My 15th Summer, Part II


When I returned to Bill’s shop about four in the afternoon, the place was largely empty with only a couple of shoppers and a black guy I guessed was in his 20’s behind the counter.   As I walked up to the counter, I sort of sashayed, letting my breasts bounce just a bit in the thin fabric of my bathing suit top. I asked the black guy, whose name turned out to be Darren, if Bill was in. “Sure,” he said, smiling beautifully. I could tell that he was eyeing my breasts as he ran his pink tongue over his lips, which were bigger than most white guys’ but not really bad looking at all. I only knew one black person. Most African-American’s lived down in Patterson, NJ, and the only one I ever saw as Mrs. Michaels, Mom’s cleaning woman, and I’ll tell you, she was nothing like this guy. He was hot! He was about six feet tall, and well muscled without being bulky. His skin was just perfect, smooth and dark like a Hershey Bar; his eyes were dark brown against ivory whites. His hair, which was cut short, was tightly curled against his skull, and his teeth, when he smiled were brilliant white. My mouth felt suddenly dry, and I dropped my eyes, all of a sudden feeling shy and flirty. “Go on back,” he gestured in the direction of the curtained doorway behind the counter, his eyes on mine. “Bill was hoping you’d drop by. ”Smiling uncertainly, because I was wondering if girls just always came in, asked for Bill and was directed to his office. What was this all about? “How do you know he’s expecting me?” I asked with a slight frown.

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  “He described you to me. There’s no mistaking you, Elaine, right?”“Err. . , yes, Elaine,” I responded, blushing, thinking, He described me! He was hoping I’d be by…Gesturing with his arm, he indicated I should pass behind the counter and through the curtain to the backroom, saying, “I think you know the way…”Ohmgod! I thought, he knows! I was suddenly furious at Bill, but not to furious to notice how well built Darren was, with well muscled legs descending from his khaki shorts to into a pair of brown sandals. His chest was broad beneath the well-worn t-shirt, and his shoulders were broad and strong looking; his forearms corded with muscles.   As I said, he was the first black man I had ever seen up close, and I thought he was well worth the look. Moving along the racks of shoeboxes and other store items in storage in the backroom, I approached the door to Bill’s office, where he had first fucked me. Later we masturbated in front of each other, which was really wild in my young life.   I had never seen a guy stroke himself to orgasm before, and I had never done that to myself in front of anyone in my life before then.   It was surprisingly satisfying and definitely exciting, but not as satisfying as having a cock in my tight little pussy. I went to the open door, and the truth was, I was nervous. Being only 15 years old, I wasn’t confident enough to truly believe that Bill will still want me. But I sure as hell knew I wanted more of him.   I just knew there was much fun to be had, and much to learn from a lover like Bill. and there was Bill lounging on the couch were we had had sex just a few hours before.

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   He was still in his Hawaiian shirt.   He smiled at me, and I felt myself getting instantly damp. Putting down the magazine he had been reading he stood up and took two quick strides to me and enveloped me in his arms saying, “I was afraid you wouldn’t come back. ”Then he bend down and kissed me. We kissed so passionately, his tongue probing my mouth like his rod had probed my cunt earlier that day. My breath left my body as he held me, his hands on my butt, squeezing gently as his lips pressed against mine. It was by far the best kiss I had ever had.   He kissed my neck, my ears, my forehead, and the cleft at the base of my neck.   All the while his hands roamed my body lighting fires under my skin. I pressed myself against him, my breasts rubbing his body, my nipples becoming blood-engorged, and my tummy moving over his hard cock.   He slipped one hand beneath my suit bottom and rubbed my “bubble butt”, his fingers sliding between my cheeks and sliding over my anus and down to my vaginal opening. I felt his fingers, slippery with my juices sliding up and down my crack and pushing against my asshole.   The feelings were electric. My feet started to curl from the early onset of an orgasm. I help Bill around his neck as my legs started to tremble, my clit mashed against his hard shaft through our clothes.

