Nap Time Fun


On one fateful day I decided to let my daughter’s friend come over for the afternoon. They never really play together but they are really good friends. The thing that I didn’t know was that Monica had a different agenda.

We left their school and headed to the house when I told them, “Okay, I know I told you two that you could play but before that I need you to lay down in and take a nap so that the little ones will go to sleep. Then when you wake up you can go outside or whatever. ”

“Okay,” they said in unison. They ran to my daughter’s room. That’s when I noticed my daughter’s and Monica’s butts were bouncing as they ran and for 12 year olds they were very round. While they took a nap in their room I decided to take a little nap as well in my room, so I took off my jeans and shirt off and lay on my bed. Once I got relaxed I started dosing off.

I couldn’t have been sleep no more than 30 minutes, when I felt my bed move. My room is dark because of the thick curtains over the windows the only light was a small amount that crept in around the edge giving the room just enough light to see slightly. So, I just assumed it was one of my daughters climbing in to bed to snuggle up with me. She snuggled up to me with her butt hitting my thigh. It was then that I realized that it was Monica that had climbed into the bed.

Monica was a very pretty girl.

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   She was about 4 foot 9 inches tall and probably weighs about 100 pounds. She had this light chocolate brown skin, was just beginning to develop and her breast were about an “a” cup. When she smiled she had two dimples that showed up in her cute cheeks. Her hair was a very deep dark brown that her mother kept natural, and she had pretty dark brown eyes. I even thought her little pug of a belly made her a cutie pie. She placed her head on my arm and laid there.

“Is everything okay, Monica?” I asked letting my arm get use to the weight of her head on my arm.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came in here with you to talk to you about something. ” She said, turning herself so that she was now facing me. “Nichelle, is a wild sleeper. ”

Chuckling I said, “I know, she used to snuggle in bed with me when she was little. Now, she has a bed by herself. ”

“Well, I didn’t know she could be that wild. She smacked me in the face like twice. But, anyway, do you think that I’m a pretty?”

“Well, Monica, I think you are very pretty,” I said looking her in her eyes, and I noticed something different about her look, she was looking at me kind of lustfully.

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   “I also think you should go back into the room with the girls. It wouldn’t look good, if one of them saw you in here sleeping with me. ” I said for lack of better words.

“But I’m more comfortable in here with you, why would it not be good?” She asked sitting up on one elbow.

“Because if one of my girls goes up to another and adult and says ‘Monica slept with my daddy,’ I could get in serious trouble. ” I explained as best I could without going into details.

“What do you mean? People would think that you had sex with me?” She said being as frank as a 12 year old could be. “I just like this feeling”

“Yeah, but I still think this isn’t a good idea. ” I said.

“Pleeaase, I won’t tell anyone that I slept with you. ” She begged.

“Well, if you promise not to tell a single soul about it I will let you stay. ” I conceded not knowing what was on the little girls mind.

We dosed off and about 20 minutes later I felt her leg stretch over me. I opened my eyes looked at her and she was looking right back at me.

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   “Hi, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, I was just wondering if I can tell you something?” she asked and smiled.

“Sure, what is it?” I said.

“What does horny mean?”

My heart leapt in my chest. “It means, uh, it means, well it’s a feeling that you have when you want to do something with someone of the opposite sex. Usually you feel it in between your legs in you private area. Where did you hear that word?”

“From my brother, he told me that he was horny one day, that’s why I asked. We like to touch each other, but he likes to touch me more.

“What do you mean?” I said looking at her. “You two have touched each other on your private parts?”

“Yeah, and he likes to lay on top of me. Let me just tell you the story. ” She then proceeded to tell me what had happen.

One night, when she was 8 she was laying in bed when her then 12 year old brother came into her room. She said that he just stood there for a few seconds just staring at her. Then he pulled her covers off and sat on the edge of her bed. She acted like she was sleep.

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   Her brother pulled the shirt she was wearing up towards her neck until her nipples where showing and started rubbing them with his hands. She said that at first she was scared at what he was doing, but didn’t want him to stop, because it felt good. While her brother was rubbing her chest she said that her panties where getting wet from her private part getting wet.

As she was telling me this story I noticed that I was starting to get hard. My dick was actually responding to Monica’s story. What was going on with me, I’m not a pervert, or a pedophile. There was something about her story that just made me very horny. At the same time I notice that she had very slowly, as if trying to not let me notice, started grinding herself on my leg. She still had her leg draped across my thigh very close to my manhood and it was starting to get really hard. I turned and faced her so that we were face to face and I could watch her tell her story. My hand naturally landed on the bed in between us.

She continued her story and put her hand on my hand.

She said her brother slowly started rubbing his hand up and down her belly to the waistband of her panties. He all at once put his hand down her panties which caused her to jump and she opened her eyes and looked at him, he put his hand over her mouth. He thought she was going to scream but she said she couldn’t his hand in her panties felt to good, especially since he was moving it up and down.

