Rising Star


Sarah Larson is the mother of two teenagers, living in Nottingham Woods, a far western suburb of Chicago. She and her husband, John, have a great home on a 5-acre lot off of Red Oak Drive, with a pool in the backyard that is complete with a pool/guest house. The entire lot is surrounded by a small forest that tucks it away very privately, the trees providing a sound and visual barrier to County Road 47. They used to live in Naperville, but moved 7 years ago when John made partner and felt the need to get a much bigger house, just because he could afford to. Though she likes the house, and it's come to feel like home, Sarah never really cared for the larger space. It takes more time to clean, and keeps John away from home for a longer portion of the day, due to the longer commute.

Sarah has a son Jason, age 16, who is the younger of the two kids. He’s been a rather quiet kid, spending most of his time in the basement working out, both by himself and with his friends. His other hobby is photography, at which he's gotten quite skilled. Outside of the home he had been somewhat introverted, particularly with girls, though this year he's really come out of his shell. The girls hit on him all of the time due to his ever growing and hardening physique, not to mention his inviting smile. Sarah’s daughter Amy thinks it's hilarious to see some of her own friends asking him out, bewildered at what they could see in a freshman guy, especially her brother.

Amy is very social with both her own friends and "the guys", usually going out with several at a time. She isn't interested in "dating", as she finds it "too limiting". Amy just turned 18, is graduating from high school next month, and spends most of her time away from the house with her friends. Both kids still go to school in Naperville, where most of their friends live.



Jason and Sarah have always been very close. He generally feels he can tell her anything at all, though there's been a big change in his life recently that he hasn't felt he could share with her. He wants to, but isn't sure how to broach the subject, and is also unsure of how she'll take it. His mom is his closest confidant, even more than his best friend Steve.

John is a very successful lawyer who leaves the house early in the morning and comes home late at night. His drive into downtown Chicago is 50 miles each way. Needless to say with that haul to work, he's not leasing his 2007 M5. John is the youngest partner in his firm, earning over $1 million annually. He works very long days during the week, but makes a point to leave work at work on the weekends.

Sarah could be an example of the perfect suburban housewife and mom. She works part time at her friendGeorgette's styling salon & spa, basically for the social interaction; and the rest of the time she is just a regular housewife, managing her home and spending most of her spare time working out or sunbathing. (Still very attractive at the age of 41, Sarah's body is toned and lean, with very large, firm breasts and, though definitely curvaceous, relatively slender hips. )She usually drives Jason to school early in the morning, before heading to the spa. She picks him up in the afternoon after her daily workout. On Thursdays, she works afternoons, so Jason catches a ride with Amy home.

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  Amy always drives herself to and from school, insisting she needs the personal freedom to control her own schedule.

Over the last several years, she's had a dark secret which only her sister Lisa knows about. The secret is that she has always wanted to be in porn. To her, there is something very exciting and intriguing in the idea of being fucked on camera for everyone to see. Sarah has had an exhibitionist streak since childhood. Her parents were fine with her walking the upstairs hall every morning nude, which was the way she slept, not bothering to cover up until after she showered for the day. Her siblings never took any note, as they had grown up with her acting that way, and thought nothing of it.

When John first started dating her in college, he was only one of several people she was seeing, both male and female, all of the relationships rising to a sexual level. Sarah didn’t believe in getting to know someone better before having sex. If they weren’t sexually compatible, then what was the point?To her way of thinking, a waste of everyone’s time is all that got you. Luckily for John, they were VERY compatible, both inside AND outside of the bedroom. They were exclusive within a month of meeting, and married before they graduated.

At some point, Sarah's willingness to put herself on display turned into an urge, which has been only growing stronger over the course of her marriage. John thought it was great when they were newlyweds, Sarah living a practically nudist, hedonistic lifestyle within their home. Sarah was ALWAYS open to John taking her whenever the mood struck him.

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  She'd just drop what she was doing, and bend over the nearest convenient piece of furniture, John taking her from behind. He even tolerated it after Amy was born, though it began to bother him, having Sarah walking the house naked, Amy in one arm, sometimeslatched on a breast, her other arm cooking or cleaning the house. Eventually, John refused to have sex with her outside the bedroom. But once Jason was born, he decided he'd had enough. Amy was at an age that she was aware of her mother's habits, and thought it perfectly natural to emulate them. John had been getting increasingly uncomfortable with Amy running around naked; and with Jason being, well. . . a boy, it had come time for Sarah to cover up and conform. Her husband insisted that she keep a lid on her sexuality, which she suppressed the best she could. Their sex life continued to diminish, and they now only have perfunctory sex on "special occasions," like their anniversary or their birthdays.

Sarah is greatly frustrated by the current state of their sex life, particularly since she knows that it isn't due to a diminishing sex drive in John. Practically every night when John finally gets home from work, Sarah is already in bed asleep. She is woken up by the sounds of her husband masturbating, vigorously and LOUDLY, in their bathroom. She's never let on that she is aware of this "bedtime ritual" of his.

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  Usually she just rolls over and goes back to sleep. Occasionally, she "joins in", playing with her pussy as she listens to the slap, slap, slap of her husband's fist bouncing off of his balls as she jacks his magnificent cock. . .

Sarah truly does love her husband, and his tool. John has an incredible penis. It's a little over 9" long, and so thick that you can't wrap a dollar bill around it. When Sarah pictures what John is doing as she listens, frigging her clit in search of orgasmic release, she is torn between the erotic image of his glorious tool, and the sad fact that he rarely uses it anymore to plow her neglected pussy. Her success at getting off depends on which thought proves dominant on a given night.