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   My breathing became ragged as he began to hump against me, tipping me over the edge. I know I must have cried out, my mouth against his chest as the pleasure began to wash over me. Oh, it was so fine, cumming while just standing against him, his hands and body pleasuring me in such a way. Wave after wave of indescrible pleasure rippled through my body. I think I blanked out for a few moments, because the next thing I remember is sitting, slouching really, on Bill’s lap on the couch as he held me, gently stroking my breasts through the fabric of my top, and my bare stomach.   My skin felt both hot and cold at the same time, as the air conditioning cooled the light perspiration that covered my skin. “Elaine, you are really something else,” Bill said softly, his lips moving in my hair near my ear.   It took all my strength, but I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a feeble squeeze.   “You are about as hot as a firecracker,” he added. I could feel his mouth curving into a smile. “I dunno,” I whispered, “But you do things to me that no one has before. ”“Well, you are just so yummy. ”“Ummmm,” was all I could muster. I could feel his penis against my thigh through his shorts. I touched it with my fingertips and said, “Ummmmm,” again.

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  “Ummmm, yes,” he answered. I slid the palm of my hand over the large bulge in his shorts and felt the heat of his cock as he hardened.   I ran my hand up under his shirt and pinched first one, then the other, of his nipples. He made a small sound deep in his throat as he leaned his head back against the cushion. I slid off lap onto the floor between this large thighs, and ran my hands over his legs, feeling the muscles, up under his shorts legs, over the inside of his thighs and up until my fingertips just touched his large, hairy testicles on one side, and his turgid, pulsing cock on the other.   I could hear him inhale as I ran my nails over his manhood.   Taking that as encouragement, as if I needed it, I reached up, unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his shorts. I tugged his zipper down, and laid each side of his pants aside. He was not wearing any underwear, so I had a clear view of his large penis and balls. I put one hand around his shaft, which was darkening as it filled with blood. There were small red and blue veins running under the skin like lightening, and the large flared helmet looked stretched. He entire manhood sprang from a dark brown curly nest of public hair that ran up in a thin line to his belly button, and spread up and over his chest. His penis bucked in my hand, like it had a life of its own, and his balls felt heavy with cum in my hands. I rolled them slowly in my cupped hand while beginning to slowly stroke his cock.   I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft from bottom to top, leaving a wet trail, and was about to suck the large pulsing head into my hot, hungry-for-cum mouth when he grabbed my head and said, “Just a minute,” as he lifted his hips.

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   I pulled his shorts down until he could free one of his feet. He spread his legs wider and slid closer to me, his ass over the edge of the cushion, exposing his entire self to me.   I put my nose against his abdomen at the base of his shaft and breathed his sex in. I was almost over come with heat as I felt his shaft heavy against my cheek and ear. I licked down wetly where his penis and balls met his body.   I lifted his ball sack and licked beneath, smelling the maleness of him; his power in the smell. I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft, feeling the hard maleness beneath the slippery outer skin. It pulsed in my hand as I licked him along the hard ridge behind his balls. I felt his one hand rest on the top of my head as I began to gently stroke him, his balls rolling against my cheek. Taking one of his heavy oblong balls into my mouth, I sucked on it gently. I heard Bill moan softly. With a “plop”, I let it slip from between my lips and I did the same with the other nut.   All the while I gently stroked his pulsing dick, rubbing the slippery pre-cum over the sensitive head with my thumb, causing him to jerk in pleasure. Finally, I moved up higher on my knees and took the head of his now rock hard cock in my mouth.   At first I just held the head in my mouth, my lips holding it within around the crown.

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   My tongue danced over his wonderful spongy head, slipping on the slick pre-cum.   I felt Bill drop his other hand onto the top of my head, joining the first one. He pushed gently down, indicating what he wanted. What we both wanted. I began to suck his hot shaft down deeper and deeper over my tongue, laving the underside. When I felt the head near the back of my throat, I applied suction, and drew my mouth up to the rim, and then back down again. I opened my mouth wide and took his shaft deeper into my mouth, and, suppressing a gag, I shoved my face down into his pubic nest, his cock filling my throat. I smell him, his hair warm against my nose and chin, then I sucked as I lifted my head up, almost to the rim again. And, down I went, again, up and down, up and down, sucking and loving his hot, hard shaft. His hands were on either side of my head, and his hips began a fucking motion, pushing up as I shoved my face down on him. Up and down. Up and down, I moaned in my throat at the sheer pleasure I has having. . , and giving. Up and down his entire length, my one hand cupping his balls, and the other, wet with my saliva, pushed against his pink anus.

