"I'm just going to throw some clothes on before lunch," Amy informs her mother as she walks into the kitchen, the stairs to the second floor on the far side in the front foyer.

She takes two steps in to the room and stops short.   Sarah is at the island counter making sandwiches, her enormous jugs swaying as she works.

"Mom, why aren't you dressed yet?  Tonya and Jesse(that little slut)," she adds under her breath, "will be here anytime for lunch. "

Oh, I forgot they were coming over. . . I guess I'll have to throw something on," Sarah replies, completing the sandwiches.

She turns to the sink to wash her hands, affording Amy a perfect view of her mother's perfect ass.


"Damn, you've got a sexy ass," Amy comments.


"Thanks, honey," Sarah replies, turning away from the sink and giving her a sly smile, as she dries her hands.   "I think your young, tight pussy is very attractive also. "


Amy blushes slightly from the compliment and smiles.


Sarah then kinda huffs, saying "Awe, but honey. . .

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  it's been so nice being naked around the house again, especially around you kids.   Getting dressed is really the last thing a want to do.   Can't we just enjoy lunch. . . naturally?" she finishes, in a somewhat imploring tone.


"But what about my friends?"


"So what?  They're girls. They shouldn't mind.   And it sounds like it won't be the first time that at least Tonya's seen your sexy bod. . . I'm also guessing Jessica's had occasion to see and possibly sample your female form," Sarah ends, giggling slightly.


"I've never had sex with Jesse!" Amy retorts, blushing furiously, tossing her towel down the hall towards the laundry room and taking a seat at the island, opposite her mother.   Her face and chest are flushed, her nipples jutting forward proudly.


"Ahhh, but I note no mention of Tonya!" Sarah exclaims triumphantly.


    "That little vixen has already tasted your fruit, hasn't she?  Does her mother know?


"No, she doesn't, and PLEASE don't tell her. "


"Oh, I won't, honey.   But you've gotta admit, it'd blow her mind!" Sarah laughs.   “Her daughter and her God-daughter getting it on. ”  She pauses for a few seconds, watching Amy hang her head in embarrassment.


"Oh, honey.   Don't be embarrassed.   I don't mind that you and Tonya have been having sex with each other.   You know I love Tonya like another daughter.   Plus it keeps you both out of trouble with the boys, keeps you NOT pregnant. . . As long as you still like boys. . .

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  Do you?  I do want grandchildren some day.   Tell me you've fucked at least one of the boys you've dated and enjoyed it. . . at least as much as you can with a no-experience teenage boy. "


Sarah pushes a plate with a deli turkey sandwich across the counter to Amy.


“There’s a bowl of chips and another of fruit on the counter.   If you want some, help yourself. ”


"God, Mom!  I can't believe you're saying all of this, and being so casual about it!  You actually hope I let some guy fuck me?" she asks, looking up, as she pulls the plate in front of her and grabs a banana.


"Well, that's not exactly what I meant. . . I just meant that, if you did, I hoped you liked it, though I also hope you used protection, and plan on settling down with a guy some day. . .

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  I guess I'm trying to find out whether your homosexual or not.   I'm not asking it very well though, am I?"


"I'll say you're not. . . " Amy retorts, ending with a sigh.   She resigns herself to coming clean with her mother on her sexual experience to date.   To Amy, this seems almost more personal than their mutual masturbation sessions.   It's another part of her life, one outside the home she shares with her family, and one she's been quite content to keep to herself.   On the other hand, it's been a highly unusual, highly erotic day so far; and this conversation, when she thinks about it, does seem to fit the mood, or theme you might even call it, for the day.   She looks directly into her mother's eyes, smiling sweetly.


"No, Mom, I'm not a lesbian; but I'm definitely bisexual.   I've had girls eat my pussy, and I've eaten theirs.   I fucked Tonya with her mother's strap-on just last weekend.   I've given blowjobs. .

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  . and swallowed, had guys. . . only two so far," she adds quickly, "fuck me.   One did me in both my pussy and ass, and I loved it.   That was just last week.   I was telling Tonya about it last weekend while I was fucking her.   I asked her if she'd be interested in joining me on a date with this guy. . . Brent's his name, and eating my pussy while he fucked my ass.   I think that would be sooo awesome!"


"Wow!" Sarah responds after a long, silent pause.   Her own chest is flushed crimson, her tits hard, not-so-little nubs.   "That was more of a revelation than I was expecting.

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  . . Well, thank you for sharing that with me.   I really appreciate your openness.   And I’m glad you like cock," she ends mockingly.


"Well, you're welcome!" Amy replies as she exhales audibly.   She'd been holding her breath without realizing it, waiting for her mother's reaction.