As the kids grew, Sarah's spirit continued to dim, though she did a good job of keeping her growing despondence from her family, playing the happy wife. Only with Amy could she be herself, as Amy still remembers how her mother used to be, and, as a teenager, understands how suppressing her natural sexual urges around her own husband must be tortuous to her. Sarah feels shackled to a societal norm that makes no sense to her. Out of this sense of involuntary inhibition, her interest in porn has sprung. And her desires have gone beyond exhibitionist nudity to exhibitionist sexual interaction. Lately, she has been feeling like her pent up sexual needs are about to burst.

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  She has never cheated on her husband during their 19-year marriage; though she has been tempted on occasion.

Over the last several years, every time she comes across a magazine stand and sees the skin mags. , she is overcome with feelings of jealousy, of all the girls being shot nude and getting their brains fucked out. She did try to bring it up to John once, asking him to take pictures of her; but it freaked him out (his own upbringing was VERY conservative, his 20’s apparently being one big anomaly) and she never brought it up again. She would never let herself cheat on him, at least she has convinced herself of that; but, for some reason she can't put her finger on, getting fucked on camera doesn't seem like cheating in her book. It's too public, nothing like sneaking around behind your spouse's back to fuck the yard-boy. She just hasn't had the opportunity to act on that conviction. . . yet.


Dan Ross, a local movie pornographer, (By local, I mean he runs his business out of Chicago. His distribution is national. He's a major player. ) is in for his monthly haircut, which Sarah has given him for the past 3 years. He's chatted her up in the past, their recent conversations getting more personal every time he's been in.

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  He's been very open about what he does for a living, and thinks he's detected an interest by Sarah in his business. He's ready to find out if he's right. Sarah looks more like 31 than 41, and Dan feels that she would be smokin' on camera.

"Sooo, Sarah," Dan says casually as she finishes up his haircut, "I'm in the planning stages of a new MILF flick, and am wondering if you might know anyone who would be interested in being in it. "

"You mean acting in it, like a bit part?Or do you mean ACTING in it?" Sarah responds incredulously, humor in her voice.

"The latter, of course" Dan replies with a chuckle. "I've got plenty of bodies. I need a new STAR. "

"I. . . I'm not sure. As far as I know, none of my friends are into porn. And certainly not exhibitionist enough to have sex on camera!"she ends, laughing.


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  . . what about you?From what you've told me, you certainly have an exhibitionist streak. Would you be interested?" Dan replies carefully. "You've told me more than once how comfortable you are being nude around others, much to your husband's distress," he adds, chuckling.

"ME!?Well, why would you want me?I'm just an old housewife!"she again laughs, this time nervously.

Dan notices that she didn't say "No. ""She's interested!" he thinks to himself. "Just have to reel her in slowly. "

"Sarah, come on," he says dismissively. "You've got an incredible body, and you know it. You look like you could be in your twenties!What are you really, 32, 33?"He knows her real age, but flatters her with a low guess. "Hell, she LOOKS like my guess," he thinks to himself.

"I'm 41, actually," she says, blushing at the compliment.

"Wow!You're just what I need, a real life MILF.

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  Sarah, let's face it, you've got a body to die for, if you don't mind me stating the obvious. . . a firm ass, incredible tits, and the midsection of a beach volleyball player. You would be stunning onscreen!"

"Well, thank you for the compliments, and I DON'T mind you telling me that. It's always nice for a woman to hear another man thinks she's attractive. "

"You're very welcome. It's the truth!So, are you interested?"

"Ohhh, I don't think so. . . No, definitely not. That's just not me. Sorry. "

"Well. .

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  . okay. If you change your mind, give me a call," he says as he hands her his card. Dan's a bit surprised by her out-of-hand rejection; but unwilling to give in so easily.

As he gets out of the barber chair, he pivots towards her and gives her a hug, surprising her. He whispers in her ear as he continues to hold her.

"You would be fabulous, babe. Give it some serious thought. "Letting go and stepping back, he asks, "Do you do massages, or just cut hair?"

"Oh, I do pretty much everything here. I've just only cut your hair. Why?"

"I've got another appointment tomorrow for a massage with Mary at 4 p. m. If you're available, perhaps you could take care of me instead. We could talk further. "


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  . . I don't usually work Friday afternoons, but sure, Dan. I can do that for you. But I don't think you'll be able to change my mind. "

"Well, then we'll just have a pleasant conversation," he says as he hands her a $50 bill for his $22 haircut. "Keep the change. I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Absolutely. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" she waves as he walks away and out the door.

Sarah sits down to collect her thoughts. Her mind is swirling with conflicting emotions and possibilities, both excited and terrified. Her reverie is disturbed by a growing aroma that tantalizes her senses. She recognizes it as the smell of sexual arousal, and quickly realizes that it's her who's aroused. She looks down to see a slowly growing wet spot in the crotch of her pants.


  She quickly moves to the restroom, being careful not to move too fast and attract unwanted attention. Once in a stall, she pulls down her pants to find her panties fairly soaked. She quickly steps out of the pants and panties. Wiping herself thoroughly, she studies her pants. The spot is very low in the crotch and probably not visible when she's standing, she decides. There's nothing she can do about the panties, so she puts her pants back on without them and bunches up the panties. Leaving the stall, she pushes the panties down into the trash can and then washes her hands. As she's leaving, Mary comes in.

"Hi, Sarah," Mary says as she slides by her in the doorway. Mary is 25, very cute, and totally misread by most people. She comes across as the innocent girl next door, but is really a completely sex-crazed bisexual slut. She's fairly monogamous, and tends to keep agirlfriend or boyfriend around for a month or two, before they inevitably decide that Mary is just too much for them, a sexual dynamo they can't keep up with. While a couple of the girls at the spa are aware of this, because they are past lovers of hers, Sarah is not.

"OH. .


