My Best Friend's Mom, Part I


My mom is a very busy businesswoman. She’s vice president of some corporation whose name slips my mind. She constantly works late, so I would hang out at the house by myself or with some friends. One day, my mom decided to go to Florida on vacation. I begged and pleaded to go, but alas, she said I could not miss the three weeks of school when she would be gone. She informed me that she had arranged for me to stay at my friend’s house. Once again, I begged and pleaded to go, but within a few minutes, I was packing my bags. Looking back, I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to go. Sunday morning came, and it was time for me to go to David’s house. I grabbed my bags, and we left. 10 minutes later, I was at David’s house, getting settled in. My mom left, and David’s mom Julie showed me to my temporary room. I always found Julie quiet attractive. She was single, just like my mom, and definitely one of the hottest mom’s I know. She has the most amazing set of tits I have ever seen. Judging through her shirt, I could tell she was around 32B or 34B.

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   Her ass was nice and firm, and many nights I had dreamed of fucking her. But, as many people know, fucking your best friend’s mom is not easy, and can be very costly if he finds out. A few days went past, and David was at his girlfriend’s house. I was watching TV, when my bladder called, if you get my drift. I walked upstairs to the bathroom, and without realizing what was going on, opened the door. There stood Julie, completely oblivious to me, bathing every part of her body. Her firm breasts and tight ass gave me an almost instant hard-on. In a flash, a closed the door, and retreated to my room. I could not believe what had just happened. Later that night, once David was back and everyone was sleeping, I began to dream about Julie. In my sleep I pictured myself fucking her in every hole, and in one scene, having a threesome with her and an unknown man. I quickly woke to find myself erect. Feeling the urge for satisfaction, I crept to the bathroom and pulled out my 8-inch penis. Although not as big as possible, I felt I was good size, and all the girls I had slept with felt the same way. I began to stroke my penis gently, and then worked myself up into a raging masturbation.

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   While doing this, I found myself picturing Julie in my mind, with her sexy body pressed up against mine. Just before I hit my orgasm, I heard footsteps coming. I grabbed my cock, plunged it back into my boxers, and prayed. The doorknob turned, and there she stood. Julie, half asleep, stood at the bathroom door in her bra and panties, fresh from sleep. At first, she just stood there, not realizing what was in my pants. But, after rubbing her eyes a few times, she began to stare at my startling woody. After 10 seconds, she finally broke her laser gaze, and what happened next will be burned into my memory forever. Julie turned around and began to walk out the door. But at the last moment, she shut the door, and locked the lock. I was now standing in a locked bathroom with my best friend’s beautiful mother half-naked, with a blazing erection bulging out of my pants. Then she spoke. “Bryan, I have to be honest, as you have been growing up, I have dreamt about being able to get my hands on you. Well, now the time has come. I can tell by the fact that your penis has only gotten harder that you want me, so it’s time to make you a man.

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  ”With that, Julie got down on her knees, and savagely ripped my cock out of my boxers. She glanced up at me, licked her lips, then jammed the entire shaft into her throat. I felt like I was going to blow my load at that exact moment, but I didn’t. Julie began bobbing her head back and forth, lubing my cock with her spit all the while. After a minute, she wanted more, so I began pumping my hips with her head to get the most feeling possible. Within 30 seconds, I felt an orgasm coming on. I grabbed Julie’s head, and pressed it as close to my body as possible. I could hear her gagging, but she gave no resistance. I blew my entire load into her mouth and held her head until she swallowed it all. A gigantic smile overcame her as I released her head. She proceeded to lick off my entire cock, starting from the shaft and working her way up to the head. Julie stood up, and peered into my eyes. We locked lips, and I felt her tongue inching my way down my throat. I pulled away for a moment, realizing what was happening. “Ms.

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   Dunn, are you –““I think we have been past the point when you need to call me Ms. Dunn. ”“Julie, are you sure we should do all this? I mean, Bryan’s my best friend. ”“There’s no harm in what he doesn’t know,” she said with a wink. “Besides, we won’t be doing all this in one night, it will ruin all the fun for later. ”As soon as she was done saying that, she slammed her tongue down my throat again, and gave me a smack on the ass. As she walked out, she quickly flashed her tits at me, and said, “Now you know what you have to look forward to. ” With that, she left the bathroom, and I retreated to my room to contemplate what had just happened. .
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