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   He had put one of his fingers inside her slit and was sliding his hand up and down. She took his hand of her mouth and the place her hand on top of the hand that was in her panties and began pushing her private against his hand. She said she wanted to see his private and play with it.

She grabbed my hand and put between her legs which she had spread then asked, “Could you rub my private?” That’s when I noticed she didn’t have any panties on.

“Uh, Monica, where are your panties?” I asked my dick now at full attention.

“I took them off when I came in here. ” She said like it was nothing.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I wanted you to touch me. ” She said.

“Do you know how much trouble I could get in?” I said.

“I know, but I promise I won’t say anything, anyway, you didn’t take your hand back. ” She stated.

“Oh,” I said with a smile. When she put my hand there I hadn’t move it back in fact I think I started rubbing her pussy.

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   It was the smoothest thing I have ever felt. She was almost completely bald, except for the small amount of thin hair I felt right at the top of her mound. I could feel her clit getting hard and her pussy was starting to get wet. As she continued her story I started rubbing her pussy, nice and slow, I wanted to let her feel really good

“See I knew you want to feel on me. ” She said giggling, which suddenly stopped when I start massaging her clit. Her eyes actually closed.

“Finish your story. ” I said to her.

She said she reached out and pulled his pants down, he was just wearing boxers. His penis came bouncing out, it was hard but the head was soft. Monica just grabbed it and started moving her hand up and down on his penis. She said that when she did that he closed his eyes and moaned. He pulled her hands away and told her that he want to rub his penis on her private. She told him that was okay and it would probably feel as good or better than his hand. She said he was kind of rough with her pussy.

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   He told her to pull her panties off; as she did he pulled his boxers off. He climbed on top of her and using one hand to prop him up so he could see what he was doing he used the other hand to rub the tip of his dick up and down her pussy lips. He did that until his arm got tired. Then he laid on top of her, spread her legs around him and started grind his pelvis into hers. His penis sliding up and down her pussy felt so good to Monica that in reaction, she started pushing back.

As she was telling me about her brother, I used my middle finger to separate her pussy lips and slide my finger her slit. I could feel her getting wet along with her clit and her love hole. I looked at her and all I could see on her was a look of pure ecstasy. She grabbed my wrist and just held on to it. “What’s the matter hun, don’t like the way it feels?”

“N…n. . no, it feels really good, don’t stop. ” She said with a slit smile on her face. She pulled her skirt up and laid on her back giving me full access to her pussy.

“Finish your story.

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  ” I said

Monica said that they went on like that just about every night after that, once everyone had fallen asleep, until she was 10 and half. They enjoyed getting those feelings from each other. One night they were in their usual grind session, her brother was grinding faster than normal. In the heat of the moment, she said she doesn’t know how it happen, but he pulled back a too far, his penis slipped down between the lips of her puss and when he came down it went inside of her. She said it hurt really bad, so she just told him not to move and they just laid there for a minute. After a while the pain left and it was starting to feel really good, better than grinding on each other. She told him to pull it out and when he did she felt this surge of pleasure go through her body. He must have felt it to, because he didn’t get it all the way out before he pushed it back in and that felt great to. The next thing she knew they were having sex, but it wasn’t until later that she realized what they had done. He would pull out slow and push back in a little faster until they got in a rhythm. After a few minutes she said that a really strong urge to pee came over her and before she knew it her body stiffened up underneath her brother, who was no really going fast. Her brother’s body stiffened up right after hers and he laid on top of her, breathing heavy.

As she was telling her story, I took a finger on a slowly stuck it into her juicy waiting 12 year old pussy. My action was greeted by her legs clamping together on my hand. I just started fingering her and she slowing relaxed and moaned “Ooohh, m…m…my, g…go.

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  . . god, that feel soooo good. ”

“I knew you would like that. ” I whispered in her ear. I began to finger her a little faster. “How about this?”

“Mmmm, yeah, don’t stop. ” Moaning back into my ear, she was starting to hump my hand, causing my finger to go deeper.

“What happened after you guys had your first orgasm?” I inquired.

“Every night, we have sex, well as often as we can, which is about once a week. Now we just have sex and he doesn’t cum inside me anymore and we can go longer now. The first time only lasted for a couple of minutes. ” She explained.

“Well, that is not something a 12 year old tells me every day, that they have sex with their brother and like it. ” I said chuckling still with my finger sliding in and out of her pussy.


   She looked at me and smiled. Sat up a bit, causing my finger to slide out, leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. “You know I can’t do anything with you, I’ve already gone too far as it is. ”

“But, you know you liked touching me and you had your finger in me, and I promise I will not tell anyone. ” She rolled over on top of me and began grinding herself on me. “And I can feel you; you’re hard as a rock. She reached into my underwear and grabbed my dick.

