my niece and her friend stay over


this is my first atempt so forgive me for spelling and grammar mistakes  



 It was Saturday lunch time and i awoke with my usual throbbing hard on i needed to relieve myself badly but i also needed to piss and quickly i sleep in my boxers and they where tight my cock end was pushing past my waist band so i knew i would be in the bathroom some time little did i know just how long i would be .

I walked in to the bathroom and thought to myself how am i going to do this my hard on just wouldn't subside so i thought what the hell lets just jerk one off right there and then then i would be able to pee .

Anyway i pulled off my boxers and released my throbbing hard cock and started to rub the tip just then the door opened in my rush i had forgot to lock the door i was shocked and embarrassed to see my nieces friend stood there in her pj`s .

I should explain my niece usually stays at my house on a weekend she is only young but she is smoking hot about 5 ft 5 ichs tall long black hair 34 b breasts ( i know this from perving in her bag whilst she was out previously )a tanned complexion and a nice peachy bum .
Her friend jade is a little chubbier not fat but the sort of chubby younger girls grow out off she`s a little shorter about 5 ft 2 inches tall at a guess i would say her bra size was 30 b a nice hand full her complexion is quite pale she has light brown long hair and a nice chunky bum.

Anyway for some reason my niece had brought her friend to stay over and there she was standing there in front of me with my hard cock in my hand i was frozen to the spot i didn't know what to do or say how was i going to explain this anyway i needn't have worried she walks all the way in and shuts the door behind her and walks up to me and says "wow is that painful?" i reply yes a little she tells me she has never seen a cock in real life before i say well now you have and smile she smiles back and asked me if she can touch it buy now im thinking im going to be in big trouble when my wife gets home if this girl tells so i say ok but its not fair that you can see me naked and your fully clothed she asks what do you mean with a cheeky grin on her face and starts striping her pj s off i was surprised that she was not wearing any underwear when i got a good view of her budding breasts and wispy pubic hair let me tell you i don't know how but i swear my cock grew bigger.

So there i was standing in the bathroom naked with a huge hard-on in front of my niece naked young friend i tell i don't know how i didn't bust my nuts there and then so she says can i touch it now then i tell her why not and she reaches out with her small hand and grabs my cock quit roughly be gentle i tell her she says sorry and rubs it gently up and down she asks me is this ok i say yes how did you know to rub it she explains that she and my niece watched porn on the internet all the time im a bit taken back by this thinking about my hot niece watching porn and probably fingering herself at the same time .

I'm dragged away from thoughts of my niece when i feel jades mouth wrapping round my cock wow it felt so good she looks up at me and asks am i doing this right i reply yes but try using your tong as well how she asks here ill show you i tell her and take her thumb in my mouth and show her how its done. she is a fast learner and i soon feel my balls tighten now i don't know where this is heading but im thinking maybe i can fuck this fresh virgin young pussy so i don't want to cum just yet so i stop her and sit her on the sink top.

So i have jade sat on the sink work top her budding breasts with her nipples hard and pointing out looking down i can see she is very aroused her pussy and top of her thighs a soaking wet and i can wait no longer to taste that sweet pussy i get on my nee`s and stick my tong strait in her hole she gasps as i work up and down her soaking slit i ask her do you like this dumb question but i love to get a girl to talk dirty she reply s wow o yes i didn't know it would feel this good just then the door behind me opens .

 So im kneeling down in front of this hot young teen lapping up her sweet pussy juice when the door behind me opens stood there with her mouth and eyes wide open is my niece well i tell you to tell you i was a loss for words would be a understatement i had nothing.

Hay Ellie don't just stand there get in here says jade to my delight she enters the bathroom and closes the door not taking her eyes from myself and jade the whole time looks like i got a bit more than a sneaky peek of your uncles cock then Ellie laughs jade Ellie manages to stutter out yea you sure did . How do you like your uncles cock ellie than its awesome stutters out ellie well don't just stand there lets get you out of those pj s .

Jade slides down of the counter top and start to help undress ellie in no time at all im getting my first in the flesh look at ellies 34b tits i say first time in the flesh as i have in the past hidden tiny cameras around the house but that's a story for another time but getting back to it down comes the bottoms revealing a very small freshly shaved pussy my cock instantly starts throbbing again as this is happening jades hand goes down on to ellies pussy lips and gets a good feel of of that fresh wet pussy .

Get on up on the top here ellie says jade let me taste you before the words are out of her mouth she s on the counter top with jades face buried in ellies pussy i felt a little jealous and let out by this point so i think what the hell and cup jades soaking virgin pussy from behind she instantly responds by moaning in to ellies pussy i manage to insert my little finger in her very tight hole and use my index and middle finger on her swollen clit i continue working jades clit and pushing my little finger deeper in her tight little hole .

