Lisa, My Dark Secret, Part 2


Her voice is so smooth and velvet on the phone. “ Um my mom has left for the evening to go to work and I was wondering if you could stop by for a little while?”Now I knew that Lisa’s mom was single for a number of years now so I thought to myself why not ? “Ah sure Lisa , I would be happy to stop by. When is a good time for you ?”Without hesitation , she says “ Mmm Mr. Young, any time you can come is fine by me. ” The inflection in her voice on the word come almost caused me to cum right then in my pants. “Ok, well , I will see you in about thirty minutes then” All I hear on the other end of the line is a long mmmmm and then she hung up. Damn! Hot damn! And this is the girl that asked me if we could try anal sex on our next meeting! Thanks be to the unseen gods of lust ! I leave work with some lame excuse about having to pick up my son from a late practice and head for the car. On the way to her house , I make a quick stop at the local drug store for some needed items. I don’t even remember driving to her house. All I know is suddenly I am there , sitting in her driveway, shaking with excitement. I take several deep breaths to try and calm myself before getting out of the car and walking to the door. Before I can knock on the front door , it opens and there stands my black little goddess dressed only in a large t-shirt. I think to myself “Oh God she is already for me!” and she invites me in. As I enter the living room , I stop dead in my tracks! Sitting on her couch is another girl and not just any girl either! She is the most beautiful Japanese girl I have ever laid eyes on. Beautiful long coal black hair. A classic Japanese girls face, the kind you see in adds that just make you stare.

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   I can’t tell much about her figure except that she is like a delicate flower. Slender but perfectly proportioned. Actually she appears to be rather busty for such a young girl. She is also only wearing a t-shirt. I look to Lisa with question in my eye and she says “Mr. Young , this is my best friend Emiko but everyone calls her Emi. ” I swallow hard hoping I have a voice and say “It’s very nice to meet you Emi. ” and turn back to look hard at Lisa. Has she told Emi about us ? She promised she would not tell a soul. I look to Emi again and she is staring at my crotch , making me realize I have been hard ever since the drive over. Lisa soon answers the unspoken questions in my eyes. “Mr. Young, Emi and I have been lovers now for some months and I am afraid that earlier today while she was making me cum with her mouth, I umm , well I called out your name. ” “I am so sorry Mr. Young , it was an accident , I didn’t mean to! And then she made me tell her all about us.

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  ”Oh God! Now I am in deep shit ! I am wondering how fast I can leave town before the police come to pick me up when Lisa shocks me some more. She walks over to me , takes my face in her hands and kisses me with her mouth open. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. Then she backs off and says “ Emi has never had a cock and she wants yours. ”I swear I got carpet burns on my chin when my mouth fell open. Holy shit! Now I have two 15 year old girls wanting my cock? Ok , I got this figured out now , I am dead and this ,, yea this is heaven ,, right ? I look back at Emi and she is smiling so beautifully at me, she is just so lovely , that I am almost afraid to touch her for fear of spoiling her beauty. Lisa takes me by the hand and leads me to her bedroom, followed by Emi. They both begin taking off my shirt and then get on the floor on their knees and remove my shoes and socks . Its like they have this all worked out as they both reach up and undo my jeans and unzip them pulling them down off my legs. I am standing in front of these two beautiful young girls in just my briefs and my cock is so hard the head is out above the waistband. Emi can’t take her eyes off it and hesitantly reaches up with one finger tip and touchesthe head . My cock jumps at her electric touch and they both giggle at her pulling her hand back so fast. Lisa looks up at me and in the sultriest voice ever , says “Mr. Young , Emi is a sort of virgin. I have used dildos on her and took her cherry but she has never seen a man’s cock .

