My 40th Birthday


I knew my fortieth birthday would be rough. It landed on a Friday and as much as I dreaded it, my wife didn’t say “Happy Birthday” that morning when I woke up. She had always remembered my birthday in the past but I feared this year…this critical year to me…was forgotten.
All day long at work I was depressed and barely made it through the day. The long drive home seemed to take forever. I drug myself up the front steps to our house. Bt when I opened the door, an immediate grin crossed my face because in front of me was the most erotic site in the world.
In the parlor of our house, standing with her legs slightly apart was my wife. I looked her over from the floor to her head. She had on a pair of 5” black pumps, dark silky thigh highs with a lace trim on the top that was 8” wide. Her shaved pussy was exposed and wet. She had on a lace bustier that her wonderful large tits hung out the top. Her hard nipples surrounded by were lacy pasties. She had a matching lace black collar and finally black silk elbow length gloves. Her face was over made. Red wet lipstick and outlined like a streetwalker.

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   Her eyes had makeup that looked can only be described as slutty.
Betty smiled and simply said, “Happy Birthday darling. ”
She slithered up to me and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth and wrestled with mine. Her hands rubbed up and down the front of my shirt and then she slid down. Farther and farther down until she got to my belt. Undoing my zipper with one hand and my belt with the other she slid my pants down to the floor and grabbed hold of my cock with her gloved hands. Her mouth slid over the end of my cock. The warmth of her mouth made me grow bigger and harder. I felt myself filling her mouth as I got harder. Betty moved her head up and down my cock. She was slow at first but then began fucking her face on my dick. Her moaning vibrated my whole sole as she sucked and fucked me with her face.
I was on the verge of cumming when she grabbed the bottom of my cock and looked up at me. “No, you can’t cum yet.

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  ” She said with an evil grin.
“Oh honey, I need to cum. I want to cum on your sexy face. ”
“No. ” she said as she stood up and rubbed my chest with her gloves. “Come along to the bedroom. We aren’t finishing up in here. ” She grabbed my cock in her silky fingers and led me willingly down the hallway to our master bedroom. When I got to the doorway I couldn’t believe the image on our bed.
There laid out with her legs wide open showing a wet shiny smooth shaved pussy was the Mitzi, a 17 year old girl that lived down the street. My wife and her have gotten to be good friends over the last 3 years. When Mitzi became sexually active, she confided in my wife. Betty would give her tips on how to turn on boys she dated. She would call Betty and talk to her every time she had sex to tell her all the details. Betty would then share them with me always knowing that just thinking about the young woman fucking her dates would turn me on.

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Now this little nymphet that I’ve heard about and dreamed about was on my bed, legs open and looking at me. “Come fuck me Mr. Harris. I want your cum in my cunt now,” Mitzi said with her fingers opening up her smooth cunt lips…a finger sliding in and out.
I looked at Betty who smiled and snuggling her tits against my arm whispered in my ear. “I hope you like your birthday present baby. Go fuck her. I want to see you cum in her pussy. ”
I walked into the bedroom and up to the bed. Standing at the edge I looked at the lovely package lying before me. My hand wrapped around my hard cock and I just had to stroke it a little taking in the beautiful site. Mitzi seemed to understand and planted her feet into the mattress and lifted her hips up in the air. Her fingers were now fucking herself in and out and giving me a masturbation show for my benefit. She began to moan and then in a low whisper voice said, “I want to give you my pussy for your birthday. I need you to fuck me…cum in me…pound me hard because I like it that way.

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  ” Her fingers began fucking her pussy faster and faster. I couldn’t take it anymore as I knelt on the bed between her slim legs. I hooked my arms up under her knees and bent them back. I was going to grab my cock and move it to her pussy but then I felt my wife’s hand on me. She guided my cock into Mitzi’s pussy and rubbed it up and down over her clit. Finally she put it at the entrance of the teenage cunt and I slid it. Betty had been playing with Mitzi’s pussy for an hour before I got home and had her as horny as I was.
I went slow at first. I wanted this to last a long time. But after Betty’s blowjob, Mitzi’s fingering show and her begging for my cock I couldn’t hold back. I started slamming her pussy hard. I fucked her faster and faster. Her moans and sighs were loud. Mitzi never had to be quiet when she fucked and she screamed how much she loved my cock in her cunt. When she spoke those words I felt myself letting go.

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   I was cumming with each thrust into this young girls tight cunt. She was squeezing me like Betty does. My wife had done an excellent job teaching young Mitzi how to fuck. I spilled what felt like gallons into her. The cum was leaking out around my cock and my wife then bent down between us and started licking it up. After I was finished I slid out and Betty’s tongue and face took over.
Betty moved herself over Mitzi’s body and began slurping up all my cum out of her pussy. I knelt back, still between her legs watching my wife sucking her cunt. She shoveled out my cream onto her tongue and then swallowed it. As I watched the girls on the bed I moved off it and over to a chair at the foot. It didn’t take long before I was hard again and I jerked myself while enjoying the wonderful show. My wife looked up from her feast and saw me. She got off of Mitzi and then whispered something to her. Mitzi slid off the bed onto the floor and began  came up between my legs. She took my cock from my hand and started sucking one me.

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   Betty came over to the side of the chair and fed me her big 42DD tits. I sucked on my wife’s nipples while my dick was getting a warm sucking blowjob from an expert of a teenager. Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Betty picked her legg up and sat on my lap, impaling herself on my rod. I could feel Mitzi’s tongue licking me and Betty and she slid up and down fucking herself. Betty went slow. She enjoyed the slower pace as she squeezed her pussy on my prick. Soon I was cumming a second time. I screamed as I came hard into my wife’s pussy. When I finished, Betty laid back on the bed and told Mitzi it was her time to come clean her out.
Mitzi was still on her knees on the floor and just dove in between Betty’s legs and began slurping at her pussy. I slid down to the floor and up behind Mitzi’s teenage smooth body and reached under her cute and began fingering her pussy from behind. As I increased the speed of my fingers on her g-spot, she moaned into my wife’s pussy and sped up her tongue. Finally I heard both women scream with their orgasisms leaving them shivering and shaking. .
I was on the floor and so happy I just started laughing.

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   “My god this is a great birthday. Thank you both. ” Betty looked over at Mitzi and me and said, “Let’s go eat some birthday cake and then we can come back in here and play all weekend. Mitzi’s parents asked me if we minded watching her since they wanted to go out of town. ”
Wow, great sex and cake too. What a wonderful birthday.
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