Mother, Daughter,and John


John struggled to find his keys, fumbling with his groceries in his hands. As he went to open his apartment door, one of the bags fell open, spilling the contents everywhere. A damn, he thought. He bent over to pick up the mess,  he caught a glimpse of a figure approaching from down the hallway. It was the girl from an apartment across the building.
A vision of beauty, at thirteen she was just beginning to develop. He could tell from the tight pink tank top, and the mid-thigh length skirt, that her body was filling out nicely. Her breasts were small mounds, just visible against the fabric of her top.  No,  bra he noticed, seeing her small nipples poking out. Her legs were shapely and well-toned, signs of an athletic young girl. Her face was tan, and her eyes were black as night, topped by long lashes, and sitting above a cute nose. All of this was framed by sleek black hair. Shes gonna break quite a few hearts, he thought.
As she approached him he looked away, not wanting to seem like he was staring. He opened the door, and heard a light, playful voice. Hey, were you watching me? He turned around and saw her standing right behind him. 

   Huh? No, of course not, I just recognized  you from around. Oh, she looked away, and John thought she looked . . . disappointed? Well, she said a little hesitantly, Ive seen you around too, and I was wondering, since you live alone. Would you like to come over for dinner?
What? Well, she replied, its actually my mothers idea, she thought you could use a nice dinner. Well, I guess I could, if its really alright with your mom. Her eyes brightened and she stood on her toes. Great! Its apartment 7, 8 P. M. Im Niki by the way. Nice to meet you, Im John. Ill definitely be there. Okay, see you later then. With that she twirled around, causing her skirt to rise high enough for him to catch a glimpse of her pink panties.

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Oh man, he thought, I need to get that crap out of my head. He stepped into his apartment with the image of her panties fresh in his head. He decided to take a cold shower before getting ready. Since his wife left half a year before, and he didn’t believe in masturbation, he was beginning to lose control of his urges, and cold showers always helped.
At 8 O`clock he was standing outside apartment 7. He stared at the door, wondering if he really wanted to do this. It seemed a little awkward, but he thought it would be good to get to know them. He knocked on the door and waited. The door opened. Hello, Im so glad you could come over, Im Nikis mother. She held out her hand. As John shook it, he observed how similar she was to Niki. The same features and athletic body were amplified by maturity. The only differences, besides age, were her skin tone and breast size. Her skin was milky white, which stood out clearly against the black dress she was wearing.

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   It was form fitting, and stopped short of her knees. It was low cut showing a good deal of cleavage. They were large, but not too much, and the folds of her dress rested nicely upon them.
Please, come in. She turned, and he glanced down at her ass, which he could tell was tight and shapely. As he stepped in he thought that the lights were dimmed, but realized that the room was candlelit . Are your lights broken? No, she responded, I just thought the atmosphere would be better.
For what? He thought. She led him to the dining room, and his jaw dropped. There, on the table, was Niki.
    She was lying on the table, completely naked. No not completely, he saw as his eyes adjusted to the light. Her breasts and vagina were covered in whipped cream, and topped with cherries. Around her, arranged on plates, were all types and sizes of dildoes. Strap-ons, double ended, vibrators, and many more.

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       In addition there were different oils and lubricants.
    He stood in shock for a few moments. When he finally snapped free, he turned to her mother. What is going on here? He demanded. She stepped towards him and placed her hands on his shoulders. Meeting his gaze with eyes as dark as her daughters, she said, you came for dinner,  and there it is. What?! He said in shock. Listen, she said softly, I want my daughter to have a good sexual experience. Ive taught her as much as I can, but she needs a man to give her what she needs.
    He stared in amazement. I . . . I, cant.
    Yes, you can.

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       Weve picked you, for your body, for your gentle nature. We can give you so much pleasure, my daughter and I. I only ask that you be gentle. We can start with  dinner, and move on to desert, she said, gesturing to all the supplies she had laid on the table. She put her mouth close to his ear, and softly whispered, please. . .
    The feel of her breath on his ear was too much. Combined with the prone 13 year old goddess, that was the breaking point for his inhibitions. Alright he said. From the table he heard, Oh thank you,  I am so excited.
    Alright, her mother said, approaching the table. Please, she said as she plucked a cherry from her daughters breast, sucking it lightly before biting it off the stem, enjoy.
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