"So, going back to our clothed vs. nude-in-the-house discussion, what's the problem?  If I don't mind, it sure doesn't sound like they would.   All you kids sound like fairly sexually-free spirits. "


"Fairly?  I'd say VERY," Amy replies, picking up her sandwich and taking a bite, needing time to consider her mom's suggestion.   "Being nude in the house would be nice, I suppose.   I could tease Jason all through lunch, assuming he wakes up for it," she giggles between mouthfuls.

Sarah laughs with her daughter for a few moments, but then turns serious, another male popping into her mind.


"Now here's a real problem, unlike your friends or brother.

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    Your father is NOT going to like this one bit. "


"You mean you're planning on continuing this. . . birthday suit wardrobe past lunch?"


"Oh, absolutely.   I'm going back to the way I used to live, back when you were a baby.   I've missed it too much to just give it up again.   This morning has been a revelation to me of what I've been denying myself all these years.   This is the way a want to live. . . it's the way I was meant to live.   It's just the way I'm wired. "


"But what about when you have dinner parties, or your friends drop over?"


"Oh, I’ll just do what I did then.   Have nice clothes in my closet to slip into for guests and friends.

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    But no more grunge clothes only good enough for hanging and working around the house.   Anytime I'd feel comfortable wearing those is time I can be naked. . . . be natural. "


"Wow, Mom.   You really miss it, don't you?"


"Yes, honey.   I really do, more than even I realized until we had this conversation. "

As Sarah finishes speaking, the doorbell rings.


"Oh, shit!  That must be Tonya and Jesse," Amy exclaims.


"Well that settles that discussion. . . in my favor, I might add!" Sarah adds, smiling hugely.

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    "Go answer the door, will you?"


"Okay, Mom.   You always say it's your house, your rules…But don’t embarrass me, okay?"


“I won’t embarrass you; but I might make you blush!”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“It means I can act the part of a horny, irrational teenager as good as anyone.   You’ll probably forget I’m your mother!” Sarah laughs.


“Humph!  Yea, right,” Amy replies in her most condescending tone.

Sarah only laughs harder.


Amy pushes back from the island and walks to the front door.   Sarah watches her ass sway gently as she walks.


"God, I wouldn't mind spending a little quality time working over that tight sexy body," Sarah tells herself.   "She's got more curves than Marilyn. . . Too bad she's my daughter. "

Amy can see through the stained glass of the front door that it is, indeed, her friends Tonya and Jessica, their bodies and faces distorted by the glass, but not unrecognizable.   She opens the door fully, not trying to hide behind the door, her body fully visible.


"Hey guys!" she greets them.

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    "How was the movie?"


"Oh, fine," Tonya replies, as Amy steps to the side to let them in.


"I take it you were sunbathing out back?" Jessica asks as she walks into the house past Amy.


"Yeah, I just got in a few minutes ago.   You guys hungry?  My mom made lunch for us. "


"Oh, your mom's here?" Jessica asks.   "I didn't know that she knew you tanned nude. "


"Oh, sure.   She was out there with me," Amy replies nonchalantly, as she closes the door and leads them towards the kitchen.


"Oh, that's cool!" Tonya remarks.


"Yeah, it is!" Jessica agrees.   "I wish my mom were that cool. "


Entering the kitchen, they see Sarah pushing plates with sandwiches in front of a couple of chairs, her breasts swaying over the counter, her nipples making light contact with the cold granite once or twice.   She looks up as she hears them entering the room.


"Hi girls!" she exclaims, giving them a warm smile. "Lunch is ready!"


Jessica's eyes get very wide.


    She's never seen Amy's mom naked before.   She's VERY impressed.


"Nice fucking tits!" she says to herself.   "I could suck on those babies for hours!"


"Sorry to interrupt, Mrs. Larson," Tonya offers as she walks up to a chair and takes a seat.   "We didn't realize you guys would both be tanning.   Looks like you’re planning on going back out after lunch?"


"No.   No time for any more sun today.   I've gotta get my workout in and then work this afternoon. "


"Oh. . . Then what's with the naked lunch hour?" Jessica asks as she takes a seat next to the middle seat, which she sees has a half-eaten sandwich and a banana in front of it, assuming it's Amy's.

Amy sits back down, one of her friends on either side.


"Oh, I was just having a discussion with Amy about how much I miss tramping around the house nude, like I used to when she was a baby.

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    I was feeling nostalgic, and decided against getting redressed after. . . tanning. "


Tonya notices the pause before Sarah finished her explanation.


"What else could they have been doing out there," she wonders.   Then, cracking a wicked grin, she has a thought:  "Maybe they were having one of their mutual masturbation sessions that Amy's always telling me about.   I never really believed her, but maybe she was telling the truth. "


"So you're not planning on getting dressed at all?" Jessica asks.


