Me n My Sisters Best Mate


my names ben im 18 and recently i got invovled with my sisters best mate. shes called pia 15 slimish italian look to her with a couple of amazing dd breasts. we used to flirt with each other wen she came round to my house and i always thought about fucking her.
on new years 06 i had some mates round my house cos my parents had gone out to some party for new years. after my mates had left my sis got home absolutly wrecked with her best freind piawho put my sis straight to bed. pia then helped me clear up the mess my mates made.
then we decided to stick the tv on b4 going to bed. i sat on the coach and she sat next to me. she then leaned on to me and coudled up with me. she had got into her pjs which was just a short silky pink although pretty much seethrough sexy dress which bearly covered her privates. from the possition i was in i could c down her top which only just covered her nipples. i was biggining to get a hrad on and felt so attracted to her.
i started strocking her thigh lightly. she then moved onto my leg just next to my pennis and began to also stroke my leg. i was getting so horny and my hard cock was quite noticable. she looked up at me and i gave her a peck on the cheek.

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  she then moved to my lips and began to kiss me wen got of with each other franticaly for about 10mins. i was fondeling with her breasts which were amazing. they were big and firm.
she then moved her hand into my trousers and began playing with my already hard cock. she then said to me. "theres not much room in her for that maby i should let it free". she took out my cock and pulled down my trousers. she began to kiss to top of my pennis softly and rolled it around slowly in her hand. "u like this" she asked. "oh yes" i replied. she then started putiing it in her mouth and sucking me while using her tongue expertly around my cock. only slowly at first. she was so good  managing to get the hole of my 7 inch cock in her throat. she began working faster and i was finding it hard to nott let out any load groans incase my sister heard. it was the best oral i had ever had and i cumed bucket loads in her mouth.

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i then took of her little dress. her tits were even more amazing than before they were so big and pert. although they were big her pussy was small bald and stunning. i began to use my tongue on her breatst making her niplles erect while i began rubbing her pussy with my hand. she was soaking wet and had pussy juicys oucing out. i then began slowly fingering her and gently stimulating her g spot. i moved my hed down and began licking her pussy further stimulating her. i could see she was getting realy excited and was starting to groan loadly. she started saying "oh yes that feels so good ah go faster faster!"i realy began putting the pressure on her until she eventualy cumed all over the seat.
she then said "i want u in me. so i put her in doggy style on the floor and slowly put my cock in her. she let out a large groan which im suprised my sis didnt here us. she was so tight and it felt so good. i was fucking her softly at first and she kept telling me to "go faster and harder" i fucking her as hard as i could and it felt incredible. After about 15mins of fucking her i then cumed in side her.

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   it was the most amazing sex i had ever had and i was lucky my sis didnt notice. were now having sex on a regular basis but bcos we dont want my sis to find out were doing it in some very risque places

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