My Life and Times Segment 2


Topic: My Life and Times Segment 2Continuing from segment 1. . . . .
The next day after Dad had come home from work dad approached me and we began talking about last night. Lets just say that he was still in shock about what happened and we discussed it some more. He was scared that some one might find out or even worse that mom would. Mom would freak out if she ever found out.
Well that day mom was at work and my sis was over her friends house. Later on that evening I went into dad\'s room as he was just getting out of the shower so I undressed and got in his bed. When he came to the room he was kind of suprised to see me there,but he was very happy at the same time. He still wasnt sure if it was just a one time thing, even though I told him plain as day that I wanted him to make love to me everytime we got a chance. Well he came over to the bed and said "Sweety are you sure this is what you want? I dont want you to fill like you have to do this". I quikly said "Look dad, what do I have to say or do to make you understand, that I love you and that this is what I want. I loved the way you made love to me and fucked me, I wouldnt trade this for anything.

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  " He then got in bed and I told him to lay on his back, I then started licking his already hard cock and then sucking it and taking it down my throat. He still couldnt believe his lil girl could deep throat and swallow when he cums. Two things mom wouldnt do.
After I sucked him for a few minutes I then laid on the bed with my legs spread and dad was soon licking and sucking on my already wet pussy, it felt so good having him down there eating me. He then began fingering me as he ate me out. I had several orgasm\'s before he stoped and with me begging him to fuck me. Dad then raised up and got ontop of me and I raised my legs up and he slide his hard cock in me and began fucking me,slow and deep then faster and deeper, before long I was cumming again,it felt so fucking wonderful having my dads cock burried deep inside me as I climaxed. I then told him to lay on his back and I licked and sucked my pussy juices off his cock and then mounted him and slide down on his cock. I then rode him facing him then I turned around with my back to him and rode his cock that way until I cam again. After that he licked my pussy and sucked on my clit for a few moments, he then told me to get on my kness on the side of the bed, He then fucked me hard and fast as he was standing next to the bed. My god it felt so good, I never wanted him to stop. After a few minutes he was ready to blow his load and he asked me were I wanted him to cum, so I told him to cum on my face and in my mouth. So I sat on the side of the bed and jacked and sucked him until he was about to blow, he then let out a moan and shot his hot sticky load all over my face and in my mouth. I didnt think he was going to stop cumming as load after load streamed across my face and lips.
Well we got cleaned up and then just laid on the bed together for a few minutes.

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   He then leaned over to me and began kissing me and telling me how much he loved me. I told him the same and then got up and went to take a shower and to get ready for bed as mom would be home anytime now.
Me and dad also like dress up from time to time. We have dressed up as Nun and Priest,Teacher/Student,Coach/Cheerleader and other characters. Mostly around Halloween so no one would be suspicious. ;)
Me and dad have continued our sexual desires for each other until this day and neither one of has regreted a second of it. We fuck every chance we get and if we cant fuck I suck his cock and swallow his cum. It has been tricky at times as my sister wasn\'t away all of the times. We did it a few times right after she went to bed and mom was at work,Thank god she is a heavy sleeper and never gets up during the night. And a few times when she was outside swimming,but we did it so we could see her but she couldn\'t see us. ;) or when she was in the tub.   We never took the chance when mom was home, way to risky. Now that I\'m at college we dont get as many chances, but when I go home we fuck like crazy when we can.
Well that\'s it for now. .

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  stay tuned for Segment 3, coming soon.
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