So here i am in the bathroom with these two hot girls one with her head buried deep in the others pussy and myself with my little pushed up this very tight pussy my cock was throbbing and i knew what i had to do i had to tap that tight virgin hole with my painfully hard cock .

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although her hole was soaking wet i knew that it was going to be hard to get my cock in there now im not going to bull shit you in to thinking i have a monster cock its of a average size just under eight inches and quite thick so i start to rub my cock against her wet pussy lips she responds by moaning wow that feels so good what's he doing to you asks ellie as i slick up my cock with her friends pussy juice i answer the question for her by saying im going to fuck your friends tight virgin cunt whilst she makes you come that's what im doing .


 By the feel of this girls tight little virgin hole i can tell she has had nothing more than a small finger insider her and i knew this was not going to be a easy task to accomplish i had already slicked up my cock with her pussy juices but i needed to open her up more before i tried to enter her i started my reinserting my little finger in to her tight hole and gently moving it around in order to loosen her up this was also having the added affect of not only making her hole wetter but taking her closer to a orgasm all the wile she is still lapping away at my nieces virgin hole and bringing her great pleasure well let me tell you i have always thought one of the most horniest things you can do or see is a girl having a orgasm it just does it for me and my boner was very swollen so swollen that the veins looked as thick as string i didn't know how long i could last without just pushing my meat strait in that girl.

After some minutes of working my finger inside jades tight little hole there was now clearance for me to replace my little finger with my index finger this drove jade wild pushing back in to me as the walls of her hole clamped around my finger and then i felt it the star prize her Hyman my it felt so good it also felt quite thick i thought to myself i hope this girl does not mind a little pain.

So after some time i go for two fingers inside this girl and start to work them in and out and then it hit jades first orgasm by the hands of a man her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers and along with the rest of her body started to convulse as she came hard im glad the the bathroom is in the middle of the house as even though her screams where muffled by her mouth been buried inside my niece Ellie s pussy they where still very loud .


 After jade had come down from her high i ask her how she feels she tells me great that was the most intense orgasm i have ever had i tell here she has felt nothing yet she asks me what do you mean i say you will see .

Are you ready jade i ask yes i guess so she says will it hurt i tell her im not going to lye to you it probable will do to start with until you get used to it ok be gentle with me though ok i tell her .

I position my slicked up cock in the opening of jades tight virgin hole and push forward so the helmet of my cock just enters her hole jade lets out a moan as i do this she is clearly shocked by the intrusion of my big purple end entering her are you ok i ask yes but i don't think its all going to fit inside of me it will i tell her as i push a little deeper just stopping short of her hymen i wait for a couple of seconds so she gets the feel of my cock stretching her before i pull out to tip again i push forward then back building a steady rythum i tell you this girl was very tight even for a virgin she was tight i just hoped i would fully enter her and bring her off before i blow what i knew would be a huge load maybe i should have been wearing a condom but i had not planed to be in the bathroom with my hot niece and her friend and i was to horny to stop now so what ever happens happens now .

I had no need to ask jade how she felt she was moaning very loudly with pleasure she had by now stopped licking out ellie s soaking wet pussy she was sat on the counter top furiously rubbing her swollen clit as she watched her uncle take the cherry of her friend it was one of the most horniest things i had ever seen in my life i knew i had to have ellie but for now i had a job to do .

Do you want me to pop your cherry now jade i ask as im pumping in and out of her now stretched out opening yes do it do it she says i want to feel you all the way inside me ok i say hold tight this may hurt i say as i pull back and drive my throbbing cock deep inside this girls hole tearing past her hyman burying my cock up to my balls she screams out in pain as i break through the barrier of her hymen i stand still trying not to move inside her i ask are you ok jade no she says it hurts give it a couple seconds you will fell differently then i tell her as she wipes the tears from her eyes .

just then ellie starts to gasp im cumming im cumming we look over to see her legs shaking and sweat dripping from her hot body are you ok asks jade o yes reply s ellie your screaming and the blood dripping down uncles balls from your pussy was too much for me with that jade starts to push back on my cock and says please make me cum i once again start to pump in and out of this once virgin pussy i didn't know how long i was going to last as i pumped jade with my length but i was going to try my best to bring her off before i burst counting numbers in my head to help me not cum after what can only have been a minute or two at the most jades breathing became laboured and she started to moan im cumming fuck im cumming as i felt her tight pussy once again clamp down and go in to spasm only this time my cock and not my fingers where buried inside of her this tipped me strait over the edge also as i felt that familiar feeling of my balls tightening and a rush of cum firing through my cock id like to tell you i tried to pull out but i wouldn't have been able to if i had tried i just pumped stream after stream of my hot seed inside my nieces friends pussy and i tell you it felt good . .