spoke. Chris there is something more I want talk with about after we get home, as he finished his coffee.


       He looked at me knowing that I was trying to figure out what to say next. Kathy is it about what happened today with you and Jackie.

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      How did you know about that I ask?


      Nancy called me about it.


      Oh, I said.


      We can talk that about it at home, he said with a loving smile.


      Thanks Chris and I managed a weak smile.


      It was 8:00 when we arrived back home. I was very nervous not knowing how to talk with Chris about what might happen when he was gone.


      As we sat down on couch in the living room, Chris spoke first, Kathy do you find girls sexually attractive?


      I don’t know I replied with a nervous look on my face, would you be upset if I did.


      He smiled at me then said no My Princess I would not be upset. Then he told me about his girlfriend in collage that was bi sexual. I looked at him as he spoke. Her name was Fran and she had very nice girlfriend. Then he smiled, before he continued, and we would have threesomes on long weekends.

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      I looked at him trying to understand what I just herd. Then I ask him, have you had sex with more then one girl at a time.


      Yes sweetheart he replied.


      I sat and starred at him not knowing what to say. As I tried to clear my thoughts, and then I ask him, do you want to have a threesome with me and another girl?


      No Kathy I do not want to share you with anyone else not even another girl. I sighed with relief as he spoke. But Kathy if you would like to try having sex with another girl I could live with that, just as long as it does not become regular thing.

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      Ok I said as we sat there. That’s when I told him that I was a little curious about it.


      He looked at me, Kathy that’s understandable. Because you’re still learning what it, is to be a women and that kind of experience will help you grow.


      I smiled at him as we sat there. You know Chris when Jackie hugged me today then I smiled before I spoke again. Well it got me so turned on as I rubbed my hand over his hard cock.


      Oh really he said with a grin do you want me to take care of that problem for you?


      Would you please My Noble Knight, as I batted my eyes at him in flirty manor? Then I jumped up and ran for the stairs with Chris right behind me.


      After he caught me at the top of the stairs, he carried me into bedroom. I will show you that having sex with a man is better then with a woman any day of the week.


      Oh, take me I’m yours as he laid me on the bed.


      As he lay down beside me Kathy, I hope you understand I am willing to share you with the Davis girls just this one time.


      I understand Chris and I am not sure if I can even go through with it, as I looked into his eyes. I would feel as if I was cheating on you some how, and I do not think I could live with that guilt.


      Kathy I know you love me and I would not be mad if you did anything with them, because I would trust you to tell me if you did.


      Thank you my love as I kissed him, now are you going to teach me that men are better at sex then women are? He smiled as we kissed some more.


      What happened next was going to be fantastic, until a phone call interrupted us. (Thinking) I am not to sure if I want tell you what happened. (Thinking) Oh, what the hell, I will tell you anyway.


      Chris started kissing me with more passion then ever as we slowly undressed each other. As we lie there naked, he starts kissing down my neck. (That drives me crazy with passion when he does that. ) When he reaches my breast, he starts licking my rock hard nipples, which send waves of pleasure through my body driving me to my first orgasm. (Side note if remember from the first story I wrote how very sensitive my breast are. ) I began to shake, under his continued sucking on my breast, which causes me to pass out.


      When I come too, I smile at him, you have magic lips, and I could never replace you with a woman my love, as he kissed me. Now it’s my turn to pleasure you and I rolled him over.


      I went down and started licking his cock. OH YES he moaned as I took his balls in my left hand and gently massaged them. While pumping his cock with my right hand, MMMM you have really gotten good at this he said with a pant.

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       Now move over my face so I can lick you too.


      I turned around placing my legs on both sides of his head and pushing my wet cunt into his waiting mouth. Then I took his cock down my throat.


      As we lie, there in one of our daily 69 sessions the phone rings. Damn I say after I had pulled off his cock and reach for the phone beside the bed. When I looked at the caller ID, I seen it was police department. I wonder what they want and I handed the phone to Chris, as I climbed off his face.


      Hello how can I help you officer Chris said. I see, yes, we can be down there in 20 minutes.

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       Ok officer ask for a detective O’Bryan, ok thank you. We need to get dressed Kathy.


      What’s wrong I asked.


      There is some one calming to be your father that wants to talk with you.


      But I have never met my real father my mother never told me anything about him.


      Well all I know is he claims to be your father and he claims to have proof.