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   Is it ok if she just explores yours for a while?”Oh like I had to think about that one. “Are you sure you want to do this Emi and you promise to never tell any one ?” She looks up at me with those almond shaped eyes and says “This is something I have been waiting for and I won’t ever tell Mr. Young, I promise. ” That’s good enough for me, I sure wasn’t about to stop them now. With a nod from me , Emi reaches up and pulls my briefs down to my ankles and takes them off my feet. She looks back up at my fully erect cock and it’s her turn to have her mouth fall open. Ah nothing like a look of admiration to make a cock get even harder than before. She seems reluctant to touch me now and Lisa says “ Well go on Emi this is what you wanted isn’t it ?” Without taking her eyes off my cock , Emi nods her head and reaches up to take hold of me. Oh the feel of her delicate hand on my cock is like silk on my skin! Lisa shows her how to stroke my cock and Emi smiles as she gets the hang of it. Lisa says “ Now suck it Emi. Take it in your mouth and just suck for now, but no teeth. ” I watch as Emi’s small beautiful mouth moves to my cock head and I really don’t think she will be able to get me in her mouth. The look of wonder on her face makes her look so much younger. Much to my surprise and pleasure , she takes it in with no trouble at all , God the sensation is marvelous! I can feel her sucking on me like a baby at a bottle with strong short sucks , almost like she is nursing on my cock. Lisa moves in and begins to fondle my balls and then leans over and takes one in her mouth and gently sucks on it.

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   My orgasms is so close, I am trying my very best to hold back but its no use. Between Emi’s sucking and stroking and Lisa’s ball sucking , I go right over the edge with a loud “Ahhhh God!” My cum squirts into Emi’s mouth and it surprises her. After the second squirt , she pulls back and Lisa says “ Keep pumping him Emi, he’ not done cuming yet!” Little Emi milks my cock and the squirts of come are now landing on her face and t-shirt. Lisa moves and begins to lick the cum off of Emi’s face. When I have finished cuming , my knees feel as if they will buckle at any moment and I move over to the couch to sit down. I look over and the girls are locked in a deep French kiss. Lisa makes sure there is no cum left on Emi’s face and then they both get up and walk over to me. In unison, they both remove their t-shirts. Now Lisa has a killer body but now I am staring at Emi. From head to toe, she is perfect! Her flawless skin is the first thing I notice and then her broad shoulders and such sweet full firm tits with nipples almost long enough to put your eyes out with. I love the way they tilt slightly upward. Her waist is small and her hips are great! Then my eyes come to rest on her cunt. She has just wisps of black hair on her mound and her lips are bare. What a visual delight these two are. Lisa gets on the couch with me kneeling and facing me, leans over and begins kissingmy neck and chest and sucking on my nipples.

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   Emi gets on her knees and spreads my legs apart and looks at my now soft cock. Bless her, she still has that look of wonder on her sweet face and she moves in and takes my soft cock into her mouth again. I love the way she sucks on me , again like a baby nursing and its not long before I am getting hard in her mouth. Lisa looks down and says “That’s it Emi. Suck us up a nice hard cock to fuck with. ”“You are going to have your first real cock very soon Emi honey. ” That seems to be all the encouragement Emi needed and she sucks me even harder. Lisa puts her hand on Emi’s head to move her back some and then moves to straddle me. “Now watch real close , this is how you do it. ” With that, she takes my cock in her hand and guides it into her wet tight cunt . She slowly engulfs me all the way to my balls. Oh this is so good! I look up at Lisa and say, “why don’t we move so Emi can sit on my face while you ride me ?” With a big smile on her face , Lisa nods and we rotate on the couch. Emidoesn’t need any hints here and climbs up to face Lisa and squats over my face. I cansmell her juices and its like an instant high. As she lowers her self onto me , she isleaning forward and begins kissing Lisa.