  . Hi, Mary," she replies, stopping in the doorway. "I was going to come looking for you. "

"What's up?"

"Mr. Ross would like me to give him his massage tomorrow. Is that okay with you?"

"Um, sure, I guess, if that's what the customer wants. . . Did Dan say why?Is there a problem?"

"Oh no, nothing like that. We were just having an. . . interesting conversation while I cut his hair and didn't finish it, so he suggested that I step in for you and we finish it tomorrow. "

"Oh, okay. As long as there's no problem with me, I'm fine with it.

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  You had me worried there for a second. Dan is one of my best tippers. I'd hate to lose him!"

"Yea, I know what you mean. He is a good tipper. "

"Definitely. So, what was the conversation about?Must be pretty good to warrant switching masseuses. You know as well as I do that most people won't switch once they've found someone they're comfortable with for anything. "

"Huh. . . yea. . . I know. But it was just about our summer plans, family vacations, that kind of stuff.

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  Nothing earth shattering," she finishes, giggling uncomfortably.

Well, I gotta pee. I'll catch you later," Mary replies, not really buying Sarah's story; but distracted by her need to relieve herself.

"Bye!" Sarah calls back as she walks out.

Mary takes care of her business and goes to wash her hands, feeling much more comfortable. Drying her hands off, she catches the scent of sex wafting up from the trash bin in front of her. Surprised and curious, she digs into the crumpled paper towels, until her hand finds something soft and damp. Making a face because she doesn't yet know what she's just found, she grasps the object and pulls it out. It's a pair of red thong panties, with a very wet crotch. Mary smiles broadly, wondering who the owner is. She brings the panties up to her nose and inhales deeply.

"Mmmm. . . Nice!"She licks the inside of the crotch.

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  "Tasty, too!Whose are these, and how can I sample this sweet nectar myself?" she muses softly as she reaches down to her own sex with her other hand and strokes it through her skirt. "I'll have to be on the lookout for the telltale missing panty line," she says with a grin. "Hope they haven't already left!"

Mary wants to keep them, but has nowhere to put them. Her short skirt has no pockets. Hmm. . . Getting an idea, and a wicked grin at the thought of it, Maryquickly takes them back into the handicapped stall. Closing the door, she reaches under her skirt and removes her own panties, which have become a bit damp themselves over the last minute. Seeing she's wet, Mary reaches back under her skirt and inserts three fingers into her wet poon, coating them with her juices. After a quick rub of her clit with her slicked fingers, causing a shudder to race through her body, she brings her wet fingers to her mouth and sucks them clean. Mary loves the taste of her own pussy juice, especially when she laps it up directly. (Mary is very slightly built and flexible. Her idea of masturbation isn't limited to her hands and toys, but includes the ability to eat her own pussy. It's something you have to see to believe.

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  VERY impressive. )

Having sucked her fingers clean, she puts on the mystery thong she found in the garbage, rubbing the fabric patch into her now VERY wet snatch. Her own juices don't have much of an aroma, so the smell wafting up to her still smells like the owner's. She leaves the stall, washes her hands, and tosses her own panties in the trash, not bothering to push them down under the paper towels.

Mary walks out of the restroom and goes back to work. She has one more massage appointment left before closing, and is slightly concerned that her current sexual arousal may pose a problem with this particular client, Mrs. Jacobs. Mary loves sex; but she loves her job also, and doesn't want to lose it by being inappropriate with a client. And what a client!Tess Jacobs is 32, 6 feet tall, and statuesque. She is an Irish beauty, her alabaster skin and curly red hair setting off her incredibly green eyes. Her body is as tight as a drum, with very large breasts, swelling hips,toned legs, and perfect pink nipples.

She keeps a triangular patch just above her slit, trimmed to a very curly 3/8" height. It highlights a very pretty pussy. Mary should know, since she's the one who does the waxing. "Thank God today's appointment isn't a waxing," Mary thinks to herself as she walks towards the chairs to escort Tess back to a private massage room.

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  "That would be too much to take right now. "She passes Sarah on the way up front. Sarah looks up, her nose catching the scent of her pussy juices again.

"I don't feel wet," Sarah thinks. She quickly puts her hand in her pocket and feels her pussy. "Seems dry. "

As she mentally evaluates her current state of arousal, she inadvertently brushes her clit with the corner seam of her pocket, causing her to jump. "Shit!" she thinks. "If I'm not careful, I'll be wet again in no time!"She pulls her hand out of her pocket and goes back to cleaning up her station. It's approaching 5 p. m. and Dan was her last appointment for the day. She wants to get home to make dinner for the kids.

Meanwhile, Mary stops walking as a thought occurs to her. She turns around.

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"Hmm, not Sarah. . . I wonder," Mary thinks as she looks behind her to check out Sarah's perfectly tight ass. "No panty lines!" she says under her breath, but a bit louder than she meant. "This IS surprising!"

"Excuse me?" Sarah turns to Mary. "I'm sorry. Where you talking to me?I missed what you said. "

"Oh, nothing, Sarah. Just thinking out loud. . . . Say, did you notice a strange smell in the restroom?It's really strong; but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. "


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  . . no, I didn't. No idea," Sarah responds quickly and nervously.

"Well, whatever. I'm sure the cleaning guy will find the source tomorrow. Gotta get Mrs. Jacobs in for her massage so I can finish up for the day. See ya!"

Mary starts heading back towards the front. After a couple of seconds, she looks behind her and, sure enough, there goes Sarah scurrying to the restroom. Mary laughs to herself. "That conversation with Dan was DEFINITELY about more than summer family plans," she thinks.

Sarah enters the restroom and heads right for the trash bin. As she reaches it, she sees a pair of thong panties lying on top. She's confused.