      Ok let’s go see him then.


      As we drove down to the police station, I thought back over my childhood then a face came to mind of a man that my Mom and I lived with when I was a baby. When we arrived at the police station, I seen the man that I remembered. But I could not think of his name.


      As we approached the desk, Chris asked for a Detective O’Bryan.


      After which the desk sergeant called him on the phone. He will be with you shortly the sergeant said.


      Then a middle-aged man approached us. Chris Taylor?


      Yes Sir, Chris replied.


      Then he looked at me are you Maria Kathleen Baker?


      Yes, Sir I replied.


      Do you know a man by the name of Eric P. Baker?


      Hmm I think that was of the man that lived with us when I was a baby, but I have not seen or herd from him in almost 13 years.


      Well he just got out of prison and asked us if we could find you?


      Ok but why would he want to see me now, as I looked at Chris.


      Well Miss Baker if you do not want to see him, then, you do not have to.


      I will see him, as the detective showed us to a conference room.


      Then the Detective walked in with the man I had seen.


       He was thin and looked very sick but his face had not changed. Maria I am so glad I found you.


      I looked at him as he sat down across from Chris and me. Call me Kathy please.


      Sorry he replied.


      As I sat there looking at him I wonder what Mom seen in him I know he was a thief and I know Mom did not miss him. Then I spoke, I am sorry Mr. Baker I barely remember you.


      He looked sad; I see your mother did a good job on making you forget me. You had just turned three when I they arrested me for armed robbery.


      Well Mr. Baker that explains why she never spoke of you then, as he pulled out some old pictures of Mom and me. I picked one up I remember this picture, we had one just like it but it had been cut.


      Yes, we had a family picture done the same time we had this one taken, as he pulled out a sec picture.


      I looked at the second picture then at him. Then Chris spoke up, I can see where you get your looks after looking at the pictures.

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        Yes, she looks a lot like her mother did at that age Mr. Baker replied.


        Can I ask what you want, I looked at him as I handed the pictures back.


        I was wonder how your mother was doing, and does she still live around here.


        She died from a drug over dose three years ago this coming Dec.


        Pity he said, she was a beautiful woman, as he looked at me, well Maria where are you living now, as he looked at Chris.


        Pleas a call me Kathy I said, and I am living with my fiancé now. We are going be married next month after my 16th birthday, as I took Chris’s hand.


        Well that’s nice he said. Then he got a far off look on his face. Well the main reason I wanted to see you Kathy is to ask if I could come live with you until I get back on my feet.  


        I looked at Chris and he looked at me. So you just want a place to stay is that all want from me?


        Well I would like to get to know you and see how well you turned out.


        Can I talk it over with my fiancé?


        Sure, take your time he said after getting up from the table and left the room.


        Chris looked at me, Kathy, do you want him around after he had been in prison.


        I looked out the window, as my father talked with the Detective and a man I figured to be his parole officer. He is my Dad, but no, I do not want him back in my life.


        Well I guess you had better tell him then.


        Ok and I waved for him to come back into the room. I am sorry Mr. Baker but I do not want you to live with us and please do not ever contact me again.


        He looked at me a with sad face, ok Kathy if that is how you want it I will stay out of your life and he walked back out the door.


        It was 11:30, when we left the police station and drove home. I just sat deep in thought before I spoke. You know my mother really had some bad judgment when it came to men.


        Chris glanced over at me; well her daughter has some very good judgment when it comes to men, as he smiled.


        Oh really I replied and how do you figure that, I said with a smile.


        Well you found me.


        Oh and what makes you so special I said, with a grin.


        I will show you when we back home.


        Promises, promises, and we both started to laugh. After we had pulled up in front of our condominium, I said you have to catch me first as I jumped out of the SUV locking the doors, on Chris. I unlocked the front door as Chris was getting out of the SUV, I turned and stuck my tongue out and closed the door locking it.


        You’re going to pay for that young lady, as he unlocked the front door just as I reached the top of the stairs.


        You’re getting slow old man I giggled as I stood at the top of stairs.


        Oh really and he ran up the stairs three at a time reaching me before I could get to the bedroom. Now let’s see, if I am getting old then maybe I should find some one closer to my age to marry, as he tried to hide a smile, after taking me in his arms.


        Sorry mister you’re not getting rid of me that easy, as I tackled him on the bed. Now where were we?