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   My tongue dives into her pretty cunt and Lisabegins to ride up and down on my cock. Life is good! Hell, life is wonderful! Emi’s cunt is just flowing and I can see why Lisa would love eating it. So juicy and sweet, I can’t get enough of it and suck like a starving man. Although I can’t see them any more, I know they must still be kissing and Lisa is moving at an amazing pace while Emi is squirming on my face. I hear Lisa moan out loudly and feel her cunt contract around my cock, letting me know she is cuming. Her movements slow and then I am hit with a flood of cum from Emi’s heavenly cunt as she shudders above me. Without a word the pair exchange places . Lisa hold herself up so I can watch Emi take my cock in her hand. “Just like when I use the dildo on you Emi. Take it nice and slow. ” Lisa’s words bring a smile to Emi’s face and she does just that. Her precious little cunt just swallows my cock up and as she reaches bottom her face shows her happiness. Emi almost squeals out “Oh its so hot inside me, mmm I love it so much better than our dildo Lisa!” Then she begins to ride me as Lisa lowers herself onto my face. I dearly love the sight of Lisa’s cunt . Her black velvet skin and full puffy cunt lips are irresistible and soaked with her cum.

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   The flavor is just as I remembered and I want all I can get of her. I force my tongue as deep into her as I can and suck hard. Emi is moving so fast on me , her tight round ass is banging down on my balls with each stroke. This little girl is like a machine! It’s not long before she screams out with her orgasm and I swear it feels like her cunt is sucking on my cock as she cums. I feel like I am about to explode and I want to cum badly now as I reach and grab her by the hips and start thrusting up into her still sucking cunt. Seems Lisa has other plans and moves off my face. “Oh no Mr. Young , you are not going to cum yet. Emi get off that cock , I need your help here. ” As Emi pulls off me, Lisa moves to the end of the couch and gets on her knees with her hands on the arm of the couch. I know exactly what she wants and so do I . Getting up behind her, I lean in and begin kissing her ass and rubbing her clit with my fingers. I turn to Emi and tell her to get the KY out of the little bag I brought with me. “Now , Emi, I want you to put some on your fingers and rub it on Lisa’s ass . Make sure you get some inside her too.

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  ” I watch as Emi gently applies the KY jelly , seeing her fingers go up that beautiful black ass makes me shake with excitement. “That’s good Emi, now put some more on my cock. ” Her little hand moves up and down my aching cock getting it very slippery and ready. Lisa looks at Emi with glazed eyes and says “Now , Emi take his cock and guide itinto my ass. ” Emi grasps my cock and I position myself right behind Lisa. Oh God , what a sight this is !” Lisa’s dark puckered asshole waiting for me with Emi’s delicate little hand guiding me into it. I move my hips forward and push on Lisa’s ass. She groans and then the head of my cock slips in past that tight ring of her ass. Its like a dream come true, seeing my white cock slowly disappear up her black ass. She is moaning loudly about the pain and I go very slow trying not to hurt her. I can’t believe how tight her ass is and how beautiful a sight this is. Emi has her face right down there watching. and lets go of my cock so the rest of it can enter her lovers ass. Finally its all the way in . Lisa is gasping for air and pleads “Now Mr.

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   Young , fuck my ass , fuck it hard!” Like I was going to just let it sit there inside her? Not! I take hold of her hips and begin thrusting in and out of her, my balls slapping at her cunt with every stroke. Emi , not satisfied with her position , manages to get under us and I can feel her tongue on my balls and on Lisa’s cunt . This is too much for me , just way too much! I know I will cum in a few more strokes so I increase my speed and pound away at Lisa’s ass. With a loud groan from deep inside me , I cum , dear God do I ever cum! I feel like it’s spraying up inside Lisa and I have to slow down. I just can’t cum any more. Lisa moans out “Oh yes! Oh yes Mr. Young , fill my ass with your hot cum. ” I lean down and lay on her back panting for breath. Her ass is still milking my cock as it softens and slips out of her ass. Emi is there and takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me clean while I just lay on Lisa’s back. Then Emi pulls my cock from her mouth and all I can hear in my brain is Emi’s voice. “I want to try it that way too !”. is the high-class online escort service in Rhodes!

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