Little Tommy


They had been working together for a few months. Though Tommy was only 16, Vicky had a strange attraction to him. She was older, 35, been around the block in the bedroom and knew she could teach such a nieve boy a thing or two.
They made plans to have a few drinks together as friends usually do. She knew he was a lightweight, but didn't want him throwing up drunk. They played a few hands of 45s. She started getting flirty with Tommy, too see if he would bite the bait. In no time his hand was in hers and they were heading to the bedroom. Vicky told Tommy very firmly to do as she said, he ofcourse agreed. She said "take off my shirt" right away he grabbed at the bottom and tried to lift it. She yelled "Stop!, unbutton it, I'm a lady, treat me with the respect I deserve. " Tommy said "yes ma'am" and slowly began to unbutton the pinned striped black shirt she was wearing. He could feel his cock grow and get uncomfortable in his jeans.
Vicky's shirt slid off her shoulders to reveal a sexy leather bra with cleavedge much hotter than anything Tommy had ever seen in real life. Vicky went to the side of the bed and took out a pair of leather cuffs. Tommy felt as scared as he was excited.

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   He asked shyly "what are you going to do with them?". Vicky simply said "shut the fuck up and give me your wrists". ofcourse Tommy agreed. She put the cuffs on him and attached him to a metal ring hanging in the doorway that Tommy had not noticed till then. She went to the side of the bed again, this time comming back with a blindfold. Vicky put it around his head covering his eyes. She asked nicely "can you see anything?" Tommy could see a very little from under the blind fold, just the floor and her feet. "no" he lied.
Tommy's cock was growing harder and harder under the weight of his pants. She liked watching him squirm trying to get his pants a little looser where he needed it. Vicky then got a pair of sissors from the night table. All Tommy could see was the sissors going towards his young belly. He tried to stay calm as she slowly slid the sissors up cutting the shirt off his hairless body.
"Are you comfortable Tommy?"
"yes ma'am" he repiled.
"Good boy".

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Vicky unbuckled her belt and slid it through her belt loops, out of her pants. She wrapped the leather around both fists and in a quick motion had the belt at his throut.
"Have you ever been choked little boy?"
"Are you crazy?" he replied, "Ofcourse not"
She could smells his fear. she lusted after it.
She unwrapped the belt from her wrists, grasped it in one hand and whipped his back just once, but very hard.
"Fuck that hurt"
"Shut the fuck up"
"I don't mind a little ruff play, but you need to be carefull with me"
Tommy angered Vicky. She doesn't like being told what she could and could not do. He watched her feet as she went back to the bedside. She came back with a ballgag and stuffed it in his mouth. He wanted it, but was affraid of it at the same time. He gave little resistance, but she was still able to tighten it around his head. Now he was speachless.
Vicky stood infront of Tommy, face to blindfold. She grabbed both his nipples and began to squeeze lightly at first, harder, than harder till he started whimpering in pain. Tommy was sucking air and saliva, she giggled, She knew how saliva builds in the mouth when a ballgag is present.

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   She went to the back of him again. She whipped him with the belt once hard, then a few more times a little lighter. She rubbed his back where the red marks were, and kissed them gently.
"Good boy"
From the back, Vicky reached around and unbuttoned Tommy's pants. She slid down the zipper, and slid down his pants with ease. He was a tighty whitey boy. She loved the sexy innocence of them. She pulled them down, just passed the cheeks to reveal his smooth flawless little bum. She smacked his ass as hard as she could with a flat open hand. The sting in her hand was sharp, but certainly not as sharp as the pain on his cheek. Tommy's muffled scream was loud, drool dripped from his forced open mouth.
Vicky pulled the pants down slowly, using both hands and running her nails down his fair skinned legs, leaving pink scratch lines the entire way down. She helped him lift his feet to take off the pants and undies. He quickly felt so very naked standing their at her mercy.
Vicky walked around Tommy a few times.

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   Finally she stopped directly in front of him. She looked at his hardened penis, and couldn't help wanting a taste of it. She dropped to her knees and lightly started to lick his young tip. Tommy couldn't help but use his slightly off blindfold to his advantage. He watched her as she teased his cock, then finally took it all into her warm mouth. Tommy moaned a muzzeled moan of extacy. He couldn't beleive what he was watching and feeling from this beauiful older lady.
She started sucking harder and faster till Tommy felt he was almost going to cum. She looked up at his face with his cock in her mouth and to her surprise saw him peeking out the bottom of the blindfold looking back at her. Vicky got very angree, but ofcourse extramly turned on by his disobediance.
She stood up.
"You want to watch little boy?" she asked the gagged young face
He nodded yes.
She took the blindfold off him, and dropped it to the floor, she lusted his little puppy dog eyes.
"If I let you loose, do you promise to do as I say?"
Tommy nodded in agreement, excitment.
Vicky first took off the ballgag.

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   She could see how thankfull he was for that. Next she unstrapped his hands to let him loose. Tommy felt great being cut loose. He moved in to try to kiss Vicky. Vicky leaned back and slapped Tommy square across the face. Tommy yelp like a puppy in pain. He wanted her. He needed her like he's never needed anything before.
Vicky felt excited. She felt more control than she's ever felt. This young boy is nothing but putty in her hands. She took Tommy's hands and led him to her bed.
"Have you ever tasted a woman?" She asked
"no ma'am" He replied.
Vicky bent down to remove her panties, and slowly slid her ass on the bed.
"Taste me"
Tommy moved in, unsure about what to do, He licked around till he found her clit.

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   He licked it like a dog licking someones face. Long hard strokes. Vicky reached down and grabbed a fistfull of Tommy's hair. She held him were she wanted to be licked, then instrucked him to do it softer. She knows what she likes, and he knows he's going to learn. Tommy did smaller softer strokes. He flicked her love button with his soft deserate tounge.
Vicky grabbed his hair tighter, pulled Tommys tounge into her as she felt the pleasure inside her build. She wanted to cum so bad, but knew this amature could not do it. She at that momment, couldn't stand the feeling of his tounge in her.
"Come fuck me" She demanded.
Tommy climbed on the bed, unsure of what to do. Vicky told him to lie on his back, and he did as she climbed on his youthful body. She took his member into her moist pussy. She fucked him slow, she knew he wouldn't last long and she really wanted his first time to count.

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   More than anything she wanted to fill her own void. It had been atleast a couple months since Vicky took a young boys life.
Vicky jumped off Tommy, and quickley moved to start sucking his boyhood again. She sucked with the same motion her pussy had on him just momments ago. She sucked harder till she felt the shaft of him start to bulge, ready to explode in her mouth.
Vicky took the entire shaft into her mouth just in time to sink her teeth deep into his cumming cock. Tommy screamed in pain. Vicky raised off of the bleeding mess rising herself to be next to Tommy. He was screaming waving his arms unsure of what to do. Vicky simpley wrapped her pretty hands around Tommy's neck and squeezed. He fought with the little life he had, untill Vicky took that little life away.

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