Scent of Jasmine - Pt. 1


White pain seared Daniel’s senses. The resonant shrieking of grinding metal was near deafening, seemingly trying to block him from hearing his wife being taken from him, ripped from the Earth as a piece of car door ripped into her chest. The two cars came to a sudden stop as the mangled hybrid of flesh and chassis slammed into the street light on that cold and unforgiving winter’s night. Anthony pulled himself from the abomination of man and machine, as if he was being saved from some worse fate. Across tar and glass he strained to crawl, a cruel irony that the pain he was suffering from the broken ribs in his torso would be insignificant compared to the remainder of his existence. In a stupor he turned around, seeing a thirty-something male trying to climb out of the other vehicle. Daniel felt something in his eyes; the blood trickled across his forehead, as though nature itself was stopping him from witnessing what had unfolded within seconds. Wiping his eyes with the sleeves of his white silk shirt, he turned to see his life, his all, fading from existence before him. He then looked at his own hands, decaying along with the once beautiful complexion of his wife, until nothing remained but a screaming corpse. The man awoke screaming, the nightmares would not cease as the beads of sweat collected and stung his eyes. Three years onward and still the dreams would not yield. He heard his daughter descend the stairs as she clicked on the light, fighting back the painful darkness as the globe glowed and distributed light through the master bedroom. “I am sorry you have to hear that, Chloe” Daniel choked, wiping the tears that flowed and cascaded down his ruggedly handsome face. “Don’t be sorry, Dad, there was nothing you could do about Mum and I know you miss her” His daughter responded. She leaned over to hug her father, trying to take away some of the pain that he took upon himself – the guilt of not only his wife but the boy that had collided with them that night, killing himself out of guilt 3 months following the accident. Daniel looked at Chloe’s face; she shared many of his attributes.


   Both were brunette and reasonably tall, with soft blue eyes and a smile that warmed the coldest of rooms – only Daniel did not smile often these days. Maybe that was why he hung so many photographs of happier times around the house, in some vain attempt at forgiving himself. Something he could not yet do, even though there was nothing to forgive and he had done no wrong. Glancing at the clock, the red letters glowed 2:53AM. Daniel feigned a smile to cheer up his daughter, “I am sorry to wake you up Birthday girl… Come on, we might as well open up your presents” and with that he got out of bed and lead his little girl into the lounge room, taking the presents from the cabinet. “I am afraid I don’t have much experience at being a 13-year-old girl, but I hope you like it”, Daniel was sincere about that. He had lost his wife, but swore to himself that he would not allow his daughter to suffer. Chloe opened the wrapping, and looked questionably at her father as she lifted the Superman action figure. “Umm, thanks Dad…” She said as she tried to cover her disappointment. Daniel started laughing. “It is only a joke Chloe, give your old man some credit” and with that he outstretched his powerful arm, dropping into her nimble hands a beautifully crafted gold necklace. She pretended to not know it belonged to her mother. “Oh my God… Thank you Dad!” Chloe jumped up and planted a kiss on her father’s forehead, wrapping her arms around his neck as she hugged him. She knew he loved her but with her Mum gone, her father had become more withdrawn, falling into himself. It was nice to be reminded he still displayed love for anything that was still in this world.

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   The guests arrived at the designated time of 4 o’clock. Chloe’s girlfriends hugged their parents and said their goodbyes outside. The girls’ parents did not venture into the house – although Daniel Miller was a pleasant man, people found it awkward to talk to someone who carried such a weight on his shoulders. The day had run smoothly. Daniel was able to relax as he watched his beautiful daughter talk and laugh with her friends. There was a knock at the door; in seemingly slow motion Daniel opened the door to greet a young woman with shoulder length red hair that radiated and stunning green eyes that penetrated his own. Daniel was lost for words as he stepped backward in disbelief, his daughter waving at her friend and inviting her in. “Hi Michelle, this is my Dad. She joined our school a couple of months ago,” Daniel smiled as his daughter led this seeming reincarnation of his wife into his home, “would you mind showing her around Dad?” asked Chloe as she beckoned to the call of her friends, something about breaking the CD player. “Hi Mr. Miller,” said the angel, “Should I give Chloe’s birthday present to you?” as Michelle outstretched her arm of alabaster tincture, gift in hand. Daniel took the gift and placed it on the pile. He showed Michelle around the house, showing her the bathroom and where the girls would be sleeping tonight, taking her bag and putting it in the cupboard with the others. The pair talked for an hour, seemingly unforgotten by the rest of the party. Stories were exchanged and both enjoyed each others company, Michelle’s laughter warmed the ice that had encrusted Daniel’s heart.