"Of course, later, for work silly," Sarah laughs.   "But I'm planning on having my lunch sans clothes; and I think I'll do my workout the same way. . . Unless, or course, it makes either of you uncomfortable.   I don't want that.




Sarah looks from Tonya to Jessica and back.   Neither answer.


"Tonya?  Jesse?  Any response?  Anything?"


Jessica doesn't know what to say, and Tonya is getting wet thinking about the possibility that her best friend and lover may have just been getting herself off WITH HER MOTHER just before they got there.


She can feel her face getting flushed, and her nipples poking out her polo shirt.   It being a relatively warm day, she had decided against a bra when getting dressed this morning.   This is the second time today she's come to regret that decision, the first being in the over-air-conditioned movie theatre, when the snack clerk guy had been checking out her tits while she placed her order.

Amy laughs, pushing her chair back and looking at her two friends.


"Cat got your tongues?" she asks them, still giggling as she places an arm around each of their necks, pulling them towards her and each other in a friendly hug.


"Since you can't seem to speak, you must not have any objections.   Sooo, in the interest of my MOM'S comfort, I'm joining her in her nakedness, so she's not the only one.   Now, in the interest of MY comfort, you two strip.   I don't want to be the only young chick here in the buff. "


"That's a wonderful idea!" Sarah offers encouragingly, then quickly adds, "If you're comfortable with it, that is. "


Tonya quickly removes Amy's arm from around her neck, pushes back her chair, and stand up.   She immediately begins stripping, eager to show off her nubile body to Amy's hot mother.

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    She feels that her cooch is already getting wet.


"Hey, maybe we can join you in your workout!" Tonya suggests, as she adds her panties to her pile of clothes on the kitchen floor and pushes them with left foot out of the way.   "Jesse, what are you waiting for?  Usually it's difficult to keep you dressed!"


Amy laughs and Jessica blushes.   She seems frozen, unsure how to respond.   Amy removes her arm from Jessica's shoulder, surprised by her reaction, and concerned that she may have gone too far.


"I know she's a sex freak," Amy tells herself, "and I thought she did it with both guys and girls.   The rumor around school is that the whole cheerleading squad spends half their time fucking each other, and the other half fucking the football team, and apparently, my brother. . . I know all the girls on the squad.   They're my friends.   I can't believe I never asked any of them whether it's true or not.   I just assumed it is; and assumed they want to keep it amongst themselves.   I almost joined the squad this year just to get in on the action.   Maybe there's no action to be had!"


"She's right," Jessica thinks, mentally having a quick conversation with herself.

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    "I'm usually the one leading the naked sex-orgy pack.   Why am I suddenly feeling so shy?   I'll tell you why!  It's because I've never been naked around an adult, especially one SO FUCKING HOT!  God, I'd love to lap that pussy. . . Well, if I'm going to have any chance of that, I'd better show her what I've got and see how she responds. "


Jessica pushes her chair back and stands up.


"I'm cool with it," she finally responds, her face relaxing.   "Sorry about the dramatic pause," she continues as she begins to strip off her blouse, with bra underneath (the usual with Jesse).   "I was just caught off-guard.   Really, I should have been the first to strip. . . eagerly," she finishes with a smirk as she drops her skirt, revealing a lack of panties underneath.


"You went to the theatre commando?!" Amy cries.


"Ohhh, yea," Jessica replies, pushing her pile aside and sitting back down.

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    "It's always really cold in there, and I like to find a seat in front of a vent so it can blow on my pussy during the movie. "

Sarah has watched this all silently, appreciating the nubile bodies disrobing before her.   Both Tonya and Jessica have hairless pussies.  Tonya is significantly curvier than Jessica, with bigger breasts.   Where Jessica's are smaller, a B-cup, sitting high on her chest with pert little pink nipples, Tonya's are much fuller, and heavier, a solid D-cup like her mother's.   Her nipples are a light brown with large areolas.   She can feel her twat beginning to moisten once again, her nipples firming up.   While the feeling is pleasantly familiar, reminding of her of yesterday evening with Marilyn, it’s also somewhat disturbing to her, because of Tonya.


Tonya isn’t just her daughter’s best friend and her best friend’s daughter; she’s also Sarah’s goddaughter.   Tonya is the result of a one-night-stand, if you can even call it that, on Sarah and John’s wedding night.   Amy, who was Sarah’s maid-of-honor, hooked up with John’s best man, Mark, after the reception.

  They didn’t even get a room.  The entire wedding party had been drinking most of the day; and those two were already so drunk by the time dinner was over that the coatroom struck them as a fine place to get in a quickie between dances.   By the end of the party, they’d gotten around to talking enough to find they had absolutely nothing in common.   Amy never saw the guy again, and never told him about Tonya.

