My Best Mates Sister Pt.2


Topic: Interlude. A few weeks on from the first incident with Victoria at my house, I was round her house while she was out with her Mum. I was there playing cards and having a few pints with my mates, including her brother. We were getting quite into our game when I had to pull out to go to the toilet. I wandered upstairs and then it hit nobody is in Victoria's room so I sneaked in and took out one pair of her knickers; a pink lace pair and a blue frilly bra. Size 32E. I took them into the toilet and whipped my cock out and started to reminisce of the week previous. And her lovely mound. My cock soon got hard and I stroked myself to a large climax spraying cum all over the toilet, as a present I decided to wipe my cock on her pants and bra leaving a lovely white stain on her underwear. A few hours later she arrived back her mum walked upstairs where everyone else was sleeping and me and her were left alone; as I was sleeping on the sofa. She looked hot, in a tight top showing off her wonderful assets, the top was also quite low cut so as she bent down I caught a good glimpse of her tits, I am not sure whether she did this intetionally or not but nevertheless I was happy. She walked over to wear I was lying and leant right over me practically resting her boobs on my face I decided to make a move and nibbled at one of her nipples she pulled back initially but I grabbed her arse and pulled towards me I slipped my toungue into her mouth and we got off for near on ten minutes by which time my hand was down her trousers with three fingers in her pants and up her pussy she was groaning loudly into my mouth. When I pulled away she groaned out loud, her alarmed mother ran downstairs to find Victoria on top me with her hand on my crotch. She said nothing walked over and pulled Victoria off, taking her place and began to show her daughter how it was done. Now Victoria's Mum is an attractive woman with quite big tits. I didn't quite know what to do so I just lay there and let it happen.

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Then Victoria walked over and pulled down her jeans and sat on my face I plunged my tongue deep into her tight pussy and she yelped, I licked all inside her pussy while I pinched and flicked her clit with my hand that wasn't on her Mum's tits. Victoria came about 2 minutes into me licking her out all over my face she got of and kissed my face clean. They both went up to bed and I went to sleep satisfied. . . To be continued.