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   I rubbed circles over it as I bobbed my head and up down his cock, my spit slipping down, dribbling over his balls and my hands. I felt his balls moving as I pushed a finger into his ass, only to the first knuckle as he gripped my head tighter, moaning and moaning as I serviced his sex. I heard him whisper, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…. ” I kept sucking, wanting, needing his spunk. I loved the musky taste of male seed. I loved the scalding hot spunk as it leap from the end of a man’s cock. I especially wanted Bill’s. He was the first man to take me to orgasm with a kiss. He was the first man to masturbate himself while watching me pleasure myself. He was so damn handsome, so viral, such a powerful specimen of manhood that I loved sucking and licking his wonderfully large, fat cock.   I shoved my finger deeper into his anus. I could feel his balls churning on my wrist as his cum began to move toward my sperm-hungry mouth, hot and full with his manhood.   His hips began to pump my face wildly, as his hands help my head. He was fucking my face inandout, inandout, his balls now flailing against my wrist and chin. My other hand massaged his stomach just above the root of his stalk, my fingers tangling in the silky public hair that surrounded his giant sex.

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   In and out, in and out he pumped his cock. I sucked each time he pulled, and willingly opened my mouth a bit to receive him when he shoved his pulsing member inward toward and into my throat. I felt my breasts heaving, bouncing with the effect of Bill’s thrusting hips. I looked up at Bill and his face was in a rictus of passion, his mouth open, eyes shut and his breath coming in quick gasps.   Suddenly I felt the head of his cock flare wider in my mouth and the rush of sperm down the underside tube rushing over my tongue. The first scalding blast of spunk was so powerful that it splashed against the back of my throat causing me to choke as his sperm filled my mouth. Again his cock sprayed hot cum into my filling mouth. I sucked him, my lips wrapped around his crown, my finger sawing in his asshole, and my other hand, now around his shaft, pumped his rapidly. With each upward stroke he spewed more and more cum into my mouth. Much of it went down my throat, but some leaded out around the edges of my lips, coating my hand, lubricating it against his tight, hot skin. Bill moaned loudly as his hips made a series of spasmodic jerks, signaling the end of his massive ejaculations. He exhaled, and suddenly laid back, limp on the couch.   I pulled my finger slowly from his anus, and swallowed his salty and slightly bitter sperm. It was so wonderful to pleasure him as I did. Bill opened his eyes and look sleepily down at me, still kneeling between his strong legs and still holding his cock and stroking it slowly.

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    “That was far and away the best blow job I have ever, ever had,” he declared.   “Wow. ”He leaned forward, and scraped a dollop of sperm from my chin, and fed it to me. I sucked in his finger much as I had his penis, and he moved it around in my mouth, over my tongue and inside my cheeks.   “Where on earth did you learn to do that?” “You,” I answered. “You. ”“Me?” he said, looking puzzled. “Yes, I wanted to give you all I had,” I said. “I don’t know why, but you’re special. ”Suddenly we both jumped when we heard, “Wow, boss, that was wild!”  Turning quickly we both say Darren standing in the doorway of the office. A large bulge apparent in his shorts as he sort of cupped his package like a contemporary break dancer does. I know I blushed about as hotly as I ever had. Even though I was still dressed, I was kneeling between the legs of a nearly naked man, his cock in my hand, the other still caressing his enormous walnut sized balls. “Jeeze, Darren!” Bill exclaimed, leaning quickly forward and sort of shielding his cock and me with his torso, and also telling me the young black man’s name, “Knock before you open the door. “But it was open, boss,” Darren said with a mock frown on his face.

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   “I heard some noises like someone was having a heart attack, so I came running. We, in our passion, had left the door to his office wide open. But, now that I was over the shock of discovery, I had a secret thrill that another man had watched me service Bill so well. “How much did you see?“ Bill asked, his voice strengthening. “Enough to know that was better than any porno I’ve ever seen,” Darren answered with a smile. “Way better…”“Well, forget what you saw, and if I ever hear anything about this from anyone, you’re fired. ” Bill said quietly, seriously, and with meaning. “Not from me, boss. ” Darren said, holding his hand out, palm outward, releasing his obvious boner, “Not from me. ”“He turned and walked back toward the curtain leading to the store rubbing his cock through is shorts, and whistling. Bill turned to me, and pulled me back up onto his lap. He said, “I’m sorry about that, Elaine. Darren’s a good guy. He’ll keep the secret. ”“It’s okay,” I said, “But it was a shock.


  "“I’ll say,” Bill answered.   After a pause, he continued, “But it is sort of a turn on to have someone watch, isn’t it?”“I guess so. I’ve never had that happened before,” I said, thoughtfully before continuing. “But, it did sort of make my tummy feel all tingly. Then, he kissed me deeply, softly, one hand stroking my thighs as the other held me around my arms, cuddling me. If you review me well, there will be more to Cum!.
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