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    She of course told Sarah; but asked her not to tell John.

As best as anyone can exactly pin these things down, Sarah & John figure they got pregnant with Amy on their wedding night, since they’d been abstaining for the whole 6 months prior to the wedding.   (John got a pre-marriage guilty conscience after his ultra-conservative parents started questioning their living arrangements after they announced their engagement.   All Sarah could do was to set up the wedding as soon as possible.   At that time, 6 months without sex was worse than hell to her.   Little did she know that within a few years, it would be the norm. )  Their honeymoon, which they took off on the next morning, was a guided 2-week trek through the African savannah.   They were too exhausted every night to do anything but collapse into unconsciousness.


So as near as Sarah and Amy can ascertain, they both became pregnant on the same night, and gave birth within three days of one another.   The girls were baptized in a joint ceremony, at which Sarah & Mark (yea, that Mark), stood up for Tonya; and Amy stood up for Amy.


Mark was surprised when Amy called to ask.   Her excuse was that, since Sarah & John would probably be such a big part of Tonya’s life anyway; she thought it would be confusing to her to have them both as Godparents also, especially since she wouldn’t have a dad around.   She claimed to have had a great time with him at the reception, and thought he’d make a decent godparent.   Mark remembered very little of that evening, and simply accepted her story.   He did remember that she was very attractive, though, and hoped this might be an in to start dating her.

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    They did become friends, and she insisted on him coming over to see Tonya on her birthday and Christmas.   They would also run into him occasionally at Sarah & John’s if he was visiting; but it never went anywhere beyond that.



It never even occurred to him that he might be Tonya’s father.   He really isn’t too bright a fellow.   That, if nothing else, kept Amy from ever having feelings for Mark.   She couldn’t believe any man could be THAT dense.   But at least he was around, and she felt better about raising Tonya alone because of it.


"I'd better stay on this side of the counter until I can calm down," she thinks.   Checking out her own tits, she sighs to herself:  "Nothing I can do about that. "


"Well, have seat and let's eat, shall we?" Sarah invites them.   “There are also chips and fruit, so help yourself. ”


All three girls take their seats, while Sarah walks to the refrigerator to get some drinks.   Jessica takes a banana out of the fruit bowl and Tonya looks for another.


“Do you have any more bananas, Mrs. Larson?” Tonya asks.

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“Uh, no, sorry honey, just what’s in the bowl.   I’ve got some VERY green ones on top of the fridge ripening; but the only thing they’re good for today is stuffing up your snatch. ”

Amy laughs loudly, coughing out a bite of sandwich in the process.   Tonya and Jessica are shocked.   They look at Amy laughing and back to Sarah, standing there so casually, and each give their own half-hearted chuckle, not really sure where to go with that.


“Here Tonya, you can have mine,” Amy offers, handing her the ripe banana.   “This one you can either eat OR stuff up your snatch!” she laughs again.


This breaks the tension and both girls join her in genuine laughter.


“I don’t know, Amy,” Tonya retorts, joining in the joke.   “This one might break open up my pussy and then someone would have to eat me, I mean clean me, out!”


Jessica and Amy laugh even loader, Amy actually holding her side because it’s starting to hurt.


“Okay, that’s enough,” Amy cries.   You’re killing me here!”


Sarah just smiles and moves on like everything said was nothing.


"Do you girls prefer, milk, water, lemonade, or soda?"


"I'll have a Pepsi, if you have it," Jessica requests.


"I'll just have water," Amy responds.


"I'll have milk, please," says Tonya.

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Sarah grabs a Pepsi from the bottom shelf, spreading her legs without thinking about it to reach lower comfortably.   (Her back's feeling a little stiff from the sexual workouts she's gotten in the last 20 hours. )


Jessica and Tonya both notice Sarah's swollen, bald poon.   Jessica actually licks her lips, which Amy notices, and laughs.


Sarah stands up straight, bringing her legs together, and grabs a jug of skim milk out of the door before turning back to the counter, her hands full.   She shuts the refrigerator door with her foot.


"What's so funny, ladies?" she inquires as she sets the Pepsi in front of Jessica.


Amy just keeps giggling, not answering.


"When did you wax your beav, Mrs. Larson?" Tonya asks.


"Just yesterday, actually," Sarah responds as she turns back to the counter.   Putting one knee on the counter and boosting herself up, she reaches for a larger plastic cup for Amy's water.   This affords Jessica another pristine view of Sarah's aroused cunt.


Amy looks back and forth between her mother's treasure box and Jessica.   She laughs again as Sarah gets down with the cup.

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"Just what are you laughing at, my daughter?"


"Oh, nothing much, just Jessica checking out your poon and licking her lips!"


