Rock Paper Scissors Part 2.


rock paper scissors part 2
The next day I decided to spend the morning by the pool, just to seeif Amy and her friend might need my 'services' once again. Sure enough, Amy's friend came by, wearing the same bikini bathing suit.
Hey mister, how are you feeling? I sure had a great time yesterday.
So did I, was that really your first time with a guy?
Oh yeah, def, I'm still a little sore down there, but in a good wayy'know?
Yup, sure do.
So listen, there are still things I wanna try with a real cock, howabout just you and me this time?
Ok, sure, want me to follow you back to your place again?
Yeah, lets go right now.
So once again, I'm following a 13 yr old back to her bedroom for somesexual adventures. Once we get in her bedroom, it's off with the bikini, only this time she goes to her knees and pulls down my bathing suit sothat my rock hard cock is right in her face.
I never got to taste it last time, I just gotta know how a real cock tastes.
And with that, she takes hold of it by the shaft, and starts to lick the head ofmy cock with her tongue, then engulfs the entire head, plus another inch intoher mouth. Her tongue is circling my head, and her lips go back and forth, itfeels wonderfull.
Wow, doesn't taste bad at all, I thought it might, since guys pee out of thesethings.
I start to rock my hips back and forth into her mouth, as I feel myself getting readyto come.
"Do you want me to come in your mouth?"
"Maybe next time, I do wanna know what that's like, but now I wanna feel you comeinside me like you did with Amy, Also I wanna try and make myself come. Get on mybed, just like last time"
I lay down on the bed, and once again she straddles me and puts her full weight down onmy cock.
OOOH yeah, damn this feels good, Oh fuck, I just love riding your cock.
I can see her face straining, I stroke her face with my hands, then down those silkyshoulders, to her breasts, then down her sides to her ass, and her legs.

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   She's gottahave the softest skin I've ever felt.
Hey mister, can I tell you a secret?
I'm thinking, this is the strangest time for a conversation.
When I sit on my dad's lap, I can feel him getting hard, it feels good, sometimesat night I fantasize about riding my dad like I'm riding you right now.
    I wanna close my eyes and pretend I'm doing my dad, is that ok?
    If you can believe it, I think my cock just got ten times harder.
    Ok, sure, sounds like fun.
    Ok, cool.
    So she closes her eyes, and I can tell she's in her own little world.
    Oh daddy, fuck me, yeah, make me feel good, please daddy, make me come.
    She starts to grind down real hard on me, she grabs my hands and puts them on her titssqueezing them hard.
    Oh please daddy, come inside me, just like you do to mommy,
    I can't hold out any longer, I start to come inside her, just like she wants.
    Yeah daddy, that it, come in me, god it feels so good, you're making me come, oh godI'm coming UUUUUNNNNNGH OOOOOOOHHHH
    I could feel her groin just tighten and explode around my cock as I shoot my come inside her.
    She opens her eyes at last, almost dissapointed that she sees me instead of her real dad.
    Thanks mister, I hope I didn't embarass you. I really want my dad to fuck me for real andthis is the closest way I'll ever get to doing it. Next time can you come in my mouth?
    I'm so glad I live here.

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