Sex-Ed in a Small Town 3


Sex-Ed in a Small Town: Part 3 The second day in the special class:     When I got home that night I realized that I had not thought of the consequences again and filled another student with my potent seed.   The next morning I decided to hell with consequences I would fuck all of my special students, and just to be sure I would check to see when they would be the most fertile.
     When the last class was dismissed for the day I sat and eagerly awaited my virgin students. I should take time and tell you about the rest of the girls.   Sherry 26-28b-25, and Tina 22-23a-22 were the first to arrive again, but soon Cathy the oldest of the girls at sixteen-years-old 26-32c-26 entered.   Cathy was followed by, fourteen-year-old Samantha 23-26b-23, who was shortly followed by Kristy 25-30c-25, and Terry 28-38d-28 two fifteen-year-old girls.   Fourteen-year-old Lucy 26-32c-26 was the last to arrive.
     We all took our seats in the semi-circle where I gave the girls all a piece of paper and told them to write down just what they wanted to learn individually.  I also told them to put down when their last period finished so that I would learn that special time to fuck each of them.   I hoped that it would not be the same day for all of the girls.      As the girls turned in their papers I glanced over them to see just how soon each one would be fertile.   I soon discovered that Sherry was in her most fertile days and so was Cathy.   I decided that I would speak to Sherry first and have Cathy wait till after class.   I brought Sherry to my desk and we mapped out her cycle and I soon had her asking me for special help after class.   I told her that she could come to my house for the special help on the next day since it would be Saturday.   I dismissed the rest of the girls and had Cathy stay behind to work on her cycle.

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     When we were alone I pulled her sheet out as well as a calendar and we sat at my desk.   Cathy was dressed in another short mini skirt and t-shirt.   She was braless and I was enjoying watching her breast bounce, as she would talk using her hands to highlight each statement.   I soon started to talk about the other things that she wanted to learn like how to make herself feel good without being with a boy.      Cathy asked if I could show her what she was doing wrong, as she never got any enjoyment from touching herself.   I had her remove her clothes and show me what she did.   Cathy quickly removed her t-shirt and skirt and stood there in just a thong.   When Cathy reached up to touch her breast I stopped her and asked her if she always kept on her thong.   She told me that she always started to touch her breast and then remove her thong before touching her vagina.
     Cathy went back to rubbing her breast and soon she was moving her hands down to remove her thong.   As she pushed her thong down with her left hand, her right started to rub along her slit.   Her breathing got faster as she rubbed harder at her Pussy.   After fifteen minutes Cathy was no closer to having an orgasm than when she started.      I stopped Cathy from continuing on her own.   I then got a mirror for her to hold as she watched me stimulate her Pussy and clit.

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    I started to rub and pull at her nipples to show her how much she could stimulate them as well.   When her nipples were standing out I moved down her body touching her skin ever so lightly causing her to shudder and shake a little bit as I continued down to her virgin Pussy.   I soon had my fingers running through her slit and flicking over her clit.   Cathy started to move against my fingers as she grew closer to her first ever orgasm.  Cathy was calling out over and over how good it felt, she kept moaning over and over again.
     I would run the fingers of my left hand into her Pussy, as she was cumming, rubbing her inner g-spot while rubbing her clit with my right hand.   Cathy continued to orgasm with the intensity growing with each successive one.   When she started saying that she couldn’t take anymore I made her rise to a final orgasm that would be unlike any that she had felt to this point.   When she reached this final orgasm it was so huge that she started to squirt her cum like a man pissing out his cock.      I let her come down from her multiple orgasms and asked her how that felt.   Cathy smiled and said that she had never thought that it would be so good.   I then asked her if she wanted to see how much better it could feel and she got a wide-eyed look and asked if I meant that there was more that could be done.   I assured her that touching was just the beginning of how good it could feel.
     Cathy begged me to teach her more so I started to suck on her breast, biting her nipples at the same time.   I kissed my way down her body to quickly start licking and sucking her Pussy.

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        I unfastened my pants and pushed them down as I was eating her Pussy, pushing them down to the floor along with my under shorts.   When Cathy started to rise in her orgasm again I quickly moved up her body and slipped my dick across her clit and got it wet with her juices before pushing it into her sopping wet virgin Pussy.   I entered her slowly letting her Pussy stretch to accommodate my huge member.   When I reached her hymen I told her that this might hurt a little but the pain would quickly turn to pure pleasure.
         I pumped in and out of her for several minutes letting the pleasure build into another orgasm before I pushed through her hymen.   When she reached the peak of her orgasm I withdrew until just the head was still inside her, and slammed back into her tearing through her hymen with ease.   I stopped and waited for a few minutes until I could feel her tenseness ease up. And then I started to fuck her with long slow strokes in and out.   I was soon moving in a good rhythm that Cathy matched.
         I reached between our bodies to massage Cathy’s clit, bringing her closer to the biggest orgasm yet.   I increased the pace of my fucking her in both speed and force until I was moving her across the desk with each inward thrust.   I soon felt that familiar feeling telling me that it was time to make her reach her ultimate climax.   I thrust as hard as I could into her no longer virgin Pussy pushing my Cock past her cervix and into her highly fertile and unprotected womb, as the first hard stream of baby juice sprayed into her.   When Cathy felt the first spray hit the back of her womb she lost all control and squirted her own cum across my raging Cock.
         I stayed hard after I finished cumming and started to fuck her again not wanting this to end.

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        By the time I couldn’t keep it up any more I had filled Cathy with six huge loads of my baby juice.   Attempting to make sure that she got pregnant, I had her keep her legs above her head so that little if any of my seed would escape from her overfilled fertile Womb.
         After about thirty minutes we got dressed and left for our homes.   The next day brought not only Sherry for another round of sex, but Cathy also showed up to get her fill of my seed.   I told the girls that I would teach them even more but that it would be a few weeks before that, not saying that I wanted to make sure that every drop of baby juice was deposited into their waiting fertile wombs.   Over the next two and a half weeks I fucked each of the other girls also doing them all every chance that I could until I knew that they were all pregnant.  That is the end of this chapter next one will bring in the next two girls.
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