"Amy!" Jessica cries as she slugs her in the arm, mortified.   Tonya laughs riotously.


"It's alright," Sarah consoles Jessica, chuckling.   "I do have a nice cooch, don't I?  It's a shame I hid it behind that thick bush of mine for all these years. "


She fills the cup from the refrigerator dispenser and hands it to Amy.


"That is a shame," Jessica agrees, trying to regain her composure and make light of the situation.  


"I'm glad I get to see it post-waxing.   They did a very nice job, whoever it was. "


"A girl I work with at the salon did it for me, and thank you.   I'll tell her you like her work. "


"I knew it!" Amy interjects.   "You do like girls!  I was starting to wonder the way you first reacted to

the idea of removing your clothes. . . So, is it true that you and the entire cheerleader squad go down on each constantly?"


Jessica's face goes ashen, her composure again completely gone.




"Wha, what?" she stammers.


"Oh, yeah," Tonya laughs, answering for her.   "I walked in on them in the locker room about 2 months ago.   They were going at each other like you wouldn't believe.   Sweat and pussy juice was everywhere!"


Jessica doesn't know what to say or how to respond, so she picks up her sandwich and starts eating, her face now beet red.


"I would have told you about it," Tonya continues, "but I though you already knew. . . though it still's a pretty good story.   I should have shared," she giggles.


"It's alright," Sarah consoles Jessica, reaching across the island to grasp her forearm, giving her a reassuring squeeze.   "We've all been there. . . though for me it's been many years," she chuckles.

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Turning her attention to Tonya, Sarah attempts to shift the focus away from Jessica and embarrass someone else for a change.


"So, Tonya," Sarah addresses her, looking her right in the eye and smirking.   "All I've got for milk is skim.   Is that thick enough for you, or do I need to milk those massive jugs on your chest to provide you with something heavier?"


Sarah gives Tonya the sweetest innocent smile as Tonya's head snap up from her sandwich and she stares at Sarah, her mouth hanging open in shock, a bite of unchewed sandwich resting on her tongue.


"I'd offer you my own, but I haven't been milked since Jason was a baby, and they just don't produce anymore. . . unlike yours, from what your mother tells me. "


The sweet, innocent smile remains on Sarah's face, as if she was just having a pleasant conversation about the weather.


Amy and Jessica both looked shocked, turning from Sarah to Tonya, not a word being spoken.


Tonya swallows involuntarily, choking on the bite of sandwich.   She coughs and the bite flies out of her mouth and onto her plate.


"Oh!  I'm sorry, dear," Sarah quickly drops the innocent act and puts on her concerned mom hat.   “I didn't mean for that to happen.   I was just trying to relieve Jesse of all of the attention.



After taking a deep breath, Tonya looks up.


"It's okay, Mrs. Larson.    I had that coming. "  Turning to Jessica, she continues:  "Sorry, Jesse.   That wasn't very nice to ambush you with, especially with Amy's mom here.   I wasn't trying to be mean or anything, just though it would lighten the situation. . . Obviously, I wasn't really thinking it through. . . Again, I'm very sorry. "


Jessica has regained her composure and, while not feeling exactly jubilant in the turn of attention away from her, she at least feels like they've both been equally humiliated, plus she's know VERY curious.


"It's okay, Tonya.

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    I accept your apology. . . But I gotta ask.   Do your tits really produce milk?"


"Yeah!  What gives?" Amy interjects.   "I've been doing the nasty with you for over a year now, and you never told me?  You've been holding out on me, girlfriend.   I've sucked those titties plenty of times and not a drop. "


Jessica is surprised to learn that Tonya and Amy are having sex.   She's even more surprised that Amy's mom isn't batting an eye.   She remains silent, eating her lunch and listening intently.


"You've gotta want to get it out," Tonya explains.   "You always suck and lick and nibble on my nipples.   You've never actually tried to nurse from me. . .

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  Besides, it kinda weird.   You're not supposed to produce milk until you have a baby. "


"Weird, yes.   But also very cool!" Jessica offers.


"Damn straight!" Amy agrees.


"I agree with the girls, Tonya," Sarah offers.   "I think it's very sexy that you can lactate. ”


"Well, thanks, I guess," Tonya blushes.


“I’ve often thought of trying to get my girls ‘back into production’; but without a regular sexual partner to work on them, it never happened. "


“That’s possible?” Amy inquires.


“Oh, sure.   If you nurse a woman’s breasts long enough, they’ll go back to work. ”


“So, didn’t Mr. Larson want to help you get there?” Jessica asks.   “It sounds like fun.

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Amy and Sarah laugh.