        Right here and he rolled me over and started tickling me.


        I laughed so hard I started to cry, please stop I am going pee myself.


        Ok My Princess and he stopped tickling me. As I looked at the clock beside the bed, it was 12:00. Chris what time do you have to leave?


        I have a 10:00 flight.

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        Well then, I better get packed, and I will go over to the Davis at 8:00.


        Ok sweetheart as he got off the bed and pulled my travel bag out of the closet. We are not going to have time to finish what we started earlier he said. But when I get back, I will prove to you that men make better sex partners.


        I know magic lips, as I kissed him.


        We got up at 6:00 and ate breakfast after our shower. I Told Chris that I needed to call Nancy and tell her that I would be stay with them, as I picked up the phone.

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        Ok sweetheart he replied.


        We arrived at the Davis house at 7:55 just as Patrick and Terrie were loading the minivan. Patrick walked over to me Kathy, there are some pictures, and video clips I want you to see. Jackie knows which ones they are, and she will show them to you while Nancy drives us to the airport.


        Ok Mr. Davis, as I hugged Terrie goodbye. I looked at Chris as he put the travel bag in the minivan. Ill miss you so much as, we hugged and kissed. I love you My Noble Knight, as he climbed into the back seat with Terrie and the twins.




        Jackie came outside and seen was I crying as they drove away; this is the first time we have been apart since I moved in with him, as I wiped away the tears.


        Kathy you have slept over here a few times since then.


        True but that was just for the night and he was just a couple of blocks away not hundreds of miles away.


        She took my arm, as she kissed me on the cheek. It will be ok Kathy, I promise. Now come inside I have something to show you, as we walked into the house. First thing let’s put your bag in Terrie’s room she said, as we walked up stairs.

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        Jackie your dad said something about pictures and video clips; can I ask what they are?


        They are from a trip to Florida that we took with Dad she replied.


        Oh, I said, Terrie told something about them at school when you got back. But she did not go into any detail.


        You will see why when we go down to the den she said with a smile.


        About 10 minutes latter, we walked into the den; I saw Janie setting behind the desk chatting with Thomas on yahoo.

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         She turned the cam around so we could wave at him. Then Jackie told her that Dad wanted her to show me the Florida pictures.


        Oh, she replied do you know where he has them.


        Yes, he gave me the disk before they left this morning Jackie replied.


        Ok then and she told Thomas goodbye because Jackie needed the computer.


        After Janie got out of the chair, Jackie sat down, putting the disk into the CD-rom, and loaded it up. Kathy the first set of pictures is of us posing naked for Dad.

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         As she started the slideshow, as you can see we like doing things like this.


        I shook my head; yes, I’ve seen your fashion show pictures or might I say striptease pictures, as the last picture flashed on the screen.


        The next set we took at private beach, as she started the slide show again.


        So you even posed nude out side where other people could see you if they came along.


        Janie blushed; well we thought that we were alone. But we forgot about the boaters and Thomas seen us on the beach doing the pictures.


        I giggled so he got a free show then and we started laughing as the last picture flashed on the screen.


        Now there are three videos here that shows what we do together, Janie looked at Jackie as she loaded the first video in media player. It showed them striping each other and kissing then Jackie brought out the sex toys.


        Wow, I never knew that used such things I said, as video played on. That’s when it showed Patrick starting to fuck Janie.


        Oh, my god I thought he had deleted that part Janie said and she stopped the video. That is enough of that and she took the disk out of the CD-Rom.


        I looked at them well it looked interesting watching you play with each other. But I do not see how there can be much pleasure in it.


        Well we have time show to you first hand. So let’s go upstairs, Jackie said.


        I looked at them ok but this will be a one-time thing, I do not want to do this every time we are together.


        Janie said we understand Kathy, as we walked up to Jackie’s room.


        Now this part is embarrassing to write, but I finally decided to put it on the computer. So this is how I had my one and only bisexual experience. I am not saying that it was bad but I am not into things like that. I know you might think my friends as being bad or sick, but I don’t, so do not judge them or me. Because we still hang out and I love them as if they were my sisters. With that said I will continue.


        Now thinking back the things that happen on the first day I was there. Well let’s just say it made me see them in a deferent light, which makes them a lot more of fun to be around.


        Now here is what happened and how it all started. After we entered Jackie’s room she asks me if I wanted to get started, or watch them.