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"I buried them. . . and I swear I was wearing red today, not purple," she says to no one.

Picking them up, she sniffs the crotch. It smells different and much lighter.

"They couldn't have dried out that quickly. "

She looks at the tag.

Shit!These aren't my brand!Who the hell's are these!?"

Digging in the garbage for hers for several minutes, she comes up empty. She's very confused. Then she remembers thinking she smelled her panties out by her station. . . right when Mary walked by!

"Why the hell would she switch her panties for mine?" she says to herself. "And what do I do about it?"

Looking at the relatively dry panties, she decides they're better than nothing.

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  She goes into a stall, removes her pants, and puts them on. "It feels weird wearing another woman's underwear," she thinks, making a face. "Whatever. I need to finish cleaning up my station. "

Sarah leaves the stall and restroom, almost tripping over Mary and Mrs. Jacobs who are heading back to the massage rooms.

"Oh!Excuse me, ladies," Sarah apologizes. "I wasn't paying attention. "

Mary stares into her eyes with a big grin on her face. "No problem, hon. Everyone's still standing," she laughs.

Sarah gives her a cross look, still flabbergasted that Mary, or anyone, would take, AND WEAR, her obviously wet underwear. And now she has Mary's on, which makes it even stranger. Sarah doesn't know what else to say so she starts moving again.

Mary watches her go and notices the outline of a rear fabric patch of thong underwear under Sarah's pants.



"Either I was wrong and missed that before, or she's wearing mine!" she thinks.

"Excuse me for one moment, Mrs. Jacobs. I just need to pop into the restroom for a moment to. . . take care of a loose eyelash. Why don't you go back to room 6?I'll meet you there. "

"Sure, Mary. I'll see you in a few," Tess replies as she heads down the hall.

Mary goes into the bathroom and checks out the trash bin. No underwear, as she had suspected. . . and hoped.



"Well, this IS interesting!" she giggles. Intrigued and aroused, she can feel herself getting wet again. . or more. . . whatever. She giggles as she gives her sex another rub over her skirt just before she leaves the restroom.

Sarah, who's pacing the hallway, totally flustered,watches her leave the restroom. Mary sees Sarah watching her and smiles. Looking around, she sees that there are very few people left in the salon. No customers are in sight, just a couple of the girls cleaning up their stations for the night. No one's looking Mary's direction. Feeling brave, and horny, she walks up to Sarah as she dives her hand down the front of her skirt and resumes stroking her VERY wet cooch. She leans into Sarah, her mouth by Sarah's ear.

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"I hope they're comfy. Yours certainly are," Mary whispers breathily, as she withdraws her now damp fingers from her poon and gently runs them over the back of Sarah's hand .

Sarah is shocked and speechless.

Giving Sarah a peck on the cheek, Mary quickly steps past her and heads to room 6. Talking back over her shoulder, she says loud enough for Sarah to hear:"We'll chat later. "

"We need to!" Sarah calls back, totally perplexed. "I need to call the kids and let them know I'm going to be late," she says to herself. "I have GOT to clear this up with Mary. . . WHAT is she thinking!?"

Entering room 6, after checking her skirt to make sure there's no spot on the front announcing her arousal, Mary stops short, one hand still on the doorknob. She finds Tess removing her panties, having already removed her dress and bra. (Tess is very comfortable with her body, and never requests a towel cover during her massages. )Still, in her current state of HIGH arousal, the sight takes Mary's breath away. She tries to recover, smiling sweetly as she starts moving again into the room, shutting the door behind her.

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  She takes a moment to turn around while shutting the door, drawing out the simple task to allow her a few more seconds to compose herself. Taking a deep breath, she turns to her client, hoping her face isn't too flushed.

"Sorry about the interruption," Mary says demurely, not meaning to sound. . . like a schoolgirl. "Uhem!" she coughs into her hand, trying to regain control of her voice. . . and other faculties. She notices that her hand is still damp, and quickly wipes it dry on her skirt.

"Thanks for working this into your schedule. I'm sure you've got better things to do than work late on my poon," Tess gushes, not noticing Mary's discomfiture.

"Excuse me?" Mary responds, confused, her voice rising in pitch yet again.

"Oh!Didn't the receptionist actually ask you?"

Putting a hand to her throat and swallowing hard, she mages to get out "Ask me what?" in a normal voice.

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"I called earlier to add a waxing to my massage appointment. The receptionist told me you were with another client; and that she'd ask you when you were done. . . and call back if it was a problem. "

"Oh. . . well. . . No problem, Mrs. Jacobs. She must have forgotten, but it's not a problem. "

"Are you sure?You seem hesitant.

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"It's fine, really. It's just. . . "


"Well, it, it's personal. I really can't get into it. "

"Oh sure you can, Mary. Is something wrong at home?And what's with the 'Mrs. Jacobs'?Call me Tess, please. "

Tess walks up to Mary and places a tender hand on Mary's forearm. The contact makes Mary's entire body tingle, and a wave of ecstasy flows through her pussy as she experiences a VERY satisfying orgasm. She bites her lip, trying to remain silent; but an audible, high-pitched whimper escapes. Her knees go weak and she grabs Tess's hand while reaching for the edge of massage table for support.

"Are you okay?!" Tess asks, alarmed by Mary's suddencollapse and her flushed appearance. "Do you need a doctor?"

Mary shakes her head in the negative.

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  "I'm fine, Tess. Really. . . This is part of the problem, to be honest. "

"I'm sorry?" Tess responds as she retracts her hand quickly and steps back.

"Oh, no Mrs. Jacobs. I mean Tess. I don't have personal space issues. It's you in general. You're so comfortable with your. . . beautiful.