“No, Jesse, unfortunately, my husband lost interest a long time ago. ”


“What a moron!” Jessica blurts out.   “Well, it’s definitely his loss. ”


“Well, thank you for thinking so,” Sarah smiles sweetly, then wickedly.   “Maybe you and Tonya could fill in for him sometime. ”


This actually catches all three girls off-guard, though not Amy as much as her friends might think.   Having no idea how to respond to THAT, Jessica redirects the conversation.


"So what's it taste like?" Jessica asks Tonya.   "Have you milked some out and tried it, or can you suck on those monsters yourself?"


"Oh, I've sucked them myself," Tonya replies, smiling.   She's warming to the subject, since everyone seems cool with, and actually thinks it's a cool thing.   Plus, she also wants to move away from the subject of her and Jessica sucking her best friend’s mother’s tits.   "It tastes. . .

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  I really don't know how to describe it.   Kinda watery, but from what I've read, that's just because I've never gotten to what they call the "hind milk".   That's much thicker and richer. . . But I can never get to it.   My neck gets sore from bending into my chest after just a few minutes. "


"Your right about that," Sarah adds helpfully, moving with the conversation, content to allow her suggestion to ruminate in their horny young minds.   "The hind milk is the nutritious stuff the baby really needs.   It takes a baby several minutes to bring it forward, but it is tasty.   I used to express my boobs regularly, for two reasons:  One, so I could freeze some milk for bottles when I couldn't nurse, and two, because my breasts were just too productive.   Neither Amy nor Jason drank as much as I made.   I tried it once or twice, and thought it was pretty good. "


"Hey, how about we try to get it out?" Amy suggests playfully, a sneaky grin on her face.


"What?" both Jessica and Tonya respond, thinking she had brought the conversation back around to Sarah’s tits.

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“Of Tonya, I mean. ”


“Oh…”They both respond, and nothing else.


Sarah just finishes her last bite of sandwich and chuckles.


"You girls are too much.   You're all constantly sexed up, yet sheepish about expressing those urges.   Tonya, if the girls want to suck on your tits ‘try your milk', as they say, why not?  They'll enjoy it, you'll enjoy it.   Everybody wins.   And trust me, you'll enjoy it.   I used to orgasm regularly when nursing Amy & Jason. "


With that last bit of advice, Sarah begins to clean up lunch, picking up plates and putting them in the dishwasher.   She wraps Jason's sandwich up, thinking:  "Is that boy ever going to wake up for lunch? He's missing quite the show in here. "  She chuckles softly to herself.

After wiping the counter off, she gives the girls a contemplative look, staring them down almost.


"So what's it going to be, ladies?  To suck tit. .

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  . or not to suck tit.   That is the question," she smiles.

The three still sit there quietly.   Even Amy is quiet, not sure what to say or do next since her suggestion seemed to fall so flat.


"Mom totally gets it," Amy thinks.

  "Why are these two resisting what I know they would both love to join in?"


"Oh, honestly," Sarah says, exasperated.   “Kids can be such chickens in a group.   Any two teens will

figure out what's okay and what's not and go right for it.   Add a third and everyone's worried about what the others will think about what they suggest or do. "


All three lower their heads, ashamed in the truth of Sarah's words.


"Amy made a fine suggestion," Sarah continues, but now she's second guessing herself because you two nudges are sitting here like stunned deer. ”  Taking on a more professional demeanor, she continues:  “It appears that I will have to facilitate. "


All three look up.


"Tonya, unless you actually don't want to, I want you to get up on this counter and lie down," Sarah instructs as she clears the last few items off the counter, including Tonya’s uneaten banana.

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Tonya starts to move, climbing up on the island counter, her enormous jugs swaying gently, her pussy obviously wet.


"Amy, go grab a throw pillow off the couch, please. "


"Sure, Mom," Amy replies as she gets up and heads back into the living room.


"Now Tonya, lie down on your back and slide your legs towards me, with your head up where Amy's plate was. "


Tonya does as she’s instructed.   The counter close to deep enough for her 5’ 4” body to stretch out, so she rests her feet on the far edge, her knees in the air, her pussy only inches from the edge.   As she’s getting situated, Amy returns with a throw pillow.   She gently lifts Tonya’s head and places the pillow on the counter, then lowers her down comfortably.


“Excellent!” Sarah exclaims, referring both to Tonya comfortably situated on the counter, and Tonya’s delectable looking cunt looking up at her.   “Now Amy and Jessica, sit up on the counter on either side of Tonya, facing each other, so you can both easily bend over and take her nipples into your mouths. ”


The girls comply quietly and awkwardly.   Had this been just another friendly sex party with their peers, this would have been no big deal; but having Amy’s mom there, actually directing the action, sets all of them a bit on edge, even Amy.


“Now girls, relax,” Sarah encourages them.   “Just think of me as another one of your playmates…Look, I’ll show you that I’m no different from you in this,” she adds as she walks around to the girls’ side of the counter.


