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I did have enough bravery to touch her, so as I gently woke her, not wanting to wake her to fast I let my hand slide over her breast and down to her sweet warm pussy. I couldn't resist sliding my hand under her panties, and knew this would be my only chance to feel her smooth cunt. As I did so I felt she was warm and moist. I slid a finger just inside her pussy lips to moisten my finger with her juices and then tasted them. It was so sweet I had to do it again. As I sucked the juices off my finger she looked up at me and asked if it was a good taste or not. I mummbled it was as I was scared I had got cought and she might tell on me. She was smiling but I was scared all the same. She got up and got ready for school as if nothing had happened. That day I went apartment hunting not caring what I got. I moved just six blocks from them into a run down apartment building but I knew I had to get out of their house for sure because I didn't know what I mite do next or if she would say anything to her parents. I thought about how good she had tasted all the time and as a week had gone by without any word of what had happened, I started to relax. Me being such a close friend of theirs, my buddy asked why I hadn't been over in a while. I couldn't tell him the truth so I told him I was tring to make the apartment livable. He told his wife this that night and they decieded, without telling me, that chelsea should come over after school to help me. I about freaked out when she showed up after school in shorts and a cut off shirt that was so tight it looked painted on.

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   She explained that she was there to help and was not going to take no for a answer. Man that first hour was hard but she seemed to have no memory of what had happened. She came by for the rest of the week in the same clothes as the first day. On friday we where washing the walls and she only being 5'5", had to stand on her toes and stretch way out. Her breast slipped out and I pretended not to see, then it did it again and she seen me looking. As she turned around I could see her shirt was wet from the soapy water and she said she mite as well take it off because it was doing no good covering anything anyway. Well my heart raced as I stared at what was the most firm and well developed breast I have ever seen. She giggled and said "What haven't you seen boobs before?" Before I new what I was saying I said " Not boobs that perfect!" She said "Then you probably haven't felt them eather. Have a feel. "My hands where shaking as they inched forward, seeming to have a mind of their own. They where so soft and warm, the nipples were hard and looking right at me as if to say "suck me". Chelsea gave out a sigh as I caressed them. "All I have thought about was that morning you finally touched me, and how I wanted you to do it again. I had waited for so long, pretending to be asleep, running around in teeshirts and panties. " I had to have her and she wanted me so I told her "I have noticed you but was scared because of me being 32 and you only 15.

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   But I have wanted to make love to you so bad. " "Well we have two hours tonight for you and me to finally do what we both have wanted. " she said as she came closer. I took her in my arms and kissed her, she let my tongue explore her mouth and she explored back. I was so hard by now that it hurt like never before. I needed release bad but I wanted this to last forever also. I kissed down her neck to her awaiting breast, sucking one nipple then the other. They felt better then I had imagend. I scopped her up in my arms and walked to my bed room and gently laid her down. We kissed and she took my shirt off. Her hands now exploring my body. "Wow you are so hard. " She said. I kissed my way from her neck to her breast, then to her belly button, circling it. My hands undoing her button on her shorts.

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   I slid them off making sure to smell her sweet musky pussy smell. She looked so sexxy in her panties, just laying on my bed. I kissed her up her thighs and right on the crouch of her moist panties. As I slid down her undies she wiggled out of them in such a way I knew she was going be the best sex I have ever had. "Have you ever had your pussy licked before?" I said. "I have never done anything but kiss a boy before. I know this sounds wierd but I have always wanted you to be my first. " I started to kiss then lick her moist pussy, it tasted so good. I took my time to injoy every fold, every drop of her juices. I used a technic I had learned from a lesbien friend of mine were you suck the clit gently into your mouth while moving your tongne up and down it in your mouth. At the same time you tease her by circling her hole slowly with your finger and once in awhile quickly darting it in and back out. Chelsea was cumming so hard her little body was shaking. I sucked up the juices and contiued until she almost passed out. As I kissed my way up her body she pushed me over and took charge. My pants where off in no time and she kissed down my chest to my waiting dick.