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  . . body. . . "Mary takes a breath and makes a decision, a decisive one. She turns to face Tess directly and steps back. " And. . . I'm bisexual and attracted to you. . sexually. I just had an orgasm when you touched my arm. .

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  . There, I've said it. Please don't have me fired!"

Tessis silent. She contemplates Mary's expression, and lowers her eyes to the front of Mary's skirt which has an obvious wet spot, which was continuing to grow before her eyes.

Now Tess can feel her own face flush, and her own pussy beginning to tingle. . . just a bit. She takes a half-step back and sits down on the massage table, keeping her feet on the ground and crossing her legs, trying to quell the growing warmth in her honeypot. In an effort to put herself into a more analytical, and less sexual, frame of mind, Tess decides to attack the problem with a frank discussion.

"You've been massaging and waxing me for a couple of years now. You've never been inappropriate with me. Why is this. . .

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  attraction you have for me a problem now?"

"Honestly?I've had a. . . stimulating afternoon, and am pretty cranked up. "

"By cranked up, you mean. . . ?"

"Horny. VERY. "

"Ahh. Got it. Well. . . while I'm flattered.

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  . . really, I am. . . I'm not interested. . Never have been into girls. . . So you can put the idea of sex with me out of your mind. "Tess pauses, collecting her thoughts.

Mary turns and hops her butt up onto the table next to Tess, waiting silently to see if she'll say anymore. She has no idea WHAT she could possibly say at this point. They sit in silence for over a minute.


  Mary notices that the wet spot on her skirt has stopped spreading. Allowing her gaze to drift towards Tess's lap, she again admires her client's sex. It's a very pretty pussy indeed. Finally, Tess breaks the silence.

"Maybe if you tell me what happened to make you so. . . horny, you can relax. Like telling a good friend. . . We're friends, aren't we?"

"Uh, sure, Tess," Mary responds, slightly startled by the sudden break in the silence. "Th. . thanks for understanding.


  . . Would you like to start with the waxing or the massage?"

As Mary shifts her gaze from Tess's poon up her body to her eyes,notices that Tess's nipples have gotten hard as erasers, and that there's a slight flush in her cheeks. The fact that her confession is exciting her client actually relaxes Mary. She's too relieved to find that her job is probably not in jeopardy to contemplate what Tess's sexual arousal might portend, at least not right this minute.

Mary hops off the table steps to the end, as she waits for Tess's response.

"Let's do the waxing first," she says, pivoting up on the massage table and laying on her back. Planting her feet on the table with her knees bent, she lowers her knees out, giving Mary access to, and a perfect view of, her sweet, pouty pussy.

Mary grabs a step box and sets it down at the end of the table. This allows her a better reach to Tess's pussy for the waxing. Looking back up, Mary is frozen for a moment, staring intoher client's honey pot, the lips pouty and slightly parted. The entire area is becoming flushed, as Tess's outer lips continue to slowly. . . blossom.

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  Several drops of moisture appear on her inner walls, and begin to slip slowly down her lips. Mary breaks her gaze and walks around to get her supplies.

"You were just staring at my pussy, fantasizing about tasting me, weren't you?" Tess says in the best conversational tone she can currently manage, teasing her,trying to keep the atmosphere relaxed.

"Sorry about that. It's VERY unprofessional of me," Mary responds as she comes to the table and positions herself between Tess's legs, her supplies on a wheeled tray next to her. She steps up onto the step box, her own hips now above the edge of the table.

"So tell me your story, while you wax this tantalizing pussy," Tess says in a dramatic, self-deprecating voice . She is well aware of her own growing sexual excitement, AND that her pussy has gotten VERY wet, VERY quickly. Not being able to hide her arousal, she chooses to make light of it.

"Although I'm really NOT interested, it is exciting to know someone wants to RAVAGE me. As you can see, you've already got my juices flowing. I may as well enjoy a good erotic story and the sexual high that might, hopefully, come with it. "

Mary's head snaps up from concentrating on applying the wax to Tess's bikini line. Of course she's COMPLETELY aware of Tess's arousal. She senses an opening, and, like the sexual seductress that she is, begins to plot her next conquest.

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"Oh, do you like erotic literature, too?I personally enjoy it much more than porn movies. I can imagine what's going on so much more sensually than the in-your-face sex of a movie," Mary says softly. Pretending to suddenly realize that she may be going too far, Mary quickly asks, "I'm not sharing too much, am I?"

"Oh, no honey. Not at all. I agree that a good story can be more erotic; but I still enjoy a good fuck-fest flick once in a while!" Tess laughs. "So why don't you get on with your story, before I get to the end before you even begin. "

" You sure you want to hear this?You're going to think I'm a total slut," Mary warns her, really as just a courtesy. Mary is confident that Tess definitely wants to hear every lurid detail. Tess's clit rising up out of its hood shows her just how ready Tess is for her story. "Give me a sec. while I adjust the temperature in here. It feels a bit chilly to me. "

"Don't adjust it on my account. I'm already hot. .

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  . hot and bothered!" Tess giggles. "But go ahead if you're uncomfortable. "She lightly runs her fingernails over her now sensitive pussy mound, enjoying the additional stimulation. She is careful to avoid any contact with her clit, as she is sure she would cum immediately.

Mary is perfectly comfortable, but knows from past experience that an overly warm room, and the sweat it promotes, can aid her in her seduction. . . Plus hot, sweaty sex is just sooo much more fun, don't you think?She finds the thermostat set at 76°. The massage rooms are kept warmer for client comfort since they generally wear only a towel or less for their massage. Mary turns the heat up to 86°. Enough, she figures, to result in copious sweating, but not so high that Tess will complain. She walks back to Tess and steps up on the box, her back to the door.

"Mmmmm. One second, hon.

