My Life and Times-Segment 3


 Well as I mentioned in my previous segment, the only times me and dad get to fuck,is when I go home from College. Well for Thanksgiving, I went home to see the family and friends. It was very hard getting any alone time let me tell ya, so we didnt get a chance to do anything, but dad drove me to the airport and we stoped at a motel along the way. We didnt waist any time as he had to get back home. We quikly stripped off our clothes and began kissing,dad was soon between my legs eating my already wet wet wet pussy. It was all I could think about on the way to the airport. He then got on top of me and slid his hard cock deep in my wet cunt and fucked me like crazy. I yelled "fuck me daddy,Yes fuck me hard,fuck me,Oh gawd fuck me". I quikly spasmed and cam all over his cock as he buried it deep inside me. Dad then stood up at the side of the bed to let me suck and lick my juices off his uncircumcised cock. MMM I missed doing that so much. I sat on the edge of the bed and took his cock into my mouth and licked it all over and let my saliva run all over it. He loves it when I rub my saliva all over his cock. I then bent over the bed on my knees and told dad to fuck me and make me cum. He slid his hard cock deep inside my cunt and began slamming his cock in me,fucking me like crazy. I think I cam 3 or 4 times,gawd it was great.

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   We had to rush it,so before long daddy was ready for his girl to take his throbbing cock back into my mouth and suck it until he blew his load. I wanted to taste his hot sticky cum so bad. I began sucking him and jerking him at the same time,withen a few seconds dad began saying "Oh shit Michelle it feels so fucking good, suck my cock sweety. . . . . I\'m cumming,I\'m cumming" and then he spewed his cum all in my mouth and I swallowed every bit I could, but some ran out of my mouth. I believe it was the biggest load he had since we began fucking. It was probably the excitement of us being able to fuck again combined with the thrill of us having to do it when we were rushed for time. All I know is we had to do this again and soon. I couldnt wait until I got to come home again. Which probably wouldnt be until the Xmas holidays. I was right, it wasnt until last Xmas that I got to get home again. Again it was very difficult at times to get any alone time, but we managed.

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   Mom didn\'t have to whole time off from work and neither did dad, but we worked it out so when dad was home and sis was asleep, then we fucked like crazy. One night sis wanted to spend the night at one of her friends house which was on the 23rd, so we got lucky as mom had to work that night too. We live close to family so no one was visiting which is a plus. That evening we watched some incest movies I had got a hold of. Dad really liked it and we fucked 3 times that evening before mom got off of work to make up for lost fucking lol and since mom would be off the Christmas Day and Eve. . The first time was right after mom left for work,she took sis over to her friends on her way. We locked lips and began taking each others clothes off. I told dad to sit on the couch and he did. I wanted to suck his cock first. Dad got a suprise,as I was now able to lick his cock while I was sucking him. You know where the girl sticks her tounge out as shes giving him head. . lol. He loved it.

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  . I then got ontop of him as he was sitting on the couch and began riding him. Oh gawd his cock felt so good buried deep in my dripping wet cunt. After a few minutes of fucking like that, he told me to lay down on the couch and to spread my legs. He then began licking,sucking and kissing my cunt and finger fucking me. I soon began yelling out "oh yes daddy eat my pussy,you like eating me daddy?" and he said "oh yes Michelle, you know I do, your pussy tastes so damn good baby". Withen a minute or so I was having an orgasm and he kept eating me until I cam again. I couldnt take any more and so I told him to fuck me. Dad then put one knee on the couch and the other on the floor and then lean in and eased his cock in me and began fucking me. I had one leg on the back of the couch and the other he held. Dad then said " You like being fucked by daddy?" and I said, " Yes,oh fuck Yes I love it when you fuck me daddy". He then said "I love fucking you Michelle, your pussy is so good and tight". We then moved to the back of the couch and he fucked me while I was sprawled out on the back of the couch and he was standing up holding my legs spread out. We then laid on the floor and I rode his cock until he was ready to cum. When he was close I slid off of him, but this time I wanted to see him cum so I didnt swallow.

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   I told him I wanted to see him cum,so I began sucking and stroking him until he was ready. He mouned out "Holy shit, Im about to cum baby, I cumming baby" and I said "Cum for me Daddy,Cum for me please". He shot his load,it went straight up and all over my hand and his stoumach and chest, some even got in my hair. I then licked what was on my hand off as he sat there and watched me. I want to feel him cum inside me so bad,but there\'s no way we can allow that to happen. I dont want to get pregnant by any one and he doesnt want to get me pregnant either. We have an understanding, that this is a sexual relationship only. Yes we love each other,but we dont want a marriage like commitment. He is my dad first and he is married to my mother and still loves her. I love my mother too but the relationship between me and my dad is special. I wish she could know and be understanding, but she wouldnt. So it must remain a secretive one. Pregnancy would ruin both of our lives and we dont want that. Well to continue. .

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  Dad then got up and went to take a quik shower so I joined him. It wasnt long before he was hard again and his cock was sticking me in the butt as he was washing my back. I then turned around and grabed it and began rubing him. I said" Dad you ready for some more already?" He then said "I am always ready for more sweety". I then got down on my knees and began sucking him. I then sat on the edge of the shower and spread my legs for him and said " Eat me daddy,I want it". So he got down on his knees and licked,sucked and fingered me until I had an orgasm. I then stood up on the side of the shower and he came closer and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he held me up against the wall. He slid his hard cock in and fucked me like that a few minutes. Good thing Im light lol. I then got on my knees and he entered me from behind and slamed his cock deep into my wet pussy. Pounding me like a dog,as I yelled "Fuck ME Daddy,Fuck me good, oh yes fuck my pussy". It didnt take long and he pulled out and shot his load all over my back and ass. We cleaned up and then went and got something to eat for supper. After we got back from eating and it was getting late, I told him I wanted to fuck again.

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   He didnt argue lol. This time we fucked in my old room. He ate me to begin,then I sucked his cock for a few minutes. Then we fucked doggy style,me on top,him on top missionary and with my legs in the air and him from behind as I was on my side. We finished with us doing a 69 with him on top and him shotting his load down my throat as he fucked my mouth. Thats it for now. . . . More to come. . . . . .

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