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Hundreds of hands touching me all over, sucking on my nipples, I can feel his long shaft about to enter me!!!
Cindy woke up, covered in sweat and feeling extremely wet. She had just had the closest thing to sex she had had in years, ever since her husband left her, leaving her with one son, now aged 16. She got out of bed, with only her pink g-string on, leaving her huge breasts free, and slowly walked to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. It was only 1am, and she was too excited to go back to bed, so she strolled back, still half naked, to her bedroom, to watch some tv.
As she walked past the guests room, she heard a grunt. It was her son's best friend Johno. He was one of the biggest 16 year old hunks she had ever laid eyes on. He had a perfect 6 pack, the most amazing body. She had looked at him as he was sitting outside with her son, with his shirt off, masturbating at the thought of having him. He grunted again, she walked in and saw through bulging trunks, the biggest package a man could ever have, and he was only 16. She went up to him, and whispered, "Johno, are you alright", there was no reply, so she turned around, and was about to leave, when she looked back at his bulging trunks. She longed to release whatever was inside those pants, to have it in her mouth. She thought about it, what might happen if she does, and then she walked back to his sleeping body, and undid the button on his pants.
His long, and thick cock, as well as his huge balls, sprung out of the very tight pants, almost ripping them. She stared at his massive cock, and began to salivate, accidently letting some drip down onto his ball sack, making some of the hairs stand on end. She lent down, and took the massive cock in his hands, it was far too big for her hands to fit around, even if it wasn't erect.

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   Just holding it made her even more horny. She began to stroke it. It was the smoothest shaft she had ever felt, probably because the man was so young. She then licked it, up and down, first its head, then slowly down towards the base, and around to his massive balls. She put one in her mouth, it was so big, but just the feeling of it made her so horny. She started to suck him off. Slowly she could feel the cock throb, and slowly it erected, it was getting twice as big, almost 14 inches long, and very thick. As she sucked it off, Johno started to wake up.
"Jesus christ", he swore as he looked at her, sucking him off. It felt really good, though he thought he was dreaming, as he dream't of being sucked off by his best friend's hot mum, many times before. He put his hand on her head and began to help her as she pumped the cock into her mouth.
"OMG", he said suddenly, as he felt his orgasm coming on. He arched is back. Looking at Cindy, he said " Do you want to see a real orgasm" and suddenly, he blew his load, into the air. It was like a fountain, lasting for about 10 seconds, a contant stream of white cum, landing all over cindy's awaiting face and his abs.

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   She, she began to lick him. Cleaning all the hot cum off his body. She slowly worked her way, to his nipple, and began sucking then. He growned as she got on top of him, and put his big cock, between her legs into her already wet pussy. He started to work her. It was hard at first, as he couldn't get his head in her tight pussy, one that hadn't been entered for years. She screamed as he began to plunge his massive shaft into her. The pain of having such a big cock inside her was so pleasurable. He worked it deeper and deeper inside her, untill, he could not put it in anymore, as it would not fit.
He slamed her hard against the bed, working every part of her insides with every push. She couldn't take it anymore, but he wouldn't let her go, she had come this far now, and now she was his sex slut. He held her down, ready to blow his next load in her. He put his shaft all the way into her, and cumed his fountain, inside her. She could feel his warm cum filling her up, it was too much to bear, and she passed out.

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