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  I have an itch I really MUST scratch. Hope you don't mind," Tess replies as she reaches for her exposed clit, unable to ignore it any longer, and lightly runs her fingernail over it, sending a shiver through her body. The sensation is more than she expected, or probably not if she had really thought about; but she isn't really thinking very clearly right now. The stimulation triggers an automatic, unthinking reaction in her; and she bears down on her clit with two fingers, closing her eyes and arching her back into the air. Her fingers slide forward over her engorged clit and into her now dripping love tunnel. Parting her wet folds and pulling back out and over her clit, she pinches it between her fingers as she presses them into her sex, feeling herself begin to climax. Tess begins to buck against her fingers, her ass a good 10" off the table. Suddenly, her pussy gushes forth a stream of juices, soaking Mary's clothes. Tess continues to hump the air as her body convulses in ecstasy, her pussy continuing to squirt her juices. After riding her orgasm down for another minute, Tess opens her eyes. Mary's clothes are soaked with Tess's fluids, which also cover her face and are dripping from her chin.

"God!I'm so sorry, Mary!I didn't mean for it to go that far!I don't know what I was thinking!. . . And look what I've done to your clothes!I'm so ashamed!"

Mary just smiles and slowly extends her tongue, running it over her lips and in a circle as far out from her mouth as she can get, lapping up Tess's juices.

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"Awe, Tess, stop," she finally says in her most solicitous voice, as she wipes up the rest of Tess's juices with her fingers and licks them clean. "It's okay. . . VERY. I'm the one who put you into this state of arousal. Besides, I've never actually met a real squirter. It was amazing!" Mary smiles assuringly. "This is going to be easier than I thought!," she tells herself.

"All of the women in my family are squirters. It's kind of the family's dark little secret. "

"Dark secret!?More like a hidden gift, I'd say. . . So are you relaxed enough now for your waxing?"

Tess isn't sure what to say, watching her masseuse lap up her cum.

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"Uh. . . Sure, Mary. And thanks for understanding. . . And don't think that just because I got off in front of you that we are going to have sex. It's not going to happen," Tess adds, trying to sound lighthearted.

"That's okay. I had another pretty decent orgasm just watching you. So not only have you soaked my clothes and face with your juices, which TASTE WONDERFUL, by the way, my own have soaked my panties!. . . If you don't mind, I'm going to need to take off all of these wet clothes before I can wax you," Mary statesas she begins to undress, not waiting for a response.

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"you keep an extra set of clothes at work for just such occasions, do you?" Tess laughs, nervously.

"No, I don't," Mary replies as she drapes her blouse over a chair. Pushing her skirt down and stepping out, she just smiles at Tess, who watches her intently, her eyes questioning. Mary drapes the skirt over another chair and unclasps her bra. "I'm going to do your waxing nude. "

Tess is surprised, and more than a little uncomfortable with the idea, but doesn't say anything. Her own pussy is on fire, and her curiosity on where this might lead is getting the better of her. She just keeps watching Mary undress, anticipating seeing her breasts emerge from their confinement and finding herself eager for the sight. Her cunt continues to produce copious amounts of joy juice. Tess can feel the droplets dripping down her inner lips. Part of her mind takes note that the bra is dry and really doesn't need to be removed; but she ignores the thought. Mary pulls the bra off and drops in on the floor, watching Tess for a reaction.

Tess licks her lips as she feasts her eyes on Mary's C-cup breasts with their small brown areolas and VERY erect nipples. Mary notices and smiles as she removes her panties, revealing her bald cunt to Tess's obviously hungry eyes. The panties join her bra on the floor.

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Tess, swallowing hard, says," Umm, wouldn't your panties dry out better if you hung them up?"

"First, they're not my panties, they belong to some else, who was wearing them less than an hour earlier; but we'll get to that in my story. And second, I don't want them to dry. I like the feel of pussy soaked silk against my poon. "

"What?So why did you take them off?"

"Because I wanted you to see my pussy. Yours is beautiful, especially after you cum. But I'm also proud of my own, and wanted you to see what effect you've had on me," Mary continues as she slowly runs her fingers over her sex. She slides her fingers along both sides of her clit, pulling back the hood, allowing Tess a good look at her engorged clit. "Do you see how you've affected my pussy?You've made me VERY. . . WET. "

Tess stares into Mary's honey pot, mesmerized. . . Finally looking up, she says laughing," I'm still not going to have sex with you.

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  ," trying to break the tension within herself.

"We'll see. . . . " is Mary's only reply, continuing to stare into Tess's eyes. "My pussy is VERY tasty. . and VERY difficult to resist. "

Tess's nervous laughter trails off, the sexual tension again rising. The increase in the room temperature is already noticeable, and sweat is forming on Tess's breasts and abdomen. Mary's body is also beginning to glisten, small droplets forming on her upper chest.

For another two minutes they just watch one another, Mary looking into Tess's eyes and Tess alternating her gaze between Mary's eyes and every other part of her body, taking it all in. Tess is mesmerized, watching the sweat on Mary's chestcome together in larger drops and run down her breasts, only to hang, suspended, from the tips of her nipples. Mary follows Tess's gaze back to her own breasts and smiles.


  Grasping her tits in both hands, she brings them up towards her mouth as shelowers her head, alternately licking the droplets from her nipples, her eyes never leaving Tess. After releasing her now sensitive breasts and straitening up, Mary decides it 's time to break the silence.

"So let's get to it. Do you still want to hear my story?"

During these two minutes Tess thought she was going to either explode or melt. The silence breaking is a surprise, a shock almost, but also a relief and; she exhales forcefully, relaxing.

"Go ahead. Shock me. "

So Mary starts in on waxing Tess's poon while she tells her all about running into Sarah in the restroom and everything since. She finishes her story just as she finishes waxing Tess's rosebud, the last part she ever tackles. Tess is on her knees and elbows, her back arched gracefully up towards her butt.