        Ill watch for now I replied as Janie got a little silver vibrater out of box that she carried into the room. When I first seen it I thought it looked like a tampon applicator but much bigger, it had rounded point on the top and a knob on the bottom that had numbers on it. Janie is that what think it is.


        She looked at me with a smile, Kathy I thought you might want to use this while Jackie and I have sex.


        Ok but I have never used one of these before.


        You use tampons don’t you?


        Well yes, I replied. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 



        You put it in like a tampon and you set the speed with knob on the bottom then you just push it in then pull it out like when you figure you’re self.


        I blushed but I never do that. Chris is the only one that has ever touched me like that.


        Jackie looked at me with an unde.

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      Βυθιστείτε στα λάγνα βάθη ατελείωτης ευχαρίστησης και παιχνιδιών άγριου σεξ με τις πιο γοητευτικές πουτάνες με τη βοήθεια κορυφαίων

      Ιστορικό για Θεσσαλονίκη που πρέπει να καταλάβετε πριν την επίσκεψη σας

      Η πόλη Ιωάννινα είναι μια εκπληκτική πόλη της Ελλάδας. Έχει ένα κοινώς γνωστό ανεπίσημο όνομα «Το Μέρος Της Χαράς» και στην πραγματικότητα, αυτή η τοποθεσία έχει αρκετούς ανέμους καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του έτους. Η πόλη Πειραιώς είναι γνωστή στον κόσμο του τουρισμού σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο χάρη στην ενδιαφέρουσα νυχτερινή ζωή, τις παραλίες και τα κρυστάλλινα νερά. Αυτή η πόλη έχει μια συνεχώς αυξανόμενη κοινότητα επίσης. Ως εκ τούτου, μπορείτε να μείνετε σίγουροι ότι η πόλη Κηφισιά αδιαμφισβήτητα θα κάνει όλες τις βρώμικες φαντασιώσεις σας πραγματικότητα επειδή η πόλη είναι το κέντρο όλων των κορυφαίων πάρτι σε όλη την Ελλάδα και είναι διάσημη ως η τοπική Ελληνική έκδοση της Ίμπιζα. Αλλά μια πιο προσεκτική ματιά θα είναι αρκετή για να καταλάβετε ότι η πόλη Αλεξανδρούπολη έχει περισσότερα να προσφέρει σε όλους όσους αναζητούν διασκέδαση.

      Λόγοι για να κάνετε την σεξ πατρα την πρώτη Προτίμηση σας

      Μην ξεχνάτε ποτέ ότι η πόλη Ξάνθη είναι μια πόλη που μπορεί να κάνει όλες τις διεστραμμένες φαντασιώσεις σας πραγματικότητα. Έτσι, αν ψάχνετε για λίγη διεστραμμένη δράση, αυτό το μέρος έχει όλα όσα χρειάζεστε. Για αυτό, μόλις φτάσετε σε αυτήν την θαυμάσια Ελληνική τοποθεσία, μην χάσετε την ευκαιρία να ελέγξετε τηνΠιστέψτε με, δεν έχετε δει ποτέ άλλη πόλη σαν αυτή που θα εξερευνήσετε ότι η δημιουργήθηκε κυρίως για όλους τους βρώμικους και αχόρταγους επιβήτορες που αναζητούν πάντα το σεξ. Διαθέτουμε μια ευρεία συλλογή από διάφορες πουτάνες οι οποίες είναι πολύ ανοιχτόμυαλες για διεστραμμένη δράση. Οι κυρίες στην μπορούν να κάνουν σεξ όλη νύχτα και να προσφέρουν την υψηλότερη ικανοποίηση στον πλανήτη.

      Πράγματα που Μπορείτε να Βιώσετε στην φαιδρα πορνοσταρ

      Σκέφτεστε από πού να ξεκινήσετε; Ποια κυρία να επιλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας παρέχει τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν μεγάλο κατάλογο με συναρπαστικές γυναίκες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα γυμνασμένα σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Ζουμερές ξανθές, βρώμικες μελαχρινές, διεστραμμένες κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να επιλέξετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό όργιο; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι έμπειρες καυτές γκόμενες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους συναρπαστικούς οργασμούς τους και την εκπληκτική δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε επισκεφθείτε την.
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