I thought I was going to cum on her hand. In my head I yielded to temptation. I mean could you blame me. Here I am laying in bed with a 12 year old straddling me with no panties on and her hand down my pants and she had just told me that she likes to have sex with her brother. “Monica,” I said breathlessly, “YOU CAN NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT WE HAVE DONE!!! I could go to jail and loose my family forever. ”

“I won’t, I promise. ” She said pulling her hand out of my pants.

“Now, let me see what’s under this shirt.


  ” I unbuttoned her uniform shirt, opened it, and was greeted by a pleasant surprise and black lace bra covering her ‘a’ cup breast. Without even a question she pulled her shirt and bra off. Her breast were perfectly round and topped with dark brown nipples about the size of pencil erasers, they were erect and beautiful. I leaned forward, took one in my mouth and sucked on the nipple, it tasted so sweet and her skin was soft like a new born baby. Monica lean back closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention she was getting on her breast. I had one breast in my mouth, one breast in my hand and one arm wrapped around her waist just above her butt. She was still wearing her khaki uniform skirt.

I let go of her long enough to get my underwear down to my knees, and for the first time my dick made contact with her pussy. It felt like someone had place silk on top of my dick and was sliding along. I adjust her so that she was sitting on my dick with it flat against my pelvis and made sure that it was pressed against her pussy right between her lips. As if on cue Monica started sliding herself up and down my shaft. “Oh, man, Monica that feels good. ” I moaned. She was now slide back and forth like a mad girl. I reach around put my hands under her skirt and grabbed her soft plump bottom and slowed her down, I wanted her to enjoy her first man dick.

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   I looked at her and kissed her long and hard, the whole time guiding her along my shaft. I could feel her juices flowing, coating me. As our tongues danced, I decided it was time to feel how tight she was.

As she slid herself along my shaft I slid her to the tip of my dick and the back down my shaft. After a few times I slid her all the way forward and held her there while I positioned my dick at her entrance and let her slide on. She slowly slid back allowing the head to pop into her love tunnel followed by my shaft. It was like letting someone put my dick into a vice and tightened it.

“Are you ok?” I asked looking at her, pure ecstasy on her face.

“Yeah,” she whispered, “yours is just so much bigger that my brothers and I wasn’t expecting it, I feel so full. ”

“I’ll give you a minute to get use to it. ” I told her, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being inside this velvet vice. After a few seconds of us sitting like that, she started trying to move up and down on me. I laid back and before I knew it she had built up a steady rhythm. She really was sexy.

“Uhh, uhh, mmm, oh, yeah.

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  ” She was moan every time she sat back on me.

“Are you ready?” I asked as she bounce her pussy up and down on me.

“Um, hum. ” She moaned, her eyes close.

I wrapped my arms around her and rolled over so I was on top of her. I got on my knees, pushed her skirt up and watched as my 8 inches disappeared into the seemingly bald vagina. I pulled almost all the way out as slow as I could, I wanted to watch as it disappeared, and then let it slide back in. Each time Monica would moan out it ecstasy and lust. “Harder” she moaned and I obliged. I laid on top of her, put her legs behind my arms so that she was spread more and then began to push my dick inside of her until I felt her cervix. I pulled back until just the tip was left and shoved back in which made breast bounce. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, oooooh, geez, that’s good. ” She moan with every thrust and wrapped her arms around me, “Ooooh, god, this feels good. Uh, Uh, Uh, oh, oh, oh, oh god. ” I was pounding her for all the marbles.

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   In and out, in and out, this little 12 year old was no novice, she took everything gave her. “Oh, oh, uh, uh, uh, I’m, I’m, OH GOD, I’M CUUUUMMMMING. ” She moaned and pulled me tight to her. I could feel her little pussy contracting around my invading member. She was still panting and her body stiffened when I felt my balls get ready to erupt.

“Oh, Oh, ahh, I’m about to cum. ” I pulled my dick out, and without even asking Monica grabbed and began stroking just as I large thick stream of cum shoot on her little pussy, and then another. I hadn’t cum like that in a long time. I was spent, she let me go, I rolled off of her and she climbed back on top of me and we kissed passionately for a while. Her pussy still dripping juices on my cock and my cock was slowly going soft. “You are one pretty little girl. ” I said as she rolled off to my side. “I needed that. ”

“I did to, that felt so good, I don’t think my brother will be able to keep up with what you did to me. ” She smiled and closed her eyes.

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“Monica?! What are you doing?” I heard a voice from the doorway whisper. I looked up, and Nichelle was standing in the doorway, she started smiling, “Did it feel as good as your brother?”

“Better!!” Monica smiled back.

“DADDY!!! My turn!!”


The End


Part II Only if I get decent feed back!!!

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