Sarah steps up to Tonya’s head and takes it in both hands, caressing her affectionately as she looks down into her eyes and smiles.

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    Tonya smiles back weakly.


“I can’t believe I’m about to do this…with my Goddaughter!” Sarah’s mind screams.

Sarah begins to lower her face towards Tonya’s, and Tonya realizes that she intends to kiss her.   Tonya reaches up, takes Sarah’s face in her owns hands, and pulls her the rest of the way down to her lips.


At first, the kiss is soft, and furtive.   Not much more than a peck, but one that doesn’t break.   Tonya relaxes and pulls Sarah in harder, mashing their lips together as their kiss becomes more passionate.   Sarah pushes her tongue in past Tonya’s teeth and they begin to duel, their tongues sliding past and around one another.   While maintaining the kiss, Sarah takes her hands from Tonya’s face and reaches out and back for Amy and Jessica’s heads, pushing them down towards Tonya’s massive jugs.   Both girls allow her to guide them willingly, turned on by the sight of Sarah giving one of their friends a major tongue lashing.


Sarah breaks off the kiss as the girls latch onto Tonya’s tits.


“Make sure you get as much of the areola into your mouth as you can,” she instructs them.   “Suck on as much tit-flesh as you can get.   That’s what will draw the hind-milk forward. ”

After watching them settle into their task and making sure they latch on correctly, just like a baby, she turns her attention back to Tonya, giving her a big smile.




“How’s that feel, honey?”


“Wonderful!” she replies with a sigh.


Sarah lowers her head to resume kissing Tonya, this time turning her head sideways so she can really clamp down on Tonya’s entire mouth, kissing her passionately and deeply.   She can hear the suction noises that Amy and Jessica are making, and it’s making her wet, and envious.   After another minute of kissing, she breaks it off, her entire body flushed with desire.

“I need to get out this room…right now!” she thinks.

A whimper escapes Tonya’s lips when she realizes that Sarah isn’t just coming up for air, but breaking it off.   The other two girls, intent on their ministrations, didn’t notice her pull away, but do notice Tonya’s verbal protest.   They both sit up, looking to see what’s going on.

“Well don’t stop on my account. ” Sarah admonishes them.   “But since you’re up, where you getting anywhere?”

“I think so,” Jessica speaks up.   “It seemed to be getting less watery, don’t you think, Amy?”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.   It was getting tastier, richer!”

Sarah shifts her gaze from the girls to Tonya nipples. They are puffy and distended, with the areolas also puffy and distended, merging into the nipples, as if they were one, the ending of the nipple and beginning of the areola less obvious.

“Perfect,” Sarah declares.

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    “How are you feeling, Tonya?”

“Incredible…and horny!” she replies breathily.

“Amy, Jessica, get back to your task.   The milk will just keep getting better for awhile longer.   Then Tonya will feel the letdown of the hind-milk and you’ll be in for real feast!”

“Where are you going, Mrs. Larson?” Jessica asks as Sarah picks up Jason’s sandwich plate.

“I’m going out to the pool to wake up Jason for lunch. ”

“Jason’s out there?” Tonya cries out, sitting up quickly.

Jessica looks very surprised; but doesn’t say anything.

“Why should she,” Amy thinks as she notices Jessica’s lack of response.   “She’s already fucked him, the lucky bitch…Gotta give her props for teaching him to blow himself, though.   That was unfucking believable!”

“Relax, Tonya!” Sarah tries to reassure her.   “This ride is too good to get off early.   Enjoy it!”

Not sure what to say, or do, Tonya lays back down.

Turning to Jessica, Sarah says “This shouldn’t be a big deal to you, since you’ve been fucking him regularly, from what I’ve been told.   So get back to it.


    You’ve got a friend in need here. ”

“You know about that!?” Jessica exclaims.

“You’ve fucked Jason!?” Tonya exclaims, but doesn’t move this time.   She’s too turned on, and can feel the warm fire within here slowly ebbing as this distracting conversation continues.   She unconsciously reaches for her pussy and begins to lightly rub herself, hoping to keep the flame burning until her friends (please God, don’t leave me hangin’ here), return their attention to her jugs.

“Oh honestly, girls.  Yes, Jessica fucked Jason, and Amy fucked Tonya.   Everyone’s fucking everyone.   Now stop worrying about Jason and get back to pleasing Tonya, and yourselves…Wellll?”

“Uh, I kinda lost the mood, Mrs. Larson,” Jessica admits.   “I’m not sure how comfortable I am with Jason being around, since I’m not actually fucking him right now. ”

“Now I’m losing the mood, too!” Amy whines.   “Too much talking and analyzing. ”

“For Christ’s sake!” Sarah exclaims as she stomps back around to the other side of the counter, stopping between Tonya’s open legs.

