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When I was a JR in high school I was a teachers aid for the forth grade. I didn’t really do anything in study hall anyways, except think about when I could be able to go the locker room and see the other girls in the shower.   I'm not bad looking I guess 4’3, petite, a pretty firm butt, C cup, blond hair down to the small of my back and hazel eyes.
One day I woke up late and didn’t have enough time to play with my self that morning. I love to slide my hand inside my panties and play with my clean shaven pussy. I’ve never had sex with anyone seeing how my parents are afraid of me getting pregnant at an early age like they did, so I don’t get to have a lot of boys over or go to many parties. Hell I’ve never even had an orgasm that I hadn’t given myself. They don’t know that I’m bi sexual, no one does. Even though I’ve never had sex with a girl to find out if I really am, I find myself attracted to as many girls as guys.
I was watching the kids outside when I noticed a little girl crying. I walked over and sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong.
“I fell out of the swing and hurt my leg”
I looked and she did have a red mark on her leg. I started to rub her leg to make her feel better. She crawled up on my lap and rested her head on my breast. Felling her breathing made my nipple get hard. I paid no attention as I continued to rub her leg.

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After a few minutes I caught myself slide my hand higher and higher up her leg. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was sleeping. Looking around I noticed no one was paying attention to us, the rest of the kids were playing and the teachers with to busy talking to each other or watching the kids.
I noticed that I was getting wet, being able to touch such a sweet girl. She was skinny,  had a freckles but not alot, red hair and blue eyes. I finally got up my nerve and my free hand moved up her body and started to rub her chest where her breasts were just tiny lumps and nipples. I continued rubbing her leg getting higher and higher. As my hand moved she actually spread her legs a little. This drove me crazy. I finally moved my hand all the way up her little skirt and put my hand on her pussy. She had a small wet spot. The class bell rang and I moved my hand really quickly. I called her name and she slowly woke up. She walked over to get in line. I turned my back to the group and I slide my hand in my pants and gave myself a quick little rub.

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“Tiffany, Elisha wants to tell you something” one teacher said to me. My heart skipped a beat thinking that she was going to tell everyone about what I did.
“Tiffany, I think I did something bad. My underwear is wet. ” She whispered in my ear. My heart slowly went back to normal.
“Mrs. West I’m going to take her to the bedroom. ” I said as I took her in hand, the same hand I had just had between her legs. We went into the locker room and I sat her on the bench and bent down in front of her, giving her a chance to look down my shirt, which she did for a split second.
“Honey you didn’t have an accident. ”
“Then way are my underwear wet. ”
“Well that happens to girls when they are turned on”
“She that why it tingles” she said looking down toward her pussy.
“Yes, and normally girls do something to make that go away and it feels really good. ”
“Can you tell me what to do?”
The way that this cute little girl that is so innocent asked me to tell her how to masturbate made me hotter than I’ve ever been.

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“If I do you can’t tell anyone that I did ok?” Her face lit up as she shook her head yes.
“Ok but first we need to do something” I said as I walked over to the door and locked it.
“Ok what?” she asked in a very excited way.
“Take off your clothes. ” She gave me a very confused look.
“Trust me. ”
 She just looked down to the floor. I walked up to her and unzipped my pants
And let them slide to the floor. She looked up and I and then she seemed to check out my legs.
“I’ll do it to. ” She looked up at me and then pulled her skirt off and stepped out of it.
“Lift your arms” She did as she was told and I took her shirt off. She had more boobs than I thought, they were just little lumps but bigger then I thought they were earlier. Her nipples were a soft pink and were about the size of dimes. I lowered myself to her level and held up my arms.

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   She soon caught on and took off my shirt.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes, my stomach feels weird and between my legs is tingling. ”
“Ok, come here” I said as I sat down on the bench and filled her up into my lap. I kissed the back of her neck and slide my other hand between her legs. She gave a quick jump and looked into my eyes.
“Its ok honey, relax. ”
 Her legs slowly spread. I soon heard her breathing getting heavier and her legs where opening and closing a little.   I slide my hand on the inside on her panties. She didn’t have any hair yet and her pussy was soaking wet. She started to buck really hard, almost out of my lap. She let out a moan and her body went limp. I laid her on the bench next to me.
“That felt really good. ”
“I told you that it would, and you can do that by yourself, use your hand the way I did.

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She gave a little nod and looked at me.
“Do you think you no how to do it?” She shook her head yes and I could feel my pussy getting tighter.
“Ok, now I want you to do what I did to you to me. ”
 She sat up and nodded her head yes. I took off my bra and let my 36 C bra fall to the floor. Her eyes got huge and she looked at my boobs. I asked her if she wanted to touch them and she didn’t move. I took her hand and place it on my left breast. Her little hand squeezed my boob. It left so great I put my hand on the back of her head and moved it closer to my pink quarter size nipple.
“Suck on my nipple honey. ” She did as she was told and it felt great. I finally got myself to move her hand I slid it between my legs. She went right to work rubbing my pussy the same way I did her. She was a fast learner before I knew it her hand was in my panties and was doing a fine job.

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   I felt myself getting closer to Cumming.
“I need you to do something” I said between breaths.
 I stood up and took off my panties and spread my legs. Her eyes looked over my shaved pussy, and looked up to me. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to lick me like a sucker here and pointed to my clit. Surprisingly she did with out question. Her little tongue circling my clit felt incredible. I couldn’t believe it when she slid her tongue into my pussy.
“Oh you’re so good at this. ” I said softly as I played with her hair.
 It wasn’t long before I cam hard than I ever had in my life. She slowly crawled on top of me. Her chin was shinny from my pussy juice. I kissed her and we just laid there for a few minutes completely naked her body felt good laying on top of mine, she played with my boobs as I felt her soft ass. I told her to put her clothes on except for her panties because they were wet.


   She did. I told her to keep her legs together and reminded her not to tell anyone. ”I won’t tell” she said.
We started to walk back to her class when she asked if we could do it again, but this time I had to lick her here and she put her hand between my legs and gave me a every seductive look.
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