By this point, the room feels like it's 100°. Both women are sweating profusely. The massage table is wet with sweat and slippery, with large drops dripping onto the table from Tess's nipples.

"I have to get the trimmer. I'll just be a sec.


  . . So what do you think of my story?"

"Are you kidding me!?I've never been so turned on by a story in my life, and. . . and. . . I don't even like girls!I'm surprised you're even asking. Isn't it obvious?My pussy's dripping again, I'm so hot!" Tess says breathily as she rolls back over for the trimming, the vinyl making squishing noises as she settles into a pool of her own sweat. "At least I think it is. I'm sweating so much, it's hard to tell. You've really got it warm in here. "

"I'm quite comfortable. Maybe it's just you, getting all hot and bothered!.

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  . . And I'm well aware of your current state of arousal. 'Dripping again'. . . really?I don't think it ever stopped!I think you protest your interest in Sapphic sex too much. You came all over me just based on the idea that I'm attracted to you. Now you look like you're ready to soak me again any second. I think you do like pussy, and mine particularly, now that it's in front of you. You've probably just never been in a situation that allowed you to explore that part of you. "Fixing her eyes back on Tess's pussy, Mary comments, " Wow!Is that a beautiful site. Your juices adorn your swollen lips like dew on a blooming flower. "Corny, but poetic. .

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  . and it works for Tess, as Mary thought it would.

Tess blushes, not knowing what to say. The itch has returned with a vengeance. She lowers her knees until they're almost in line with the plane of her body, her feet coming together at the end of the table. Her pussy opens further, her juices dripping freely onto the table now. She doesn't know why she did it, and feels suddenly awkward about it; but she isn't sure how to recover. Quickly pulling her knees back together would be an admission that she has done something inappropriate.

"I came because I brushed my clit and allowed myself to act on the sexual urge it created. You being attracted to me only got my body primed. It didn't set it off," Tess defends herself, knowing her argument is weak.

Mary ignores it, preferring to focus on Tess, and Tess's assets.

"God, Tess. You do have a gorgeous pussy!What a waste. No man will ever appreciate the.

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  . . gift of your womanhood. . . like another woman,"Mary finishes, her voice at the same time mater-of-fact and sultry. "Have you ever even had a chance to be with another woman?"

"No, actually, I haven't. It's never interested me. "

"Well, I'd say that you're interested now," Mary replies breathily, trying to further increase the sexual tension in the room. Mary sooo wants to dive into this succulent pool of womanly nectar before her. But she's an adult, and is determined to act like a mature one, while continuing her seduction of this prime piece of female temptations before her.

Changing the subject slightly, Mary says," So Tess. I'm going to have a slight problem trimming your strip. When you were on your knees and I was waxing your perfect ass, your juices ran forward into your hair patch. Either you need to clean it up, or I will have to.

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  . . And to be honest, I don't think I can do that without my hand. . . wondering," she finishes with a grin.

Tess giggles. "Give me a towel. I'll take care of it. Thank you for your honesty. . . and also the perfect ass comment. I work very hard on it. "

Mary hands her a towel.

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  As she watches Tess clean herself up, Mary has another idea.

"You know, Tess. If you'd just let me remove that remaining strip, we wouldn't have to bother with the trimmer. Have you ever thought of going full Brazilian?"

Tess contemplates Mary's suggestion, not responding.

Mary continues:"It makes waxing a lot faster, since I don't have to worry about leaving that little strip, and no trimming. You'll be amazed at how much sexier it feels. There is nothing like having a totally bald pussy!" she concludes wickedly as she lightly strokes her own bald twat.

Very interested, but not wanting to commit. . . just yet, Tess stalls.

"How long have you been waxing yours?" she asks.

"Since I first got pubic hair. My Mom paid for laser hair removal for my 18th birthday, so I haven't had to even give it a second thought for years. "

Tess puts the towel aside and begins to twirl her fingers through her strip, allowing the fingertips to drift south and lightly brush over her engorged clit, which is protruding from its hood a good half inch.

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  Mary watches and licks her lips, making her interest in Tess's pussyobvious.

"May I feel it?" Tess asks.

"Excuse me?"

"May I. . . touch your pussy?Just to feel what the smooth skin feels like," Tess adds quickly, embarrassed, and intensely aroused.

"Absolutely!" Mary replies, as she steps down and picks up the step box.

She walks from the end of the table around to Tess's left, setting the box down and stepping up. Her pussy is inches from Tess's left shoulder, and less than a foot from her face. Tess is silent and dumbstruck, staring into Mary's beautiful, wet pussy. Reaching over and taking Tess's right hand, Mary places it over her sex, just above her slit. She rubs Tess's hand gently over her bald mound.

"Doesn't that feel nice?Like baby skin. So soft. "

"Mmmm" is all Tess can say.

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  Her hand is limp, allowing Mary to guide it over her mound.

Mary covers the back of Tess's hand fully with her own, the best she can, as Tess has larger hands, and rotates Tess's hand so her fingers are pointing down. Applying more pressure and pushing down, she guides Tess's hand down over her wet sex, rubbing Tess's fingers over her clit.

"Mmmmm," your hand feels nice on my pussy," Mary purrs.

She continues to rub her clit and pussy with Tess's hand, feeling no resistance from the owner. Feeling brave, and incredibly horny, Mary raises her right leg and places her foot on the table above Tess's head. Her pussy opens up fully, her juices running down her leg. Pushing Tess's hand even further down, Tess is now cupping Mary's entire sex, her finger tips brushing up against her rosebud.