“If you’re not ‘in the mood’,” Sarah declares mockingly, “I’ll get you ‘in the mood’.

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Without another word, Sarah places her hands on Tonya’s knees and begins to caress the inside of her thighs, slowly working her way towards her pussy.    Once she’s within an inch, she bypasses Tonya’s own hands, which are still working over her pussy and clit, and works her way slowly up the young woman’s body, using such a light touch that Tonya thinks she’s going to cum any moment.   As Sarah reaches Tonya’s breasts, she becomes rougher, kneading them and stroking the nipples.   She leans forward and rests her own large cans on Tonya’s belly, pushing down with her six-pack abs onto Tonya’s hands, grinding them harder into her pussy.   Sarah looks up at Amy and Jessica, whose faces and chests are flushed, their eyes full carnal lust.   She gives them a smile, and then drops her mouth over Tonya’s right nipple, covering it and the entire areola, sucking hard and occasionally swirling her tongue around the nipple.   She roughly handles both breasts at the same time, twisting and pushing them together.   She feels the milk splash off the roof of her mouth almost immediately.   It’s warm and thick.   She moves to the other breast and repeats her ministrations.   She is again rewarded with the tasty treat.

Her own body is powerfully turned on by what she’s been doing and craves release.   She reaches down and grasps both of Tonya’s hands in her own, pulling them up and pinning them over her head on the pillow, her own body being drawn up on top of the young nymph’s as she reaches forward.   Resting her engorged pussy on top of Tonya’s she begins to grind her cunt into Tonya’s, Sarah’s own legs dangling, extended out in the air.   She kisses Tonya passionately as she continues to grind her new lover.

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    Tonya responds by arching her hips and grinding back, moaning loudly, like she’s got a massive prick stretching her young snatch.   After several minutes of grinding and mixing of cunt juices, their lips never parting the entire time, Sarah comes up for air, so close to orgasm, but enjoying closeness to the edge.   She can tell that Tonya is even closer than she.

“So, are you two now sufficiently ‘in the mood’ to get back to your task?  I’m telling right now that you were almost there, and now her milk is truly in…and it’s delicious. ”

Both girls nod eagerly, and Sarah back off, planting her feet back on the floor.   Amy and Jessica dive back in, both latching on with gusto and sucking vigorously.   Any pretense of pleasing Tonya disappears as the milk hits their taste buds and they focus on sucking and drinking deeply.

“Kind of reminds me of a vampire movie,” Sarah thinks, watching Tonya’s eyes role back into her head as she loses herself in the bliss of the ultimate nursing.

Looking down, she studies the tight pussy in front of her, glistening with their juices.   She had planned on just getting them going and then taking lunch to Jason, but now she can’t resist…at least a little taste.

Sarah kneels down on the floor and runs her hands up and down Tonya’s inner thighs.   Spreading them wider, she leans end and places a small, delicate kiss on the girl’s pussy, just below her clit.   She continues these small kisses, working her way down the delicate, open folds.   As she nears Tonya’s rosebud, she gently rotates Tonya’s knees up towards her body, presenting the young woman’s rear treasure for Sarah’s inspection.   It’s pink and puckered, the surrounding skin without blemish and hairless.

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    Sarah places her lips softly on the sensitive area between her pussy and rosebud.   After a gentle kiss, she licks her lips and drags them lightly over the area, and down over her rosebud.   She extends her tongue and gives Tonya’s asshole a solid, long lick, pressing her tongue into her asscrack and dragging its length over her sensitive opening. Tonya jumps at the roughness passing over her virgin butthole.   This breaks both Amy and Jessica out of their trancelike state, and they sit back to find out what’s startled Tonya.

All three look at Sarah, Tonya looking down the length of her own body to find her best friends mother’s face between her legs, apparently teasing her back door.   She’s too exhausted and keyed up at the same time to actually raise her head.

Sarah looks up at Amy & Jessica with her eyes, not moving her mouth away from her nubile prize.   Speaking into Tonya’s snatch, she asks ”What are you two looking at?  Aren’t you otherwise engaged?”

“Actually, I’d rather watch you eat my girlfriend’s pussy, if you really want to know,” Amy says matter-of-factly.   “Don’t you agree, Jesse?”

“Ohh, definitely.   This is not to be missed!”

“Eat my pussy?  She’s tonguing my asshole!” Tonya informs them.

“Even better!” Amy exclaims.

“Fine…children.   Watch…and learn,” Sarah commands, and then, opening her mouth as wide as she can, she  clamps her mouth down onto as much of Tonya’s pussy as she can, making sure to engulf her clit at the top.


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