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   When she smiled, her white teeth shone through her rose red lips, the small clumps of freckles on her nose and cheeks still gave hint to her youth. Daniel was told that Michelle was 12 years old, turning 13 in 2 months. “Michelle? The pizza has arrived!” exclaimed Megan, another of Chloe’s party guests. Michelle got up to leave; the pair exchanged another smile as the girl turned to leave the room. Daniel watched her pass through the doorway as her red curls bounced upon her shoulders and the tip of her back; the tight green pants gripped her firm cheeks as she walked around the corner, a slight wiggle in her walk that held the older man’s attention. Daniel felt something he had not felt since he lost his wife: need. His erection swelled as he found himself stroking his member through his pants, a feeling of lust not experienced in a long time. Daniel tried to shake these feelings from his mind. Similar to his wife or not, he knew that this girl was only 12. With that in mind, he pulled his hand away from his aching cock and into his pocket, as he too descended down the stairs to where the party was taking place. Michelle gave Daniel a grin as she bit into her pizza. “Dad, do you think you could put the DVD on for us now?” asked Chloe. Daniel put the disc into the tray and made his way back to his seat. Everyone settled in as the picture began, and the man fell asleep. He slept without haunting dreams and felt at peace.

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  When he awoke again, it was well into the night. The movie had long finished, and the guests had all fallen asleep in the lounge room save for one – Michelle. When she saw that he was awake, she smiled. The pair stood up and moved for the back door as to not wake up the others. The warm night air was inviting, the scent of Jasmine played with the senses of the pair. They sat in the patio, soaking in the atmosphere of such a perfect evening, as though orchestrated by some higher being in an attempt to apologise for the tragedies of the past. Daniel sipped at his bourbon, listening to the chatter of the young woman. He sighed. “What is wrong Mr. Miller?” asked the girl, hoping that she had not bored the man. “Nothing Michelle… Please do not take this the wrong way, but you remind me of someone I love, very much” admitted Daniel as he knocked back the bourbon in his grip. “I know… Vanessa,” nodded Michelle in an unhappy voice, “Chloe told me. I am sorry for what happened Mr. Miller, but it really wasn’t your fault” and with that she hugged the man. The prior feelings were returning for Daniel.

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   “I am sorry you had to hear about what had happened,” admitted Daniel “but please do not worry about me, I am going to cope alright”, another smile was manufactured. “But you aren’t Mr. Miller, not from what Chloe told to me in secret” and with that she kissed the man on his cheeks and his lips. Bolts of energy seemed to course through his body and straight into his swollen penis, as Daniel pulled the girl closer to him. “Chloe tells of the nightmares you have… It isn’t fair for you Mr. Miller and you need someone to look after you. Chloe asked me to do this for you, and I want to. You are a sweet man and don’t deserve to be sad. ” Daniel was suddenly confused. His daughter had put Michelle up to this? Then exactly how far could things go? Emotions pulled Daniel’s conscience back and forth, his mind at war with his desires in an epic struggle between what was self-control and a longing to put an end to need. “What exactly has Chloe asked for you to do?” the man asked with a flushed look on his face, there was so much at risk.
    “Whatever it takes” and with that, the girl timidly kissed the man on the mouth, her hands trembling as Michelle placed them on Daniel’s shoulders. Daniel did not know how to respond. He needed some sort of reassurance that things would be alright, that this is meant to happen. When he saw the necklace he had given to his daughter draped across the girls’ neck, he knew it was meant to be.