Shifting her gaze from Tess's eyes over to her sex, Mary sees Tess's left hand masturbating her own pussy, all four fingers buried in her drooling box. Looking back at Tess and smiling, she decides it's time to take total control of the situation and finally land this prize.

"Sit up, please," Mary asks softly but firmly.

Tess pulls her hand out of her own pussy and tries to pull her other away from Mary.

"No, don't stop fucking yourself!" Mary says quickly as she releases Tess's hand and grabs her other arm by the wrist with her left hand. She uses her right to help Tess sit up as she pulls Tess's left hand towards her face; and proceeds to suck Tess's cum soaked fingers into her mouth. She notices that Tess is still keeping her right hand in contact with her cunt.

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  After sucking Tess's fingers clean, Mary guides the hand back to where it came from, curling Tess's fingers backing into her drooling box with her left hand. Her right grinds the palm of Tess's hand into her cunt, humping her hand for several minutes. Finally she curls her fingers inward, forcing Tess's fingers into her hot snatch, humping her right hand while Tess continues humpingher own left, Mary's palm pressing down on Tess's hand, increasing the pressure on Tess's clit. After another several minutes of this, Mary's body begins to convulse, her third orgasm of the afternoon beginning to wash over her, this one much more intense. Quickly removing Tess's hand from her pussy, Mary places her right hand onTess's right breast and gropes it roughly. Transferring her weight forward onto her hands, pushing into Tess's body, Mary bends at her diaphragm, diving her face towards her own pussy.

Tess can't believe what she's seeing. She's never even heard of such a thing. She watches as Mary's mouth opens wide and engulfs her pussy, lapping up the juices flowing freely from her orgasm. It reminds her of a cat cleaning itself, but erotic. . . VERY erotic.

As Mary continues to feast on her own pussy, she slides her left hand down over Tess's and curls her fingers inward, pushing her own fingers into Tess's pussy, intertwining them with Tess's. Tess has never felt so full, and spreads her legs wider to allow her pussy to open further.

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  After another minute, she begins to buck her hips once again, and can tell an orgasm is imminent.

Mary can tell also. Quickly, She stretches her body back upright and puts her right leg back on the step box. She smiles at Tess, looking deep into her eyes, as she leans in for an open mouth kiss. Tess sees it coming and opens her own mouth, accepting Mary's tongue invading her mouth. She tastes Mary's juices in her mouth and moans softly. The taste is. . . heavenly. Mary breaks away as she pushes down harder on Tess's pussy and gives Tess another smile, her own juices dripping down her chin. Tess just closes her eyes as she gives herself over to the orgasm that is quickly building in her honeypot.

Mary removes her hand from Tess's breast, puts her left knee up on the table next to Tess, and swings her right leg over her head, planting her other knee on the opposite side. Removing her own and Tess's hand from her pussy, Mary lowers her face over Tess's honey pot. Tess is startled by the removal of their hands from her pussy and opens her eyes, only to find a dripping pussy inches above her face.


  Within seconds, she feels her missing hand replaced by Mary's rough tongue on her clit and pussy. The sensation sends her over the edge, and she grabs Mary's legs, pulling her pussy down onto her own face, as she screams into Mary's pussy and squirts her juices into Mary's waiting mouth.

Mary swallows as fast as she can, while she grinds her own pussy into Tess's face, getting it slippery with her juices. Their sweaty bodies slide back and forth over one another, as they continue to hump each other's faces. After several minutes of both of them coming down from their sexual highs while gently licking each other's sexes, there's a knock on the door.

"Excuse me, Mary?It's Sarah. Are you almost done with Mrs. Jacobs?I'd like to discuss something with you. "

Both Tess and Mary laugh. Mary, pivoting forward on her knees, raises her pussy off Tess's face, allowing Tess to speak.

"I'll bet she wants to talk to you. You've got her about as turned around as me, but without the satisfying conclusion," Tess giggles.

"So you enjoyed yourself, did you?Pussy's pretty good isn't it?" Mary ribs her. There's another knock on the door.

"That was amazing.


  I had no idea what I was missing. . . . God, I'm exhausted. Now I really need that massage, and the rest of my wax. "

"You want the full Monty?"

"Definitely. Take it all. "

Mary collapses back down onto Tess, but further forward, so her pussy is resting between Tess's breasts and her head is between Tess's legs resting on the table.

"Mary, can I come in?Everyone's gone for the day; and I'd like to get going myself. But we need to talk first. "

"Shit!We've gotta move before she just walks in," Tess declares, pushing Mary up.

Mary goes limp and refuses to budge. . More knocking at the door.

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"Why?I'm perrrfectly comfortable. I could lay on you all day," she responds.

"She's going to come in!" Tess says more emphatically.

"Good. She can finish your waxing and do your massage. I'm too beat. "

"Are you crazy!?"

"No, just open about my sexuality. We haven't done anything wrong. We're both consenting adults," Mary finishes as she places her elbows on the table between Tess's legs and rests her chin on the backs of her interlaced fingers.

Before Tess can protest further, which she is about to do, Mary calls out towards the door.

"Come on in, Sarah. I need your help with something, anyway. "

Sarah walks in saying," Sorry to interu. . .

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  "Before her is Mary's smiling face, between Mrs. Jacobs legs, her body straddling Mrs. Jacob's own. Mary's bare ass is hiding most of Mrs. Jacob's head, which now pops up to look at Sarah, giving her an awkward, weak smile.

"Excuse me!" is all Sarah can manage as she quickly reverses direction and starts to back out the door.

"Wait, Sarah!" Mary calls out. "Come on in here. I told you I need your help. "

Sarah stops backing up, frozen in the doorway.

"Do you mind coming in and shutting the door?" Mrs. Jacobs pipes up. "Mary may not mind being discovered by whomever might stroll by; but I certa.

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