My Sisters Are Wonderful


Topic: wow My little sisters are wonderful
My name is Jake. Last week was my birthday and I turned 18 years old. I consider myself to be an average looking sort of guy, nothing outstanding or anything. I mean I’m not a weight lifter or football player or anything like that but I liked to workout but I’m not too serious about it. I still live at home and I have two twin sisters who just turned 13. The older one is Carol, and the younger one is Patty. They both look very much alike, almost identical twins you might say, both with blonde hair, bluish green eyes and both are just starting to mature and have small budding breasts.
Last Friday night my parents had just left for the weekend to visit some sick relatives, leaving me in charge. I asked my sisters what they wanted to do and they both said that they would probably just watch some TV or watch a movie.  
"Not a bad idea, but would you two like to try some booze?". I asked.
They looked at each other hesitantly and then said “Sure, why not”.  
I had a bottle of Bacardi 151 stashed in my room for special occasions and ran off to get it. After getting the shot glass out of the cupboard I poured them both a shot. They hesitated at first and after they watched me down one they decided to try it.  This was the first time that either one had ever had a drink and it was a bit of a challenge for both of them and they managed to keep the it down.

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   After the first one I managed to talk them into doing another one saying that it would be easier the second time and it wouldn’t burn so bad. Soon I got them to do a few more and needless to say, within a half hour to an hour or so, they were pretty drunk.   I then asked them what they wanted to do now and Patty said “Let’s play Truth or Dare. ”
Carol began to giggle and said “Well, Ok”.
Naturally I agreed by saying “That’s a great idea. ” 
Carol started first and Patty said “Dare”. To my surprise and delight, Carol dared Patty to get naked, right here and right now.
“Right now ? In front of Jake ?” she mused.
“Yea, right now” said Carol.
I was shocked at first and then in awe as my little sister got up and started stripping off her clothes until she was butt naked before my very eyes. I knew she was cute and all and maybe it was the effects of the rum but now I thought she was beautiful, just plain beautiful. Her skin was flawless. Patty then dared Carol to do the same, and the next thing I knew, I had two young beautiful naked sisters standing in front of me.  What a wondrous sight to behold.
I sat there with my mouth hanging open and eyes wide staring, just staring at my two beautiful little sisters.

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   I knew I was seeing double trouble but I couldn’t help it. They were beautiful. Their breasts were just budding out and their nipples were as hard as rocks, sticking out proudly from their chests. It was simply an amazing sight to be hold. As I scanned down their lovely firm bodies until I became fixed on their hairless little pussies.
Both were amazing to me. No hair. As smooth as one could ever imagine. Their slits perfect. I wanted to touch them, eat them. My head was swimming at the thought of it all. Almost without thinking I interrupted the game by suggesting that my sisters should make out. They smiled at each other and giggled. Again to my surprise, without much hesitation, Carol leaned forward and gave Patty a small peck on the lips.
“No, no no.

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   You got to use your tongue. Kiss her like you mean it”, I said.
So this time Patty leaned in and they started to French kiss each other in earnest.  The longer they kissed each other the more they started to get into it. As I sat there in utter amazement and just watched, I took off my pants and started to play with myself. Carol was quick to notice this and stopped kissing Patty. She had such a surprised look on her face when she saw my hand wrapped around my dick moving up and down and all around. Her eyes were fixed on my dick as it grew harder and harder with every passing second.  She then asked me if she could touch it.  
“Sure” I said “But only if I could watch you eat out Patty. ”
“I don’t know about that. ” She replied
“Oh come on. ” said Patty “It might be fun. I’ll do you if you will do me. ”
As carol was thinking about it, I gave them both a couple more shots.

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   They both giggled and then Patty laid down onto her back and spread her pretty legs wide.  I watched as Carol got down on her hands and knees between Patty’s legs and started kissing her sweet little pussy. Patty gasped at the first touch of Carol’s tongue on her wet lips and it wasn’t long before Carol stuck her tongue deep into Patty.  
 “Work on her clit Carol, lick it good and she will love you for it. ” I said
“What’s that?” She replied
As I got down on the floor next to them I went over to point out Patty’s little swollen clit. As I pointed to it I just had to give it a little rub. Patty gasped in surprise as I pressed my finger to her little love button. I just couldn’t help myself as I then slid my finger down that deliciously wet track and inserted my finger into her sweet little treasure. Patty moaned as I slid my finger into her hot wet pussy. I felt around her wet gash by moving my fingers back and forth, occasionally bumping into her hymen and then finally pulling my finger out so that I could taste her. They both watched intently as I moved my finger towards my mouth. She tasted great, and I mean great ! It was fresh and sweet tasting. Carol moved in and stuck her tongue out to work on Patty’s clit and this time, she did so with gusto until Patty cried out with her first orgasm ever.  
Carol then looked up at Patty and asked “Was that good ?” and breathlessly she replied “That was Great. Just Great”.