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       Little did Daniel know, his daughter had told Michelle to wear it – she loved her father in ways a daughter were not meant to and wanted for her Dad to be happy, even if she was not able to do that right now. Chloe’s eyes opened and she surveyed the room. She had pretended to be sleeping as she wanted to view her father and her friend, so she carefully ascended from the couch and crept to the kitchen window – a perfect place to view the proceedings, draped in darkness from her vantage point. Daniel Miller gripped his hands on that same ass that had grasped his attention earlier that afternoon. He finally allowed himself to kiss the girl, knowing he would have to take this slowly. Their hearts boomed in their chests, as the girl lifted her head and Daniel kissed her chin, descending his trail of kisses to her neck and her chest. Michelle unbuttoned her shirt and allowed it to fall back over her shoulders, exposing her creamy skin and budding breasts, the puffy nipples responded to the attention they were receiving. Daniel’s tongue brushed over her chest, taking her nipples between his teeth and lightly sucking. Michelle’s breathing quickened, her hands exploring her lover’s chest as she unbuttoned his shirt. Chloe’s heart was also racing as she became excitable from watching the father she loved pleasure the beautiful young girl. She smiled in knowing that she could indirectly bring her father happiness, the heat between her legs taking over her consciousness as her hand lowered from her stomach to the building wetness between her legs. Soon, she hoped to herself, that she too could be with her father and resolve the pain he feels for his lost wife. Michelle let out an almost inaudible moan, the feelings she was being exposed to were incredible. She could feel Daniel’s cock straining against his cotton confines, as her hands drifted to his zipper and pulled it downward. Her hands fished out his 6” member, pulling it free from his pants and lightly touching it, admiring that which was new to her.

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       Daniel kissed Michelle’s forehead. “Have you ever seen a man’s penis before Michelle?” asked Daniel, he wanted this to be as comfortable for the girl as possible. “Never like this”, the girl replied truthfully, as she knelt before it to gain a closer inspection. Daniel stood up briefly to pull his pants around his ankles and allowed the girl to explore him at her own pace. Michelle leaned forward, gripping Daniel’s cock in her delicate hand as she began to ineptly stroke it. Daniel was in ecstasy despite her inexperience. Chloe too was in ecstasy, her hands were working her own cunt as she viewed her father’s erect cock for the first time. With the attention she was paying to the events unfolding outside, she did not notice the figure emerge from the darkness. “What are you doing?” whispered Megan, who had noticed her best friend standing in the kitchen. Chloe glowed bright crimson as she spun around to see her friend standing there. Although Megan was aware of the plan for Michelle and Chloe’s father to have sex, Chloe was still embarrassed for being caught masturbating – her incestuous tendencies had not yet been known by her friend. Megan was alongside Chloe when she became aware of the situation. She looked out the window to see Michelle giving Mr. Miller a hand job, awkwardly leaning forward and taking the head of his cock into her mouth. His head arched backward as a sign of obvious enjoyment.

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       Megan and Chloe stood in silence watching the pair, their breathing becoming erratic. Chloe looked at her friend. Though the pair had kissed before, they had never considered taking this any further… At least not until they were both so turned on from watching the events outside. The pair embraced each other in a passionate kiss, their tongues entwined with one another as they listened to the sounds of Mr Miller approaching climax. “Sweetie, I am going to cum soon… You do understand what this means?” asked the man, to which Michelle looked upward and nodded, her mouth never leaving the tip of Daniel’s shaft. A guttural moan left Daniel’s lips as his semen spilt forth into the girl’s willing mouth, as though his pain was leaving him so that he could finally be at peace. Michelle swallowed it all, determined not to let it spill from her mouth. She consumed the few remaining drops, proud of her own efforts as she opened her mouth, showing Daniel she had swallowed everything he had for her. Daniel somehow knew the nightmares would not return as a result of all of this, as the Jasmine bloomed around him. The girl threw her arms around him. .