My Confession


This is a humiliating story for me but one that I feel must be told. I am 31 years old now; I was 26 when it happened. I made a promise never to reveal what went on that day, but I just can’t live with it anymore I have to get it out in the open, even if its just here.
I remember I’d had a hard day at the office; the boss had been on my ass since I walked in the door and so I decided to stop and have a few drinks. There was nothing special about the place, I’d been there before, and it’s on the way.
It took me awhile to figure out how they managed to slip something into my drink. I remember a women, about middle age I guess, walking past my table. She accidentally drop a set of keys that landed under my chair, I imagine while I picked them up for her someone (obviously working with her) slipped something in my glass of Draft. I imagine if anyone asked while they were dragging me out they simply said we were friends and I’d had one too many.
I awoke in a room I’d never seen before, as my blurred vision cleared I instantly noticed the video camera mounted in the corner above my head. The room was about the size of an ordinary living room, but the only furniture was the bed I woke up on. It was well lit, the florescent lights casting a glow not unlike that of an office.
Besides my subsiding headache I felt a bit of a sting in my left arm, upon examination I notice a small bandage. I remove it to the site of a small hole; obviously they had inserted some sort of needle in me while I was asleep, before I could consider the reasons why, a small piece of paper on the pillow caught my attention. It was a note:
“She’s beautiful isn’t she? Not to worry she’s all yours.
If you’ve noticed the needle, you’re probably wondering
What exactly you’ve been stuck with.

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   Without a lot
Of details let me just say it’s a drug that, before long
Will shall we say, activate your sex drive whether you’ve
Ever considered such an act or not you will soon have no choice.
Keep in mind the video camera and make us proud.
Again I looked at my arm, studied it, a little confused until a soft whimper caught my attention. I look up and for the first time I notice her. A girl, maybe 12, or 13 sitting in a small chair in the corner on the opposite side of the room. She was staring at me and obviously feeling terrified. I slowly approached her, forgetting about the note. She shrank back into the chair as if it could provide some sort of protection.
“Its ok I won’t hurt you,” I tried to reassure her.
“They s-said you would. ” Her voice was almost a whisper.
Who? Do what?” I asked stopping just out of reach of the terrified girl. She was beautiful, her long dark hair hung down well past her shoulders and threw her thin white shirt a pair of heart pounding young breasts were just starting to appear. The skirt she wore was way too short and I could see as it rode up that she wore no panties.
“Your gonna have sex with me,” she whispered.

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Just like that it hit me, whoever they were they had brought me here to rape this young girl, and the drug they had injected me with was to make sure it happened. Worst of all the sick bastards wanted to get it all on film! I looked back to the camera and wondered if they could see us right now?
“I won’t do anything to hurt you, I promise,” I said, before thinking about that statement. What if I couldn’t help myself? What about this injection? I had never sized up a young kid like I just had a moment ago; maybe it was starting to affect me?
Instinctively I backed away. I returned to the bed slowly and sat staring at this young girl before me. And to my horror she slowly stood up and began to approach me. Holy shit she was beautiful. Those long legs that delicate little body so thin I would probably smother her if I… what am I thinking, STOP don’t let this happen!
“Can I go home now?” She pleaded softly.
I stretched an arm out and she instinctively backed away.
“Please come sit down. I won’t hurt you; I’m not the one that brought you here. I can’t get out either. ”
“You can’t?”
Slowly she approached the bed and as she eased herself down on a corner I caught a glimpse of her ass and suddenly felt my breath being taken away. My cock was beginning to stir and I couldn’t fight the hard on I had in seconds.
I began to wonder if fucking this young girls tight little pussy would be so bad? The people who brought me here weren’t going to tell, so who would ever know?
Oh god no I can’t be thinking this. I tried to shake off the thought and reached out slowly to this young girl.

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   I rubbed her forearm gently and she looked straight into my eyes.
“You’re not going to have sex with me?” She asked.
What’s your name, sweetie?”
“Sara. ”
“And how old are you Sara?”
“Have you ever had sex before?” Where the fuck did that come from?
“No. ”
“Do you want to?” I was losing it. Just touching her was driving me over the edge; my cock was so hard it hurt. I wanted her so bad and all that was holding me back was the small shred of morality in the back of my mind, but it was fading quickly.
“I-I don’t think I know how,” she replied.
I eased my way across the bed and put an arm around her shoulders.
“I could show you, it doesn’t have to hurt. ” To my horror she thought about it for a second and then shook her head no.
“Sara…. while I was asleep…whoever brought us here, well…they gave me a needle…. It makes you want to have sex really, really bad. I’m trying but I don’t think I can stop myself….