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   "I've read about how to do this on the internet so I hope I do it right. " she said as she took my cock into her mouth. At first she tried to take too much and gaged, I thought she would quit but she contenuied untell she had half my 7 inches in her mouth then just kept going tell all but a inch was in. I could never have told she had never done this before. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum. I told her I was cumming and she sucked harded and faster till she had a mouth full. Watching her swollow for the first time and loving it made me cum even more. She looked at me with a little cum running down her chin and said "Wow! That was a lot of cum to swollow. That web site never said how much there would be or how tasty it would be. " We kissed and she said "I hope I did it right. " "That was the best blowjob I have ever had. " was all I could say. It was time for her mom to pick her up so we got dressed and made plans to contnue this the next day, that would be saturday and we would have all day to enjoy more of each other. I couldn't wait for saturday to arrive. Chelsea showed up at noon wearing jeans and a little half shirt.

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   She seemed to have forgotten about yesterday and what we had planned for today. I just wanted to lay her down in my bed and go for it but she went and got some cleaning supples and was going to start cleaning again I thought. Then she smiled at me and told me that if her parents came by they would know something was up if there were no cleaning stuff about. She was a very smart girl. We headed for the bed room and fell onto the bed in a long tongue kiss. I took her shirt off and started nibbling at her breast. She moaned and let me kiss her belly. I love her belly button and spent some time licking and kissing it. She pushed my head down and I knew she wanted me to lick her pussy and I wanted I also. As I slid her jeans down I found no painties. She asked me to show her how good a older man could be and I went for it. She tastes so sweet and was so dam wet. After about only a minute of this she yelled out "I'm cumming!" She was wiggling around so much I had to grab her nice little ass to hold her for my mouth to contunue it's job. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her face saying to me "Make me a woman now!" It took no time at all to undress and lay on top of her. I slowly started to press my dick against her pussy lips.

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   They slid apart and the head went in. She pushed back to me and more went in. I could see it hurt but she had no thought of stopping. We started pushing in and out at the same tempo. She took all 7 inches in and went nuts. WE fucked for a couple of minutes when she yelled out "O YES I'M CUMMING AND I CAN"T STOP!!!" She shook so wildly I almost came right that minute. It took a hell of a lot of control to keep from shoting my load in her. We contenued to screw and she kept cumming. It was like a flood had erupted in her pussy, I've never had a woman respond like this before. She kept screaming out, "FUCK ME, MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE FUCK BUNNY!" A couple minutes of this was all I could take. "I'm going to cum!" I said and was getting ready to pull out when she yelled "Cum inside of me, please cum in me and make me a full woman, Your woman!!!" That was all it took. I came in her little pussy and I came again. Twice in a row, that had never happened before. Her pussy was full of my jis and it had squshed out all over me, the bed, and her sweet little ass. I lay there on top of her for some time before she spook, "Wow that was so good, it felt like I was going to pass out and when you came I could feel it fill me up.

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  "We kissed and laid there for awhile. A half hour later she climbed on top of me and started to rub her pussy against my dick. It got hard instantly and she slid me inside once again. She rode my dick like she had done this before, slowing down to stop me from cumming too soon and speeding up to cum herself. About five minutes into this she went wild, bouncing up and down, moaning and crying out "I love your dick in me, never stop fucking me!" With that we both came so hard, she fell forward and locked on my mouth for the best kiss of my life. We did it all day and we were both so sore. The next day was home work and chores day at chelseas house so she could not come over, but chelseas mom stopped by, to "see how things where going" she said. She looked around and said we must be good together. And before I could say anything about how good a worker chelsea was, her mom said "because when I stopped by yesterday I could hear my daughter screaming "fuck me" and "don't stop" and such. " I was freaking out by now and wanted to run. She contenued "and by the bolegged way she was walking today I would say you did as she said. " I started to speak but found no words. "I made a apointment for her on monday to go on birth control. As long as you two are going to be screwing around my baby girl, or more like, my young woman, will not get pregnut. We won't tell her father about this but when her sister turns her age I hope you break her in also.

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  " It has been three years now and me and chelsea are living together. Her parents got a devorce and she refused to live with eather one so both parents decided since I was the girls god father that I should take her. I of course said yes. She sometimes calls me "daddy" when we make love and it is a big turn on. Chelseas mom has reminded me of our deal to break mandy in so this mite get even better. She's almost as hot as her sister!!!. has a endless list of cuties and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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