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I asked Carol if she was ready to have her orgasm and of course she said “Oh Yes. ” “Patty” I said “Your turn to do the licking. ”
Almost without hesitation Patty got up and got between Carol’s wide spread legs, just as Carol laid down on her back. I could tell that Patty was anxious and as Patty bent over to bury her face into Carol’s pussy I was presented with the best possible view a man could think of, a hot wet virginal pussy was pointing directly at me waiting to be ravaged. I was practically drooling at the sight before me. All I saw was this hot willing dripping pussy staring at me, no thought of the owner being my sister even entered my mind. My dick was so hard that I knew I was going to fuck that pussy, making my sister a woman.
I moved in closer behind Patty and I put the tip of my dick between her heated wet lips. Oh, I so wanted to ram him home but I decided to tease us both just a bit longer by moving my tip up and down between her small wet lips, gathering up all the moisture I could get. She was so silky smooth and hot, I loved it. All I could hear was my own heartbeat and Patty groaning as I moved my dick up and down.
    Soon I found her hole and I pushed in slightly, just popping the head inside. “Ooh”, she moaned. I was reveling in the pleasure of having her little wet pussy surrounding my dick. I was about to fuck my little 13 year old sister and God it felt great ! I slide my dick into her slowly, feeling every movement she made.

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       I heard Patty moaning as I went deeper into her. Damn this felt so good ! She is so tight ! So hot !
    I continued to slowly insert my dick until I reached her hymen and then I backed out only to return once again using slow short strokes. I asked Patty if she was ready, and she groaned “Oh, Yes”, as I watched her tongue continuing to stroke Carol’s hot and wet pussy lips, lapping up all of Carol’s fluids.
    I held onto her hips and gently rocked back and forth, back and forth, until with one hard push I popped through her cherry and my dick sank to the bottom of her very hot depths. I was in heaven. I just had to let him sit in there for a while to savor the feeling of her sweet little pussy wrapped so tightly around my dick and to allow Patty to get used to it. I marveled at the thought that I was actually fucking my little 13 year old sister and soon I had another one to deflower as well. I felt Patty start to move on me so I slowly started to pump her, now a little faster. She was so tight and I was so excited to be fucking her that I knew it would not take me long before I was going to cum. My only hope was that she would cum first. Faster I went. Back and forth I went trying to hold off my impending orgasm for as long as I could. Patty suddenly convulsed and shuddered as she screamed out her orgasm. She was cumming hard all over my dick, sending wave after wave of rippling hot juice all around me. I could hear squishing sounds getting louder as I pummeled her gushing pussy.

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       She was squeezing me tighter than I had ever known possible. I knew I couldn’t take much more, she was like a flailing rag doll in my hands. I tried to make it last but my vision blurred and my head was ringing then suddenly I simply exploded uncontrollably !
    I suddenly slammed into her, pulling her hips tightly into mine. I released strong squirts, after squirts of man juice that came shooting out of my dick like a fountain. It seemed to go on forever and time seemed to stand still as I shook and shuddered and reeled from the effects of my orgasm. There were ripples of pleasure just washing over me in waves. Never in my Life have I ever had such a powerful orgasm. I was seeing stars. It was intense !
    Patty continued to eat her sister out as I collapsed beside them. Within moments Carol was arching her back and wailing out her orgasm. She too shot load after load of hot pussy fluid into Patty’s mouth. Patty had locked onto her sister and was sucking her for all that she was worth, drinking up everything Carol had to offer.
    All three of us collapsed. Completely spent.
    Carol turned her head and looked over at me and said ”I want what Patty got.

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       It’s my turn. ”
    All I could do was smile.
    “Give me a minute sweetie, I need to get my strength back and then I’ll give you what you want. ”
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