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I saw her eyes widen and felt her try to pull away. I held tighter, I couldn’t let her go not now. I had gotten a whiff of her ‘little girl sent’ and I was almost over the edge.
“Let me go I don’t want to!” Sara screamed.
“Please I’ll be careful!” I begged.
“NO! You said you wouldn’t hurt me!”
I wasn’t thinking anymore, my cock was taking over. I wrapped both arms around her and forced her face to mine. I pressed my lips to hers and she tried in vane to push me away.
As I broke the kiss she screamed and tried again to push me away.
“I-I’m sorry Sara I have to have you!”
I reached under her skirt and just having my fingers probe her sweet, innocent, virgin pussy was driving me mad. Forcing her on her back I held her two small arms with my left hand and undid my jeans with the other, letting them fall to my ankles. There would be no foreplay, no tasting her sweet innocence; my cock just couldn’t wait any longer.
I shoved her skirt up as high as I could and used my spit to soak her delicate pussy as well as my stiff cock.
Her struggling wasn’t making this easy; every time I had my cock over her small hole she would squirm a certain way and I would lose my chance at penetration, or in my case, relief.
Finally I leaned into her, using my own body wait to keep her still and with one hand on my cock to keep it steady I felt her tight hole begin to give way.

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       As expected I met her resistance and a small part of me wanted to be gentle, but as the warmth of her young pussy began to coat my dick I felt an orgasm approaching the surface and under these circumstances I knew I couldn’t control it.
    I felt her virginity rip away followed by an earth shattering scream and a more desperate struggle on Sara’s part for escape. My body weight however was too much for her.
    “OHHHHHHH FUUUCKKKKKK!” I wasn’t even halfway home before I exploded deep inside her pussy. Ramming my cock the rest of the way I released it from my hand and fell on top of this young beauty. Under my full weight there was no way she could force me from her cunt.
    “Take it out, take it out! Please!” She continued to beg and cry uncontrollably from the pain I was inflicting, but even as I came down from my greatest orgasm ever, I wasn’t done. Whatever this drug was an orgasm didn’t stop it from continuing it’s effects. Holding my cock deep inside her I began to thrust. Not with gentleness for this young one’s first time, but with desperation for more relief. I began to shove harder and harder, with drawing barely even half way before sinking back inside as deep as I possibly could. My hard thrusts driving Sara’s hole body up and down violently on the bed. She wasn’t fighting anymore just lying there, taking it all through her muffled cries as I kept my full weight on her tiny body.
    I stole a quick glance at my cock as I began to feel something strange. Blood from her torn innocence was staining the bed and my cock as well.

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       But I still couldn’t show any mercy; I had no control over my actions anymore.
    The warmth of this young girls pussy was amazing, I had never had such a tight fuck in all my life and the feelings racing through my dick were almost unimaginable.
    Suddenly I felt her pussy begin to tighten even more and her body convulsing under me. It was her own orgasm, forced upon her as it may have been but there it was! I lost it, my cum rising to the surface in record time and again I soaked her insides. She looked into my eyes for a fleeting second and I would have to say there was confusion there. Forced upon her or not and orgasm is an orgasm and the pleasure of the first is always remarkable.
    Knowing that for a second or two she might have enjoyed this forced fuck compelled me to begin pounding her once again. Only this time I wrapped both arms around her thin little waste and rolled over until I had her lying on top. With her head buried under my chin and her tears soaking my chest I grabbed each of her tiny little ass cheeks in either hand and squeezed with painful force as I began thrusting up into her pussy once more. As I felt my third load rising to the surface I pulled her up until the tip of my cock was at her virgin door and slammed for all I was worth deep inside her soaked pussy. My cum exploding to the back of her cunt.
    I was done, the need for further pleasure gone from my system I eased my extremely sensitive cock out of her pussy and gently laid her beside me on the bed. Tears began to roll from my eyes as the drugs wore off and I realized the horrible thing I had just been forced to do. Sara made no effort to pull her skirt down or cover her hot, red pussy, she just lay there sobbing, her head buried into the bed. I rolled to the floor and found my clothes, getting dressed quickly.

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       I wanted to say something, but I knew words could never make up for what I had done. So I made my way to the chair on the other side of the room and sat with my head buried in my arms….
    I won’t apologize for my actions even though they were horribly wrong. There are days like today when I just can’t seem to shake what I did, which is why I thought getting this story off my chest would provide me with some comfort and it has. What I did was wrong there is no excuse for doing what I did, but the reward I got from this experience makes it all worthwhile. I will leave you now to pray to god that I burn in hell for doing what most people consider to be an inhumane act. Besides it’s almost four o’clock and I need to pick up my reward from the daycare center. .
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